In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 218

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IDWWNS, Chapter 218: North Dipper of Akatsuki

North Dipper of Akatsuki

“My second condition is let Qingyu join your organization.” Feng Yunmeng pointed Di Qingyu with her jade hand and slowly said.

“What did you say? Did I mishear you?” Ren Tianyou scooped his ears, trying to prove that he had not heard wrongly. Did this Feng Yunmeng take wrong medicine today, actually taking the initiative to deliver expert to him.

You should know that with regarding to the matter of Ren Tianyou kidnapping her daughter, and making her join his organization, the complexion of Feng Yunmeng had become extremely unsightly. Then when she knew that her daughter had accompanied him to attack Ximen clan, the unsightly complexion of Feng Yunmeng had turned green on the spot, her gaze nearly spout fire, and looked as if she would chop him at any time with her sword.

But now she however was taking the initiative to deliver an expert to him. So how could this matter not cause Ren Tianyou to think this was merely a beautiful daydream?

“Yeah, aunt, how can you let me join any organization, moreover what’s the use.” Di Qingyu also confusedly said. He didn’t understand what his aunt was thinking.

“Qingyu, don’t say anything, you only need to know your aunt is doing this for your best.” Looking at Di Qingyu at her side, Feng Yunmeng softly said, then turning around her head and looking over to Ren Tianyou, “Well boy, about this matter, will you agree or not?”

“Ha ha, naturally agree, you are delivering an expert to my doorsteps, so why won’t I agree.” The strength of this youth had already reached High Deity rank, and currently his organization was eagerly seeking after men of worth and ability, so Ren Tianyou naturally agreed without slightest hesitation.

Although Ren Tianyou was also well aware that Feng Yunmeng definitely must have some kind of intention for letting this youth join his organization, but at least she was very unlikely to have any ill intention towards his organization, because when all is said and done her daughter Vermilion Bird was also part of hiss organization.

“Okay, now why don’t you go out first, I have a matter to talk with Qingyu.”After hearing the answer of Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng said.

“Okay.” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, and began walking towards outside. When he walked two steps, he suddenly remembered a matter he had forgotten, so turning around, he said, “Villa Mistress Feng, I have already brought Spring of Life. So about the matter regarding the resurrection of my elder sister Yue’er…….”

“I will begin preparations first, and we can begin the resurrection ritual tomorrow.” When Jade Maiden and others had returned back, Feng Yunmeng had already learned about the information that Ren Tianyou had already successfully obtained Spring of Life, so was not too surprised.

“Then at that time I will trouble you Villa Mistress Feng.” Ren Tianyou cupped his hand and slightly bowed, then directly turned around and walked out to backyard, entering the lobby.

“Eh, Zero, how come you are coming out from inside?” Inside lobby, keen-eyed White Tiger saw Ren Tianyou coming out from inside the hall, so he confusedly asked.

“Ah, I used space magic to first arrive at behind hall and talked with Villa Mistress Feng about the matter of resurrection of elder sister Yue’er.” Hearing White Tiger, Ren Tianyou touch his head and awkwardly said.

“Eh, Zero, why is your body scarred everywhere?” Seeing Ren Tianyou as if he had received severe injuries, Jade Maiden confusedly asked.

“Yes that’s right, idiot, why are you so heavily injured ah?” Seeing Ren Tianyou was injured, Wang Yuxin threw herself into the bosom of Ren Tianyou with red eyes. Then carefully size up his body as if she wanted to examine his injuries.

“Si……..” Ren Tianyou immediately hissed, and with the muscles of his face unceasingly twitching, and cold sweats streaming down his cheeks, he felt waves of pain all over his body which nearly made him lose his consciousness.

“Little…..Little Yu, you first………first stand back, your bump is going to kill me.” Looking at Little Yuxin in his bosom, Ren Tianyou revealed an unsightly smile with great difficulty, then stutteringly said.

“Ah, idiot, are you alright?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, and seeing his unceasingly twitching body, Little Yu cried out in alarm, and immediately fell back few steps, then asked with concern.

“You can rest assured, it’s not a big deal, merely when I was chasing Bu Feng, I used forbidden move to forcedly increase my speed. So this is merely the side effect of that forbidden move. I will be fine after I take a rest for a while.” Ren Tianyou forcedly calmed down his mind. Seeing the worried expression in the face of everyone, a warmth rose in his heart, as he slowly explained.

“Turned out to be so, I’m glad you are fine.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Little Yu slightly felt relieved.

After everyone calmed down, Ren Tianyou began to narrate the matter he had encountered in Elven forest in simple version. When he mentioned Spring of Life, the space ring in his right hand flashed with blue light, then several small bottles with green colored liquid inside it appeared in his hand, “These are Spring of Life, wait until you return to your room before take this. After you absorb the energy inside it, not only can it increase your strength and lifespan, it can also make you stay young forever.”

“Ah, I want, quickly give me.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, the eyes of Vermilion Bird, Jade maiden furthermore Little Yu suddenly emitted wolf light, and firmly stare at him. For women especially for beautiful women, staying young forever was too tempting.

“I give……” Seeing the expression in the eyes of three women, Ren Tianyou suddenly shivered, and before he could finish speaking, three women had already arrived in front of him, then they directly snatched Spring of Life from the hand of Ren Tianyou. Moreover Vermilion Bird accidently kicked him to the ground.

“Ah……..!” Instantly a blood-curdling scream reverberated through entire lobby. And now Ren Tinyou was lying on the ground, unceasingly twitching, and foam unceasingly flowing out from his mouth. It was too miserable sight.

“E……….” Seeing the miserable condition of Ren Tianyou, black lines suddenly appeared on the face of both White Tiger and Void, still Void who had good heart, walked to the side of Ren Tianyou, then supported him to stand up.

“Eh, what was that sound just now?” Just then, Feng Yunmeng and Di Qingyu came over, then asked confusedly. That screaming voice of just a moment ago made her think of the sound pigs give out before getting butchered.

“It was nothing, nothing at all.” Ren Tianyou shook his hand and hastily said. Such losing face matter, how could he be willing to speak about it. Afterwards he looked towards Di Qingyu, and said, “Well, do you agree to join my organization?”

“I Agree.” Di Qingyu walked over and said with determination in his voice. Nobody knew what Feng Yunmeng had told him just a moment ago.

“Then good, since you agreed, I grant you the codename ‘North Dipper of Akatsuki’!” Ren Tianyou nodded his head, then took out North Dipper ring and robe of Akatsuki and hand them over to Di Qingyu.

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  1. Can this guy not be a push over in front of women. Also I kind of hate how just lets any fucking person willy nilly join his group. The first two were okay because one was a sword expert and another was basically a necromancer. But now he just lets his girlfriend join, and gets forced into accepting another phoenix disciple. It’s getting dumb.

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