In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 06.1

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 06.1: Actual Combat

Thus Ren Tianyou, just like this began to make great effort on practicing ninjutsu. His Ninjutsu System contained all the ninjutsu that had appeared in Naruto world, including even forbidden and secret arts.

Although his current strength was not that strong, nevertheless he still had practiced ninjutsu a lot. At present, his main focus was to practice 5 element style ninjutsu and taijutsu to increase his strength. As for illusion, he decided to learn it after his Sharingan was upgraded to three tomoe level.

Sharingan offered high additional bonus with regarding to illusions. And three tomoe level gave ability to see through most of the illusions too, but one tomoe level sharingan merely boosted a bit of strength of user nothing more. And after awakening Mangekyo Sharingan, at that time even time and space in itself could be controlled. With Mangekyo Sharingan, he only needed to activate his Mangekyo Sharingan, then the other people would unknowingly fall into his Mangekyo Sharingan’ illusions.

Especially Tsukuyomi of Mangekyo Sharingan, this illusion would trap his opponents inside the world he controlled. There the opponents were tortured, and the sensation of pain were not any different from the pain in real world. And the time inside Tsukuyomi world was also different. Three days of time was less than a second in real world. However this ability took heavy troll in the eyes and leads them to become blind if used frequently.

At that time, when he saw this ability, he had doubted that, wasn’t this ability invincible? But he finally realized that, this ability could be resisted by the person having Mangekyo Sharingan or Rinnegan. Except those individuals, others would lose instantly.

At that time, when Sasuke was trying to take revenge against Itachi, if Itachi was not seriously ill and beyond cure, and furthermore didn’t wanted to die from Sasuke’s hand instead wanted to kill Sasuke, then Sasuke would have already died from his hands. What’s more, at that time Sasuke was still talking big by saying, his eyes could already see through all illusions.

When Mangekyo Sharingan became Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, the anonymous change will occur in the eyes. This change remove the curse of becoming blind and also vastly increase the power of eyes. Even nine tailed-beast who was one of the supreme tailed beast could be easily tamed using this eye.

So he didn’t want to waste his time learning low level illusions. It was not too late to wait until his Sharingan truly grew up to learn illusion techniques.


After two months within the Magical Beasts’ Forest, an agile figure was fighting against a giant wolf magical beast.

If you look carefully at this figure of a young man, you could see his angular face, and could also faintly see that there was a hint of childishness, so could be estimate that this youth was not that old in age. And the color of the eyes of this youth was blood-red in color, and within the pupil of his eyes, each had two tomoe.

And the giant wolf he was fighting was class four magical beast.

Wind Wolf King: Class 4, high level wind attributed magical beast, can use some elementary wind spells, fast as lightning, and had innate magic ‘Wind Blade Dance’. It was one of the toughest magical beast among the class four magical beasts.

This youth was Ren Tianyou, these days he had already started to learn some simple jutsu to protect his life. But after starting to practice several jutsu, he found out that his chakra control was too low. Every time he used jutsu, he would use a large amount of chakra. This not only wasted the learning time but also wasted great amount of chakra with each use.

After realizing his problem, he decisively stopped training ninjutsu and begin to train his chakra control.

Control, that’s right chakra control. The movement of chakra within the body by using hand seals according to required order to release the jutsu, was a type of chakra control.

So if you want to become a qualified ninja then only having chakra was not enough, chakra control was also equally important.

And actually the most appropriate time to practice chakra controlling was at the moment when they are junior ninja (genin), because at this time, the chakra amount would not be too high or not too low. If you waited until you became intermediate ninja (chunin) or senior ninja (jounin), then the amount of chakra would be too high, and the difficulty level in controlling this amount of chakra will be several times higher in comparison.

In Naruto World, the methods to train chakra controlling was to climb up a tree without using hands and other was to walk on the surface of water. Ren Tianyou started with the basic method to practice chakra control i.e. ‘climbing up a tree without using hands’.

After thinking the training method and objective, he started to take action and arrived in front of a huge tree.

Honestly speaking, this other world was quite convenient, as compared to the trees of Earth, all the trees were exceedingly huge and sturdy here.

“Let’s try!” He looked at the tree, removed all the distracting thoughts and started to focus his chakra on his foot. And slowly set his foot on the tree which was in front of him.

He broke the most basic law ‘gravitational force’ and started to walk on the surface of that huge tree trunk.

“Concentrate your mind, control the amount of chakra, not too much, not too less…….” He was repetitively warning himself within his heart, while carefully walking upwards the tree.

But the increasing nervousness caused him to make mistake. After he had taken several steps, he couldn’t control his chakra perfectly and the amount of chakra he was supplying on his foot become a little bit less causing him to fall straight to the ground.


He fell heavily on the ground, but fortunately, after a period of cultivation, now his body was much stronger than before, otherwise he would have become half-dead by this fall. But even so, he saw multiple stars as well as it was extremely pain.

He stood up and rubbed the painful part of his body due to fall. After that, he strengthen his vision and continued to climb up once again. If you cannot suffer even a little bit of pain then how can one improve one’s strength and find a way back home?

Just like this, he fell down again and again, but he got up and continue to climb the tree again and again.

After half a day, the waves of arrogant laughter came from the top of the tree.

Ha ha, I, your father finally mastered climbing the trees ah………ahaiyo, I’m falling to death.”

Extreme joy turned into sorrow, as he again fell off from the tree straight to the ground.



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  1. This is only half of the chapter as this chapter is twice longer than previous chapters.
    Other half will be posted after while chapter is edited.

  2. Haha takes heavy troll! Is it not gives heavy toll to the eyes? Sorry for bad english! Thanks for the chapter!

  3. He keeps on saying I, your father lol.

    Reading this, reminds me of the old times when Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura trained with Kakashi…

    1. Back before she was kick-ass and a little before she was totally useless. She was once better than Naruto AND Sasuke at something.

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