Immortal Ape King – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:  3rd weight of the Qi Stage

The speed he cultivated the Yuan Qi Formula was extremely terrifying. The true qi in his body also increased. It was like a breakthrough, every time he trained his boxing skill. Combining all of this, made Yuan Hong cultivation speed faster.

Cultivating the yuan qi formula solidified his foundation, surpassing those people at the same age as him. At present with Yuan Hong constant training, his qi already reached the peak of 2nd weight. The amount of true qi in Yuan Hong body was almost equivalent to those Qi Cultivators in 4th weight.

The true qi in Yuan Hong internal body increased a lot. His meridians were being tempered, making it abnormally tough and accommodating more power.

His qi was only one step away to breakthrough at the 3rd weight.

Yuan Hong already grasped the essence of the first form in the Demon Ape Great Fist which is the Demon Ape Drill. It might become powerful every time he cultivates. Yuan Hong seems like a real Demon Ape, brandishing his fierce fist everywhere. Numerous beasts trembled in the might of his fist, hastily avoiding and retreating whenever he punched.

His day was always like this, doing the same thing every day but each of this day was very meaningful for Yuan Hong.

Yuan Hong pattern every day was always like this. Practicing the Demon Ape Great Fist, cultivating the yuan qi formula, operating his true qi, repairing his injuries by the water properties, and last going to the mountains to hunt and replenish his energy.

With regard to those vicious beasts inside the mountain range, Yuan Hong did not want to engage with them for now. First, his cultivation was still low and the first form of his boxing skill still not achieved the Dacheng realm. Second, those vicious beasts inside the mountains could cultivate and possess abnormally tough flesh.

But once Yuan Hong cultivated his qi into 3rd weight and completely grasped the first form of Demon Ape Great Fist, the first thing he would do was to hunt those vicious beasts inside the mountains.

“Being careful and cautious can prolong one’s life.”
Conducting oneself is important to keep on living. When he was still in the earth, Yuan Hong completely understands this principle.

Yuan Hong thinks that it’s still not the right time.
But this doesn’t mean that Yuan Hong was timid and coward, afraid of those vicious beasts. He knew how to adapt to different circumstances while sizing up the situation. Wisdom is also a part of strength, applying this can make you overcome any difficulty.

If he can cultivate with the support of medicine and drugs while bathing in the blood of vicious beasts, Yuan Hong body will surely transform into a new stage. Perhaps, the first form of his boxing skill may reach the Dacheng realm.

Time slowly passed, day by day. It was almost one month between the twinkling of an eye.

The clear river in the small mountain valley was calm and quiet, like a green jewel inlaid behind. There were trees everywhere, forming a boundless expanse of green. The yuan qi in the valley was exceptionally rich and strong. The pale mist in the valley slowly drifted away.
In a distant place, there’s a silver-white waterfall hanging above the rocks. This gave the original peaceful small mountain valley, a somewhat stirring feeling.

In the edge of the waterside, a large blue stone can be found.
Yuan Hong brandished his fist from top to bottom, possessing powerful and dynamic strength. It will always stir the wind every time he waved his fist.

Wielding his fist produced a thunderous sound. The thirty-six form of the Demon Ape Drill change in compliance with his will, like a moving cloud and flowing water.(1)
Yuan Hong movement was gentle and mild, combining all the changes smoothly.
This is the sign of his Demon Ape Drill, reaching the Dacheng realm.

The yuan qi inside the mountain valley contained a strong and rich water property. It was being drawn fast into the direction of Yuan Hong. A portion of this refined his qi and some of it refined his blood and bones. One month of accumulation and precipitation.

Every internal part of Yuan Hong body, undergone a transformation. His skeleton became more tough and tensile. His muscles were filled with power and strength. Yuan Hong felt that his qi and blood was being boiled.

It seems a thin coating grew under his skin. Yuan Hong was already convinced that his boxing skill first form already reached the Dacheng realm. Hereafter occurred a fundamental transformation.

One time
The second time
… … …

Yuan Hong performed his boxing skill nonstop. At present, every time he performed the first form Demon Ape Drill, it will not result any more injuries. For now, he can already freely practiced this boxing skill as he pleased.

Along with Yuan Hong boxing, his aura became more and more powerful, kept climbing higher. As if, to breakthrough the limits, breaking the shackles of heaven and earth. Climbing to reached a new realm.

Yuan Hong aura resembled a wave, it became stronger again.
One weight, followed by another weight, then another weight emerge again.

“Honglong… Honglong…Honglong”

If one listened carefully, within Yuan Hong body, to one surprised transmit a thunderous sound. Although relatively subtle, nevertheless it was clear and distinct. Even the waterfall was unable to conceal this thunderous sound.

The blood within Yuan Hong body galloped like a mighty river.

“Th-thi-this?My bones and muscles unexpectedly produced a thunderous sound!” Hearing this made him wild with joy. (2)

“Indeed, the heaven assisted me to breakthrough to the next level. Cultivating the first form of my boxing skill at the Dacheng realm. At the same time cultivating the qi to the 3rd weight.”

“Producing the thunderous sound can be discovered but not sought.”

There are millions upon millions of cultivator who tempered their self without assistance, but their muscles and bones unable to give rise to thunderous sound.

This represents that his body already exceeded the mortal body. Surpassing those people with innate ability who only had a mortal body.

Within Yuan Hong body, although the sound is faint and weak, one can still hear a real thunderous sound.
The cultivator of ancient times, give priority to cultivate their flesh. Which is capable of producing a thunderous sound, defying the natural order.

Yuan Hong walked on the path of being a body cultivator. He already had the potential comparable to those people in ancient times. This was only a potential, nothing more. It will still depend on good fortune when reaching a certain realm.

The power of qi is like a heavy tidal wave, strong and powerful. At last, Yuan Hong started his training to attained the peak of 9th weight.

“Kacha… …”

A sound of bones being smashed can be heard inside Yuan Hong body. Yuan Hong felt that inside his body, a layer of shackles finally broken.
A strand of astonishing thought emerge from his mind followed by his fist, his desire increased dramatically. With his unyielding attitude, pouring everything in his mind.


Yuan Hong shouted loudly. The circulation of air around, suddenly increased. Like a two large snake, binding Yuan Hong two arms. It kept rotating, changing every second.


A loud cry of an ape resounded in the valley. All the trees in the valley began to shake. The air stream around, condensed into Yuan Hong arms. Unexpectedly, it turned to a green black arms, full of explosive power. A long hum emerged when his fist started moving. His fist resembles a two sharp arrow, fluttering in the air.

“Hong Hong Hong”

Yuan Hong punched the tree, beside the large bluestone. With a loud crash, the entire trunk shattered into small pieces. Countless fragments, scattered everywhere. The small animals playing around and happily drinking were frightened by his punch, hastily fleeing in all directions.

Yuan Hong eyes exposed a shock expression. He only practiced the Demon Ape Great Fist for nearly one month only.
He did not expect to produce a power like this.

Yuan Hong trained his fist without operating the true qi inside his body. Completely relying on his body to stirred the airflow around. Succeeding in condensing his fist like the fist of an Demon Ape. Breaking through the first form of the Demon Ape Great Fist into Dacheng realm.

The yuan qi around heaven and earth began to move restlessly.
The surface of the lake inside the valley drifted away. The yuan qi water properties quickly gathered into Yuan Hong direction. This is the best opportunity for Yuan Hong to breakthrough.

Sitting cross-legged, Yuan Hong began to operate the Yuan qi formula. In a very short time, rich yuan qi encircled Yuan Hong. A large amount of yuan qi, inhaled into his body. Refining the water property to true qi. Inside Yuan Hong body, his muscles, veins, and arteries were being refined and developed. Once again, his true qi was being tempered and smelt all the way through. A layer of black matter was being removed by his true qi little by little outside of his body. Sending out a stinking smell like a rotten fish.

The sea of his qi contained a lot more true qi, compared before. The Yuan qi formula was working insane inside his body. Inside Yuan Hong body is his dantian. His true qi rotating slowly, and gradually it formed a whirlpool.

Letting go of himself, an image of Buddha emerge from his deep sea, forming a vortex. Possessing a powerful swallowing ability.

The whirlpool began to insanely absorb more yuan qi. Yuan Hong internal parts like veins, tendons, arteries were being developed again, at least twice before. His true qi was passing through in his meridians smoothly.

Yuan Hong fleshed is still constantly strengthen. It’s like a hungry and starved wild beast. All of his cells was thirst for more strength. Constantly engulfing all the yuan qi, transforming himself.

Yuan Hong knew that all of this transformation came from life. He finally began to take this step.
Two hours later, the yuan qi around the valley slowly calm down. After the yuan qi dispersion, Yuan Hong quietly sit cross-legged above the large bluestone. All the black substances before was completely washed away.

Yuan Hong entire disposition exceeds other people. He was surely handsome, with a gentle and calm face. Like a waterfall black hair, hanging down loosely behind his head. His pair of clear and transparent eyes resembles a deep pool, generally profound. A faint mist can be seen if one watch carefully.

A fair and clear skin like a general white jade. If the girls from the village catch a sight of him, they will surely envious to death. Yuan Hong had a slender body, emphatically not appear as big and tall, unlike those muscular cultivators.

If cultivating the Demon Ape Great Fist will turn you to a pulp of meat, Yuan Hong will surely wish to die again.

Silently feeling the situation inside his body, Yuan Hong discovered that his qi had already reached the 3rd weight. The true qi inside his body was flowing like a surging river. His whole body was brimming in strength.

“My physical constitution surpassed my expectation. A single wave of my arm can already wield a power of 2000 jin or maybe more. It’s like a membrane of muscles was under my skin. Even without using my true qi and only with my body, those Qi Cultivators in the 5th weight will not be my match.”

“If I combine my true qi with my physical strength, those cultivators of the 5th weight will be just so-so. They can’t even take a single punch of mine. Maybe, even a Qi Cultivator of 6th weight will tremble at my power.”

Yuan Hong deeply felt the changes brought by this breakthrough.

“The day I will hunt arrived earlier than what I expected. This time, I can now be at ease to enter the depth of the mountains. Hunting those vicious beasts to collect resources for my cultivation.”

Treasured blood, spiritual medicine, spirit plant and tree, unusual fruit and so on. Every cultivator regards this as their wealth and also required for their cultivation necessities.

Powerful and formidable strength, grant Yuan Hong a boost of self-confidence.

As boundless as the sea and sky, finally having an actual strength; hereafter, his cultivation plan began.




1 like a moving clouds and flowing water:


2 wild with joy:

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  1. you really need a proofreader “Cultivating the Qi to the Three Weight”? This sounds like you copy and pasted straight from google translater.

    1. It was clearly my mistake in this part, I’m hiring an editor right now and I tested him by editing this chapter
      It should be Qi Cultivator in the third weight

    2. 第六章 练气三重 here is the original title of this chapter
      In chapter seven, I said tha lian qi was a type of stage. I also posted to hear some opinions from you if I should change it as Qi trainer third weight or leave it as Third weight qi/ Qi cultivator in the third weight .
      Oh I tried your so called Google translate and it resulted with “Practice Qi triple ” I don’t really know how it become a Qi cultivator in the third weight.
      Anyway it’s my mistake again. I released this chapter, 1 am I think? And my eyes can’t keep up with because of tiredness. I forgot to proofread his work(editor hiring) before posting it. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for your opinion 🙂

  2. i´m guessing it was supposed to be “reaching the 3rd stage of qi cultivation”(just one of countless mistakes)

    1. For the “countless mistakes” well, maybe I have some mistakes but not to the point of being counless haha. When you translate something, do you need to translate it one by one?? Of course not, for example the character was translated as support/bear. But you cant use it to the sentence, maybe because of being repetitive or it was not fitted to the sentence. so we “translator” change it with other term but same meaning like withstand for bear/support. A sentence can be translated with different / countless ways but with the same meaning in the original. Thank you for a wonderful question

  3. Maybe u stop translating because of those bastards critizing ur errors don’t mind them tsk they ruining ur mood.. Tnx for this chapter.. Pls continue this juan

    1. Hello, I’m currently busy right now, but i will strive hard to publish chapters this week, thanks for reading 🙂

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