In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 200

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 200: Leave and return

Leave and return

After leaving the Tree of Life, Ren Tianyou used kamui to stealthily return to Elf Source. Then send princess Xing Lu back to her room. She was always under the effect of his genjutsu from the time she was inside his kamui space, and had never woken up even once.

But there was no way, Ren Tianyou would dare to take away Xing Lu too. If he took her away, then just like a super level taunting device, he would absolutely attract great enmity towards himself, and wherever he went, he would attract the hatred of Elf clan.

Ren Tianyou didn’t dare to do so, because relying on his current small arms and small legs, he didn’t dare to meet head-on with Elf clan. Besides, Ren Tianyou was not idle enough to provoke Elf clan’s pursuit to kill for no apparent reason, he didn’t have that masochistic tendency.

Ancient 100 clans, these clans however had powerful strength enough to withstand the invasion of demon clan of ten thousand years ago. Basically every one clan of ancient 100 clans possess strength comparable to the strength of current strongest force, or even exceed their strength, this shows the strength of ancient 100 clans.

Although at the time of resisting the invasion of demon clan, their ethnicity took a heavy hit, but after passing ten thousand years of recuperation, some of their ethnicity had already recovered. Such as, Elf clan, depending on Tree of Life and Spring of Life, their strength had already completely recovered to the point which was not inferior to their former strength. Death clan of Void, Heaven sword clan of White tiger, all of these clans were well known clan among ancient 100 clans.

But even after having done all this, Ren Tianyou didn’t immediately return to Flame Phoenix Villa, rather kept on standing inside the room of Xing Lu, while looking over to the direction of the palace of Elf Queen. Thought for a bit, then along with the spiral shaped space ripple created from the kamui of right eye, he disappeared from inside the room, leaving behind lying on the bed sleeping Elf Princess.


Inside the palace of Elf Queen, Elf Queen and 4 elders were still sitting there and were discussing about the matter of Ren Tianyou stealing Spring of Life this evening. They were also pondering over the identity of Ren Tianyou. They had also already transmitted orders to go and make the elves in the human world to gather information regarding Ren Tianyou and quickly send it back. So, all of them were here waiting for the news from the people under them.

Just at that time, a knocking sound came through the closed palace door, and a charming female voice sounded from outside, “Your Majesty the Queen, Kaliyi requests for an audience.”

“Enter.” Hearing this voice, a smile simultaneously appeared on the face of Elf Queen and 4 elders, then Elf Queen spoke towards outside the door, letting her enter.

This Kaliyi was the person they were waiting for all this time, because Kaliyi was the leader of their Elf clan’s outside world intelligence corps. They had requested Kaliyi to go to outside world to gather the information on the identity of Ren Tianyou.

After Elf Queen gave the permission, the closed palace door slowly opened, and one female elf with long black hair wearing black dress walked inside. Compared to Elf Queen and Xing Lu, these female elves’ pure and fresh sensation, this female elf’s body had unusual evil aura.

This female was dark elf, and unlike nature elf, they were proficient in dark system magic.

“Kaliyi, how was it, any information on the matter I asked you?” Seeing Kaliyi entering, Elf Queen slowly asked, and her beautiful eyes were flashing with a look of hope.

“Reporting back to Queen, already have the information.” Walking over, Kaliyi lightly bowed, then stood up and directly opened her mouth.

“Then quickly speak.” Hearing Kaliyi, Elf Queen hastily signaled her to quickly speak.

“Yes.” Kaliyi answered, then sorting out her thinking, she slowly opened her mouth and began to state all the information she got on Ren Tianyou. “The person sneaked into our Elf Source today is the leader of Akatsuki organization, code name Zero.”

“There is not any previous information on this Akatsuki organization in the whole continent, exactly as if it appeared out of thin air, extremely mysterious. Their first appearance was just half-a-month ago in Ailer Empier’s Ximen clan, on the big wedding day of eldest son of Ximen clan Ximen Feng and eldest daughter of Wang clan Wang Yuxin.”

“On that day, the eldest son of Ximen clan Ximen Feng was joyfully preparing to get married with his lovely and beautiful bride, but no one would have thought that, this day would thoroughly change the history of Ximen clan. A wedding ceremony changed into funeral, joyous wedding scene changed into hell on the earth.”

“That day, the leader of Akatsuki organization Zero suddenly appeared in the wedding site in the most unexpected way i.e. by using space magic, then directly took away Wang Yuxin the bride of this wedding.”

“And through their conversation, everyone also clearly understood that the original name of this leader of Akatsuki organization Zero was Ximen Tianlong, unexpectedly turned out to be the illegitimate child of the clan leader Ximen Batian. But because he had no talent in cultivation, he didn’t get any care of Ximen Batian, and was finally driven out from Ximen clan. And after that the eldest son of Ximen clan Ximen Feng sent assassin to kill him, and was supposed to be killed.”

“But contrary to the expectation of Ximen Feng, Ximen Tianlong i.e. Zero unexpectedly didn’t die, moreover in less than 3 years of time, don’t know what fortune he encountered, his strength unexpectedly soared rapidly. According to him he awakened his blood lineage power called Sharingan, furthermore obtained mysterious space power.”

“And after taking away Wang Yuxin, Zero immediately laid out exceedingly powerful defense barrier which covered the whole Soaring Dragon mountain villa, trapping everyone of Ximen clan inside. Next the people of Akatsuki organization formally intrude Ximen clan. Akatsuki organization actually had merely 4 members, but each one of them were extremely powerful. All of them wore black robe with red clouds imprinted on it and bamboo hat with wind-bells which was same as the clothing worn by that Zero who had intrude our Elf Source today. And they directly began slaughtering inside Soaring Dragon mountain villa.”

“Basically all the people left inside the Soaring Dragon mountain villa were no match against the member of Akatsuki organization. Several Deity ranked experts of Ximen clan died in the hand of Zero. At the last moment, Ximen clan’s God domain experts Ximen Wuyan and two other hurried over to scene. And the 5 God domain experts of Dragon clan also arrived there. At that time, everyone thought the people of Akatsuki organization will not be able to escape even if given wings.”

“But the unexpected thing was, Zero directly summoned extremely powerful two giant magical beasts. No one have ever seen those two type of magical beasts, just like Zero and his Akatsuki organization was full of mystery. But their strength however was super powerful. One of that magical beast released a unique skill, and that single skill completely destroyed the whole mountain where Soaring Dragon mountain villa was located leaving behind merely several kilometer big crater. And everyone in the Soaring Dragon mountain villa including those dragon clan’s experts, with the exception of already ran away Ximen Batian, changed into dust.”

Hearing Kaliyi, disbelief expression appeared on the face of Elf Queen and others. No one among them had ever thought that the person who had intrude their Elf Source today was actually this ferocious. But just at this time, a sound reverberated throughout the room which made the fine hairs on everyone’s body stood up.

“Hehe, never thought that you actually find out this much information on me and my organization in this short period of time. Pretty good intelligence.” At that moment, a male voice suddenly reverberated inside the hall.

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  1. I wonder if he came there just because he wanted to recreate the way Tobi intruded on the meeting of the Five Kages. Also, I wonder if he might offer some of the Spring of Life back in exchange for making peace with the Elf Clan (after all, the reason he wanted so many in the first place was because he wanted to extend his own life which is now infinite so he doesn’t need as many). Maybe he’ll say something like “I’ll hand you back all except the 10 I asked for in the first place if you are willing to consider this whole affair as settled”

  2. …If you have a naruto-system….there is one thing that you can’t prevent from happening…and that is to be a bad-ass!!!

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