Immortal Ascension Tower

Author: theonionjunktion


After hundreds of years, candidates to the legendary Title of Twin stars finally appear in the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect. However, few people can tell wether they will bring luck, misfortune or even catastrophe, as the clash between two hidden powers slowly unveils for the world to see…

A thousand years ago, a man at the peak of existence, the Evil Saint, along with his companions challenged the might of the Nine Heavens of Tian and fought the Tyrant of the Heavens, Lord Tian himself!

After the Evil Saint died in battle, his companions dispersed throughout the countless planes of existence and laid low, licking their wounds and not daring to openly challenge the heavens again… Now, a full thousand years later, there are once again signs that something big will happen!

Mortal, Ageless and Immortal. Three Realms of cultivation, a total of fifteen Stages. Many walk on the path of martial cultivation but few reach its end.
A boy eight years old holds knowledge that many seek but none can obtain. Who is he really? What is his connection with the Evil Saint?

Who and WHAT is the Mountain?

*** Disclaimer ***

Immortal Ascension Tower is an ORIGINAL Xuanhuan(Eastern Fantasy Novel).
Epic Cover by Francis Blake/NeonBeat, feel free to check his profile out on DeviantArt! (
Although I own the story I do NOT own the pictures or media that I used (or am going to use) unless specified. Also, I’m not an English native speaker so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I might make while writing this story.

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