In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 215

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IDWWNS, Chapter 215: Stars blood lineage

Stars blood lineage

In the road of Light Empire, many pedestrian and horse drawn carriages were entering the imperial capital Radiance City in succession.

Just then, suddenly a cyan colored rays of light flashed before their eyes on the road in front of them, it faintly seemed like a shadow of human figure. And before anyone could react, it instantly changed into several afterimages and disappeared from before the eyes of everyone.

“This is……” Seeing this, all the pedestrians couldn’t help but were dumbfounded. They rubbed their eyes and they subconsciously thought, “Is that the speed mankind can achieve?”

“What happened? Why did we stopped moving?” At this time, one charming female voice came from inside one silver white carriage, then one delicate jade hand reach out from inside the carriage, and opened the door curtain of that carriage, then a woman wearing black dress whose face was covered with a piece of black gauze walked out from inside that carriage. After that she asked what was going on towards knights wearing pitch-black knight warrior suit of armor who were riding gale horse by the side of the carriage.

“Reporting to holy maiden, just now someone suddenly ran past this place in extremely high speed, even I was barely able to see only afterimages.” Among them, one knight holding a black spear who was at the most front position of this knight group fling the reins of gale horse and came at the side of carriage, then replied offering a respectful bow.

“What? You…………” Hearing the answer of this knight, this woman in black dress was somewhat surprised and exclaimed aloud.

But before she finished speaking, the pedestrians in front suddenly cried out in alarm again. A purple colored lightning shadow with powerful lightning light was quickly advancing forward in the middle of the crowd by dodging all of them.

She only felt a blur before her eyes, and that shadow of a human figure had already passed the knight groups in front her and finally stepped on the roof of her carriage.

“Eh?” At this time, suddenly a surprised voice came from this purple lightning shadow, then when this figure jumped off from the roof of this carriage and was still in the midair, this shadow turned around his head, and this woman clearly saw a pair of blood-red eyes. Inside those eyes, each one had three strange black colored magatama which was quickly spinning.

“Those eyes, don’t tell me that it’s him?” Seeing those pair of red eyes, this woman in black clothing fell into deep thought. She would never forget that night, a man with those same eyes had seriously injured her, and she was forced to use space scroll which was very difficult to get to run away.

But when this girl was lost in thought, that lightning shadow in the midair had already disappeared. Before anyone could react to stop him, he had also already disappeared similarly before their eyes.


“What’s going on? Why did I feel déjà vu and as if I have seen her somewhere before when I saw that woman in black dress?” Running in the road, Ren Tianyou slowly thought. Just now when he saw that woman wearing black dress at that carriage, he had a kind of familiar feeling, “But also not ah, although its already more than three years since I arrived in this world, but the number of people I am familiar with is not that many, so how could I forget any of them? Don’t tell me she is someone Ximen Tianlong this guy knew? Forget about it, regardless of anything, catching this slippery guy in front is first priority.”

Thinking about Bu Feng in the front, Ren Tainyou felt pain in ass again. Just think he however had to go through many arduous training to achieve his current speed, but the speed of this guy in front was actually a little bit faster compared to him. If he didn’t have the support of nintaijutsu of raikage which use lightning chakra to simulate his physical body, improving his speed, then Bu Feng would have already lost him. Even now he could only barely keep up the pace with Bu Feng nothing more, so wanting to catch him was very difficult.

“Don’t tell me I need to open Hachimon Tonkou (The 8 Inner Gate)? Won’t do, the backlash of Hachimon Tonkou (The 8 Inner Gate) is too big. What if even after opening 7th gate, I am still powerless to overtake him, then after the beginning of side effect, I will completely lose him.” Looking straight at that very quickly running ahead figure, Ren Tianyou firmly gritted his teeth as he hatefully thought inside his heart.

“Forget about it, can only take a step at a time. Now the most important thing is to not lose him.” Looking at that natural and unrestrained elegant figure in the front as well as his that speed, Ren Tianyou strengthen his plan to subdue him to join his Akatsuki organization.

“Yo, didn’t expect you are actually able to keep up with me like this ah, very good, but can you still increase your speed.” Seeing that lighting figure was still able to keep up the pace with him, Bu Feng burst into loud laughter and said. Simultaneously, a kind of ‘wanting to compete’ thought appeared inside his heart.

Thinking about it, he Bu Feng, relying on his speed had effortlessly entered the place with magnificent army with thousands of men and horses as if getting into his back garden as he please, and killed the people of Light Palace, but he however still hadn’t felt any pressure. Finally in front of several Red robed cardinals who were God domain experts, he killed a group of golden knight, then swaggered off. If he want to run, it might as well say no one was able to block and stop him. In terms of speed, if Bu Feng was second, then no one is capable of being first.

But now the person behind him however was actually able to barely keep pace with his speed. This instantly gave rise to his idea of having competition with Ren Tianyou.

He Bu Feng had no shortage in money, also didn’t like fame and fortune, the sole reason he had taken the job of assassin was to improve his speed, and to become even faster. So he always took high difficulty assassin mission. The greater the difficulty, the more he liked, because for him, only real expert would give him pressure, and only after feeling pressure, his speed would become even faster. And this time he had selected the mission to assassinate all Akatsuki members for this same reason, but now, he found better target, i.e. Ren Tianyou behind him. As for failure of mission, he didn’t care.

“Humph, whether you are even faster or not, you can’t run away from me today.” Hearing Bu Feng, Ren Tianyou snorted coldly, but inside his heart, he also wanted to test the maximum limit of his own speed.

“Good, hope you are able to.” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Bu Feng slightly smiled. Then that strange dagger in his right hand streak across making a beautiful arc, and directly flew back to that sheath in his waist.

Shortly afterwards, he quickly made a hand gesture with both of his hand, then in that light cyan battle qi radiance above his body, slowly pale hazy starlight appeared, surrounding his whole body.

“Stars blood lineage, appear!”

Along with the voice of Bu Feng, suddenly a star mark appeared in his forehead, and his cyan colored wind system douqi around his body was directly replaced by that hazy starlight.

“This is……” Seeing that pale hazy starlight, Ren Tianyou who was chasing behind frowned, “Could it be that all along, this guy had not opened his blood lineage? Must it be so abnormal ah?”

“Ha ha, are you ready, now be sure to not lose me.” Sensing that pale starlight around his body, Bu Feng laughed, then as if his body changed into a dazzling starlight, he suddenly rushed forward very quickly and a long stars radiance followed behind him. “Stars step—- Star transformation!”

Seeing Bu Feng instantly exploding with speed, Ren Tianyou directly felt like throwing up a mouthful of blood, “F**k, must his speed be so fast ah, big brother, are you really only Deity rank?”

Ren Tianyou’s heart felt as if thousands of grass-mud horse run past his head, then his mood immediately become very bitter.

“Your sister, today, I, your father will also so all out.” Thinking this, Ren Tianyou threw a black colored small pill in his mouth, then the lightning chakra radiances around his body suddenly rose violently and sharply. The lightning god armor on his body become even more life-like, and looking from distant, he looked just like lightning god that had descended to the world.

“Roar!” Ren Tianyou looked up to the heave and let out a loud roar, and the sound waves spread in all direction. Then after he exert strength in his right leg, the ground around suddenly cracked open a huge fissure. A huge crater appeared under his leg. After that Ren Tianyou changed into a dazzling lightning shadow precisely following the direction where Bu Feng had disappeared.

After further using lightning chakra to actively change his physical body, his speed suddenly rose sharply, but the burden in his physical body also become very big.

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  1. really? 1 whole chapter dedicated to running… am I reading the flash or something? Thanks for the double updates thought!

  2. Thanks for the chappy only thing I ask is if you could find a replacement for “your father” it’s become a bit too much and while in the east may sound normal in the west having it all the time is a bit cringey. But still keep up the good work.

  3. … Did he forget he had magic eyes that lock people into space and can rewind time? I know this is for the plot but you(author) can’t ignore his brand new abilities like that

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