In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 209

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IDWWNS, Chapter 209: Sky splitting lightning butterfly

Sky splitting lightning butterflies

“Haha, you arrogant guy, with I, your father’s plan, now look how you die.” Seeing Ren Tianyou getting swallowed by his Earth Hydra, the face of Ling Yanqi revealed a sick smile, and bursting into a loud laughter, he said.

As a veteran expert, he had spent many painstaking effort to reach the current Low God realm, used a number of means, and for the sake of increasing his own power, he held a butcher’s knife and harnessed the head of other people without any hesitation, just like how he exterminated Jade Maiden’s entire family. But this was merely the tip of the iceberg of the amount of innocent lives who had died from his hand.

Ling Yanqi himself also didn’t know, how many innocent lives he had taken in order to reach his current level, and how many people he had ruined and orphaned. After entering the Magic Domain, he again racked his brain for schemes, and after several decades of hard struggle, he was able to finally reach his current position of one of the four big leaders. But now, a youngster of about 17 or 18 years old was actually looking down upon him, so how could he not hate it inside his heart.


“Idiot!” Seeing the scene of Ren Tianyou being swallowed with their own eyes, Jade Maiden and others, floating in the sky at a distant point, immediately turned pale, and they couldn’t help but cry out in despair. Then they immediately began to rush over there.

“Ha ha, little thing, you dared to look down upon me, your father. Don’t think that just relying on your high level blood lineage, plus your luck, you can look down upon us veteran experts. I will tell you, I, your father like best to kill geniuses.” Ling Yanqi stood on the ground while laughing viciously and looking at the snake head that swallowed Ren Tianyou, he had a kind of inexplicable pleasure.

“Humph, old bastard, it’s too early for you to be happy.” But just then, a sudden cold voice from above Ling Yanqi interrupted his laughter. And after looking up, he saw unscathed Ren Tianyou had appeared above him, and a round ultra large energy ball in his right hand was coming towards his head, “How did you…….”

“Go to hell, Choodama Rasengan (Massive Rasengan!)” Ren Tianyou coldly yelled, and interrupting Ling Yanqi’s voice, that super huge ransegan in his right hand hit Ling Yanqi. Along with the ‘hong’ loud explosion sound, the place where Ling Yanqi was standing was also hit by Choodama Rasengan (Massive Rasengan), causing the ground around to shatter immediately, and a large crater appeared in that location. This explosion gave rise to clouds of dusts around the entire area.

“Swish!” Ren Tianyou flew out from the clouds of dusts, then flipping few times and making splendid arc in the sky, he steadily landed on the ground.

“Eh?” After standing on the ground, Ren Tianyou was surprised. He didn’t look at the center of the explosion, rather carefully scanned all around for any movements.

Just then, the loud movement sound suddenly came from behind him, but Ren Tianyou wasn’t startled, merely his hand began to quickly make a series of hand seals. Just then along with ‘hong’ sound, a huge earth spear skewered the body of Ren Tianyou from behind, but this time, along with the rise of white smoke, a half-log appeared at that place, and Ren Tianyou however had disappeared.

Standing from the sky, Ren Tianyou firmly frowned while looking at that huge 9 headed Earth Hydra as well as Ling Yanqi who was standing on the head of this Hydra.

“What just happened, don’t tell me he also knows space magic?” The scenes from just a moment ago unceasingly reappeared in his brain. When his Choodama Rasengan (Massive Rasengan) was about to hit Ling Yanqi, under the powerful observation ability of his Sharingan, he had clearly seen a large amount of earth yellow colored radiance had suddenly flashed around Ling Yanqi’s body, then his body immediately disappeared from that location. And his rasengan merely struck the empty air.

“If it continues like this, then it’s going to be troublesome.” Ren Tianyou indifferently thought inside his heart, and again looking down, he saw those two snake heads which he had just destroyed just a moment ago with his Goryuka no Jutsu (Dragon Flame Jutsu) were already restored back under the infinite earth system element. “Before anything else, I should think of a way to sort out this troublesome big snake. For the time being I will not use doujutsu, until I exchange Eternal eye.”

“Since this is earth system magic, let’s try my lightning style.” Ren Tianyou calmly thought slowly inside his heart. In Naruto world, lightning style restrain earth style, but he didn’t know whether this means apply on magic too.

“Lightning style—-Sky splitting lightning butterflies!” Ren Tianyou quickly made a series of hand seals, then lightning sparks quickly appeared around his body, and beautiful lightning butterflies slowly emerged in the sky. Flapping their lightning wings, these butterflies rushed towards Earth Hydra and Ling Yanqi changing into huge butterflies tide.

Lightning style—-Sky splitting lightning butterflies, this was one of the original ninjutsu of Ren Tianyou. Ren Tianyou would use the form change of his lighting system charka to create butterflies. And he could control each and every one of these butterflies. And when these butterflies hit the enemies, it would explode, and would also paralyze the body of enemy, making them unable to move.

Although the fire power of single Sky splitting lightning butterfly was very low, and was also very difficult to have any effect of resulting explosion, but no one could match its sheer quantity. And with this many Sky splitting lightning butterflies, it becomes very difficult for the enemy to guard or dodge.

“This is……” Seeing the tide of Sky splitting lightning butterflies rushing towards him, Ling Yanqi’s brows firmly shrunk. Although these butterflies looked very gorgeous, but the chilling sensation brought by them caused the fine hairs in his body stand up, so he had no other choice but to handle it seriously.

With great amount of spirit power inside his brain, Ling Yanqi transmitted his command to Earth Hydra. And under Ling Yanqi’s control, Earth Hydra raised its heads, and all the head had their mouth opened wide, aiming towards the sky.

After that, innumerous earth yellow colored tiny energy snakes shot out from the wide opened nine snake mouths, which changed into nine huge snake tides advancing towards the butterflies’ tide of Ren Tianyou.

When the both sides came in contact with each other, a series of ‘hong’, ‘hong’, ‘hong’…………..extraordinarily large explosion sound continuously resounded, pieces of tiny rocks fell down from the sky just like torrential rain, and the quantity of Sky splitting lightning butterflies also unceasingly depleted, slowly reducing, but the quantity of snake tide created by nine snake heads was too large, and was firmly approaching towards him continuously.

“Humph, very capable, then try this move.” Seeing unceasingly approaching snake tide, Ren Tianyou snorted, then quickly made a series of hand seals, and lightning radiance one again appeared around the body of Ren Tianyou.

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  1. man, this MC is so dumb with all the ninja technique and kekkai genkai he have he use the fire element against an earth element first
    also why the fuck he use fire jutsu almost all the time when we know it’s so useless also he tend to prolong the fight when he can insta kill his enemy

    1. The author decided that since RTY has the Sharingan he also has the Uchiha bloodline, which means natural compatibility towards fire. (Ex: The Great Fireball Technique is actually unique to the Uchiha clan, outside of anime fillers no-one who is not Uchiha is ever shown to use the technique.)

      1. that is not good argument tough when he have jutsu like raikiri or chidori,
        he even have 4th raikage lightning jutsu and he just keep using technique that are useless again certain enemies
        the author also keep mentioning MC is more focused with taijutsu when in reality MC isjust keep spamming ninjutsu and barely using taijutsu .

    2. About the current chapter, his huge rasengan should have beaten him but he seem to have magic similar to teleportion. to insta kill someone, 1st you need to make sure the opponent cant dodge/block the attk

  2. More chapters please!!!🙏
    A chapter everyday keeps the sadness and sorrow away, or something like that 😕
    Anyway, the point is I want more chapters and I just can’t wait for the next release 😧

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