In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 220

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IDWWNS, Chapter 220: Death door

Death door

Early in the second morning, the morning sunlight shone on the bed inside the room through the window, and Ren Tianyou opened his eyes in a daze.

Opening his eyes, he looked out of the window. The sun had already rose high, and on his side, Little Yu as if a small kitty was using his arm as her head pillow, both of her hands firmly hugged his body and was lying on his bosom. All around on the ground, pieces of clothing were thrown messily.

Looking at Little Yu on his side, Ren Tianyou made a wry smile. He didn’t know what happened yesterday night, but he actually did such unbridled matter. Perhaps it was because of alcohol, or perhaps because of love towards Wang Yuxin in the soul of Ximen Tianlong.

Perhaps because of the movement of Ren Tianyou, Wang Yuxin issued ‘en…..’ sound from her nose, her long eyelashes winked a few times, and finally her eyes slowly opened.

Little Yu doubtfully looked all around, and when she saw Ren Tianyou by her side, those unbridled scene of yesterday night slowly appeared in her mind. ‘Ah’ Little Yu instantly screamed, and her fair and clear face instantly become very red, then she immediately covered her face by quilt.

“He he, Little Yu, pull down the cover, or you will get suffocated.” Seeing the action of Little Yu, Ren Tianyou laughed, turned around, and said to her.

“Idi……Idiot, you go out first.” The voice of Little Yu vaguely came through inside the quilt.

“He he, fine, I’m going out first, but you are still too tired, so sleep longer.” Hearing Little Yu, the face of Ren Tianyou revealed a knowing smile, then slowly got off the bed, wore clothes, and he walked out of the door.

When Ren Tianyou arrived at the hall, Feng Yunmeng was already there waiting for him, “Boy, how was your sleep last night?”

“Ah, well, all right.” Hearing the question of Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou immediately knew that she knew the matter of last night, so he stutteringly answered with unnatural expression in his face.

“Cough, cough, don’t know how Villa Mistress Feng’s preparation of resurrection is going?” Ren Tianyou coughed few times, and determinedly changed the topic.

“Completed, now waiting for your Spring of Life and soul as well as the corpse of the person you want to resurrect.” Feng Yunmeng nodded her head and expressed she had already finished her preparation.

Just then, Void and other entered from outside. Seeing everyone was present, Feng Yunmeng said, “All preparation is complete, all of you follow me.”

Finished speaking, Feng Yunmeng stood up and walked towards outside the hall. Ren Tianyou naturally followed closely, and when he passed Void and others, he said, “Let’s go, and prepare for the matter of resurrection.”

Hearing Ren Tianyou, Void and others followed closely behind Ren Tianyou who was following Feng Yunmeng towards outside.

Feng Yunmeng led Ren Tianyou and his group to a square after passing through several turning trails.

And above this square, placed a high-platform, and an abstruse magic formation was portrayed at the side of this high-platform. A mysterious golden rays of light were unceasingly circulating in the lines of this magic formation.

“Place the corpse of the person you want to resurrect on this Phoenix platform.” Coming next to the high-platform, Feng Yunmeng said to Ren Tianyou.

“Okay.” Ren Tianyou replied. Then immediately walked next to high-platform, and along with the spiral shaped space ripple, the corpse of Ximen Yue’er appeared on that high-platform. Her corpse was surrounded by a light golden flame, and even after so long time after death, her corpse was still not emitting a smell of decay. This was because Vermilion Bird had poured in Phoenix flame inside Ximen Yue’er.

“Give me Spring of Life.” Feng Yunmeng came to his side, and said to Ren Tianyou.

“Here” Ren Tianyou took out Spring of Life and gave it to Feng Yunmeng. After talking Spring of Life, Feng Yunmeng came next to the corpse of Ximen Yue’er, then opened one bottle of Spring of Life, and slowly scattered on the corpse of Ximen Yue’er.

Along with the dripping of Spring of Life, under the Mangekyo Sharingan of Ren Tianyou, he clearly saw grey colored mist which was very hard to see with naked eyes slowly fluttering out from the corpse of Ximen Yue’er.

“First, use the power of Spring of Life to expel dead qi from the surface of her corpse.” Feng Yunmeng explained to Ren Tianyou others.

After the first bottle was used up, Feng Yunmeng opened remaining three bottles in succession, and together poured into the body of Ximen Yue’er, “Then use power of Spring of Life to expel dead qi from inside her body.”

After having done this, Feng Yunmeng said to Ren Tianyou, “Now taking advantage of the time when Spring of Life is transforming her body, let your people call her soul.”

“Okay.” Ren Tianyou replied, then said to Void who was already prepared for a long time, “Void, begin.”

“Okay!” Void answered, then going to the side with no-one around, he sat cross-legged. After that from inside his space ring, one hazy stone and one bottle appeared in the hand of Void.

That stone was naturally the most valuable treasure of Death clan, Revenant Stone. As for inside that bottle, it was filled with the blood of Ximen Yue’er. Because he wanted to summon the soul of Ximen Yue’er, he had to use her blood, only then he could do so.

Void opened the bottle cap, and poured the blood inside on the Revenant Stone, then gathered his undead battle qi and poured it into the Revenant Stone in his right hand. Along with the support of Void’s strength, Revenant Stone slowly left his right hand’s palm, and floated in front of him. And at that time, the blood of Ximen Yue’er on the surface of stone slowly seeped into this stone.

Meanwhile, muffled voice came out from the mouth of Void, was chanting reviving incantation. This muffled voice made everybody felt as if Death God’s seal was breaking down their sea of consciousness.

And along with the incantation of Void, Revenant Stone spun around faster and faster, and grey colored energy shot out in front from Revenant Stone, which slowly formed into an illusionary door in a speed that could be seen with a naked eyes.

“This is the projection of Death door, is the way to communicate Death plane from our Divine Wind continent.” Seeing that gradually becoming solid door, Feng Yunmeng explained to Ren Tianyou, “After this door formed, it is up to that boy of Death clan to open that door, and call forth the soul of your elder sister to reality.”

“Death door, open!” At this moment, the eyes of Void suddenly opened, then he loudly shouted. After that a grey colored ray shot out from Revenant Stone directly towards the door in the front.

After this ray hit that door, that door slowly opened, and an illusionary figure slowly walked out from inside.

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  1. Wonder what the MC expects from reviving the girl that protected his target and wanted him to give up his revenge

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