In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 199

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In a different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 199: Mokuton (Wood style)

Mokuton (Wood style)

Under the urge of Ren Tianyou, the chakra inside his body unceasingly flowed and gathered on his right hand. And a hint of light blue colored chakra radiance covered that Forever Green on his right hand.

Suddenly, this Forever Green which was just like a half-twig abruptly glimmered with large amount of green colored radiances, and slowly soften, changing into a dark green colored liquid which slowly seeped into his body from the center of his right hand’s palm, then changing into a stream, flowed towards the dantian of Ren Tianyou and gathered there.

The flowing speed of this stream was extremely fast, merely in a split second, it had already entered his dantian, then slowly gathered there, changing into a huge dark green colored spiral brook in his dantian. And a powerful life aura slowly dispersed all around his body from this brook causing Ren Tianyou to feel unspeakable relaxed sensation in his heart, and felt as if he was ascending to heaven and become an immortal.

This feeling continued for more than 10 minutes, only then it slowly disappeared. Slowly opening his eyes, a sharp light flashed from the eyes of Ren Tianyou, then firmly clutching his hands into fists, he began to sense the changes inside his body. Within this extremely short period of more than 10 minutes, huge changes had occurred inside the body of Ren Tianyou.

First of all his body was filled with powerful life-force, although the system had stated that he was powerless to completely refine the life-force of Forever Green for the time being, nevertheless just now after absorbing Forever Green which contained extremely powerful life-force, his body had already thoroughly transformed into body of life. According to Ren Tianyou this body could be said to be a Sage body, but this current Sage body was only a kind of pseudo Sage body, because the strength of this Sage body of Ren Tianyou was extremely weak. He must pass through long time to refine that life-force accumulated in his dantian, only then his Sage body will slowly become powerful and reach 1st hokage’s or even surpass his body of life.

Next was his chakra, under the effect of Forever Green his chakra was further enhanced. Beginning from getting poisoned by 7 rings twisted silver snake at Good weeping region, and finally using Purple gauze sky magnificent flower to get rid of it, and furthermore managing to enter kage level in strength, but those were also nothing, and his strength was not stable yet.

But now under the effect of this Forever Green, Ren Tianyou thoroughly stabilized his kage level strength. And the amount of his chakra was also increased by additional 1/4th, greatly increasing his strength.

Then there was mokuton too, yes, after absorbing this Forever Green, system also told Ren Tianyou that now he was already able to use mokuton, merely, the power of mokuton was not so powerful. This was because of his chakra and also his Sage body was too weak.

Finally because he possess Sage body, now he could also train the Sage mode. According to his own estimation, his sage mode would also probably resemble Naruto, Orochimaru and 1st hokage’s perfect sage mode, no need to summon two sage of Mount Myobokuzan on his shoulder to maintain the equilibrium.

“Learning Sage mode however should wait until I return back and resurrect elder sister Yue’er. Now since I have grasp mokuton, first I should widen my knowledge on why this mokuton is called godly power by the ninjas of Naruto world.” Feeling the power within himself, Ren Tianyou slowly muttered to himself. Many hand seals required for using mokuton were available inside his system, moreover mokuton and other ninjutsu were not alike as the number of hand seals required for using mokuton were extremely low. With the exception of secret technique of Senju Hasirama which required many hand seals, other mokuton ninjutsu were simple, Ren Tianyou could easily use with his current strength.

“Snake-Rat-Dog-Tiger!” Ren Tianyou made a series of hand seals very quickly, and in less than a second, he complete required hand seals of ninjutsu, then loudly yelled, “Mokuton—-Mokujoheki!”

Along with the his voice, suddenly the ground in front of him split open, and huge wooden rampart appeared in front of him. It was densely covered with thistles and thorns, so not only was it capable of defending, these thistles and thorns were capable of stabbing plus withstanding the physical attack of enemy.

“I really can!” Seeing the appearance of wooden rampart in front of him, Ren Tianyou excitedly exclaimed. Regardless of what system said, before he really use it, it was basically impossible for him to feel at ease, so seeing that he could really use mokuton, he was thoroughly relieved.

“Mokuton—-Daijurin no Jutsu! (Wood Style—-Giant Forest Jutsu!)” Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but test out another mokuton ninjutsu. His right hand made a hand seal while his left hand slowly changed into wooden arm, then this wooden arm suddenly split into may wooden branches and rushed towards the front.

Restraining himself, he stopped Daijurin no Jutsu (Giant Forest Jutsu), and his left arm immediately restored back to its original appearance.

“Never thought that coming to Elf clan actually yield me so big harvest, truly a big harvest.” Thinking this accidental harvest, Ren Tianyou couldn’t help but grinned. The effect of this Forever Green was too useful to him.

“Fortunately the people of Elf clan didn’t know that inside Tree of Life they were continuously guarding, there was such extremely important treasure, otherwise my life would certainly be miserable.” Ren Tianyou thought for a bit and couldn’t help but shook his head. This time he had stolen more than 40 bottles of Spring of Life from Elf clan, although this caused them to lose their face, nevertheless when all is said and done he hadn’t kill or wounded any of their clansmen, also hadn’t caused any destruction, so they would only sent some people for chase to kill him nothing more, as for real powerful experts, they were unlikely to move easily.

And now although he had taken away Forever Green, nevertheless they also didn’t know the existence of this treasure, and this would not cause any effect to Tree of Life. Because Forever Green was merely a treasure form by the congelation of Tree of Life’s surplus life-force, so even after taking it away, Tree of Life merely needs to spend 100 million or more years to condense another one again nothing more.

“Now I should go away, after all this is also the territory of Elf clan, I shouldn’t stay here for a long time.” After testing his mokuton, Ren Tianyou stood up, and thought. After that along with the appearance of spiral shaped space ripple from his right eye, Ren Tianyou disappeared from this space. And hint of light green colored Mist of Life began to gather at the place from where Forever Green was taken away.

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  1. Loved the new look of the website. I hope I could get a night mode tho…this is too bright for my eyes. Thanks 4 d Chapter~^^

    1. I use “blank my monitor” on my PC and UC browser’s inbuilt background color schemes, in case you need a change.

  2. I am very afraid that this action of Ren will cause unknown repercussions to elf. Even when he said he didn’t want to affect badly the elf tribe but who knows what side effects that might occur when that treasure were taken. That last line totally make me relief. Nice chapter. Thanks for translation.

  3. And its already starting to begin again. Nice stuff. I like that his action won’t destroy them or anything. Elves you know? 😛

  4. Mc is idiot. Cant even try a new technique? Create a new skill? Those skill he already got, dont know how to use othwr way?
    Mc only know how to copy others. Dont know how to learn a new way to use the power. Thats why system try to get him exchange for system point. Truly worthless. Waste.

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