In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 210

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IDWWNS, Chapter 210: Mashed Battle

Mashed Battle

Standing in the midair, Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals. Along with the series of hand seals he made, huge amount of lightning radiances slowly appeared around his body.

“Raiton—-Rairyudon no Jutsu! (Lightning Style—-Lightning Dragon Jutsu!)”

Along with the voice of Ren Tianyou, lightning around his body rapidly condensed into 5 clawed lightning dragon above the head of Ren Tianyou, which looked up towards the sky and gave out a loud dragon roar.

“Swish!” Under the control of Ren Tianyou, this huge lightning dragon rushed towards that underneath earth yellow colored snake tides. The whole body of this dragon was emitting powerful lightning sparks accompanied by successive sound of crackling, and along with very fast charge, it directly rushed into those tiny earth yellow colored snake tides, evaporating all of them. And without reducing any of its speed, it continued to advance towards underneath Ling Yanqi.

“Not good.” Seeing his earth yellow colored snake tides were actually being evaporated one after another by that strange ‘lightning big snake’, and was still continuing to advance towards him without reducing any of its momentum, the complexion of Ling Yanqi instantly had huge change, then without thinking anything else, standing on the head of Earth Hydra, he raised his magic staff, and began to quickly chant incantation.

Along with the strangely quick chant of Ling Yanqi, with his magic staff as a medium, powerful earth system magic elements quickly gathered around him, “Earth system forbidden defense magic spell—-Earth barrier screen!”

After completing his incantation, he pointed the void in midair in front of him with his magic staff, then huge earth yellow colored energy barrier screen quickly spread all around, and earth yellow colored mysterious symbols were circulating above this barrier, which gave people a kind of mysterious feeling.

Last time when Ren Tianyou had attacked two Deity ranked experts of Ximen clan for divinity crystal, that ice system Deity ranked magician had released forbidden magic spell spending a great deal of effort, and took nearly one minute to finish preparation, but this Ling Yanqi actually used very short time of 10 or so seconds to complete, this shows the gap between the experts of Deity ranked and God’s domain realm.

Along with ‘hong’ loud sound, that lightning dragon directly collided against the forbidden defense magic spell released by Ling Yanqi. Immediately a shallow concave depression appeared on this barrier at the point of collision. The chakra of this lightning dragon unceasingly clashed with the energy of this barrier, wanting to directly break through and enter.

But earth system magic in itself was most powerful in defense, one might as well say that it was first among all seven major magic elements in defense, moreover this was earth system forbidden defense magic spell equivalent to low-heaven grade warrior skill of warriors, plus it was released by Low God realm magician, so how could it be that easy to break through?

No matter how this lightning dragon tried to break through, it was powerless to break the obstruction of this earth system forbidden defense magic spell—-Earth barrier screen, and attack Ling Yanqi and that Earth Hydra beneath him.

Along with the passage of time, this lightning dragon consumed the energy sustaining it, and its form slowly reduced, finally changing into lightning light, it disappeared. And the originally dense earth system magic elements on that earth system forbidden magic earth barrier screen had also become very dim, as if it would disappear anytime. It seems after withstanding the lightning dragon jutsu of Ren Tianyou, majority of the energy of this forbidden magic was also consumed.

“Fuuuuu!” Seeing that lightning dragon had disappeared, standing on the head of that Earth Hydra, Ling Yanqi couldn’t help but sigh with relief, and his face revealed exhausted expression. Although with the help of earth system crystal embedded on the magic staff in his hand, he was able to cast earth system magic spells many times faster than ordinarily, and the consumption of magical power was also very low, but casting earth system god incantation Earth Hydra and forbidden incantation in quick succession, plus using earth system secret technique to dodge that rasengan of Ren Tianyou, even he couldn’t help but felt exhausted. The earth yellow colored divinity crystal inside his body had already become very dim, he had already consumed more than half of his energy.

“Zizi…………” Just then, a sharp ear-piercing sound resounded inside his ear. This sound was extremely ear-piercing, as if it would pierce through his eardrum.

“This is…….” Hearing this ear-piercing sound, Ling Yanqi immediately rose his fighting spirit, and instantly thought about ‘breeding like flies’ means of the leader of Akatsuki organization Zero. He also felt incomparably thorny. His eyes unceasingly scanned all around, but he didn’t find the trace of Ren Tianyou. [Breeding like flies (idiom): innumerable succession]

“Above!” Just then, ear-piercing sound became bigger and bigger, and he felt huge unusual change above his head, then Ling Yanqi immediately lifted up his head and looked above in the sky in horror.

Ren Tianyou was in the process of attacking towards him, with a super huge unceasingly rotating wind system energy blade in his right hand. That ear-piercing sharp sound was coming for that unceasingly rotating huge wind blades. And the radiance of sun was shining at this huge blades, causing him to have no other choice but to use his right hand to block the sunshine.

“This is………..wind system magic? With the exception of fire system, and lightning system, you can actually use such powerful wind system ability too.” Sensing huge amount of energy coming from those sharp blade, as well as sensing unceasingly rising fierce wind around his side, his complexion immediately become very unsightly, and said with astonishment.

“Ha ha, old man, there are many things you could never think, now go to hell for me.” Seeing the complexion of Ling Yanqi and hearing what he had said, Ren Tianyou not only laughed heartily but also raised his right hand’s that super huge unceasingly rotating shuriken, and rushed forward, “Futon—Rasen Shuriken!”

“Not good!” Feeling huge amount of pressure coming from that sharp blade, Ling Yanqi instantly knew this was bad, then he immediately prepared to use that secret technique again to leave this place, but momentarily discovered that he nevertheless was standing on the head of Earth Hydra, so he was delayed. Ren Tianyou had already arrived above him, and his right hand’s Rasen shuriken had already slammed into that remnant earth system forbidden magic spell earth barrier screen. But how could this barrier which had already consumed majority of its energy able to block Rasen shuriken of Ren Tianyou, that energy screen very quickly distorted out of shape and then quickly began to dissipate under his Rasen Shuriken.

But Ling Yanqi took the advantage of this short time and immediately jumped off from the head of Earth Hydra, landed on the ground, and after waving magic staff in his hand, thin yellow colored earth system radiance appeared around his body.

“Eh, so it was like that!” Seeing all the moves of Ling Yanqi from jumping down the head of Hydra to using magic, Ren Tianyou instantly understood a little bit of limitation of this technique which he had use to dodge his rasengan attack before. And he also understood why he couldn’t use this technique on the head of Hydra.

And at that time, that defense barrier was already broken through, and the Rasen Shuriken in his right hand directly advanced towards that huge Hydra underneath.

After the Rasen Shuriken in his right hand directly hit the body of Hydra, that huge body of hydra was send flying by the force of impact. Along with the ‘hong’ loud explosion sound, the ability of Rasen Shuriken thoroughly burst out. Very quickly a huge energy storm wreak havoc in all direction. But the instant when energy storm broke out, along with earth yellow colored light, Ling Yanqi disappeared from that location.

The storm created by Rasen Shuriken quickly wreak havoc in all direction, and huge gales blew all around. Jade Maiden and other standing at a distant point were leaning unsteadily from side to side due to this powerful storm, as if they were about to be blown away.

“Ah…….” Jade Maiden used her hand to cover her face, and made great effort to stabilize her body. Sensing the unceasingly blowing storm, she thought inside her heart with shock, “We are being affected even after we are this far away, what kind of powerful wind system magic is this ah.”

And in distant place, because of the addition of Void, the situation of White Tiger was also a little better. He was no longer passively taking a beating, but he was still powerless to catch Bu Feng. All the attacks of them were easily dodged by his that unfathomable speed.

But just thee, a terrifying storm arrived there. All three of them instantly stopped fighting, and made a great effort to stabilize their body. Barely opening their eyes, they looked towards the origin of this storm. They saw huge storm unceasingly wreaking havoc in all direction, and in the center of this storm was the battlefield of Ren Tianyou.

“Is this the strength of Akatsuki’s leader Zero? Isn’t this a bit too powerful?” Feeling the powerful storm, this thought suddenly appeared inside the heart of Bu Feng, and a powerless feeling he had never felt before suddenly appeared inside his heart.

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  1. will his hand get rekt tho since rasen shuriken is double edged sword without sennin powa to throw it….. or shodaime gene to its work ??

  2. A bit too powerful? Nigga yer facin’ Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Obito, Uchiha Sasuke, Might Guy, Gaara, Uzumaki Naruto(w/o nine-tails) and Senju Hashirama(0.1% strength). He can body you if he wanted to

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