In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 229

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IDWWNS, Chapter 229: Jade Maiden declares a war

Jade Maiden declares a war

In the west 30 li away from Dark Empire’s Dark capital, there was a huge valley. And in front of this valley stands a huge stele, which was carved with few large character. Magic Doman, Death to Trespasser!

Inside this valley, many Magic Towers stood in great numbers at all place. These towers were glimmering with huge magic halo. And among those many Magic Towers inside this entire valley, there was only four exceptionally towering huge Magic Towers. The magic fluctuation of these four Magic Towers compared to ordinary Magic Towers were far more powerful. These four Magic Towers were glimmering with four large magic radiances, making a huge barrier surrounding the entire Magic Domain.

And at this moment, a disaccord white colored radiance regarded that huge barrier as if nothing, and directly passed through its obstruction, infiltrating the Magic Domain.

And at this moment, in the centermost tallest Magic Tower, a middle-aged man wearing fiery red magic robe was sitting on a huge throne with his eyes shut. But just when this white colored radiance passed through the barrier, the eyes of this middle-aged man suddenly snapped opened, and with a huge flame around his body, he disappeared from that audience hall.

“Who dares to intrude Magic Domain, roll out for me.” In the sky of Magic Domain, along with a flash of flame, a loud voice resounded through the Magic Domain. After that with this condensation of this huge flame, that middle-aged man slowly appeared at that place. Then he began to firmly stare at that place from where white colored radiance had infiltrated.

And at the same time, from the side’s four huge Magic Towers, fly out a yellow, a purple, a green and a blue lights respectively. Very quickly those light flew behind this middle-aged man, and dissipated, revealing four magicians holding magic staff including Jade Maiden’s personal enemy Ling Yanqi among them.

These four peoples were the four big leader of Magic Domain. Earth system leader residing in Earth God Magic Tower, Ling Yanqi. Lightning system leader residing in Violent Thunderclap Magic Tower, Lei Ba. Wind system leader residing in Pure Wind Magic Tower, Feng Yunxiang. Water system leader residing in Sea Source Magic Tower, Shui Linglong.

“Domain Master, what’s the matter?” Ling Yanqi stepped forward towards this middle-aged man and asked respectfully.

Domain Master, this middle-aged man was this generation’s Domain Master of Magic Domain, Flame High God——Fen Tian!

“Someone have broken through the barrier and sneak into Magic Domain just a moment ago.” Fen Tian indifferently said. After that a fiery red magic staff with three best quality huge fire magic core embedded on it suddenly appeared in his hand. Then a pale magic radiance flew out from that magic staff which spread in all direction. He was clearly using probing type magic.

But what made Feng Tian disappointed was, even with his this magic, he made no discovery.

But at that time, in the sky in front of these 5 people, suddenly a white colored radiance flashed. This white colored radiance slowly reorganized, forming an illusionary figure of Jade Maiden in the midair. But right now her body nevertheless was illusionary without substance. It clearly was only a phantom.

And inside the Fragrance restaurant of Dark capital which was 30 li away, Ren Tianyou and his group clearly saw the circumstance of Magic Domain from the Dazzling Light Mirror created by jade Maiden.

“He he, let the show begin.” Ren Tianyou slowly thought while drinking wine.


“You.” Seeing this figure, Fen Tian frowned, but before he could open his mouth, Ling Yanqi behind him cried out in alarm with shock flashing in his eyes. Simultaneously he was continuously thinking in his heart, as he was very clear that Jade Maiden had come here to talk with him. He had killed her whole family, so if she could she would have already skinned and pull out his tendons. Last time, because of Ren Tianyou, he had wasted large amount of energy, and used his own blood to use secret skill to escape. After that he had to lie on the bed for one year, slowly recovering over time.

“Do you know this woman?” Hearing Ling Yanqi, Fen Tian frowned and turned around to look at him, then asked.

“Reporting back to Domain Master, this woman is member of Akatsuki organization.” Ling Yanqi respectfully bowed slightly and answered. He however was very clear about the means of this person before his eyes, so he didn’t dare to have slightest amount of disrespect.

“Hee hee, didn’t expect the strength of Domain Master is this high, I had just entered and you have already discovered me.” Seeing five big experts of Magic Domain in front of her, Jade Maiden lightly laughed after covering her mouth and said without a shred of pressure of being surrounded. This was not because the strength of Jade Maiden was too high, rather her current body was basically formed by using her power of blood lineage. There was no substance, so even if this was destroyed there wasn’t any loss.

“Talk less nonsense, don’t know what matter your Akatsuki organization have with our Magic Domain, in my impression, we don’t seem to have any intersection between us, so there ought to be no enmity.” Fen Tian frowned, but didn’t take any action. With his eyesight, he naturally knew that this was merely a phantom nothing more, so there was no use even if he destroyed it.

“Domain Master you however spoke incorrectly.” Looking at Ling Yanqi behind Fen Tian, Jade Maiden said without any fluctuation in her mood. She was looking towards Ling Yanqi as if she was looking at a dead person, and that would indeed become fact very soon, because when Akatsuki organization arrive here, Ling Yanqi absolutely won’t be able to flee again relying on his any means.

“Oh. Don’t know where I spoke wrong?” Fen Tian indifferently said still frowning without any fluctuation in his mood.

“We Akatsuki organization have very big hatred against you magic Domain, so how can it be said that we don’t have any enmity?” Jade Maiden said while looking at Fen Tian.

“Ha ha, this instead is a surprise for me, where is the hatred between us?” Fen Tian gave out a loud laugh, then staring at Jade Maiden with domineering eyes, he said.

“You can ask about this matter to your Earth system leader of Magic Domain—–Ling Yanqi.” Looking at perspiring profusely Ling Yanqi, Jade Maiden indifferently said.

“What’s going on?” Fen Tian turned around his head and indifferently asked looking towards Ling Yanqi. But hearing that discontented tone, Ling Yanqi was afraid.

“Domain Master, this………” Ling Yanqi didn’t know what to say, he couldn’t afford to say the matter of him slaughtering her whole family to seize treasure in front of everyone.

“Humph, after a while, I will settle with you.” Fen Tian snorted coldly, then ignoring him, he rather looked over to Jade Maiden and said, “Don’t know how you want to settle this enmity?”

“Very simple, we have two options.” Jade Maiden showed two fingers, then looking over to Fen Tian and his group of five with a smile, she slowly bend her one finger, “First, destroy Ling Yanqi’s cultivation, and hand him over to us. Moreover apologize publicly, then this matter is settled.”

“Bastard, who do you think you are, actually wanting us Magic Domain to apologize. Do you believe I, your father will annihilate your Akatsuki or whatever organization.” Hearing those arrogant words of Jade Maiden, the complexion of Fen Tian slowly sunk. But the Lightning system leader Lei Ba behind him cursed staring at Jade Maiden.

“Aren’t you Akatsuki organization talking very big, don’t know if you have strength to back your words?” Wind system leader Feng Yunxiang calmly said while looking at jade Maiden with ill gaze.

“Speak your second option.” Fen Tian didn’t lose his temper, he calmly stared at Jade Maiden and said flatly. But those four leader who were familiar with him knew that he was already thoroughly angry.

“Second………..” With calm complexion, Jade Maiden slowly bend her other finger, then looking at Fen Tian, opened her mouth, “Second, after 5 days, we Akatsuki organization will come here in your Magic Domain, and personally………..”

“Peng!” Before Jade maiden could finish speaking, huge flame surrounded her, and her figure was thoroughly consumed, and disappeared after changing into bits of lights.

The complexion of Fen Tian standing in front of four leaders blackened just like bottom of a pot, and he slowly opened his right hand. After he saw the figure of Jade Maiden had disappeared, he looked towards four people and said, “Come to audience hall.” Finished speaking, he changed into flame and disappeared from that place.

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  1. You know how the power rankings go Saint, god ranking and then gods domain, and then high god, that gets a little confusing, I was wondering if you could change that to Saint, Deity and then god, and then high god, I think that would make more sense

    1. From junior rank to god rank is the initial stage of cultivation. at the peak of high god rank, cultivator have to break through this wall of God’s domain, and enter the realm of Low God.
      God’s domain is divided into Low God, Mid God, High God, True God, God King, God Lord, and God Emperor

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