Immortal Ape King – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Archery Training

Although, he was already mentally prepared. Yuan Hong was still extremely frightened. Who would have thought, that seemingly ordinary arrows could possess a terrifying power like this. With his past experience in the earth, every day he would always open his computer to search various informations. Watching a few military drill of each country. Right now, Yuan Meng four arrow could already compare to a small-sized cannon.

Such unparalleled speed, that could shake one heart. Even the four big stones weighing several hundred jin, were turned into a fine powder in just a blink of an eye. With such speed that was hard to evade, you can only wait for your fate. Being powerful was not enough, if you don’t have any particular means, it only means one thing, death!

A person whose exceptionally exceed in the dao of archery was also a terrifying existence. Putting in the same rank with those powerful cultivators.

Yuan Meng suddenly laughed when he saw Yuan Hong horrified expression.

Yuan Meng smiled and said. “What’s the matter? Was your Uncle archery satisfied you?”

“This arrow caused one mind to be cold. A speed that was very hard to detect. One arrow could decide a person life. Containing unpredictable power!” Yuan Hong was stunned on what Yuan Meng said.

“What do you think? This ability of mine was only insignificant compared to those powerful people above me. There are many people who excel in the art of archery. In ancient times, the dao of archery was immeasurable. One arrow could fly out beyond the highest heavens, soaring to the sky. Even stars had been shot down. They said in ancient times when 10 suns rose from the Earth and scorched the fields, turning the world into a wasteland, Houyi shot down 9 of the 10 suns, leaving the last one alive. That gives the heaven and earth to be overshadowed.

“No one could deny Houyi ability. A formidable archery that could topple everything. You will encounter different problems when walking in the dao of archery. In ancient times, martial arts was still prosperous. The dao of archery was one of those arts that admired by everyone. Unfortunately, as the time passes the art of archery continued to decline. Even the cultivation regarding the dao of archery was lost. In this era, there are only a few people who excel in archery.” Yuan Meng recalled the prosperity of the ancient times. Formidable Archer emerged in that era. He could only reveal an envy expression.

“Uncle Yuan Meng had an extraordinary strength. Using an ordinary arrow could turn a several hundred jin stone into a fine powder. Such strength could not explain by simple words. That was a truly powerful archer. What kind of realm is that?” Yuan Hong could only give an emotional sigh.

“This was only a tip of an iceberg and nothing more. If I applied my true qi while using my full strength to draw the bowstring, that several hundred jin stones would turn into nothing. One arrow could reach a few miles away in a blink of an eye. It could even penetrate a mountain in the distance. You need a proper knowledge in this field if you want to reach this kind of state. Reaching the spiritual root stage was also a must, it could transform you into a new level.”

“Let’s not talk about unnecessary things. Since your father assigned me to be your trainer in archery. Although I don’t know his reason but be at ease, I will not let you down. We would start with the posture first.” Yuan Meng fixed himself then put away his red phyton bow, and exchanged it with a fairly ordinary bow.

“One must trained the foundation of archery. There are five types of posture you need to know. These five are, standing, squatting while shooting, leaping, turning around, and running while shooting. These five types of posture have their own different foundation. Every type of posture must thoroughly tempered. Summing up their essence that was capable of building a strong physique and tempering all of your muscles. Training in archery was the best choice if you want to control your strength.” Yuan Meng explained basic knowledge about archery foundation to Yuan Hong.

“You will learn archery from me, and this was further divided into two stages. The first was the foundation stage. As I said there are five types of posture. To be able to see the arrow, being ferocious, and shooting with unfailing accuracy was the first stage. In this time, you must put yourself through the mill.(1)
To carry out the next stage of cultivation.”

“While the second phase was a very mysterious stage. It was known as a heart of an arrow stage. Once you reached this stage it would be mean that you already attained the dacheng realm. The knowledge in the dao of archery was very mysterious and profound. It would not be limited in just posture but also the heart. Sometimes, our eyes could deceive us. Having an ability to see the speed of an arrow could not be compared to the heart of an arrow stage. The heart had immeasurable possibilities. A very crucial moment, one mistake and you could die.”

Yuan Hong listened uninterruptedly then nod his head.

“Right now, I already reached the heart of an arrow stage. I can teach you different things about archery. But for reaching the heart of an arrow stage, you can only rely on yourself.”

The heart of an arrow was a very mysterious concept. It can’t be learned by just words. So Yuan Meng could only teach the basic archery skill to the highest, at the same time give an opportunity to be enlightened.
Otherwise, confusion would occur.

Yuan Meng began to guide Yuan Hong about the five posture. Starting with the standing posture. Correcting all of Yuan Hong mistakes. Even a trace of error would not slip by.

“Straighten your waist, set your feet firmly in that place.”

“Maintain the coordination of your leg and upper body. What a sluggish movement. Move faster! You called this practice?”

“Control your breathing, feel the changes of your muscles in your body. Try to control your strength.”

“… … …”

Big beard Yuan Meng was extremely serious. Although, he watched Yuan Hong from childhood. But as long he saw a mistake, he would always roar loudly.

Stretching his left arm make his whole muscles being tighter. Holding the bow with his left hand while drawing the bowstring with his right hand. His consciousness reached a high degree of concentration. Perceiving every changes in his muscles.

This kind of feeling was clearly different from practicing the Demon Ape Great Fist. Practicing his boxing skills could change his muscles and bones. Followed by unimaginable pain. Repairing his injuries by operating his true qi. Every time he finished this practice set he will become much stronger. But drawing the bowstring had another kind of feeling. He must not move even the slightest. He was still calmed in the beginning. But as the time passed, he felt the heat in every part of his muscles.

Constantly maintaining this posture was a very tiring thing. The strength of his body was being depleted every second. Like a machine equipped with a battery. Bit by bit, consuming electricity every time there’s an operation.

At the moment, Yuan Hong felt that he was a machine.

After an hour, Yuan Hong face was already pale. His body was trembling while soaked with sweat. An endless soreness on his arms.

Yuan Hong felt that the time was very long. He was suffering every second. As if his body already reached its limit. He didn’t know if he could stick to it. It seems he would collapse at any moment.

Pain and soreness, while his body and consciousness were already on its limits.

“I must persevere, I must persist in, I must steel myself to breakthrough my limits!

Yuan Hong was aware that once he breakthrough his limit, he would surely transform. Giving him great benefits and advantages.

Time slowed down, Yuan Hong felt numbness all over his body. It seems the time stopped on moving. Arriving at the end of the year, looking at the hazy chaotic world. (2)


Yuan Hong seems to heard a light sound within his body. As if a yoke was opened. An unknown fluid flow from his body. Followed by a cool spring water. All of Yuan Hong cells were shaking in excitement like a dry land. Gobbling, gulping, swallowing and inhaling a section of this spring water.

Yuan shook and suddenly collapsed on the ground. Breathing heavily while lying on the ground. All of his muscles were trembling, followed by a clear stream. Breaking through his limits made him tough and stronger.

Yuan Hong had no idea on what kind of feeling he felt. Seemingly a kind of innate instinct.

The Yuan qi formula was revolving at a high speed. The whirlpool within his sea of qi revolved faster. The yuan qi of heaven and earth gathered around Yuan Hong. Drilling into his body and the whirlpool in his sea of qi. At the same time refining his blue true qi. It kept flowing through his meridians. Completing a big cycle.

The soreness of his body slowly disappeared. Bit by bit, his physical strength start to recover. A lot of changes happened in his muscles after breaking through his limits. Believing to himself that if he practiced constantly, he would slowly have an effective control with his strength.

Yuan Meng corrected Yuan Hong posture. Afterward, walk to the side and sat on a stone table. Watching Yuan Hong practicing alone.

Yuan Meng was incessantly shocked and amazed. He was aware that practicing archery for the first time was very hard. Much more for breaking through the limits and maintaining the posture. He did not expect Yuan Hong to persist for a long time. Recalling Yuan Hong willpower and determination that time. Even to the point of breaking through his limit and reaching a higher level.

Yuan Meng was a Spiritual Root cultivator. He could see Yuan Hong unfathomable depths. (3) Just a quick glance and he already knew all of the changes in Yuan Hong, when practicing archery. That gathering of yuan qi around Yuan Hong.

“It seems Yuan Hong was truly a talented kid. With that kind of willpower, his future would be limitless. I finally understand why Changqing let him practiced with me. Hehe, it seems a genius emerged in our clan.”

Yuan Meng sat on one side. Exposing an excited expression while drinking a tea.

“Such being a case, I must pour out all of my ability. Teaching you all of I know. I would not let down this kind of talent.”

Yuan Meng already made up his mind to enhance his training plan.

At the present time, Yuan Hong was slowly recovering while lying on the ground. Standing up slowly; afterward, went to Yuan Meng direction.

“How do you feel?” Seeing Yuan Hong walking to his direction, Yuan Meng suddenly asked.

“Excessive force and abnormal body pain. Although I’ve recovered some true qi, I still felt an emptiness within my body. Practicing archery was really not an easy thing to do. ” Yuan Hong replied.

“Hehe, you’ve done a good job. Well, seeing your tired self. We will end it here for today. After going home, replenish your blood and eat a lot of food. Your body was empty because of excessive consumption. Just replenish your blood and you will surely recover.” Yuan Meng discussed.


Yuan Hong nodded then turned away. Leaving the place in large strides.


1. tempering one self
2. Chaos according to folklore, the primeval state of the universe
3.Deep and unmeasurable.


I’ve changed a lot of things regarding the past chapters, check it out.

* Elixir to spiritual medicines
*some of this to these (I’ve messed up there)
*Evil Ape to Demon Ape
“Mo” could mean Evil spirit; Devil;Fiend. Sometimes it could also mean as demon depending on the sentence/story. Why changed it as demon tough? demon could also mean Monster. Much more appropriate than Evil/Devil ape.
*Evil Ape Magic Fist to Demon Ape Great Fist
*Evil Ape Out of the Hole to Demon Ape Drill
Out of a hole/produced a hole was changed as drill. Drill means produce(a hole) to make it more understandable and readable.
*Evil Ape Hasten Leap to Demon Ape dash. Dash was a better term than Hasten leap,flee and running.
* , / : to ; (another messed haha)
*Evergreen to Changqing
I left Yuan Hong father name untranslated.
*meaning / true meaning to intent. Yi Quan, “Yi” meaning Intent, (but not intention), “Quan” meaning boxing. It could also mean as mind boxing.
*essence cultivator/ stage to exuvia. I changed it to make it more realistic.
Exuvia means
the cast-off outer skin of an arthropod after a moult. (shedding the mortal body)
*Arrow pig to thorned boar
Where talking on a wild beast so boar was a best choice than pig. It was translated as porcupine/pig. After some consideration it end up with Thorned Boar. By the way if you want to see what a thorned boar look like, checked my patreon page. Don’t worry it’s a public post haha.
*second weight, third weight and so on to 2nd, 3rd 4th, 5th … weight


Note that picture was only a reference.

updated to Gallop into the void; tremble in fear. Any recommendation?


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  1. Yuan Meng smiled and said. “What’s the matter? Was your Uncle archery satisfied you?”
    I think it’s Yuan Meng smiled and said. “What’s the matter? Has your Uncle’s archery satisfied you?”

    Thanks for the Chapter.

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