In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 222

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IDWWNS, Chapter 222: Seal


“Roar!” Just then, from inside the body of Ximen Yue’er on the high-platform, a loud dragon roar suddenly came out whose huge sound wave reverberated through the entire square.

“What’s going on? What’s happening now?” The sudden loud dragon roar, shook the mind of everyone in the square, forcing everyone to firmly cover their ears, and simultaneously were confused about what was happening now inside their heart.

“This is………..” Ren Tianyou endured his unceasingly vibrating eardrum, lifted his head and looked over towards the high-platform. There he saw a huge golden dragon shadow had suddenly came out from inside the body of Ximen Yue’er who was floating inside Phoenix spirit magic formation. A powerful and ancient aura was coming out from the body of this dragon shadow floating in midair, pressuring the mind of everyone.

“This is……….Ancient Holy Dragon? Don’t tell me………..” Seeing the huge dragon floating in midair, Feng Yunmeng suddenly thought about a possibility. Then she immediately turned towards Ren Tianyou and asked, “Boy, is your elder sister from Ximen clan, and inherit Holy Dragon blood lineage.”

“Yes, what’s the problem?” Hearing Feng Yunmeng anxious tone, a bad premonition flashed in the heart of Ren Tianyou, so he quickly answered.

“What’s the problem? Big problem! Boy, do you want to thoroughly kill your elder sister ah, why didn’t you tell about this matter earlier ah?” Hearing those ignorant words of Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng roared.

“What? Villa Mistress Feng, what’s going on, please make it clear ah.” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, the complexion of Ren Tianyou immediately changed and he asked worriedly.

“Mother, in the end what is going on here?” This moment, Vermilion Bird also came over and looking towards the high-platform where the shadow of Ancient Holy Dragon was unceasingly seething, she asked Feng Yunmeng.

“Ai, here’s the deal.” Hearing Vermilion Bird, Feng Yunmeng sighed, and slowly explained, “Originally this matter of resurrection can be said to be incomparable smooth, if there was nothing unexpected, this girls should have already woken up. But the problem is in the blood lineage of this girl. What I had never thought was she is actually the person of Ximen clan possessing Holy Dragon blood lineage.”

“I used resurrection magic with the help of Phoenix God fruit which is formed by condensing all the power of blood of dying Phoenix, then again have the aid of projection of Ancient Phoenix God which was drawn forth from our Phoenix God blood lineage with the use of Phoenix spirit formation passed down from generation to generation in our Phoenix clan, to melt the power of Phoenix God fruit igniting her fire of life.”

“But the problem is, in ancient time, Ancient Holy Dragon and Ancient Phoenix God were born arch-enemy. As soon as they encounter each other, they would definitely fight creating a state of chaos and darkness and would even overturn mountains and rivers.  And you want to use the power of Ancient Phoenix God to save a successor of Ancient Holy Dragon blood lineage, how could this be possible?”

“At most 10 minutes.” Looking at that unceasingly circling projection of Ancient Phoenix God and the projection of Ancient Holy Dragon which was forced out from inside the body of Ximen Yue’er, Feng Yunmeng opened her mouth, “At most in 10 minutes, due to the struggle between these two great ancient power, the body of this girl will explode and her soul will also scatter and disappear in this world. One may well say, she will leave behind nothing in this world.”

“Then what should we do? Villa Mistress Feng, I beg you, you have to help me think of something, I cannot lose my elder sister.” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt as if the heaven collapsed, and unconsciously retreated few steps, then he immediately ran to the side of Feng Yunmeng and plead her with pleading look.

“Ai, I have a method, but I however am powerless to use it.” Hearing the pleading of Ren Tianyou, as well as seeing his anxious expression, Feng Yunmeng sighed, and also didn’t know what to say.

“What is that method, please tell me Villa Mistress Feng.” Hearing Feng Yunmeng had a method to solve this, the complexion of Ren Tianyou suddenly become somewhat happy, and he anxiously asked.

“Don’t be too happy in advance, because it is impossible even for me to use this method, and I think it is also impossible for everyone in the site to accomplish it.” Seeing a somewhat happy expression on the face of Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng however was not so optimistic. So after warning, she slowly said, “If you want to save this girl, then use sealing technique on her Ancient Holy Dragon blood lineage inside her body and completely seal it. Because as long as her body possess a shred of power of Ancient Holy Dragon, the power of Ancient Phoenix God will never save her.”

“But the problem is, I don’t have any sealing technique, and everyone in our Flame Phoenix Villa also cannot use it including those hidden old seniors of our clan.” Speaking up to here, Feng Yunmeng looked at Jade Maiden and others who were hanging down their head, then after shaking her head, she sighed, “As a result………”

“HAHA, HAHAHA………………” But before she could finish speaking, Ren Tianyou suddenly laughed heartily looking up to heaven. His current state seemed extremely insane.

“Zero, what happen? Don’t scare me.” Seeing the current appearance of Ren Tianyou, Jade Maiden came over and tightly held the hands of Ren Tianyou, then asked with concern.

“Zero, what happen?” White Tiger and others also walked over, then asked with anxious and concerned expression in their face. They were worried whether Ren Tianyou had gone mad because this matter was too much for him to take it.

“Ha ha, rest assured, I’m alright.” Ren Tianyou stopped laughing, then said to everyone with a smile on his face. After that looking towards Feng Yunmeng who seemed to have already guessed and had surprise look on her face, he said, “Villa Master Feng, I can use sealing technique, just say what I need to do?”

“Sure enough, never thought you actually also know sealing technique, this kind of secret technique.” Although she had already guessed it after seeing Ren Tainyou madly laughing just a moment ago, but directly hearing from Ren Tianyou still couldn’t help but made her a little bit surprise. Because the sealing techniques in this continent were a kind of rare secret techniques and only very few were being passed down. And these sealing techniques were extremely hard to master, so there were even fewer person that could use sealing techniques.

“That huge dragon in the sky is her blood lineage incarnation, you only need to use sealing technique to seal it in a container.” Feng Yunemgn pointed at that Ancient Holy Dragon fighting against Ancient Phoenix God in the sky, and said, “Although it is the projection of Ancient Holy Dragon, the power of this projection however is very weak, so sealing it will not be that difficult.”

“But you should bear in mind, because previously she had cultivated her Holy Dragon blood lineage from childhood, after her blood lineage is taken out, all the strength in her body will be gone. Moreover after resurrection, her body will have the power of Ancient Phoenix God, so it is impossible to return back the power of Ancient Holy Dragon blood lineage inside her body. In other words, hereafter she will become a waste through and through. Without power of blood lineage, cultivation will be extremely slow and waste.”

“As long as she can live, I will make sure my elder sister live a long peaceful life, and I will never let anyone bully her.” With regarding to the matter of losing strength after sealing her blood lineage, Ren Tianyou didn’t care about it. Now he was thinking as long as she was revived that would do.

“Okay, then I will suppress Ancient Phoenix God for a time being, and you go to seal Ancient Holy Dragon.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng nodded her head, then said.

Finished speaking, huge flame rose from the body of Feng Yunmeng, then she began to make hand gestures, and the Phoenix Spirit magic formation of the high-platform slowly changed. A huge flame flew out from high-platform which separated the projection of Ancient Holy Dragon and Ancient Phoenix God, rendering them powerless to fight for the time being.

And at this moment, Ren Tianyou directly jumped up suddenly advancing towards Ancient Holy Dragon floating in the midair. His eyes instantly changed into the Mangekyo Sharingan of Uchiha Itachi, and with huge amount of eye power flowing out from his eyes, large amount of red-purple flame slowly appeared around his body, slowing forming a huge skeleton.

“This is………..” Seeing the changes of Ren Tianyou, a shocked expression involuntarily appeared on the face of Feng Yunmeng as well as Great Bear who had just joined Akatsuki organization.

This skeleton around his body grew bigger and bigger, slowly took a form of huge Demon God. And in the right hand of this Demon God, a huge alcohol gourd appeared.

“Totsuka Blade!” Feeling the huge power of Susanoo around his body, Ren Tianyou thought inside his heart, then a huge flame sword blade spurt out from inside the alcohol gourd. This was Totsuka Blade which contain sealing technique.

Originally Ren Tianyou wanted to use other sealing technique, but after he heard Feng Yunmeng saying this power didn’t have any use afterwards, and there was not any method to return it back inside the body of Ximen Yue’er, he instantly decided to use Totsuka Blade to solve all the troubles for good.

Under the control of Ren Tianyou, the huge blade of Totsuka Blade directly stabbed towards Ancient Holy Dragon. Along with puff sound, Totsuka Blade directly stabbed and entered the body of Ancient Holy Dragon.

After the blade of Totsuka Blade entered its body, the huge body of Ancient Holy Dragon, just like liquid, slowly soften. Then along with the sword blade of Totsuka Blade, it flowed into Alcohol gourd. And from inside the body of Ximen Yue’er who was floating above the magic formation, a golden colored element slowly came out, which also followed the body of Ancient Holy Dragon and flowed into the alcohol gourd.

This was the strength Ximen Yue’er had cultivated all her life, now as if bursting out of a soap bubble, was simultaneously sealed along with Ancient Holy Dragon.

After Ancient Holy Dragon was thoroughly sealed, Ren Tianyou slowly relaxed, and remove his Susanoo, causing that huge Demon God around his body to slowly disappear. After that coming by the side of Feng Yunmeng, he hastily said, “Villa Mistress Feng, the Ancient Holy Dragon is already sealed, now please resurrect my elder sister Yue’er quickly.”

“Never thought this little child was this strong.” Looking at Ren Tianyou, and recalling that huge figure of Susanoo of just a moment ago, Feng Yunmeng thought. Then she replied to Ren Tianyou, “Okay, I am already at the last step of resurrection.”

After that Feng Yunmeng directly controlled Ancient Phoenix God in the sky to enter the body of Ximen Yue’er. This time there was no interference of Ancient Holy Dragon, so the body of Ximen Yue’er slowly absorb the power of Ancient Phoenix God. Along with the passage of time, her that long eyelash slowly winked few times, then her eyes also opened slowly.

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  1. I thought he gonna use a seal one the tailed monster series so she can use the dragon power like bijyuu

    1. I believe its a bloodline power, not an actual dragon. Looks like yue’er is the chosen one among ximen clan

  2. Given the various Naruto techniques RTY has access to, he has multiple ways to empower her. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he can figure out a way to get her a pair of Sharingan, but yeah at the very least he can make her a Jinchuuriki.

  3. rty removed her bloodline power by sealing it outside her body? I wonder if author planed for next plot or just as random solution..

    1. pretty sure everyone has chakra but they have either in the past it was driven to extinction or no one has ever tried to access it because it goes against how the world believes cultivation should be done… in their eyes power comes from outside the body and not inside the body…

  4. I thought he will turn her into jinchuriki like existence instead of tailed beast. The ancient dragon lineage would be sealed instead.

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