In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 217

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IDWWNS, Chapter 217: About to arrive Demon clan

About to arrive Demon clan

“Stars Secret skill—-Pursue Star!”

After Bu Feng’s voice, Ren Tianyou felt he suddenly heard a ‘peng’ sound, as if that sound was merely an illusion, and a scene of meteor shower suddenly appeared inside his brain.

And in front, when Hachimon Tonkou’s secret art—- Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger) which Ren Tianyou had released after spending all the energy within his body was about to hit Bu Feng, a dazzling starlight suddenly burst out from his body. Then along with a series of ‘swish’, ‘swish’, ‘swish’…………sound, dazzling starlight as if fireballs, formed a huge meteor shower. A meteor shower miraculously appeared in the daytime sky.

“Ha ha, Zero, you are powerful as expected, you are the first person to force me to turn into this, but if you wish to overtake me, then we will talk after you are able to break through my Pursue Star.” Along with this loud and clear voice in the sky, the meteor shower dissipated.

And the Hirudora (Afternoon Tiger) of Ren Tianyou hit empty air, and landed on one small mountain beneath, then gave out a loud explosion sound.

“Hateful!” Seeing Bu Feng had disappeared without a trace, Ren Tianyou immediately cursed with unsightly complexion. Then after undoing Hachimon Tonkou, that tyrannical chakra around his body also slowly disappeared.

“Hu Hu………” Ren Tianyou unceasingly breathe heavily, cold sweats continuously appeared in his forehead and flowed down his constantly twitching face.

“Beginning of the backlash of Hachimon Tonkou?” Feeling pain coming through his body, the face of Ren Tianyou continuously twitched, “Didn’t expect even after my big efforts, this guy still ran away.”

“But, is indeed worthy of my choice. In terms of speed, I really am inferior to you.” The scene of just a moment ago when Bu Feng use pursue star to leave again appeared in the brain of Ren Tianyou. Then shaking his head, he helplessly sighed. With regarding to this kind of speed, even Ren Tianyou was too inferior to bear comparison. “But wait until I master Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Jutsu), after that you will no longer be able to escape my hand.”

Regardless of whether the speed of Bu Feng was too fast, or how abnormal his pursue star was, as long as Ren Tianyou could leave a mark of Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God), Bu Feng would never be able to escape his hand.

“After the resurrection of elder sister Yue’er, I will immediately begin to study Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Jutsu)!” The eyes of Ren Tianyou shined as he instantly determined his next path. “And among all the members of my Akatsuki organization, with the exception of White Tiger and Void, the strength of all others are basically unbearable, ai, fundamentally, they are too weak. Forget it, can only take one step at a time. First I must look for the things that are helpful to increase their strength.”

Finished speaking, a spiral shaped space ripple emerged from the right eye of Ren Tianyou, and after that space ripple surrounded him, he disappeared from that location.

In Flame Phoenix Villa, Jade Maiden and others were boringly waiting for the return of Zero. And the mother of Vermilion Bird Feng Yumeng had taken away the elder cousin of Vermilon Bird Di Qingyu to talk inside.

“Qingyu, how are things? Was everything fine outside these few years?” Looking at many time more mature compared to before man in front of her, Feng Yunmeng asked with some emotion.

“He he, rest assured aunt, I was very happy there few years.” Hearing the concern of Feng Yunmeng, Di Qingyu felt warmth inside his heart. Then slowly said, “And I manage to successfully break through Sun’s domain, and my Golden yang blood lineage has already activated thoroughly, evolving to peak-saint rank blood lineage. Now I can completely use the true fire of sun. And I have already entered the high Deity rank.”

“Really? That’s great, I think your parents can rest in peace now.” Hearing Di Qingyu, Feng Yunmeng’s that beautiful face revealed a hint of excitement plus grieved expression. She was happy for the progress of the strength of Di Qingyu, and was also grieved for the death of his parents.

“Sooner or later, I will definitely enter Bewildering Shadow Valley, and thoroughly kill all those people to avenge my parents.” When he mention Bewildering Shadow Valley, the face of Di Qingyu showed a strong hatred, and powerful golden flame also appeared around his body, burning the seat under him to ashes.

“Qingyu, you mustn’t act rashly, with your current strength, don’t mention getting revenge, I fear when you step into Bewildering Shadow Valley, that boundless dense fog will pull you into endless illusion. With the exception of the people of their clan, other people are basically powerless to survive inside that dense fog of Bewildering Shadow Valley.” Seeing the complexion of Di Qingyu, Feng Yunmeng instantly stood up and arrived to his side, then placed her right hand on his shoulder. After that along with powerful fiery red battle qi, the golden flame of Di Qingyu was suppressed back inside his body.

“Aunt, I am fine, don’t worry.” The complexion of Di Qingyu revert back to normal, then seeing the concern in the face of Feng Yunmeng, he slowly said, “Before I become very strong, I will not easily enter Bewildering Shadow Valley.”

“Then it’s good.” Hearing Di Qingyu, Feng Yunmeng nodded her head, then encouraged him, “Actually after 5 years, they will definitely come out, then you don’t need to take chances to enter Bewildering Shadow Valley.”

“Why?” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Di Qingyu asked with surprise. He knew that as one of the ancient 100 clans, they had suffered heavy losses during the invasion of demon clan, and were forced to hide inside Bewildering Shadow Valley to recuperate their losses. Now it’s already more than ten thousand years without any news about them, so why would they suddenly came out into the world now?

“As a matter of fact, it’s not only them, after five years, all of the ancient 100 clans will come out into the world.” Feng Yunmeng turned around his head, then looked towards the far away sky, and slightly sighed, “The reason for them coming out into the world is because after five years, Demon clan’s invasion will soon arrive.”

“What? Demon clan’s invasion? How is this possible, weren’t they already beaten back to their Demon World? And weren’t their transfer passage thoroughly sealed at that time?” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Di Qingyu asked in surprise. His face was filled with disbelief look.

“Actually about this matter, basically all ancient 100 clans and we mankind’s every big forces have already receive this information. Because this information had come through the most mysterious Tianji clan of ancient 100 clans, and this information was the divination from True God realm elder of Tianji clan using his whole cultivation and life, basically all the big forces of entire continent are making their preparation, they are making preparation for after five years, about to arrive Demon clan.” Hearing Di Qingyu, the face of Feng Yunmeng revealed a complex expression, “Several tens of thousands years ago, when demon clan had invaded, that time can be called greatest disaster of Divine Wind continent. Countless peak experts fell, fields littered with corpses, blood flowed like a river, and everyday a large amount of people died. And the area where people could live also reduce to one third. Never thought, now after five years, demon clan will again start the matter of several tens of thousands years ago, ai.”

“Were all the things you said true? Villa Mistress Feng!” Just then, a muffled male voice suddenly resounded the entire hall.

“Who, roll out for me.” Hearing the sudden voice, the complexion of Feng Yunmeng instantly shrunk, then powerful aura sprang out from her dainty body spreading in all direction. Immediately the whole hall was filled with oppressive aura. And when Di Qingyu heard this voice, burning qi with blazing golden flame suddenly came out from his body and with a flash of a flame, one gold colored spear appeared in his hand. After that he cautiously scanned all around.

“Don’t be alarmed, it’s me.” Just then, the space in front of Feng Yunmeng suddenly distort into a spiral shaped space ripple, and Ren Tianyou with miserable appearance appeared in front of them.

“So it’s you boy, when did you come back, and also eavesdropping our conversation?” Seeing Ren Tianyou, the aura around the body of Feng Yunmeng slowly return inside her body and she said in a bad mood.

“Ah, that, when moving through space, the coordinate deviate a little, error, fault.” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou somewhat apologetically said.

“Oh, you should rejoice that the deviation caused to arrive here, if you had arrived inside the bathhouse of our Flame Phoenix Villa, heihei, then you are just waiting for our Flame Phoenix Villa’s chase to kill.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng stared at Ren Tianyou with a strange gaze and said.

“Ah, that, it won’t be, it won’t be.” Hearing Feng Yunmeng, sweats began to pour out from his forehead, and hastily waving his hand he answered.

“But you look miserable, I hear from Little Wu that you chased after Bu Feng, how was it, you failed.” Looking at the miserable figure of Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng came over and patted his shoulder and said.

“Si………” With the hand of Feng Yunmeng landing on his shoulder, Ren Tianyou suddenly felt all of his muscles trembling, and the muscles of face suddenly twitched ferociously, then falling back, he answered, “Villa Mistress Feng, please be lenient. Because of a forbidden move I used just a moment ago, my whole body is still in pain, so I cannot bear your this gentle and soft palm ah.”

“Ha ha, it seems this time you ate big loss.” Seeing the reaction of Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng covered her mouth and lightly chuckled.

“Ai, yes, the speed of this guy called Bu Feng really was incomparable fast. Even after using forbidden move, I was barely able to catch up to him, but in the end he still got away.” Ren Tianyou thought about the speed of Bu Feng, then he helplessly heaved a sigh.

“That is already very good. The speed of this guy Bu Feng is unrivalled under the heaven, and I have never heard someone able to catch up to him.” Looking at Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng said. As Mistress of Flame Phoenix Villa, how could she not know Bu Feng?

“Oh, that’s right, Villa Mistress Feng, the matter you said about Demon clan again invading Divine Wind continent after 5 years, was that really true?” Just then, Ren Tianyou suddenly recalled what Feng Yunmeng had stated just a moment ago, so he asked to confirm.

“Absolutely true.” Feng Yunmeng nodded her head in confirmation, then added, “The prophecy of Tianji clan is never wrong.”

Hearing Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou again recalled the matter that had happened to him inside Tower of Babel. At that time, that finger had poked and sent his Susanoo along with him flying. Up until now, he still didn’t have the nerve to confront the owner of that finger. The circumstance of that time had greatly shocked Ren Tianyou, one should know that the defense power of his Susanoo however was ranked first in the Naruto world, although at that time, it was still not in complete form, but also was very powerful. But just like that, a single poke of a finger send it flying, and the blindness points of his eyes fell so sharply, almost instantly making him blind, this shows the strength of the owner of that finger.

“It seems my hunch of that time was not wrong ah.” Ren Tianyou sighed and slowly said. The owner of that finger of that time was definitely sealed expert of demon clan, and inside the Tower of Babel, this Demon clan was actually able to temporarily attack him through the seal, this shows that at that time, the seals were already weakened to some extent.

“What hunch?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Feng Yunmeng asked in confusion.

“It’s this way.” Ren Tianyou explained everything that had happened to him inside Tower of Babel from rescuing Vermilion Bird by chance, then killing Demon clan, and finally that finger poked and sent him flying matter, but he naturally hid his doujutsu as well as Susanoo.

“Never thought that the Tower of Babel was not able to thoroughly seal them, it seems Demon clan are really invading again ah.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, the expression of Feng Yunmeng become complex, as she said. Then she looked at Di Qingyu, and her eyes shined, “Boy, do you remembered your 3 promise to me?”

“Ah? Naturally I do remember.” Hearing the sudden question of Feng Yunmeng, Ren Tianyou answered. The first condition was to get her 2 bottles of Spring of Life, this he had already accomplished. He only needs to give her Spring of Life.

“Good, in that case, my second condition is to let him join your organization.” Feng Yunmeng pointed to Di Qingyu with her right hand and slowly said.

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  1. I am so irritated by this story… srsly… the author is trying to make the MC look like a devil/badass/super cool/ not a good guy but with with bottom line…. but still in front of few unknown people he is nothing but shit… especially in front of women he is just a loser…. like that Feng wu questioned him few times and he gave up against her and also invited into the organziation, for what? i dont see any redeeming quality in her other her beauty… not to mention the way how he was insulted in the pheonix villa but he is still willing to bear all the insults and promise the women three conditions and give them other prizes….srsly? i can understand that you want to save your sister but this is too much… even if i can bear with it… when he went to the elven clan… where was this same zeal and goodness? trying to kidnap people, threatening them, controling leader daugher…. isn’t that shameless? why are you gettting angry now? now also be a loser and start begging them… why different treatment for different people? i love elves by the way…. and now also in front of this feng wu mother’s all the author says is seatr starte to pour and crysantheum gets tight? srsly? where is the devil?…. where is the badasss?… not to mention the mc’s powerlevel is so confusing…. he can fight deilty level cultivators and low god level cultivators…. but he likes to prolong the fight….hughhh…. dengey….

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