In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 211

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IDWWNS, Chapter 211: Analyze


Along with the gradual decrease in the sound of explosion, the terrifying storm which engulfed nearly a kilometer range also slowly stopped. And after smoke and dusts dissipated, everyone’s line of sight also revert back to normal. After their line of sight got clear, everyone impatiently looked over towards the direction of center of explosion. And the first scene they saw caused them to unconsciously wide open their mouth which was wide enough to swallow an entire egg, and they forget to close it for a long time.

The original plain which was in front of them before had already disappeared, instead there was one huge crater with a diameter of about one kilometer. A thin smoke was unceasingly rising from the middle of this crater, and in the sky above this crater, a figure of a person was floating, carefully looking, who could this figure be if not Ren Tianyou.

And that originally terrifying Earth Hydra had already disappeared and similarly Ling Yanqi also had disappeared without a trace. Seeing this scene, everyone had a single thought inside their heart. “Don’t tell me that he already won? Yes, I would like to ask, who can stop such terrifying attack?”

All of them naturally considered Ling Yanqi was dead, however, if Rasen Shuriken had hit him, with his current strength he would not be able to escape certain death, but was he hit?

“Old man, how long are you going to keep hiding, still not rolling out?” Just then, Ren Tianyou who was floating midair couldn’t help but berated in a stern voice, with his pair of Mangekyo Sharingan emitting a cold light.

“What? That old man is still alive? How is that possible?” Hearing Ren Tianyou, everyone cried out in alarm inside their brain in disbelief, even Bu Feng was thinking this. Because he clearly knew that even with his speed, it was very difficult for him to dodge that attack of just a moment ago.

You should know that he depended on his speed to survive till this day, and even he would have a hard time in dodging this attack and was not 100% certainty to successfully dodge that attack, no need to mention about short legged magicians. That was basically impossible.

But the matter in front however was intriguing. Next from the thin air, a figure of a person gradually appeared, if this figure was not Ling Yanqi then who it could be. And everyone looked at Ling Yanqi with disbelief, they were unable to understand how he was able to escape through that terrifying attack.

And looking at Ling Yanqi, with the exception of pale face because of huge magical power consumption, and exhaustion of his spirit power, he had not received any injuries.

“Finally willing to come out?” Seeing the sudden appearance of Ling Yanqi, Ren Tianyou coldly said without a shred of surprise.

“How did you know that I was not dead?” Floating in the midair, Ling Yanqi drank a bottle of magic potion to recover his magical power, and asked with surprise.

“Hehe, although your dodging speed is very fast, but all your movement nevertheless didn’t escape my eyes.” Ren Tianyou pointed at his own eyes, and slowly said.

“So that’s how it is.” Seeing those strange scarlet eyes of Ren Tianyou, Ling Yanqi suddenly understood and thought, “It seems the blood lineage of this guy is his eyes, so hateful, originally I planned to make him believe that I was dead, then after he left, I could sneak away, but now however it will take greater effort.” After seeing the might of Ren Tianyou’s Rasen Shuriken attack, Ling Yanqi basically didn’t have any confidence to beat Ren Tianyou, therefore he was only thinking about how to quickly escape from that place.

“First, under my Odama Rasengan, you suddenly disappeared, and my rasengan hit empty air. At that time, all your movements were already unreservedly caught by my eyes.” Ren Tianyou slowly spoke. As a matter of fact, he also knew that this old man was seizing this moment to recover his magical power, but he didn’t have any intention to do anything about it. Because after going through this battle, he had already consumed one-third of his chakra, so he himself was also seizing this moment to recover his chakra, as there was still one more enemy present.

“But seeing you disappear, I mistakenly believed you could use space magic, so you had the ability to disappear out in the thin air to dodge.”

“But the later series of your movements however made me dispel that conjecture. First, you as one of the four leader of Magic Domain, one might say you are well known, but everyone knew that you are only earth system magician that’s all, basically you don’t know any space system magic. And even if space system magic is your unique skill, but with your reputation, it is impossible for everyone to not know it.”

“Second, when I use lightning dragon, you could have directly used your space magic to easily dodge it, yet you however did not, rather selected to expend huge effort to use forbidden defense magic spell to protect yourself, at that time I wondered why you behaved in that way.”

“So I decided to use Rasen Shuriken to see what your magic spell was. Sure enough, under my Rasen Shuriken, you immediately used this move again.”

“However at that time, you made an unnecessary move, i.e. you jumped down from the head of Earth Hydra to the ground before you used this move. At that moment I understood everything, because space magic don’t have any restriction in area. I again looked carefully, and noticed every time you use this move, you stood on the ground, and light yellow colored radiances appeared on your body. Then, I determined, this move of yours is basically not space magic, rather earth system magic.”

“And as for the fact that you took the risk to jump off the head of the Earth Hydra to the ground, I think the user of this spell must stand on the ground in order to use this move.” Although Ren Tianyou was guessing, but his tone however was full of certainty.

“Correct, I have to say that you are very intelligent, I have only use this move twice, and you are already able to see through it. This move is indeed my earth system secret skill ‘earth travelling technique’, and also indeed must stand above ground to use it. But even if you understand it, as long as I stood on the ground, I can use it anytime, what can you do about it?” Ling Yanqi descended to the ground and standing on the ground, he stared at Ren Tianyou who was similarly descending on the ground, and said with disdain. But although he had said those things, Ling Yanqi was firmly holding his magic staff, and that mysterious earth system crystal on the magic staff was glimmering with light yellow colored earth system magical power.

“Oh, if it is like you said then I just have to make you leave the ground, no?” Landing on the ground, Ren Tianyou indifferently said, but inside his heart he thought, “If I want to make this bastard leave the ground, then I can only use water style which I am most unskilled at.”

Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals, “Suiton—-Dai Bakusui Shoha! (Water Style—-Super Exploding Water Shockwave!)”

After the hand seals were made, Ren Tianyou inhaled a deep breathe, and his mouth quickly puffed up, then lowering his head, he spew out endless fresh water from his mouth which quickly spread in all direction.

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  1. He didnt want to use doujutsu until he got ems. I believe he meant big shot doujutsu since he did used kamui and his new ms lil bit

  2. That’s why kids, only read the conversations and the name of the abilities and skip the whole chapter so you don’t get cancer 😀 it ain’t foolproof though, that ‘little yu’ is starting to piss me off. I think she is trying way too hard to be a low key tsundere when she is just a useless character with no personality that is just weighing the mic down, she is too weak to be in Akatsuki smh, also fuck that whore, she is obviously against you. Don’t revive her. Fuck the memories.

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