Immortal Ape King – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Picking the Bow

With regards to his future cultivation, Yuan Hong already had a plan in the bottom of his heart. The Yuan clan is only a small tribe. In a desolate land, like a tiny dust.

The tribe resources were limited, it can’t help you reached a higher stage. The only thing you can rely on was your own strength. Training to become powerful and obtain resources.

Luckily, this world yuan qi was exceptionally rich and strong. Giving birth to countless treasures and also powerful vicious beasts. As long you had sufficient strength, you could hunt those vicious beasts in the depths of the mountains. Gathering legendary spiritual medicines and innumerable resources.

In this world, the weak are the prey of the strong.

Yuan Hong power soared after reaching the 3rd weight. Added by his breakthrough in the Demon Ape Drill, attaining the Dacheng realm. Deriving the essence and idea of this form. Although it’s still feeble at the moment, once he learned the intent of this boxing skill, his power will soared again.

The fist intent resembles the life of boxing. Grasping the intent of the fist will improve your boxing, more than one grade. Training your fist and comprehending it’s intent to the highest state, will help your boxing to enter the way.(1)

It’s like a person with a soul, you must think deeply and relied on your own understanding. Having the ability to distinguish, what is right and wrong. A boxing with a soul is the true boxing. This is the correct path, it will surely grant you a bigger power.

Yuan Hong unknowingly touched this realm. Yuan Hong had no choice but to sigh with emotion, knowing how high his innate talent.

” Training my qi into 3rd weight unexpectedly produce a whirlpool. Don’t tell me… it’s because of my inborn talent regarding the water property, which corresponds to the dao?”

“Right, it should be true. Cultivating the yuan qi and producing a phenomenon like this was not recorded in any books. Maybe because of specific circumstances? Every person had different traits that
help them in their cultivation, which changes every time they succeed.”

Recalling all the knowledge and records he learned in the Martial Skill Pavilion. Yuan Hong was determined to find the reason about this whirlpool in his sea of qi.

Within his body is the formed whirlpool; Yuan Hong began to cultivate the speed of his 3rd weight qi, again and again. He was determined that his cultivation speed already surpassed those normal cultivators.

For Yuan Hong, cultivation speed is not a problem anymore.

The whirlpool in his sea of qi rotated without end. The yuan qi around heaven and earth was being inhaled inside of his body. Refining his true qi which passes into his meridians.

His true qi constantly moved in cycles while being purified and refined. Becoming more compacted and condensed. A pigment of light blue began to deepen in his face.

Complying with Yuan Hong breakthrough, the true qi in his body became condensed.

” I already completed the first phase of my cultivation plan. The next step is to prepare for my future breakthrough. However, I must return to the village first. This one month of coming here early and returning late. I spend most of my time every day here in the mountain valley, cultivating the first form of my boxing skill. While rarely appearing in my family.”

After tidying his self, Yuan Hong hastily left the valley, running straight into the direction of the village.

After an hour, Yuan Hong returned home. Telling to his father about his breakthrough and the strange phenomenon.

“Wh-wha-what? What you really said is true?” Yuan Chanqing was greatly shocked after hearing all of this.

“Quick, performed your boxing skill to father.” He pulled Yuan Hong to the middle of the courtyard. Yuan Chanqing could not hide his excitement to confirm if his son really tells the truth.

“Yes father,” Yuan Hong answered.

Without operating his true qi, Yuan Hong performed his boxing using his flesh. The airflow around was being stirred by Yuan Hong performance. One earnest strike arises, his punch is like an arrow, hitting the air.

“Bang Bang!” A sound of slamming sound suddenly emerged.

The yuan qi around quickly gathered into Yuan Hong direction. The whirlpool in his sea of qi began to revolve rashly. A portion of this merged into his flesh and blood while a part of it was absorbed into his sea of qi.

His bones and muscles one more time produced a thunderous sound. The intent of the boxing emerged into his mind again. Rising high while performing freely. A frightening expression appeared in Yuan Changqing face.

“This? It’s true! This is my son! Ha Ha Ha Ha… … … , the heaven answered me! This is my Yuan Changqing son.”

“Operate your true qi with all of your strength.” Yuan Changqing excitedly said to Yuan Hong.

“Yes!” Yuan Hong knew how strong his father. Operating his true qi and sparing no effort. Yuan Hong performed the Demon Ape Great Fist and punched Yuan Changqing.

Yuan Hong powerful blood and qi seethe with excitement. His strength resembles a volcano, ready to erupt at any moment.
The true qi in his body resembles a roaring and rushing river.
The intent of fist penetrated his body. The true qi within his body emerged into his boxing, producing a layer upon layer of gigantic wave. The howl of the fierce wind engulfed the sky.
Carrying the boundless qi power towards to Yuan Changqing.

At this moment, Yuan Hong seems like a real Evil God. One of his hands moved towards, holding back rivers and overturning seas, lifting a thousand zang gigantic wave. (2)

“Good, come!” Yuan Changqing exclaimed.

Lifting his light right hand that is faintly moving. Together with the mysterious trajectory, the monstrous aura was instantly dissolved. The endless turbulent wave disappeared without a trace.

Nevertheless, the power of Yuan Hong flesh should not be underestimated. That overbearing fist was really powerful. The airflow tightly wrapped into Yuan Hong arm.
Forming a twig, transforming into a vigorous thick arm.

The whole gale breaks out within the small courtyard. Yuan Hong was like a violent vicious beast. Brandishing his fist to rip apart everything.

Yuan Hong movement was swift and violent, traveling according to the gale. In a blink of an eye, he suddenly appeared in front of Yuan Changqing.

Facing Yuan Hong indomitable and strong boxing, Yuan Changqing slightly dodged. Lightly lifting his right hand to extend his index finger towards the direction of Yuan Hong fist.

“Bang” a loud sound emitted, stirring up the air current. Stimulating the atmosphere when his fist hit. Riddled with gaping wounds, with his outstanding ability, slowly restoring his fist to its original state.

A series of deep footprints was left in the ground. After the two forces met, Yuan Hong was shocked and had been forced to step back ten steps away. His whole body clothing had been riddled by holes and ripped apart by the violent airflow. Exposing the fine and healthy upper part of his body.

Yuan Changqing withdrew his right hand. Looking at the distant place, he was truly astonished at Yuan Hong progress. He originally thought that Yuan Hong flesh will not excessively out of place. But his expectation betrayed him, Yuan Hong producing a formidable power like this, while only relying on his flesh.

Realizing that in the past month his son was only a mediocre child. Although it’s common when one cultivates, but it was really shocking for his son with internal injury left behind by his past serious injuries. With already wounded foundation. Pondering a bit, the narrow road for his son was still far away, walking without end. Without a miracle, he feared that it will clearly hard for his son to cultivate.

Who would have thought that with only one month his son would change like this. Breaking through his qi to the 3rd weight, while tempering and refining his flesh in a valiant way. Having a flesh like a bastard vicious beast. A moment ago, the power of that fist already reached the power of a qi cultivator in the peak of 6th weight. Perhaps, that one arm already contained the power of 2000 jin or more.

“Only a few children can achieve a result like this. My son actual strength already surpassed those children in our tribe.”

“Good, a roaring and surging true qi, and a flesh filled with muscles. With powerful boxing while reserving your strength. Furthermore, a commendable fist that already grasped the intent. A power that already reached the 6th weight of qi, only few person can match you in this realm. Even those children in the large tribes could not match with your strength, you can already compare to those geniuses in larger tribes.”

Yuan Changqing praised his son, not in the least stingy.

“Producing the sound of thunder with only your bones and muscles, that can only be found by accident, and not through seeking.(3)
Your flesh already outstripped other people’s body. Even though you had high innate talent, but you must aware that the heaven rewards the diligent. Try hard to solidified your Houtian skill foundation.”

“Yes father, I will not betray your expectation. We are after all nobodies in the eyes of the heaven. Not attaining the way will eventually lead you to became a dust.”

Yuan Hong knew what his father really meant.

” This son already reached a new realm. Training hard will not help me to progress for now. So this son would like to hear father opinion.”

Yuan Hong intended to secretly enter the depth of the mountains to gain experience and training. But thinking of leaving for a half of month time, he can’t accompany his parents at that time. He must hear his father opinion first. After all, his father realm is high, having a broader knowledge and experience. He was eager to get ahead in life.

“You are physically tough, with a true qi like a torrential mighty river. Not any weaker than a 5th weight qi cultivator. Indeed, it’s required to practice diligently.”

Yuan Changqing looked at Yuan Hong and said:

“Before all others, you must perfect your control of strength. You can only play eighty percent of your strength out of one hundred. Far from reaching the realm of subtle. One must know that a true master had a perfect control of his body and power. When reaching the subtle realm, one can exceed the power of a twelve layer.

This is one aspect you must know regarding the physical strength.

“The most effective and direct way was to train in archery. There are many masters in our village whose efficient in archery. Especially your uncle Yuan Meng who had the highest attainments in archery. Go to the village warehouse and choose a good bow. Listen carefully to your uncle Yuan Meng knowledge about archery.”

Yuan Hong obey his father and nodded his head.

“The second point, your fighting experience is insufficient. Training hard can increase your actual strength. But the fighting skills and experience is also crucial. Even to the extent of being important than learning powerful martial skill.”

This could compare to those big fellows who only relied on their strength, meeting a martial arts master. Although occupying a dominant position using his power. But the one who will lose will be that big fellow.

A powerful body was only one hand and nothing more. But skill and ability were an important element when fighting. In his previous life in the earth, the top athlete’s physical fitness we’re all similar. And the winner will be that person with skill.

“You must learn these two important points. After you follow your uncle into the mountains, there are a lot of vicious beasts that you can use to temper yourself. Don’t worry about us, you need a great perseverance and determination if you want to succeed in life. Only a strong faith can turn you into a powerful person.”

With Yuan Changqing martial experience; with a glance, he can easily see Yuan Hong fairly weak spots. To draw blood in one prick is the most effective way to advance.(4)

Yuan Hong obey his father directions. To learn archery with Yuan Meng, and to familiar himself with his own body.

With a resolute expression, Yuan Hong left and went to the warehouse direction. Looking for a suitable and fine bow to use.



Boxing can also translated as fighting technique.
1. become a daoist
2. Earth shaking, tremendous
3. can be discovered but not sought
4. To do exactly the right thing


Zang means 3 1/3 meters.


Note: cultivator cultivate to attained five different realm which is lianqi, spiritual roots, essence, dao, longevity

Lian ( 练) means train or drill but it will sound like this if i translate it as qi training or qi practicing stage. This is what I need your help
Should I leave it as qi cultivator, qi stage or, qi practicing/qi training stage or leave it as unstranslated lianqi? I need your suggestions guys

Essence in this was like uhm shedding your self or casting of your shell like freeing your self to the mortal world.
Cultivating your longevity to seek immortality.
If you have any suggestions feel to voice it.

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