In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 203

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 203: Members of Akatsuki in danger

Members of Akatsuki in danger

After Ren Tianyou left leaving behind Elf Queen and others looking at each other in dismay, Elf Queen was the first one to snap out of it, then she walked towards Spring of Life on the ground. Then after picking up one bottle, as she opened its bottle cap to smell, pure life aura rushed on her face.

“Yes, these really are Spring of Life.” Feeling that familiar life aura, Elf Queen closed the bottle cap, then absorb all bottles inside her space ring. After that turning towards those 4 elves, she lightly said.

“Really?” Hearing Elf Queen, 4 elf elders were pleasantly surprised simultaneously. They had never thought that after they had lost these Spring of Life, they would again regain it in one day. Although 10 or so bottles were lacking, nevertheless compared to losing all of them, it was much better.

“This leader of Akatsuki Zero is really a weirdo, actually returning back the things which were already in his hands. In the end what is he thinking by doing this?” That charming face of dark elf Kaliyi was filled with confusion, she couldn’t understand why he return back the treasure after it was already in his hand. If she was in his place, she would have never done that.

“This is the intelligent aspect of that youngster.” Hearing doubtful voice of Kaliyi, Elf Queen slowly explained with a smile on her face, “This returning back of Spring of Life, is in fact him trying to tell us that he does not want to become enemy of us Elf clan.”

“But if that is the case, then why did he begin to exchange blows with Your Majesty the Queen and elders at that time without directly speaking clearly about it?”  Kaliyi again asked another question.

“That was Zero expressing his second meaning.” Male elder next to Kaliyi, explained for her, “He began fighting with us to speak his intention, which is, he wanted to tell us that he was returning Spring of Life not because he fear us.”

“Moreover from that brief exchange of just a moment ago, he really proved this point. Although this hall seriously restricted our strength, but even like that, it shouldn’t be that easy to avoid the nature magic we used with our strength.”

“But just now, first Zero was tightly tied by vines, that was something we all see with our own eyes, but he was able to escape from that using unknown method, that ought to be his space magic.”

“Second attack was also dodged by him similarly. We attacked him twice but he was completely unscathed. Although because of the surrounding limitation, we only use small magic, still from this we can also see his strength.”

“So it was like that.” Kaliyi nodded her head, and her eyes slowly turned, don’t know what she was thinking.

“Transmit the order, Akatsuki organization’s chase to kill order is removed as of this moment.” Elf Queen turned her head towards elders, and said.

“Yes.” Four elders simultaneously answered.


And on the other side, the reason why Ren Tianyou anxiously left was naturally because that “Zero” ring on his right hand suddenly flashed with white colored radiances, making Ren Tianyou leave hastily.

Because the ring flashing with white colored radiance means White Tiger and others had met danger, and sent distress signal to him.

Although because Ren Tianyou had not awakened Rinnegan, he was powerless to use Gentoshin no Jutsu (Astral Projection Jutsu), but he had developed a method for these rings to transmit a signal, and this signal was a small ninjutsu to be used only at the time of danger.

And this ninjutsu used spirit power combined with the rings, instead of chakra, so everyone of Akatsuki organization could use it.

On the nameless mountain, Ren Tianyou stopped, and concentrated his sprit power at the ring on his right hand. Sensing the space co-ordinate coming through the ring, Ren Tianyou suddenly opened his eyes, “White Tiger, Void, Jade Maiden, Vermilion Bird, furthermore Little Yu, all of them have actually send the signal, and this space co-ordinate seems not in Flame Phoenix Villa ah.”

At the beginning, Ren Tianyou thought that White Tiger and others were jointly attacked by the people of Flame Phoenix Villa, but now it seems this however was not the case.

“Whatever, I’ll rush there, hope it’s not too late.” Ren Tianyou mumbled to himself, then along with the spiral shaped space ripple from his right eye, he disappeared from that place.


In one nameless plains within the border of Light Empire, several figures were ceaselessly flickering, and a barely audible explosion sound was coming through from that place.

A middle-aged man holding one earth yellow colored magic staff and wearing magic robe, along with controlling magic staff, was chanting an incantation, then immediately launched a powerful magic.

“Earth spike formation!” Along with this voice, immediately innumerable sharp earth thorn glimmering with pallid light grew out from the ground, and very quickly spread in all sides.

“Not good, everyone, quickly levitate.” Seeing quickly rising earth throne formation, a stern young man wearing black robe with red colored clouds printed on it, holding short sword and his body glimmering with grey colored battle qi said towards similarly dressed three gorgeous woman and one man holding spear whose body was emitting huge golden flame at his side.

Hearing this male, several people immediately circulated battle qi inside their body, and flew towards the sky, successfully dodging the attack. But just at that time, suddenly a huge shadow came over above their head. Looking up, they saw a huge rock giant had swung its right arm towards them.

“Humph, Death god cut open the sky!” Seeing that, the grey colored battle qi on the body of that man holding short sword suddenly surged towards his short sword, then he swung his right hand. After that his body combined with that short sword, and changing into huge sword blade, hit that huge arm of rock giant. Along with “hong” loud explosion sound, rock giant and this sword blade directly collided heavily with each other.

But after that sword blade collided, that short sword along with that young man were sent flying.

“Void!” Seeing this, those three woman cried out in alarm. Because there was thickly dotted earth thorn formation beneath on the ground, if he fell down now, how could he survive?

Just at that time, that young man holding spear with huge flame all over his body, together with sudden bird cry, his body immediately changed into flame, and before anyone could react, he appeared behind and caught his falling body, preventing him from falling down to earth thorns.

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