Immortal Ape King- Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Black Horn Bow

Bow and arrows were necessary weapons for the tribe. When a man reached a specific age they will need to train and draw the bow. A sufficient body was needed when practicing the archery.

In the earth, when the cold weapon rule; bow, and arrows were powerful weapons. In a large battle bow and arrows, we’re a large portion that may decide the victor. Qin Shihuang of the Qin dynasty relied on his powerful archery to dominate the land under the heaven.

Some historians said that the Qin Dynasty arrows are always in the forefront all the time. That even the six-nation can’t match.

Not to mention the appearance of Fiendgods in this world, were archery praised highly for defeating countless supernatural entities.

Yuan Hong pace became bigger, at a very fast speed arriving in front of the village warehouse. All the tribal men choose their weapons in this place, while some forged their own. Gazing from a distance, Yuan Hong could hear the sounds of colliding weapons.

“Dang… Dang… Dang…”

In the weapon warehouse, one could see a large stove. With the black charcoals forming a small mountain inside, which is extremely hard to burn. But once burned, it’s fire was extremely strong. Far away, Yuan Hong could felt the heat blowing away.

In the side of the heating stove was a burly man holding a big hammer. Directly facing the unfinished weapon while beating it nonstop.

This burly man was wearing a black clothing, having a thick and robust figure. With a height of almost two meters and an absolute skin. Having a dark and shiny hair, like a towering figure standing beside the stove.

That big hammer the burly man holding was surely not light. But it seems very light in the hands of this burly man. The fire seethes and the steaming hot scorch. The burly man seems to not perceive this heat. Like a piece of black iron, absorbing the heat around.

Yuan Hong arrived but did not speak immediately, rather quietly standing aside. Looking at the front of this burly figure whose continuously beating the weapons.

“Dang… …”

One could hear a burst of loud sounds from time to time. Watching carefully, Yuan Hong calm his heart while controlling his breath. Found to one surprise that this mix sound had actually possessed a special rhythm. Sometimes slow and sometimes fast, sometimes high and sometimes low. Feeling a beyond description lingering charm that circulates in the heart.

About half of an hour, the black clothing burly man stopped his movements. Seeing the long knife in front of him, the burly figure exposed a satisfied smile. Turning around to also see Yuan Hong who had a smile on his face.

“You little monkey, wasting your precious time and not cultivating. What brings you here?” The burly man laughed while talking to Yuan Hong.

“I’ve heard from my father that Uncle weapons were all outstanding. Within a hundred miles radius, our tribe produced the most outstanding weapons. To the extent that even the other tribes request us to forge a weapon for them.”

Yuan Hong compliment the burly man that cause the latter to laugh heartily.

“Haha Haha, that’s right! When I was young this uncle of yours also travel the vast wasteland. In a lucky coincidence, I found an art of forging weapons. Although it’s an incomplete one, but the benefits it gave to me was boundless. I’ve researched and studied this fragment for almost twenty years. I dare to say that within a thousand li radius there’s no person who can compete with my forging skills.” The more Yuan Hong praised the burly man the more it become happy.

“Father said that I should come to Uncle Black, if I want a good bow. And heed uncle Yuan Meng command to learn archery.” Yuan Hong speaks his purpose.

“Well, my Yuan tribal brothers learned archery to defend the village. On top of this vast wasteland, bow and arrows is an essential weapon. What bow do you want?”

“Please tell me Uncle Black what kinds of bows you have, my knowledge regarding this area was a little bit poor.” Yuan Hong replied respectfully

“I have two kinds of bow here, respectively, corresponding to different classes. The first is the bow focusing in its body where it restores the power. Relying on its flexibility to produce power. This kind is fairly common, it was also easy to manufactured. Although inexpensive, but the power is only so-so. A great majority of low warriors use this. The second kind was a bow with a mild bowstring, relying on its string to store the power. The mild bowstring of this was very common, but the manufacturing process was very troublesome. The power of this was greater than the former.” Yuan Hei Shi pause for a moment then said.

“There are only three types of the second bow I have right now. Each of this was made by different materials.”

“The first type was called the Black Horn Bow. The body of this bow was made from black irons that came from the mountains. With an appearance of an ox horn and a very tough and tensile pulling force. This bow can also withstand a powerful strength. Using the tendons of a rough Ox vicious beast as a bowstring. Combining the two could bear a maximum strength of 5000 jin.
There are only few people in our village who can pull this bow string.”

Yuan Hei Shi conveniently took a big bow, pulling the bowstring that produced buzz sound.

“The second was called Red Python Bow. The body of this bow was completely forged by refined steel, added by some rare gold. Greatly increasing the toughness of the bow. While the bowstring was made from the tendons of a Red Phyton vicious beast. The Red Phyton beast possessed a very tough flesh. It also had an innate talent to cultivate. With a strength that can compete to a cultivator of seven to 9th weight qi. A Red Phyton in the Qi stage was already regarded as a strong vicious beast. This bow could bear a strength of 8000 jin.”

Yuan Hei Shi took out a big dark red bow to display. The body of the bow was filled with a decorative pattern of a Phyton scales, that gives an aggressive feeling.

As for the third type of bow, even the clan only had few of this. This bow was called Magic Horn Bow. This was made from the bones of a Spiritual Root stage vicious beast, mix with precious refined metals. A vicious beast that capable of cultivating up to the Spiritual Root stage was a terrifying existence. Its wisdom will not be low for sure. Some vicious beast possesses an inborn wisdom like a human being. Furthermore, it’s whole body that been tempered and refined countless times like a treasure. Only a few people are capable of killing this beast. But once you killed it, you can use its bones to make a powerful bow that can produce a very terrifying power. But Qi stage cultivators we’re unable to grasp this bow properly.”

This time Yuan Hei Shi did not take out the Magic Horn bow. Just a brief talk with Yuan Hong will do. After all, Yuan Hong realm was still insufficient, and it’s really not important. Yuan Hong probably could not even tug the string of the most common Black Horn bow.

The true qi inside Yuan Hong body already transformed into water attribute true qi. With this, he was capable to easily understand and sense the dao of the water. Afterward, Yuan Hong went to the Martial Skill Pavilion to chose and cultivate the Demon Ape Great Fist, which only few people know.

Cultivating his boxing skill in the small mountain valley alone. Only few people from the clan knew Yuan Hong actual strength. Even if they saw Yuan Hong current realm, but the power of his flesh could not be observed by their true qi.

Without personally checking Yuan Hong strength they will not know how strong his flesh is. In a very small age, Yuan Hong arm can already produce a power of 2000 jin. Such body could already compare to some vicious beasts.

If the people from the clan like elders and his uncles knew that he cultivate the Demon Ape Great Fist, furthermore grasping the first form of this boxing skill to the Dacheng realm. They will surely feel shocked while grasping their breath. Even his father Yuan Changqing would not expect that Yuan Hong could actually correspond to the dao of the water. It’s still insufficient, by merely sensing Yuan Hong true qi with regard to water attribute. Until Yuan Hong speak or personally demonstrate his ability.

Three types of bow but he only saw two types. With Yuan Hong present strength, it was obvious on what he will choose. The most fitted for Yuan Hong to practice archery was the Black Horn bow. Although he can’t pull the string completely, as the time pass, he will surely grasp the bow absolutely in the near future. Not only training the art of archery, he could effectively grasp and control his physical strength.

“Uncle Black, I chose this Black Horn bow.” Yuan Hong respectfully said.


Yuan Hei Shi walked to the wall direction and held the Black Horn bow. Without extra trouble throwing it into Yuan Hong.

Yuan Hong raised his right hand and caught the Black Horn bow. The body of the bow was very dark and unusual. Weighing enough to have a hundred jin or more. With a finger thickness of the bowstring, glowing in a cyan colour. Yuan Hei Shi fetched a number of refined steel arrows. Yuan Hong left the warehouse after taking the arrows.

Slightly tugging the string that issued a buzzing sound.
One must aware how formidable this bow when applied by a pure strength.

This bow is precious, but the manufacturing process of an arrow was relatively simple. You could simply forged a lot.

The bow and arrow had already been selected. The next thing to do was to learn archery under Uncle Yuan Meng.

In the tribe, there’s no requirement when cultivating. The Yuan clan teach the children the proper way of cultivation. Tempering their body and experiencing hardship. In addition, every month all was required to hunt foods. Usually, the clan elders, elder brothers, and uncles practice their own respective martial art skill alone.

With regards to Yuan Meng, he was more familiar with him. He was fully aware of this person ability towards the art of archery. With an extremely tyrannical flesh. Like his father, this person was also a formidable cultivator in the Spiritual Root stage. His father always praised him for his innate talent regarding archery. There are so many Spiritual Root cultivator who was shot dead by this person.

Yuan Hong arrived at Yuan Meng residence just to catch a sight of a person who was dressed in animal skin, with a big beard. Holding in his hands was a big dark red bow. This is like the bow he saw in the warehouse, the Red Phyton bow.

Yuan Meng saw the arrival of Yuan Hong. The former exposed a smiling expression. There are only few people in the Yuan clan. Thus, he was familiar in all of them. Yuan Meng also look after Yuan Hong, from when he was small up to present.

“Your father already told me that you will follow me to learn archery. The road of archery required a formidable physique. One must experience suffering and hardships. You need to bear what will you received.”

Big beard Yuan Meng laughed heartily.

“Bow and arrows is the best weapon to master the strength of your body. One must possess these traits; strong, fierce and vicious. From this day, you will follow and learn archery from me. I will broaden your mind.”

After talking, Big beard Yuan Meng walked towards the flat broken stone. Stretching his hand to grab a big stone. Conveniently throwing it away. Immediately grabbing another big stone, in a very short time four piece of big stones was used as a cannon ball. Whistling the air towards in a distant place.

Just to catch a sight of Yuan Meng raising his big dark red bow with his right hand. His left hand quickly grabbing four steel arrows, with a tug of the bowstring.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The four arrows resemble a lightning. In a flash catching up the four big stones. The speed was so fast that will make a person to render speechless.

“Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!”

Four loud sounds were heard that transformed the four big stone into powder, drifted away by the wind.

Yuan Hong saw all of this that left him stupefied. His heart was shaking endlessly.

Big beard Yuan Meng unexpectedly grab several hundred jin big stones, bare handed. And throw them away like a cannon shell. The most terrifying part was his archery skill. Shooting late, in a very short time hitting the four big stones. This power and speed cannot reckoned with all eventualities.(1)
Looking at this will make one heart tremble in fear.



Thousand li(500 kilometres)

1. Hard to guard against

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