In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 10

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In a Different World With the Naruto System, Chapter 10: Leaving Magical Beasts Forest.

The next morning, he woke up quite early, finish washing, and began to organize all his things. Actually there was nothing, as all the magical beasts’ core he gotten from killing magical beasts for two years, were kept within storage scroll, and then he had placed that scroll in his ninja backpack.

As for this ninja backpack, it was even more mystical, obviously it was only palm size backpack, but was capable to hold several shuriken, kunai, scrolls and so on things. Its effect was actually quite similar to the effect of those space ring from the memory of Ximan Tianlong. It was just that the storage space of most of those space ring was far larger than his own ninja backpack. He must get one of those.

After arranging everything, he was ready to leave Magical Beasts’ Forest, this would be his first official tour of Divine Wind Continent.

But after he had travelled for half a day, he was starting to become little dumbfounded as he found himself lost. He had only seen trees and even more trees in his journey. He didn’t even saw a shadow of a person.

“F**k, it’s so pathetic like this.”

He looked at several trees that he had never seen before, as the corner of his mouth twitched for a few times, and he yelled with grief and indignation facing the sky. On the Earth, he was a person with no sense of direction, he didn’t expect this defect was also brought into this world. Although he had memory of Ximen Tianlong, but this fellow was always at the capital city ‘Kaluo’er’ of Ailer Empire, and never been to outside world. After he was expelled from the Ximen clan and ran all the way here, before he could change his life, the assassins who were sent by his elder brother had killed him.

“F**k, didn’t find the path on the ground, now I, your father, will travel through the sky.” He gloomily crushed and took out a scroll and quickly draw the picture of an eagle and quickly formed the hand seal.

“Ninja Art—Super Beast Scroll.” After completing his jutsu, at once black colored eagle fly out from the scroll. He immediately jumped on its back, command the eagle to fly in the sky and flew away.

The sight he saw when he flew in the sky almost caused him to fall from the back of eagle. He could only see vast expanse of trees, even to the extent that even his Mangekyo Sharingan’s couldn’t see the end of this sea of trees.

“Didn’t I learn that I was at the outer periphery of this Magical Beasts’ Forest from the memory of the former owner of this body? Now I look at this, it doesn’t resemble the outer periphery but seems inner part of Magical Beasts’ Forest. Don’t tell me that………….”

Suddenly he came up with a possibility, at once black lines appeared in his face and his lips unconsciously twitched. If the memory of this body was not wrong then, just before, he had gone opposite direction, not only he didn’t leave the forest, but on the contrary he had entered the inner part of the Magical Beasts’ Forest.

After understanding this, at once he commanded the ink eagle to fly towards the direction from where he had come. The ink eagle quickly flew towards the direction which Ren Tianyou had commanded. After flying about 3 hours, he suddenly felt that the trees beneath him were becoming scarce, and trees were also not sturdy and tall like before.

“Haha, finally I’m leaving this damn place.” Seeing the changes, he happily laughed in the sky. He had spent more than two years in the forest without contacting another human, and living his life almost like a primitive savage. If it weren’t for his goals, he wouldn’t have enough willpower to stay in Magical Beasts’ Forest for such a long time.

He remove his Super Beast Scroll, immediately the eagle which was under him and flying in the sky him turned into ink. His body made a beautiful arc in the sky and accurately landed on the trunk of the tree.

He started to quickly run towards the outside of Magical Beasts’ Forest from one branch of one tree to another branch of another tree. If he had blatantly came out from the Magical Beasts’ Forest while riding the beast from Super Beast scroll, then he would had definitely become the center of attention. And he didn’t want to stand out, as from the Earth, he knew that there was many advantages if he didn’t stand out too much.

Very quickly he saw the other humans, all of them were from single mercenary party. There is no lack of party, and there was also plenty of solo mercenary. They all came to Magical Beasts’ Forest to obtain magical beasts’ core. Everyday many of mercenaries are forever buried inside Magical Beasts’ Forest. Also countless peoples have come here because they could earn their livelihood by hunting these magical beasts and also they dream to earn fortune here to live without any trouble for rest of their life. All these peoples have their life on the edge of the knife.

Before long these mercenaries discovered this youth with strange clothing, this youth with strange clothing gave a kind of special charm to other people, but after they looked at this youth carefully, they found out that this youth’s strength was only at Intermediate Fighter, at once disdain look appeared in their face. At their eyes, this youth was some youngster of noble family who do not understands anything, and wanted to enter Magical Beasts’ Forest for experience and training, but after entering it, discovered the cruelty of Magical Beasts’ Forest and returned back. As a result these mercenaries ignored him.

While on the other hand, Ren Tianyou suddenly wanted to look up to the heaven and roar one time to vent off his excitement in his heart, after seeing another human after a long time. Fortunately he suppressed this impulse, or else these peoples would have treated him as madman. After he discovered ridicule looks on these peoples’ expression, he understand the ideas of these people and started thinking for a moment.

“Well, it seems my plan to disguise as a pig to eat tiger is pretty good. All of these people haven’t notice my chakra.”

He touched his nose and thought. He didn’t cultivate Battle Qi so this was the result. He had formulated a great plan to disguise himself as a pig to eat the tiger when he travel through Divine Wind Continent. These people only saw him as an Intermediate Fighter at first sight and become careless, but when they fight with him, they will discover that he is not weak and small rabbit, rather a powerful man-eating tiger.

He didn’t think what they were thinking, and still continued to quickly run towards the outside of Magical Beasts’ Forest. As he was too excited, he unconsciously ran at his full speed.

The current speed of Ren Tianyou was excessively fast. Even though he had not use his chakra, that speed was not the speed ordinary person could catch up, basically on the Earth, this speed could match the speed of BMW. In a blink of an eye he disappeared from the eyes of these mercenaries, leaving only dust.

Um, boss, is this the speed of Intermediate Fighter?” The mercenary standing next to boss could only stare in awe and asked stutteringly to boss.

The speed of Ren Tianyou had also scared the boss. Damn it! From when did the speed of Intermediate Fighter became faster than I, your father, Great Swordsman. His world view till now completely collapsed. And hearing the question of his subordinate, he also stutteringly and uncertainty answered.

“This, possible, probably.”

After listening to his boss, he suddenly looked at his boss with disdain. This is Intermediate Fighter! And this Intermediate Fighter is faster than you who is Great Swordsman in terms of speed.

Seeing the disdain looks in that subordinate’s eyes, the face color of the boss suddenly changed with shame and humiliation, and towards subordinate he yelled, “F**k, what’s with the look in your eyes? Whether you believe or not I will confiscate your commission of this month.”

“Don’t ah, boss, I was wrong. Don’t do this to me. I’ve 80 years old mother, have………..”After hearing the words of his boss, the subordinate’s face instantly collapsed and started to cry towards his boss.


Ren Tianyou didn’t know what had happened after he left, currently he was still running towards outside of forest, and finally he no longer saw the trees and a path appeared before his eyes.

“Haha, finally I, your father came out. All the beautiful ladies out in this world, wait for me to come to you.”

He roared, it startled countless birds and beasts, and a person figure disappeared from this path.

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  1. i have a feeling that he is going to go full retard mode next chapter from not being able to interact with anyone for 2 years lol

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    1. most people wanted english one. So for first time I use both japanese and english, and after that I’ll use english, so all of you could understand.

      1. in my case i would understand it better with the japanase name, i know that’s weeaboo-like of me, but when i read “super beast scroll”, i was like “what hell is that?”, and it took me a few seconds to realize xD

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    1. he thought he was in the edge of the forest, but slowly over time he went deeper and deeper where no regular mercenaries go, but yeah a few saint level people (if given a mission) would pass through the inner forest regions.

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