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Hello everyone

I feel just like it was yesterday I started translating “In a Different World with the Naruto System” but here I am writing afterwords after I complete translating all chapters.

It was not a long ride, but with the support of everyone, I was able to complete the translation. Without you, readers, I think it would have been impossible for me to complete this journey by myself. So I want to especially thank all of you readers for supporting me. As well as I also want to thank  editors that have joined and parted midway. And also “madsnail (from wuxianation)” I want to thank him for his help even though I transfer to his site in the later stage.

Actually I am not much of a communicative person, so I don’t really know how to express my feelings right now. I have been thinking for this moment for a long time, but I still am not able to properly describe my feelings. But one thing I can say for sure is I am feeling very grateful to you all.

Now that IDWWNS is finished, I will be focusing on another novel I am translating as a side project, it is called Storm in the Wilderness (Man Huang Feng Bao) after I take a break next three days. I hope all of you will still support me.

Once again Thank You everyone.

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    1. I don’t even know where to start. It’s like the author suddenly had diarrhea and skip whole 9/10 of the novel..

  1. Thank you for your hard work so far!!

    That quite rushed though. lol
    Either way, that was an enjoyable story.
    Looking forward to your next translated novel.

  2. i wonder if there is a sequel from the original author or if they are planning a sequel… would make sense since naruto was originally divided into 2 series with the 3rd being the next generation… with a sequel it would mean that the ending wasnt rushed but planned, but im not sure where to go to check.

      1. Si, solo vi un poco de esa nueva historia, pero efectivamente aparece RTY y le pasa su legado a un nuevo protagonista, pero no explica demasiado acerca de sus circunstancias de cuando regreso a su mundo.

  3. Amazing work, Thank you for your hard work <3 Looking forward to the next novel you are going to translate 🙂

  4. Thanks for translating everything this is one of my most favorite novel that I have read in along while.
    I thank you for not dropping it .
    I wish you well on your new project

  5. Can someone create a fanfiction of what comes next…. otherwise, i dont mind making it a fanfic that continues the story myself……though the style would definitely change in the way its typed, and sadly, there will be no ” and ren tian you’s ‘THAT’ (whatever comes afterwards).

    Though it is funny…..anyways, if i do make one, ill inform everyone…….and thats a big IF…..

    Thnx for the series😁

  6. Ahhhhhhh, I want to know what happened after the story ends.

    I assume he kept all his Powers and Since he absorbed forever green hes basically got eternal life. And hows he gonna handle Seeing his family again, His origional body is dead right. i guess he can resurrect it, but everyone on earth is normal and cant cultivate so other than helping the Girls he took with him reach The highest boundry In cultivation for eternal Life how’ll he deal with his OG family… So many Questions.

  7. I really enjoy this novel, hands down to you…hope more novels to come from you…aja!

  8. A pretty good novel! Thanks so much for the translations!! It felt wonderful to read the completely translated novel from beginning to end in a couple days!

  9. I may have come… really really late, but I still support this story! I hope you continue it in a different novel. I will most definitely be checking out your other books too.

  10. hello I have read the whole book u did a great job I do wish for a more chapter but dose not seem like it

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