In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 228

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IDWWNS, Chapter 228: 3 years later

3 years later

3 years later, in the imperial capital of Dark Empire ‘Dark Capital’, inside Fragrant Sky Pub, one man and one woman wearing black robe with red clouds imprinted on it were sitting on the table by the side of window. “Vermilion Bird, never expected the very first person to arrive here would be us two.”

“M-hm, that’s right, if I had known earlier this would be that case, then I would have come a bit later. I hate waiting people the most.” This beautiful woman called Vermilion Bird who was sitting on a stool said with a depressed look.

“Ha ha, who made our beauty Vermilion Bird angry, tell me, I will help you vent your anger on him.” Just at that time, a booming voice came from the head of a flight of stairs, and a similarly dressed man with white hair who had three sword on his back walked towards them. And behind him, was a gorgeous woman who was looking at Vermilion Bird with smile on her face.

“Che, White Tiger, you have nerve to say that. You and elder sister Black Tortoise visited various scenic spots together very comfortably, but I on the other hand was stuck together with Void this paralyzed face man all day long. Now even my face is about to become paralyzed.” Hearing White Tiger, Vermilion Bird gave a supercilious look in a bad mood, then emptied her glass of wine panting in rage. Meanwhile Void was sitting without a word on the side with helpless face.

“He he, in the first what on earth was Zero thinking when he made you and Void a team? With your temper, your two man team is really……” Seeing the depressed face of Vermilion Bird, White Tiger wanted to laugh but didn’t dare. The temper of Vermilion Bird was innately lively and energetic basically couldn’t stay still just like her blood lineage, whereas Void unusually didn’t have many word and likes to stay with quiet people, so it would be a wonder if they were not depressed.

“He he, you all are already here.” Just at that moment, similarly dressed one man and one woman walked over from the head of a flight of stairs. That man had fiery red hair with spear behind on his back. And that woman behind him gave people a kind of illusionary feeling, as if she was not in this world.

“M-hm, Great Bear and Jade Maiden, you are finally here, now only Zero and Santai are left. After Zero arrives, we can begin our move.” White Tiger nodded his head and said seeing the people walking towards them.

“Bah, do you think Zero will come soon? He and Little Yu are together, so it would be a wonder if nothing happen on the way?” Vermilion Bird laid on the table, and said with a grin on her face.

“Yes, can happen.” Hearing Vermilion Bird, Great Bear look for an empty seat and sat down, then feeling his nose, he said with a smile.

“Ha ha, Vermilion Bird, how did you know I will not arrive so soon?” Just then, a man and woman walked towards them from the head of a flight of stairs. This man carried a round fan like weapon on his back, and his eyes were blood-red in color. But the woman behind him was blushing.

“Vermilion Bird, I am ignoring you, actually speaking about me like this.” This woman walked over and looking at Vermilion Bird, she said with ashamed and resentful face.

“Ha ha, Little Yu, don’t be angry, I was merely joking.” Vermilion Bird hastily smiled apologetically and said.

These people were naturally Akatsuki organization’s Ren Tianyou and his entire group. In the isolated island in the sea, Ren Tianyou had originally planned to cultivate for two years, but the unexpected thing was, because the things he wanted to train was too many, the two year of time was basically insufficient, moreover White Tiger and others’ cultivation simultaneously reached most crucial moment, so with no other choice, the time period for seclusion training was extended by one year. And after that time, Ren Tianyou finally completed his training plan.

In this 3 years of time, Ren Tianyou never forget to look for the location of Dragon Island. With regarding to this adversary in the dark, he didn’t dare to be careless, after all they were one of the previous overlord of Divine Wind continent. Although due to the Demon clan’s invasion of thousands of years ago, their strength had taken a heavy hit, but starved camel is still bigger than horse, their strength should not be underestimated.

But even after searching for three years, he basically didn’t find any trace of Dragon Island. It was not that easy to find a single island in this vast sea.

Finally after his training finished, he decided to adopt a plan to pull a snake from its hole. So he placed Magic Doman as their target. At first Ren Tianyou wanted to place Ximen clan as their target, and wanted to make use of this chance to eradicate in one fell swoop, but after some thought, Ren Tianyou decided against it.

Because the stronghold of Ximen clan was in imperial capital of Ailer Empire, if he went ahead and gave rise to too big of a chaos, then first the member of Ailer Empire’s royal clan will not let him have his way, and perhaps other clans of imperial capital will also not stay idly, as a result Ren Tianyou decided Magic Domain as first target.

First, he could help Jade Maiden to complete her wish, i.e. killing one of the four leader of Magic Doman Ling Yanqi, so that she could get her revenge on her enemy who had killed her whole family.

Second, Ren Tainyou wanted to take this chance to disrupt the water of continent. If the news about him going to invade Magic Doman was to spread, Ximen clan and Dragon clan will absolutely make some movement. At that time relying on his means, he could catch a Dragon clan. After that using illusion to force open its mouth, he would be able to find the location of Dragon Island.

After formulating this plan, Ren Tianyou separated the eight member of his Akatsuki organization into groups, then move about separately. One group of Vermilion Bird and Void, one group of Great Bear and Jade Maiden, and one group of White Tiger and newly added member i.e. his elder sister Yue’er codenamed Black Tortoise had left for the Dark Empire where the stronghold of Magic Domain was located.

What was worth mentioning was, after going through the 3 years of training, and relying on the strength of Spring of Life and their own super powerful talent, everybody of Akatsuki organization had reached boundary of God’s domain. Moreover White Tiger, Void and Great Bear, these three had already advanced to Mid-God realm, one might well say this was extremely heaven-defying.

And under the guidance of Ren Tianyou, Muyue had already stepped into Jounin. So far, she had already mastered the nature change and form change of her three attributes, but she was still not able to mix together these attributes.

“Okay, now we are all here, let’s begin our move. Jade Maiden, make your move.” Ren Tianyou walked towards Jade Maiden and said.

“Okay, everyone enjoy.” Jade Maiden said with a smile, then walking over to an open space of second floor, she sat down cross-legged, preparing her magic.

“Great Bear, you go to guard the stairs, don’t allow anyone to enter second floor.” Ren Tianyou turned around his head towards Great Bear and said. Although the entire second floor was already rented by Ren Tianyou and others, but it was hard to avoid some trespassers. So it was best to arrange someone to defend.

“No problem.” Great Bear answered. Then he directly kicked the table by his side. This table directly flew to the side of head of a flight of stairs. After that Great Bear directly jumped on this table and sat cross-legged with his right hand holding that spear. He would not allow anyone to enter second floor.

“Illusory world drifting in the void blood lineage, open!” Jade Maiden who was sitting cross-legged on the floor suddenly opened her two beautiful eyes, and yelled, then suddenly illusionary aura sprang out from her body. This was Jade Maiden’s evolved blood lineage after she passed through baptism of element storm when she advanced to boundary of God’s domain.

Jade Maiden extended her delicate hand, then white colored rays of light quickly gathered on her hand. And after passing through her right hand’s index finger, this gathered white colored rays of light quickly floated in front of her.

“Heaven and earth illusory world, myriad magic arts flow into void; illusory sky, dazzling light mirror, congeal!”

Along with the incantation of Jade Maiden, the white colored rays of light flew out from the index finger of her right hand, then slowly condensed into substance, which magically changed into a white colored energy mirror.

In this white colored magic mirror, the image inside was unceasingly moving, which dazzled the people. Finally after a while, the moving images inside this mirror stopped.

In the image, appeared a huge valley, and there were towering lofty magic towers inside this valley. A powerful magic halo rose above them, which spread through the entire sky of this valley, condensing a huge barrier. This barrier surrounded this entire valley.

And after seeing this valley, a pallid light flashed through the eyes of Jade Maiden. Then the white light around her body, directly rushed inside this mirror and disappeared.

“Ha ha, it’s Showtime, let’s sit back and watch it play.” Ren Tianyou laughed heartily, then found a place to sit. After that picking up wine cup from the table, he slowly drank wine. His face revealed a simile while looking towards the energy mirror. Other member of Akatsuki naturally knew what Jade Maiden was doing, so mimicking Ren Tianyou, they also began drinking alcohol while looking at that mirror with smiles on their faces.

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  1. Wow, that sister of his truly is genius among geniuses! I mean, just in 3 years she able to reach equivalent of Jounin! Plus nature and shape change! Damn. I guess, gold is gold, no matter what you use it for.

    1. Shes more talented than any other people in narutoverse. Cultivating chakra out of nowhere lol (unless naruto system had something to do with it)

  2. She naturally has a bigger life force ergo more chakra and talent in chakra. plus, she was brought back from the dead and has a fucking phoenix in her heart.

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