In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 223

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IDWWNS, Chapter 223: Leave


“Where is this place?” After opening her eyes, Ximen Yue’er confusedly scanned all around, wanting to comprehend this place. Meanwhile, the power of Phoenix Spirit formation also slowly began to weaken, and that soaring flame also slowly shrunk, then Ximen Yue’er also began to slowly descend and finally landed on the high-platform.

“Elder sister Yue’er?” Seeing Ximen Yue’er had opened her eyes, and was confusedly standing on high-platform, Ren Tianyou excitedly called out, and he instantly arrived by the side of Ximen Yue’er. After that he excitedly said to her, “It’s great, elder sister Yue’er, you finally woke up.”

But the unexpected thing to Ren Tianyou was, even after Ximen Yue’er looked at Ren Tianyou, confusion still persisted in her eyes, and she asked with confusion, “Who are you?”

“Elder sister Yue’er, you don’t recognize me? I am your younger brother, don’t scare me, I am Tianlong.” Hearing Ximen Yue’er, Ren Tianyou suddenly got anxious. He thought some problem might have occurred during resurrection, so worriedly looked towards off the platform, and asked to Feng Yunmeng, “Villa Mistress Feng, what is going on ah, why elder sister Yue’er don’t remember me?”

“Actually this is normal phenomenon.” Feng Yunmeng seemed to already know this matter. She took her time to speak without any worry, “Because your elder sister Yue’er is basically already dead, but by defying the heaven, we changed her life force, and recalled her soul from Death realm to reality, then used our Phoenix clan’s divine flame to ignite her fire of life.”

“This goes against the operation of natural law, so they naturally receive the punishment of natural law. All those people who come back to life using this kind of means will have a natural law seal on their soul, all their memory will disappear. With the exception of their daily habits and costumes, and their languages, they are just like newborn baby.”

“Turned out to be so.” Hearing the explanation of Feng Yunmeng, everyone on the scene nodded their head in understanding, and they became clear that the matter of resurrection was not easy as expected.

Seeing those pure and confused eyes of Ximen Yue’er, Ren Tianyou slightly smiled, and said, “Perhaps this might also be good thing for elder sister Yue’er. Now she don’t need to clip between me and Ximen clan and suffer pain because of my hatred. Even if she forget me, or forget everyone, from now on she will forever have only one identity, i.e. I, Ren Tianyou, the leader of Akatsuki——Zero’s elder sister.”

At the final moment of speaking, the eyes of Ren Tianyou became steadfast, and he practically roared which saying last sentence. And everyone clearly sense steadfast and pride in the voice of Ren Tianyou.

Next Ren Tianyou brought Ximen Yue’er back to hall, tried every possible way to persuade her to believe he was her younger brother. He told her she had lost her memories because of severe injury.

When she asked about her parents, Ren Tianyou directly lied. He said their parents died when both of them were very young, and they had depended on each other for survival from childhood and grown up. And now her name Ximen Yue’er naturally couldn’t be used, so Ren Tianyou came up with one fine name—–Ren Muyue, i.e. elder sister Yue’er. [previous Yue was moon, current Yue is pearl]

Simultaneously Ren Tianyou also told everyone on the scene including Little Yu who had come out after putting on her clothes from the room of Ren Tianyou. He told them about the matter of elder sister Yue’er, then made everyone keep their mouth shut, forbidding to mention about this matter again.

In just this fashion, time slowly passed. After staying in Flame Phoenix Villa for a week, Ren Tianyou decided to take everyone and leave. Because this place after all was the place of Flame Phoenix Villa, and regardless of what everyone say, this nevertheless was not too convenient. If you want to cultivate and so on, then there was large restriction for everyone, and especially Ren Tianyou, his next training plan might be extremely big, and if he carelessly tore apart Flame Phoenix Villa, then this certainly would not be a big laughable matter.


“Villa Mistress Feng, we are taking our leave. We have already troubled you for so long, and its already time for us to leave.” Ren Tianyou with member of Akatsuki members and Ximen Yue’er, no, now ought to be called Ren Muyue, all came to the hall to bid farewell to Feng Yunmeng.

After the week of recovery, right now the complexion of Ren Muyue was almost completely recovered. She was wearing a purple colored dress, and currently she gave other people a kind of weak aura.  Right now, with the exception of the loss of strength, she didn’t have any other big obstruction, on the contrary, because of Phoenix God Fruit as well as those several bottles of Spring of Life, her current physique was very good.

But Ren Tianyou didn’t let her join Akatsuki organization, because her current state was basically unsuitable to enter Akatsuki. It was better off himself and other people taking care of her for the time being, and when her strength completely recover, that time was still not too late for her to join Akatsuki.

“Oh, planning to leave?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng was not surprised as if she had expected it, rather she looked at Vermilion Bird in Akatsuki’s clothing and asked, “Little Wu, do you also have to leave this time?”

“Mother, you have already let Little Wu follow Zero and them, and I will be quickly smothered to death here, so I might as well have fun outside. Moreover you can examine, in this period of time when I was outside, my strength however successfully passed through High-Saint rank and entered Peak Saint rank, and now I can sense I will be stepping into Deity rank at any time.” Hearing her mother, Vermilion Bird immediately looked at Feng Yunmeng with pleading expression on her face.

“Never mind, you have already grown up. You can consider any matter on your own. Since you want to go, I won’t stop you, just remember to come back often to show your face. No matter how things are on the outside, this place will always be your home, as long as you return here, no one in this world will be able to hurt you.” Seeing the face of Vermilion Bird, Feng Yunmeng softly said.

Hearing Feng Yunmeng, the eyes of Vermilion Bird were immediately filled with tears. She clearly understand the meaning of her mother words. She was telling her, no matter who she offended outside, Flame Phoenix Villa would always be her strongest backing. With voice choking with sobs, she spoke towards Feng Yunmeng, “Mother……mother, you can be at ease, Little Wu will absolutely not let you down.”

“M-hm.” Patting the head of Vermilion Bird, Feng Yunmeng nodded her head, then looking over towards Ren Tianyou, she said, “Boy, now that my daughter is following you, you must take good care of her. If she received even a tiny bit of injury, heh, you will know what type is the fury of our Flame Phoenix Villa.”

“Rest assured, Villa Mistress Feng, with regarding to our Akatsuki, nobody can injure my team members in front of my eyes.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, promising Feng Yunmeng, but his heart was already filled with sweat.

“Then you all can leave.” Standing up, Feng Yunmeng sighed, then waved her hand to signal them to leave quickly. After that she turned around, and entered the inner hall.

“Mother.” Seeing the back of Feng Yunmeng, the eyes of Vermilion Bird was thoroughly moist, and tears flowed down from her eyes.

“Well Vermilion Bird, if you miss your mother, you can find the time to return and take a look, next we are only going to strenuously train for a long time, there is not any mission.” Ren Tianyou walked over to the side of Vermilion Bird and consoled her.

“I know, Zero. Rest assured, I am fine.” Vermilion Bird wiped her eyes and expressed she was fine.

“Since that is the case, let’s set out.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou took the lead to leave the hall. After that holding elder sister Yue’er with his right hand, she directly soared in the sky, and behind him, everyone else also directly flew and catch up with his pace.

And after everybody left, looking at the departing figure of everyone, Feng Yunmeng faintly sighed.

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  1. My god, the forced drama. In the future when his now amnesiac, (cliche) elder sister figures out that he lied, shit’s gonna hit the fan.

    I’m honestly still reading this to see if the author will somehow manage to make this novel any worse than it already is, and so far, he hasn’t disappointed.

    1. Same, but i think he hit the bottom. The worse part I believe was when right after thinking about his family on Earth, without considering that his aspect changed and that he is officially dead, decided to do Little Yu without remembering that he want to go away from the universe.
      Is this Invisible Dragon 2?

      1. Fuck this honestly, I am reading this solely because I like OP MCs, Naruto can be OP so I took my chances. This novel is below OK, even Martial God Asura is better. And that says a lot, considering it was my first novel and I fucking enjoyed it until I realized how dumb and repetitive it was. Chu Feng can still fuck me any day though, OG daddy. At least he can be badass, this mc is a pushover.

  2. Oh well, I enjoyed it, all be it this chapter added something I dislike (memory loss) but thanks for the chapter anyways and keep up the good work Translator 🙂

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