In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 207

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 207: Insulting Akatsuki, Die!!!

Insulting Akatsuki, Die!!!

This very fast figure of a person who had completely dodge all of his sword blade rain, leave behind a deep imprint in the mind of White Tiger.

Usually Bu Feng used this feather to ride instead of walk, not to mention feather, he could even use a piece of leaf to lightly step on it and change the direction very quickly. This was the dao of speed of Bu Feng.

After Bu Feng completely dodge the attack, he immediately rushed towards White Tiger and began their battle once again. Although the speed of Bu Feng was very fast, but his attacks were clearly inadequate, his current strength was basically powerless to break through that air-tight sword force of White Tiger. But White Tiger was also endlessly depressed in this battle, because although Bu Feng was powerless to truly injure him, but his usually powerful sword-play had also no effect. Because the speed of Bu Feng was too fast and he was also too slippery, White Tiger was basically unable to hit him even once.


On the other side, Void and others were also caught in a dangerous situation. Because the strength of Ling Yanqi this God’s domain magician was too powerful, they who were only Deity rank and Saint rank were basically unable to deal with him.

They were continuously suppressed by this God’s domain magician, and fell into very dangerous condition. And Ling Yanqi had also clearly recognized Jade Maiden, so he also didn’t stay put his hand.

But just in this dangerous situation, loud bird cry suddenly came from a distant place, and a man holding spear whose body was surrounded by flame suddenly appeared at a distant point, and that man immediately began to attack Ling Yanqi.

Seeing the sudden appearance of this man, the face of everyone revealed surprised expression, only the face of Vermilion Bird revealed pleasantly surprised expression, because she knew this man.

This person was called Di Qingyu, her older cousin. His inherited blood lineage was not Phoenix God blood lineage of Flame Phoenix Villa, rather a kind of special variation blood lineage, which made him able to use true Sun fire.

Di Qingyu had lost both of his parents in his childhood, and currently was cultivating alone outside. He was very powerful, and after he joined this battle, pressure on everyone also decreased by many times, but they were still steadily losing their ground.


Currently the whole body of Ling Yanqi was emitting powerful earth system magic power, and was floating in the midair. And the rock demon was firmly protecting him by his side. Ling Yanqi opened his mouth looking at several people in front him, “Didn’t expect I would actually bump into you here, but it’s pretty good, as I just advanced to God domain recently. Now I will finish you off in one go, and eliminate you Li clan’s final vile spawn.”

“You bastard. You wait and see, when Zero returns, he will absolutely butcher you.” Looking at Ling Yanqi floating unscathed in front of her, Jade Maiden tightly bit her lower lip and hatefully said.

“Humph, what horseshit Zero? What garbage Akatsuki organization? You bunch of mob, sooner or later will die by my hand.” Hearing Jade Maiden, Ling Yanqi coldly snorted with disdain.

“Well, then what about our Death clan? Is it also horseshit?” Hearing Ling Yanqi, suppressing his qi and blood which was violently rolling over and over again, Void asked Ling Yanqi in cold voice.

“What? Death clan!” Hearing Void, the complexion of Ling Yanqi immediately changed, becoming extremely unsightly. As a member of Magic Domain this kind of big force, he however was extremely clear about the strength possessed by ancient 100 clans, not to mention Death clan which was one of the top clan among ancient 100 clans. To speak in bluntly, their Magic Domain was basically powerless to contend against Death clan.

“Also our Flame Phoenix Villa.” Seeing the huge change in the complexion of Ling Yanqi, a smile appeared in that exhausted face of Vermilion Bird. And just then she thought about sending the news of this place to Flame Phoenix Villa, and ask her mother and others to quickly come here. But just then her vision suddenly landed behind Ling Yanqi, where along with the appearance of spiral shaped space ripple, a familiar figure slowly appeared before her eyes.

“Humph, I will just kill all of you, then who will know it is done by me. As for your leader Zero you are speaking about, if he dares to come, I will just kill him too.” Ling Yanqi gritted his teeth, and hardening his heart, he said with hatred. Since he had already offended Death clan and Flame Phoenix Villa, he might as well take advantage of this opportunity and directly kill them for good.

“Is that so? I’d like to see how you kill me.” But just at that time, a cold voice suddenly came from above his head. Hearing this voice, he couldn’t help but felt chill, then raising his head to look, he saw one similarly dressed youth was rushing towards him with one huge energy ball on his right hand.

“How is this possible? When…….” Seeing the sudden appearance of this youth, Ling Yanqi was extremely surprised, and yelled impossible inside his heart. Must know that his spirit power of God’s domain was too powerful, he was perfectly clear about this, but now someone was actually able to conceal himself from his perception and suddenly appeared above his head, how could this not horrify him?

But now was not the time for him to be surprise, because the attack had already arrived in front of him. At that time, that yellow colored magic wand on his right hand flashed with earth yellow colored radiances, and the gravity around suddenly changed.

“Eh?” Feeling the sudden change in his weight, Ren Tianyou was surprised, followed by his body emitted powerful lighting radiance which suddenly speed him up. And that huge energy ball in his right hand suddenly enlarged quickly, and hit towards underneath Ling Yanqi.

“Odama Rasengan! (Giant Rasengan!)”

But that gravity skill of just a moment ago had won a little bit of time, which was enough for Ling Yanqi to quickly move back and that giant demon like rock by his side blocked his body. Along with ‘hong’ extraordinarily large explosion sound, that giant demon like rock was directly blown apart, many pieces of huge rocks rain down from the sky.

“Zero!” Seeing the sudden appeared figure, Vermilion Bird and others were pleasantly surprised as they immediately yelled, then flew to his side.

Yes, indeed was Ren Tianyou, after receiving distress signal of White Tiger and others he had directly used kamui to quickly come over here. And he arrived here timely enough to hear that final shameless boast of Ling Yanqi.

“Are you all okay?” Seeing everyone were injured all over, as well as seeing Wang Yuxin had received not a single injured due to the protection of everyone, he asked everyone, then walked towards Wang Yuxin and asked her, “Little Yu, are you okay?”

“Rest assured, idiot, I’m fine.” Feeling the concern of Ren Tianyou, Wang Yuxin showed an enchanting smile on her face and replied.

“Never mind, first everyone withdraw, Void you go over and assist White Tiger.” Ren Tianyou said to everyone. Then looked towards Jade Maiden, “Jade Maiden, this time I will fulfill my promise. Wait for me to capture him alive as far as possible, and hand him over to you.”

“Thanks!” Hearing Ren Tianyou, Jade Maiden showed an excited smile on her face.

“It’s okay, because…………” Ren Tianyou turned around, then looking at Ling Yanqi underneath, he said, “Insulting Akatsuki, certainly must die.”

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  1. Yahoo! I was about to die from withdrawal; it has been so long (I need my daily fix).
    Now that I think about it, how much do you have to donate to increase the weekly chapters by one?

    1. You have to donate $30 for each additional chapter, or if we reach the goal in patreon, the number of regular chapters will increase. Currently I am doing 5 chapters per week and there might also be 1 or 2 bonus chapters.

  2. it would be good if there were crossover Powers in naruto system store(like dragon ball z,gt,super(example: super saiyan Ninja) or bleach(example: Ninja soul reaper and hollofication)) and he can use system points to buy these Powers.(the cross over powers that I’m talking about is somewhat relaited to the game known as j-stars victory vs)

  3. By the way.. in Naruto, those wind ninjas should be able to fly right? If they can use explosive jutsus that are made of wind, simple aerodynamics should also be possible..
    Weird. Really weird.

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