In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 226

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IDWWNS, Chapter 226: First phase complete

First phase complete

In just this fashion one week slowly passed, but Ren Tianyou still didn’t have a clue regarding space fluctuation. Right now, out in the water, Ren Tianyou was standing on the surface of water while folding his hands. And with a slight smile on his face, he was staring at Muyue who was practicing walking on the water in front of him.

Right now, the body of Muyue didn’t give any kind of weak feeling as before. Now her legs were stepping on the surface of water, and slowly controlling her body, she was very carefully walking and running on the surface of water.

“Never thought the chakra control ability of elder sister Yue’er is actually this strong. She is far better than me.” Seeing elder sister Yue’er currently running around the surface of water without any mishap, Ren Tianyou sighed inside his heart.

“Since elder sister Yue’er have such powerful chakra control, she ought to learn medical ninjutsu. Should I give her that medical ninjutsu of Tusnade?” Seeing elder sister Yue’er had very good chakra control, Ren Tianyou slowly thought inside his heart. Currently they lacked a healer, so elder sister Yue’er might be a good candidate.

“Forget about it, first I should test her chakra nature, only after that I can decide her training direction.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, then sunk his consciousness into the system inside his brain, then exchanged chakra test paper.

“Elder sister Yue’er, come here for a minute.” Holding this paper, Ren Tianyou called over Muyue who was practicing treading on the water.

“What happened, Little You?” Muyue wiped the sweat on her elegant face, then asked after walking over to Ren Tianyou.

“Elder sister Yue’er, this is chakra test paper, you only need to pour your chakra into it, and you will know your chakra nature. After that I will decide your training direction.” Ren Tianyou gave chakra test paper to Muyue and said.

“Is this paper that chakra test paper you had talked about before? How do I use it ah?” Looking at this extremely thin test paper, Muyue curiously asked.

“It’s very simple, as long as you inject you chakra into this paper, that enough. If your nature is fire, this paper will burn; wind, split from the middle; lightning, it will crumple; earth, it will crumble; water, it will be soaked.” Ren Tianyou slowly explained.

“Oh, that’s only it, then here it goes.” Hearing the explanation of Ren Tianyou, Muyue was excited, then she slowly poured her very hardly cultivated chakra into this chakra test paper. And the reaction of this paper appeared in front of them.

First the test paper split from the middle, then two half directly crumbled, following by suddenly burning into ashes. And the ashes fell down to the beneath sea surface.

“Didn’t expect elder sister yue’er, you actually possess fire, earth and wind, these three nature, truly awesome.” Seeing the reaction of chakra test paper, Ren Tianyou sighed a bit and said to Muyue.

“Ha ha, never though I am also a genius.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, as well as seeing the reaction of chakra test paper, Muyue excitedly said.

“He he, yes, you are gen…..” Just then, suddenly a thought appeared in the mind of Ren Tianyou, and he didn’t say the original words already in his mouth. He just muttered to himself, “Fire, Earth, Wind, these three nature, don’t tell me……”

“What’s wrong, Little You?” Hearing Ren Tianyou muttering to himself, Muyue asked.

Ren Tianyou ignored Muyue, rather his consciousness directly sunk into his brain’s Naruto System. Only after a long while, Ren Tianyou opened his eyes, and a pleasantly surprised expression was flashing in his eyes, “Sure enough, it is like this.”

“What happened, Little You? Are you okay?” Seeing the unusual condition of Ren Tianyou, Muyue asked with concern. She didn’t understand, why he who was fine just a moment ago suddenly became this way.

“I’m fine, elder sister Yue’er. But your chakra nature gave me big shock.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, then excitedly staring at Muyue, he said.

“My chakra nature? Although I have three nature, still didn’t you also have so?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Muyue confusedly asked.

“It’s not same, elder sister Yue’er. Your chakra nature relates to a kind of transcended Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit)’s blood lineage, i.e. Kekkei Tota. This Kekkei Tota will later turn into your most powerful blood lineage.” Ren Tianyou slowly explained.

Yes, the unexpected thing for Ren Tianou was, Muyue’s all three nature were exactly same as the composition nature of Naruto world’s Second Tsuchikage and Third Tsuchikage’s Kekkei Tota Jinton (Dust Style). Fire, Earth and Wind, combining all these nature together would form Naruto World’s sole transcended Kekkei Genkai, Kekkei Tota——Jinton (Dust Style). And all the people who had watched Naruto would definitely know the might of Jinton (Dust Style). The Jinton (Dust Style) user could create a barrier with both hands, which could directly disintegrate anything or any human on a molecular level within that barrier. It’s too powerful.

“Kekkei Tota, what is this?” Muyue confusedly asked. It was obviously her first time hearing these words.

“That is for later, now let’s go, we are returning first. And after I teach you basic ninjutsu of Earth, Wind and Fire style, you can practice them.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou took Muyue and returned to the place everyone were residing. But inside wooden house, everyone were already in closed door cultivating.

As before, Ren Tianyou let his shadow clone guide the training of Muyue, and he himself also began to continue his cultivation of before.

Another week later, in the attic, ‘hong’ sound could be heard. Ren Tianyou who was sitting cross-legged on the floor had directly hit the floor with his right fist, “Damn, two weeks, already two weeks, but I still am powerless to perceive this space fluctuation, don’t tell me I really don’t have aptitude to train Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Jutsu)?”

Up till now, Ren Tianyou was still not able to perceive that so-called any space fluctuation. In his perception, space was still same as before.

“What to do, don’t tell me I truly need to give up training this Hiraishin no Jutsu?” Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Ren Tianyou spoke in vexed tone.

“Ai, I also don’t know how Second and Fourth accomplish this in the first place?” Ren Tianyou helplessly though inside his heart. With regarding to giving up in training Hiraishin no Jutsu, Ren Tianyou was truly reluctant. Mainly because this jutsu was too powerful, so powerful the even as Sharingan user, he didn’t want to part with it.

“Ai, if I can find a method to disrupt the space around, then I could have clearly captured the space fluctuation around.” Ren Tianyou shook his head, and helplessly muttered. But just then, an idea flashed inside his brain, then he became dull for a while. Then his complexion slowly filled with excitement and vexed expression. He immediately hit his own head, directly jumped up, and cursed himself, “F**k, how can I be so stupid ah, I myself possess the Sharingan of Tobi, so if I want to make a space fluctuation, then isn’t that an extremely simple matter?”

Now Ren Tianyou wanted to collide against the wall. He had never thought all this time he was running on a misconception. Mainly because Hiraishin no Jutsu’s training method as well as his thirst for Hiraishin no Jutsu. This thirst already made him forget everything, forget the means he possessed, and also forget that he could use his ability to make the training perquisites.

“Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” (Shadow clone Jutsu!)

Along with a ‘peng’ sound, white smoke appeared inside the room, from which his shadow clone appeared by his side. Ren Tianyou and shadow clone simultaneously sat cross-legged. He slowly closed his eyes, and began to perceive this whole room with his perception. But the shadow clone by his side didn’t close his eyes, rather his eyes slowly changed into Sharingan of Tobi. Then he released a huge amount of eye power from his right eye. Under the effect of eye power, the space all around slowly distorted, and a huge spiral shaped space ripple appeared, thoroughly disrupting the space inside the room.

And Ren Tianyou who was sitting cross-legged with eyes closed, suddenly felt the change in space with his perception. The room was full of special energy fluctuation, and under these fluctuation, the shape of space around was slowly changing. One moment twisted, another moment deformed. A lively fluctuation was clearly transmitted into his brain.

“Really good.” Ren Tianyou roared inside his heart with pleasant surprise. But along with the huge fluctuation in his state of mind, the space fluctuation he had grasped began to disappear slowly.

With no other choice, Ren Tianyou used his utmost effort to calm down his excited state of mind, and continued to carefully perceive the space fluctuation around him.

The space fluctuation of around sensed from his perception was slowly transmitted to his brain. The change in space was slowly being broadcasted in his sea of consciousness just like a movie. The nature of space slowly resolved, and come off, then unreservedly transmitted to his sea of knowledge. Slowly Ren Tianyou got drunk, got drunk in this vast space storm.

Time slowly passed, in just this fashion nearly two weeks passed. Ren Tianyou was still sitting cross-legged on the floor without any motion, but the shadow clone he had created had already disappeared. Now in his mind, there was one square shaped silver energy barrier. And a powerful space energy was coming through this barrier.

Ren Tianyou used spirit power to stir up this barrier wall. Then this barrier wall immediately distorted quickly, and in reality, the space in the right hand side of Ren Tianyou also slowly began to distort violently. Furthermore this distorted shape and the distorted shape of that barrier wall in his sea of knowledge was exactly the same.

After the space slowly calmed down, Ren Tianyou also slowly opened his eyes, and within his eyes, unconcealed excitement was flashing. At the beginning he had use kamui of right eye to create space fluctuation to begin, then slowly grasping the rhythm of this space fluctuation, in the sea of knowledge, he finally unceasingly calculated space nature, fluctuation and rhythm. And after two weeks of without sleeping and resting effort, he was finally able to imitate a space of whole room inside his sea of knowledge. So the matter of just now had appeared.

“Hu, first stage of training finally complete. Now next is second objective, i.e. final phase, launching Hiraishin.” Feeling the different word around him, Ren Tianyou slowly thought. Because of the mistake in the beginning, it took full one month of time to finally completing the first phage.

But just then, his stomach nevertheless protested. With no other choice, Ren Tianyou stood up and walked out, planning to search something to eat. In this two week training without stopping to eat or sleep, if not for the support of Forever Green inside his body, then he would have already starved to death.

Opening the door, Ren Tianyou discovered there was no one outside. So he had to get something to eat himself, still fortunately he had spent a savage life for nearly two years in the Magical Beasts Forest, so this small matter didn’t pose any problem for him.

Just when Ren Tianyou was roasting Fire Cloud Rabbit, the voice of White Tiger came from his side, “Yo, Zero, you came out. What is this so sweet smelling, give me some.”

White Tiger with three huge sword in his back walked out from the woods. Hearing him, Ren Tianyou tore out a thigh of Fire Cloud Rabbit and tossed towards him. “Here rabbit leg for you.”

“Ha ha, thanks a lot.” Catching the rabbit leg thrown towards him by Ren Tianyou, White Tiger sat down by the side of Ren Tianyou and directly began to chew.

“Oh, that’s right, Zero, why did you think of this seclusion?” White Tiger asked while eating.

“Actually I had this idea for a long time, but after getting information from the mother of Vermilion Bird in Flame Phoenix Villa, I became even more resolute for this idea.” Ren Tianyou answered while eating the meat of rabbit.

“What information?”

“After 5 years, ancient 100 clan will come into the world and Demon clan will invade.”

“What, Demon clan will invade?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, White Tiger was so surprised that he shouted and also forget to eat meat.

“Yes, at the time when I obtained this information, I was also equally shocked. So this cultivation is of absolute necessity. When the Demon clan invades, all ancient 100 clans will come into the world, and your current Peak-Deity ranked strength is definitely insufficient. Even for your ancient 100 clans, it would be very difficult to defend themselves from Demon clan, let alone you. So I only ask you all to seize the moment to cultivate in order to deal with upcoming big disaster.”

“Turned out to be so.” White Tiger solemnly nodded his head.

“5 years later, at that time’s continent wide turmoil, even I will be finding great difficulty to defend myself, let alone you all with your current strength.” While chewing the rabbit meat, Ren Tianyou said to White Tiger. “But in that time of turmoil, we can also develop our Akatsuki, moreover I also want to see the strength of those experts of Demon clan.” Saying this, Ren Tianyou again recalled that finger inside Tower of Babel which had sent him flying merely with a poke. Ren Tianyou had firmly decided that, when his strength reached sufficient level, he would absolutely return back to Tower of Babel again, then drag that demon out.

“Well, don’t think too much, I’ll be there when that moment comes, even if we are face Demon clan invasion.” Finished eating, Ren Tianyou patted the shoulder of White Tiger, then directly walked inside his room.

“Ng.” White Tiger nodded his head, but just then, he suddenly felt an oily feeling from his shoulder. Upon closer look, he found two oily hand print on his just washed clean Akatsuki robe.

“Bastard Zero, my just washed cloth ah.” White Tiger sorrowfully roared.

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  1. Oh holy hell she can learn the Dust Style, that’s it: Everyone else in this entire universe is totally screwed, the Dust Style is one of the most powerful techniques in the entire Naruto setting. I believe it is actually the most powerful offensively and the only real weakness is that it consumes a huge amount of Chakra, which is a relatively minor problem when you can fire freaking disintegration polygons.

    1. Or maybe feed her his blood or chakra.
      After he absorbs fully the Twig, his own body will become a sage body that has similar attriutes to the Twig. So somehow, he’ll find a way to share his life span.

  2. Yep, now no one can piss off big sis. Piss her off and, wham, you disintegrated into dust. The only one who can run from her maybe only those with high speed movement like that guy with star bloodline.

    Wind Fire Earth, not only Dust Release, but potentially also Rasengan and Rasen Shuriken (another high level ninjutsu) then Lava Release (Fire – Earth), and Scorch Release (Fire – Wind). Dunno if there is Earth – Wind kekkei genkai? I forgot, maybe that Magnetic Release? Damn, that is huge variety way she can developed into!

    1. Earth\Wind is Magnetic yeah. There was only ever one user of Scorch (Pakura) so it is unknown if it’s a proper Bloodline Limit or can be learned, Lava and Magnetic can definitely be learned though as both have multiple users without any blood connection between them and at least one person (Gaara’s Dad) was outright stated to have learned Magnetic Release.

  3. lol author just skipped 1 week training and muyue suddenly became genin level shinobi.
    I wonder if she die if she got 0 chakra, just like in narutoverse..

    1. THANK YOU!! In the first chapter he said they the next episode, which he was going to watch right there and then, was when Tobi’s (Obito’s) mask was going to be broken and yet there have been so many times when he has used knowledge that happened after that time!! It has been really bothering me. I could have accepted it if he at an early stage had revealed that the System was from the future and had the full information about what happened up until after the defeat of Kaguya but there have been no indications that it would be the case (and that Naruto Fanboy would have put a lot of attention to that if it had been available)

      1. Actually he did mentioned that he read manga too, but not directly. he said episode 563 (think he meant chapter 563), i assume he is referring to the current episode using manga chapter instead of the actual episode (ep. 323)

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