In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 221

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IDWWNS, Chapter 221: Unusual change

Unusual change

“Death door, open!”

With the energy of Revenant Stone shooting in front, Void summoned a Death door. Immediately after that, Void made a hand gesture with both hands, and borrowing the power of his Heart death blood lineage, he opened the Death door.

Along with the voice of Void, the life-like Death door in front of them slowly opened. Inside the door, everyone in the square saw vortex formed from grey colored energy.

And after the Death door opened, a special energy fluctuation suddenly emerged out from the Revenant Stone in front of Void. And this energy entered the vortex inside the Death door.

After this energy entered, the vortex inside the door slowly spun, and an illusionary figure slowly walked out from inside the vortex.

“Elder sister Yue’er!” When this figure appeared before their eyes, the eyes of Ren Tianyou were suddenly filled with pleasantly surprise expression, as this figure was Ximen Yue’er.

But right now the eyes of Ximen Yue’er were lifeless, and her body was also illusionary without any substance.

“Good, boy, this is merely a soul nothing more. Currently her soul is imperceptive, basically don’t have any consciousness. Only after her soul enter her body, I can ignite her fire of life again, fully resurrecting her, then she will recover her consciousness.” Seeing the excited and wanted to rush Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng stretched her hand to stop him, then slowly explained. After that she looked towards the high-platform, and saw the body laid there had already recovered rosy color after passing through the baptism of Spring of Life. The original dead qi which filled the entire body was already cleared thoroughly, if not for body still not having a thread of life, then there was not any other difference with living person.

“Boy from Death clan, now control the soul of that girl and let her enter inside her body. After that I’ll re-ignite her fire of life.” Seeing the dead qi was already cleared thoroughly from the body, Feng Yunmeng said to Void.

Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Void directly used the power of his blood lineage without any hesitation. Now controlling the soul of Ximen Yue’er, both him and the soul of Ximen Yue’er arrived near the high-platform.

Climbing up the high-platform, the soul of Ximen Yue’er stood near her body. This moment Void made his move.

His placed his right hand above the soul of Ximen Yue’er, and a grey colored energy vortex appeared in his right hand, then he muttered, “Death return to old burial grounds, deceased line! Undead borrowing magic, revenant return to person!”

Along with the voice of Void, the soul of Ximen Yue’er gradually become small, and was absorbed inside the undead battle qi vortex in his right hand.

After that he raised his right fist, stretched out his index finger and middle finger, then grey colored energy from his right hand took the soul of Ximen Yue’er directly into the body of Ximen Yue’er.

“Okay, you quickly withdraw, I’ll ignite her fire of life.” Seeing the soul was already returned back, Feng Yunmeng said to Void and Ren Tianyou who were standing on the high platform.

Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou and Void directly jumped down from the high-platform and move backwards without wasting any time, so as to not hold up Feng Yunmeng in the matter of resurrecting Ximen Yue’er.

Seeing Ren Tianyou and Void had already left, Feng Yunmeng took out one fiery red just like burning flame fruit from inside her space ring, “Ai, wasting one Phoenix God fruit!”

Phoenix God fruit, at the end of the life of Phoenix, they use all the energy inside their body and blood lineage to condense a treasure, that treasure is Phoenix God fruit. Because Phoenix God fruit was the aggregation of the power of blood lineage of Phoenixes, it itself had a heaven defying power of changing life.

But this fruit was extremely rare. First no need to talk about Phoenix in itself was incomparably few in number, and Phoenix in itself was powerful existence. Regular phoenix even if didn’t cultivate, when they grow up, they would possess God ranked strength. If cultivate slightly, then they would relaxedly enter God’s domain when they grew up. One might well say they were powerful existence comparable to dragon clan. So what were capable of threatening their strength?

As a result this Phoenix God fruit was extremely rare. And it was many times more expensive than Spring of Life.

Phoenix God fruit entered the mouth of Ximen Yue’er, and this Phoenix God fruit immediately began to flow inside her body, igniting her whole body with flame.

And after Feng Yunmeng finished doing all these, she immediately retreated back and appeared in the audience. After that waving her right hand, six fiery red highest grade magic core flew out and arrived at the six corner of the magic formation.

After magic cores landed on their positions, huge golden light beam suddenly rose from the magic formation, surrounding the entire high-platform. And the body of Ximen Yue’er slowly floated in the midair.

Off the stage, gold colored flame rose from the body of Feng Yunmeng too, and a terrifying momentum spread all around from her body. With the exception of Ren Tianyou, all others in the scene couldn’t help but retreat several steps while groaning.

“Mid-God, never thought the mother of Vermilion Bird was Mid-God realm expert.”  Feeling the aura of Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou was shocked. It should be known that Feng Yunmeng was at most 40 years of old, but her strength however had already broken through the boundary of God’s domain and entered Mid-God realm. It should be known that last time at Ximen clan, he had encountered Mid-God magician Ximen Wuyan. He however had cultivated for several hundred years to reach this level, but Feng Yunmeng, at 40 years, merely in 40 years reached Mid-God realm. This shows Feng Yunmeng was also a genius among geniuses.

Both hands of Feng Yunmeng was unceasingly making hand gestures. Each and every hand gesture changed into energy and crashed into magic formation in front of her.

“Phoenix Spirit Formation, Rise!”

Along with the voice of Feng Yunmeng, towering phoenix cry came from high-platform. Simultaneously, golden colored flame phoenix circled around that golden colored flame light beam.

“Fall!” When Feng Yunmeng saw that Phoenix flying, she had already began to gather energy, and when Phoenix flew to highest point, the preparation of her energy simultaneously completed, then along with her command, that flame phoenix immediately fell down, and giving out a loud phoenix cry, entered into the body of Ximen Yue’er who was floating in midair.

After this phoenix entered into the body of Ximen Yue’er, the burning flame around her body suddenly burned more violently, surrounding her whole body, as if this flame wanted to burn her body into ashes.

But this flame didn’t injure the body of Ximen Yue’er like the thoughts of everyone, rather this flame unceasingly shrunk, then gathered at the location of her heart gradually forming a fireball.

“Well, boy. I have already placed fire of life inside her heart. Now her own fire of life will immediately re-ignite, resurrecting your elder sister.” After seeing this fire ball entered the heart of Ximen Yue’er, Feng Yunmeng slowly relaxed, then said to Ren Tianyou who was tense this whole moment.

“Thank a lot, Villa Mistress Feng.” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, the stone inside the heart of Ren Tianyou immediately disappeared, and with a grateful expression in his face he said to Feng Yunmeng, “Later I will definitely……………”

But just then, unusual change suddenly occurred, a towering dragon roar suddenly resounded from the high-platform, interrupting Ren Tianyou.

“What?” Hearing this dragon roar, the face of Feng Yunmeng was suddenly filled with surprise expression.

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