In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 214

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IDWWNS, Chapter 214: Pursue and Attack

Pursue and Attack

When Ren Tianyou was getting ready to use ninjutsu to completely seal the strength of Ling Yanqi, an unusual change occurred all of a sudden. The magic staff in the hand of trapped Ling Yanqi suddenly flashed with a large amount of earth yellow colored magical power, and combining with his blood, formed a blood yellow colored halo.

“Break for me!” Along with the loud yell of Ling Yanqi, this halo which was surrounding the body of Ling Yanqi suddenly spread all around quickly. This broke the water prison created by Ren Tianyou. Along with a ‘pa’ sound, water prison directly scattered and changing into water droplets, fell on the ground, freeing Ling Yanqi.

But the power of that blood yellow colored halo still didn’t reduce, and quickly spread all around. And after this halo swept through the water clone standing at the side of water prison, it had changed into a statue, and motionlessly stayed on the same place.

“Not good!” Seeing the sudden change, the eyes of Ren Tianyou firmly shrunk, and instantly knew this was bad. He immediately retreated, appeared in front of Jade Maiden and others, and began to quickly make a series of hand seals. Then before anyone could react, he immediately slammed his right hand on the ground.

“Doton—-Chidokaku! (Earth Style—-Mobile Core!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, the ground underneath Ren Tianyou others suddenly began to sway, giving out a series of ‘ka ka’ scattering sound, then a huge crack appeared at their side. “Hong!” The ground around of nearly 10 meter suddenly rose in the sky with everyone above it.

And just after they rise to the sky, that halo swept through the ground below that earth pillar, suddenly changing originally a little bit moist ground into hard rocks.

“Akatsuki organization, Zero, wait for me, wait for our Magic Domain’s chase to kill, I will definitely not let any of you off.” Just then, gloomy voice resounded from inside that halo, then this huge halo gathered together and surrounding Ling Yanqi, then disappeared without a trace.

“This is……” Looking at the absolutely empty ground, with the exception of a puddle of blood, Ling Yanqi had already disappeared without a trace. Seeing this, everyone had disbelief expression, none of them had thought that Ling Yanqi would still be able to flee from such situation.

Only the gaze of Ren Tianyou firmly shrunk, because under his Sharingan, he clearly saw that that halo had come out from that earth yellow colored crystal core embedded on the magic staff in the hand of Ling Yanqi, “It seems that crystal core in his magic staff was a treasure ah. Should I encounter him next time, either I should snatch away that magic staff first, or should kill him. Capturing him alive really is not that easy.”

“Jade Maiden, this time, I can only apologize you, didn’t expect under these circumstance, he could still flee. But you can rest assured, next time I will absolutely help you eliminate him.” Ren Tianyou turned around, and said towards Jade Maiden whose complexion was not so good because Ling Yanqi had escaped.

“It’s alright Zero, I have confidence in you.” Jade maiden whispered, but everyone could sense sadness on her voice.

“Ai, Little Yu, Vermilion Bird, you two help me persuade Jade Maiden. I will go to help White Tiger and Void to deal with the final enemy.” Finished speaking, Ren Tianyou turned and quickly flew towards the battlefield of Void and White Tiger.

As a matter of fact from the time Ren Tianyou had arrived here, he had been quietly observing whole battleground, and he was full of admiration towards Bu Feng the opponent of White Tiger. He was merely Mid-God realm warrior, but his speed actually was comparable to his own current speed, wasn’t this so heaven defying ah. And in the future if he entered God’s domain realm, then how fast will his speed become?

So Ren Tianyou was immediately interested in him. He had also heard about this person Bu Feng. He was merely an assassin that’s all, and he attacks people for money. He and the other member didn’t have any hatred towards this Bu Feng, so if he could, Ren Tianyou wanted to invite him to join his Akatsuki origination, because his current strength was completely qualified for the respect of Akatsuki, and his strength could also be said to be good addition for Akatsuki.

But what was unexpected for Ren Tianyou and others was, seeing Ren Tianyou flying towards them from the corner of his eyes, Bu Feng who was in the process of fighting against Void and White Tiger suddenly shouted strangely, “F**k, there is no mistake, you are also coming.”

Then blue light suddenly flashed around his body, and leaving behind several after images, he dodged the attack of Void and immediately ran away while shouting, “I, you father will no longer accompany you to play, I’ll come back another day.”

“Humph, want to run, but can you run?” Seeing Bu Feng suddenly running away, Ren Tianyou who was in the process of rushing over was slightly dumbfounded, then directly landing on the ground, a huge amount of lightning appeared around his body causing all of his hairs to stand up. After that he immediately changed into a lightning radiance, and chased towards the direction where Bu Feng had disappeared.

“You guys return to Flame Phoenix Villa first with Jade Maiden and others. I will chase this guy, ya ya pei, do you think it is that easy to run away from me?” When Ren Tianyou passed by Void and White Tiger, he left behind these words, then immediately disappeared.

“This……..” Seeing both Ren Tianyou and Bu Feng had already disappeared, Void and White Tiger looked at each other in blank dismay, then with a wry smile on their face, they flew towards Jade Maiden and others. Honestly speaking, from the beginning of the battle of just now, both of them were extremely depressed, because they were not able to land even a single hit on their opponent. And because of continuously heightening their spirit power to its limit for any attack from the opponent, they were very tense and were nearly falling apart.


“F**k, why are you following I, your father, I am telling you ah, I only like women, and am not interested in men, so don’t pursue me.” Bu Feng in the process of running in front, hearing the movement sound coming from behind, he turned around to look, and was immediately extremely shocked to see Ren Tianyou who was covered with lightning firmly coming behind him. Seeing that, he was so scared that, he immediately accelerate without wasting any time.

“F**k off, I, your father’s sexual orientation is also straight. I’m also not interested in men.” Hearing Bu Feng, the complexion of Ren Tianyou suddenly blacken just like pot’s base, and he also continued to accelerate chasing after Bu Feng, “As for why I am chasing after you, heh heh, I will honestly ask you, did you think after attacking our Akatsuki, you can leave unscathed? I am telling you, this time I, your father will chase you, and you can’t run away from me.”

“F**k, this time I, your father really hit the iron plate, why did I take this mission to assassinate this Akatsuki organization?” The complexion of Bu Feng was worse than crying as he thought, then he resolutely said, “Fine, if you want to chase me, let’s see, if you can catch me.” Finished speaking, Bu Feng continued to accelerate and run in the front.

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