In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 05

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Editor: Starfyre7

In a Different World with the Naruto System, Chapter 05: Fire Style—-Flame Bullet (Katon—Endan)


Time passed slowly when he was in the middle of cultivating, and the amount of his chakra also increased slowly. And he was also getting more and more familiar in making hand seals.


After a month, in the morning, next to the stream, he was making the hand seal rapidly. It was so fast that his hands were already becoming a bit blurred.


“Ram—Serpent—Tiger, Clone Jutsu (Bunshin no Jutsu).” A second later, ‘peng’ he was surrounded by white colored smoke. Then there appeared another figure who looked same as him. But if you looked at it carefully you would find that that figure was a bit unreal, seemed to disappear at any time.


After a month of cultivation, finally his chakra capacity had upgraded to next level. And he had also became even more familiar with making hand seals too. Now he could form 3 basic hand seals within a second. Moreover now he had also become far stronger than before. And at this moment, he had planned to begin learning several low level ninjutsu from Ninjutsu System, because of two reason. First, previously on Earth he was hardcore fan of Naruto and always hope to learn and use ninjutsu someday. Now of course, that opportunity had arrived. Second, his strength of Intermediate Fighter was not good enough in the time of danger inside Magical Beasts’ forest. Although his current location was at the outer perimeter of forest, but nobody could guarantee that a high level magical beast wouldn’t get bored in the inner region and decided to take a walk at outside perimeter of forest. If that happened and he encountered that magical beast then……….


So he had decided to learn some of the lifesaving jutsu first, and after completely learning them, he planned to proceed to next cultivation plan. And to start learning ninjutsu, of course, he should start from the three most basic jutsu.


In Naruto world three most basic jutsu were commonly referred to Clone Jutsu (Bunshin no Jutsu) (making a clone of oneself, to puzzle your enemy), Transformation Jutsu ((Henge no Jutsu) (turn yourself into someone or something else, like Sun Wukong of 72 transformation), Body Substitution Jutsu (Narikawari no Jutsu) (when receiving an attack, use things near you and swap the position).


As the matter of fact, before on Earth some people still add Body Flicker Technique (Shunshin no Jutsu) among most basic jutsu category, but Body Flicker Technique (Shunshin no Jutsu) was high-level ninjutsu, only higher level ninja could learn this jutsu. With only this Body Flicker Technique (Shunshin no Jutsu), some high-level ninja had become very famous such as Shunshin no Shisui. But the three most basic ninjutsu can be learnt at ninja academy by any student.


He had just use Clone Jutsu which was one of the most basic ninjutsu. Actually many of the Naruto fan all consider the role of Clone Technique was not that big. But this jutsu not only could be used to confuse enemy but can also be used to talk with another person as well as explore the dangerous regions.


He looked at his another self for a while and tried to touch with his hand but his had passed right through it without any resistance. As he had expected there was no resistance.




He formed hand seal and decided to get rid of clone. After this, he used Transformation Jutsu. Again he was surrounded with white colored smoke and from within a middle aged man who was wearing western clothes from Earth appeared. If even a single individual from Earth saw this man, then they would absolutely cry out in alarm and utter, “Wow, Brother Andy.” And then immediately pull out a pen and paper and run towards him for an autograph.


Correct, he had transformed into a widely known individual on the earth, Heavenly King Andy Lau [Hong Kong Cantopop singer and actor]. He went to the stream and looked at his reflection and said, “Gee, correct, now I, your father (laozi), also can transform like Sun Wukong of 72 transformation.”


Watching the reflection of Andy Lau in the stream, he could not help but click his tongue and nod his head. Only after this he released his transformation and change back to his previous appearance. After this he started to use Body Substitution Jutsu.


Although Body Substitution Jutsu was also one of the three most basic jutsu, but compared to other two, Naruto used it quite frequently as he use this jutsu in his day to day life too.


He quickly made the required hand seal for Body Substitution Jutsu, then the scene before his eyes changed, and he suddenly found himself near the tree some distance away from his original location.


He slowly walked towards his original location, he was quite happy and completely satisfied with this jutsu affect. It was quite worthy to learn and was easy to use daily. Also this jutsu was very useful to flee from powerful magical beast, and greatly increase the chance of survival too.


Even after testing all 3 most basic ninjutsu, there was no consumption of chakra. So, he opened Ninjutsu System planning to learn some of the basic ninjutsu.


He opened Ninjutsu System and found the jutsu he wanted to learn first. After he found what he had searched for, he started to practice to get familiar with hand seals required for this jutsu.


“Serpent—Ram—Monkey—Boar—Horse—Tiger, Fire Style—-Flame Bullet! (Katon—Endan!)


He finished forming hand seal, slightly bent backward, brought his fingers near his mouth and slowly bowled a fire ball. [Flame Bullet and Grand fireball Jutsu is different, Flame Bullet is weaker version of Grand Fireball Jutsu]


The fireball, uh, how to you say it, it was just a small ball of flame. He looked at his small fireball and immediately the corner of his mouth twitch and a black lines appeared on his face. His jutsu was just like the jutsu used by kid Sasuke when he was learning for the first time.


He felt powerless, now he was forced to make great effort to practice, so that he could perfect this jutsu.


Thus he started to put great effort in practicing this jutsu. In the beginning of his practice he always spat out a small fire only. But along with his practice, he slowly started to grasp the chakra output, which cause his jutsu to slowly take a shape.



Grand Fireball Jutsu! He quickly made the required hand seals, and spat out a huge fireball. ‘Hong! It knock down a huge tree and that tree instantly burned down.


“Whew, finally I can use this ninjutsu. I, your father’s throat almost spat out smoke, *cough* *cough* this won’t do, water.” Along with the completion of this ninjutsu, he was relieved a little, but what followed after was a sudden surge of pain from his dry throat. He immediately ran to the stream, bend over and drank a big mouthful of water one after another. Practicing this jutsu from the morning till now almost caused him to spat smoke.


“Well, that’s all for practicing this jutsu, what’s more I have more or less already mastered this jutsu. But before doing anything else, first I need to fill my stomach. My stomach is already protesting.”


He ran toward his temporary kennel, *cough* *cough* not kennel but should be his shelter. In fact, it was just a hole in the tree. He had already kept the meat of Lightning Cats here. So he just started a flame and started to roast the meat.


Since the tine he last tasted the delicious meat of Lightning Cat, he started liking this magical beast. So he started to insanely hunt this Lightning Cat around his surroundings. All the Lightning Cats who appeared in his sights were all caught by him as their speed was joke in front of his Sharingan. Of course all those Lightning Cats entered his stomach and also help him to gain system points.


Now he had accumulated 680 system points all together. Upgrading his Sharingan was still far away. Main reason for this low amount of system points was because the low class magical beasts gave only small amount of system points. And he had no way to hunt high level magical beast, so he could accumulate system points slowly.


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  1. tried to touch it with his hand but his had passed right

    his right hand.

    Thanks for the chapter! So hilarious xD

  2. Shunshin’s D-rank. It’s not for academy students, but it’s certainly not high level. The fact that certain ninja can use it to become famous isn’t on the technique, but on the users in question. Considering the person who used it to become famous was an Uchiha with a fully matured Sharingan, and that his skills in genjutsu were so dominant that he was perhaps the best at hypnotizing people even without a Mangekyo, even the reason he could use the technique to such an extent is readily apparent.

    Amazing how annoying fanon is even prevalent in relatively original works. I’m half-way expecting stealth master Naruto who is actually a super genius pretending to be an idiot.

    Still, the story concept is funny enough for me to keep going on with it.

  3. Is he a child I hope he isn’t going to go around calling out his moves its irritating and incredibly pointless its only useful for kids when they fight

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