In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 206

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 206: Speed


Bu Feng, a person with fast speed just like shooting stars, and top assassin who had successfully assassinate all his target at all events, made White Tiger who was also peak expert no other choice but to get serious.

Speed, if reached to pinnacle, then there was nothing to attack, and nothing to defeat it. The ancient wuxia novels of China hands down a sentence, among all the martial arts under the heaven, only speed is undefeated. And Bu Feng was such man, he had given up his attack for speed, and he had also given up his defense for speed, because in his world, there was only one objective, which was fast, faster, get his speed to the pinnacle.

“Person of Holy Sword clan, can your sword stop my steps….” Standing at far-off, Bu Feng looked towards White Tiger with sideward glances, then lightly said.

After that he held dagger in his right hand, then his body flashed with light cyan colored battle qi radiance, and just like wind, he flashed though, leaving behind some words to far-off White Tiger, “And listen the rhythm of wind with me.”

“Swish!” Suddenly Bu Feng straightly advanced towards White Tiger. Because his speed was too fast, long trails of afterimages were following behind his body. The distance of several tens of meters between them was actually crossed over in less than two seconds. He appeared right in front of White Tiger, and the dagger on his right hand was already stabbing directly towards the head of White Tiger.

Along with ‘dang’ sound, the long sword in the hand of White Tiger immediately blocked the dagger of Bu Feng, and from the place where dagger and longsword had collided, the sparks flew about in all direction.

“Humph!” White Tiger coldly snorted, then gathering powerful sword qi in his left hand, he directly attacked Bu Feng.

But just then, White Tiger felt casual blow of wind, felt loose on the long sword he was firmly holding with his right hand, and saw that Bu Feng had already disappeared from in front of him. Next, he suddenly heard movement sound behind him.

White Tiger didn’t have any time to think, he immediately turned around and placed his long sword horizontally in front of him. Along with ‘peng’ sound, one foot wearing white boot tied with long bandage kicked at the long sword of White Tiger. Upon closer look, Bu Feng had already appeared behind White Tiger.

Seeing his right leg was blocked, Bu Feng curled his lip, then immediately squatting down, dagger in his right hand which was covered with light cyan color radiance and glimmering with chill pallid light stabbed towards the chest of White Tiger.

Seeing the dagger was rapidly stabbing towards him, the pupil of White Tiger firmly shrunk, and a feeling of great danger appeared inside his brain. He didn’t have any time to think, just relying on his body’s natural reflex he had honed through hundreds of battles, supporting the ground with his left hand, he use force in his left arm. Then his body suddenly flip over towards top-left high up in the sky.

And after the dagger of Bu Feng stabbed the empty air, he looked towards White Tiger, then his body suddenly changed into cyan light, and he flew towards White Tiger from below.

And in the midair, after White Tiger stabilized his body, he suddenly saw cyan colored blurred figure advancing towards him from below.

“Not good!” White Tiger immediately thought this was bad, and his heart tightened, then he immediately placed his long sword horizontally in front of him.

Along with muffled ‘peng’ sound, even faster than White Tiger, Bu Feng directly kicked the abdomen of Whiter Tiger. Then along with muffled groan sound from the nose of White Tiger, red blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth.

“Fly for me.” Feeling the solid texture coming through right foot, Bu Feng loudly yelled. Then suddenly using force on his right foot, along with cyan colored radiance on his body, White Tiger directly changed into shooting star in the sky under the kick of Bu Feng.

Looking at White Tiger who was kicked flying in the sky, Bu Feng smiled mischievously, then descending down, he firmly landed on the ground on one knee.

Seeing the slowly reducing speed and stabilizing of the body of White Tiger, cyan colored battle qi radiances immediately rose suddenly and sharply, right leg forcedly stepped on the ground, then his body changed into a blur advancing towards White Tiger in the sky.

“Humph, truly thinking I am a pushover, kneading as you please.” Finally stabilizing his body, calming down violently rolling over and over blood qi inside his body due to the kick of Bu Feng, and wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth, White TIger coldly snorted while looking at Bu Feng who was rapidly advancing towards him from below. Then powerful sword qi suddenly around his body.

Originally Holy sword clan, due to practicing sword-play and analyzing the nature of this world’s sword-play for a long period of time, they had greatly suppressed powerful and profound baleful qi inside their body, furthermore they were also not any good temper person, so seeing a person with lower strength suppressing him like this, that baleful sword qi inside the body of White Tiger was thoroughly ignited.

He directly withdrew the long sword in his right hand, then huge sword directly flew to his right hand. After that his body emitted powerful sword intent as if it would pierce the sky around him.

“Heaven sword blood lineage, open for me!”

Along with the roar of White Tiger, as if the layer of shackles inside his body were opened, powerful white colored light of sword qi encircled his body and soared, simultaneously his silver-white colored long hair fluttered in the wind.

After that looking at Bu Feng who was rapidly flying towards him from below, a cruel smile appeared on his face, then brandishing his hand’s huge sword’s sharp point directly downwards, he loudly yelled, “You bastard, change into sieve.”

“Night shaking sword secret art——-Heaven and earth cleanse!”

Along with the voice of White Tiger, suddenly huge sword formation appeared from the sharp point of huge sword in his right hand which covered the range of 7 or 8 meters. After that innumerable powerful sword qi broke through void from that sword formation, which quickly rained downward, just like sword tip tide, seemed to want to shoot Bu Feng into a sieve.

“Ha ha, good move, merely did you think that your sword could stop my steps?” Seeing quickly flying towards himself sword qi, the eyes of Bu Feng shined, and he said with a laugh.

Although after Saint rank, everyone could fly, but the speed of flying in the sky varies, and changing direction however would not be that easy, nevertheless Bu Feng this god of speed had his own ways.

With the wave of his right hand, innumerable white colored feathers of bird under the command of Bu Feng spilled on the sky, then under the shocked and disbelief expression of White Tiger, Bu Feng lightly stepped on those floating feathers, and his body changed into afterimages. Just like strolling on the rain, he dodged all the sword qi created by White Tiger. Then without any reduction on his speed, he continued to advance towards White Tiger.

“How is this possible?” Seeing the afterimages of Bu Feng who was dodging his sword qi formation, White Tiger eyes become dull, and he disbelievingly said.

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