Immortal Ape King – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: Cultivation

Yuan Hong tried to control the rhythm of his breathing, this will be the first time he will hunt for food. In his past life, he will not dare to kill even a chicken, resulting always in being ridiculed by his girlfriend.

At present, he even dared to kill a thorned boar. The Tigers in the earth were nothing compared to this thorned boar.

Yuan Hong halted ten meters away from the thorned boar, this place is just fit to use his new boxing skill.

While facing the thorned boar, Yuan Hong began to operate his true qi. His movement was quick and agile, a distant roll of thunder emerge when his fist hit the air. The first form of the Demon Ape Great Fist finally shows it’s might. It’s really bizarre when using the Demon Ape Drill.

All hair of the thorned boar stood and tremble. Suddenly it issued an eager cry, feeling the threat of death. It quickly turned around, refusing to be this man food, but it’s still slow compared to Yuan Hong fist.

Yuan Hong footwork lightly shifted, a violent fist hit the thorned boar body.

“Bang!” A loud sound appeared.

A thorned boar who had a weight of 400 jin, with Yuan Hong punch become like an insect. Flying into the distant rock, it keeps twitching after rolling down a few times. A lot of red blood and stream flow from the corner of its mouth, then suddenly it’s stop from moving.

“This… …”

Yuan Hong remained silent for a long time.

“This Demon Ape Great Fist really deserved to be a Peak Houtian skill. To produce a power like this, even though I only practice the first form twice.”

Looking at the dead thorned boar, Yuan Hong was really surprised that he kill this beast by only using his fist. He originally thought that it will be hard for him to kill this thorned boar because of lacking experience.

“This boxing skill really surpass my expectation, all of this thorned boar internal organs and bones were completely shattered. I really don’t know what can I achieve, when I practice this skill to its peak.”

At this moment the qi from the thorned boar mouth stop flowing. Yuan Hong pulled the dead body of the thorned boar into a distance place near the river.

Yuan Hong took out his knife but seeing that sharp fangs, he put back his knife and instead use the sharp fang to peel the fur of the thorned boar. After cleaning the body of the thorned boar, Yuan Hong starts putting some spices he picked in the road then finally roast it in the fire.

This world was totally rich in yuan qi, healthy trees and flowers were growing everywhere that can be used as spices.

Although the people from tribe rarely use spices, but the people from the 21st century of the earth took the spices as part of their daily life. A variety of delicacies became more delicious by using spices.

The meat of the thorned boar produced a ZiZiZi sounds while being roast in the fire, continuously dripping a few drops of oil.
Suddenly the color of the thorned boar turned into a golden yellow, with its spices Yuan Hong saliva almost flow down.

Smelling the fragrance of the meat, Yuan Hong took a chunk of meat then put it into his mouth. This golden yellow meat quickly refined his body and blood. All of his qi which spended in using Demon Ape Drill begun to recover. In a blink of an eye, the piece of meat in Yuan Hong hands was completely eaten.

The hunger he felt before was slightly alleviated, recovering the energy he consumed when practicing the Demon Ape Great Fist.

Yuan Hong eyes swept the other piece of the thorned boar meat.

“Hiccup” stroking his belly, Yuan Hong express a satisfied look.

A meat who had a size of a normal person was completely eaten by Yuan Hong. In the ancient times of earth when someone started practicing they can usually eat a whole cow, not to mention Yuan Hong who practice the boxing skill Demon Ape Great Fist.

When one practice the Demon Ape Great Fist into the Dacheng realm , one can achieve a body that can be compared to those vicious beasts. When one reach this realm, normal swords could not even hurt you.

Looking up at the sky and seeing the moon, it’s probably late night right now.

“Hey! I forgot to tell this to my mother.” He did not expect that practicing this boxing skill can consume a lot of time.

After wiping and cleaning his mouth, Yuan Hong hastily ran towards the direction of the tribe.

After running for half of the distance, Yuan Hong noticed that he seems felt refresh and didn’t feel tired at all. Yuan Hong body transformed in just one day.
It’s already late at night, the people from the village have been long sleeping. The pile of houses were neatly arranged while being surrounded by mountains, a stream from the Luo river quietly flow. Under the moonlight, the village is particularly quiet and serene.

With light steps and soft movements of his hands and feet, he felt his way straight to his house. Yuan Hong quietly entered his room after knowing that his parents were deeply sleeping. Lying on the bed while thinking of what happened today.

Yuan Hong pondered a bit, thinking his proper cultivation plan for the future. First was to train his Demon Ape Great Fist, practicing yuan qi was also important. Combining this two will make his cultivation speed faster.

A powerful flesh can grasp more power, the six style of the Demon Ape Great Fist can make your body tough like a real Demon Ape; even if not, it will surely not be far from that state.

If I can get my hands on those different elixirs. I can probably compete to those powerful vicious beasts, with only using my body. With his qi which contain the properties of water, Yuan Hong didn’t know on how extent his strength can reach, but probably it will not be bad compared to those geniuses from large tribes.

Yuan Hong was so desperate to travel the outside word filled with wonder and excitement.
He remembered a well known saying in Earth: A person’s world is only as big as their heart.
It seems Yuan Hong had a formidable heart that give him more strength and power. A profound heart that had the ability to conquer everything.

When a single flower blooms, the earth arises. A single speck of dust appears, and the universe was born.
Giving birth to countless things, with the stagnant of time, passing through the space. Surely, the heart of a person possess a boundless possibilities.

The more tolerant you are, the bigger your world is.
The more lenient you are, the bigger your world is.
The more visionary you are, the bigger your world is.
The more omnibearing you are, the bigger your world is.
The more ambitious you are, the bigger your world is.
The more aggressive you are, the bigger your world is.

Two months ago, God gave him the opportunity to rebirth in this strange world. Giving back all the thing he lost in his past life. The road for him was still very long, another thing is he lack the experience in fighting.

Although strength is important when fighting, but you can’t still ignore martial arts experience. Genius from large tribe has much more chances of winning when fighting not only because they are talented but also because of their rich battle experience.

Throughout the year, cultivator used vicious beast to hone their martial skills. Collecting necessary resources and also enriching their combat experience. While facing life and death situation, one can refine their will and determination.

Yuan Hong is full of self-confidence, thinking about his own future.

Practicing for the whole day, Yuan Hong laid in the bed and slowly close his eyes, relaxing his mind and nerves. Slowly the formula in his mind begun to operate on its own, silently drawing the yuan qi of heaven and earth.

When he was in the earth, Yuan Hong always enjoys to sleep. There’s no other reason, he just likes it. Yuan Hong felt that the heaven and earth great dao is everywhere. In fact, Yuan Hong heart was close to a newborn baby, near to an innocent heart.

Next to Yuan Hong room was Yuan Changqing room. After knowing that his son return , he exposed a satisfied smile.

It really seems my son recover from his serious illness!

Hereafter, Yuan Hong followed a regular pattern. Every morning he will follow the other children in the martial arts field to learn the formula of operating yuan qi. If there are some places he didn’t know, he will ask his elders to resolve everything, clearing all of his doubts.

With regards to comprehending and understanding towards the boxing skill and yuan qi. One cannot deny that Yuan Hong perception is really very high producing a progress like this in only short period of time.

After the morning exercise, Yuan Hong went straight to the small valley which is ten miles away from the Yuan tribe.

At the beginning, concerning Yuan Hong life, his mother really do not want to agree with him on going to that small valley. Yuan Hong started persuading his mother, explaining that it’s safe in the valley and there’s no vicious beast in there.
Finally, Yuan Hong father confirmed that it’s really safe in that valley. Yuan Hong mother had no choice but to reluctantly agree to Yuan Hong decision.

Everyday Yuan Hong practice the first form of the Demon Ape Great Fist in the large bluestone. Practicing the thirty-six kinds of the Demon Ape Drill.

Day by day with the passage of time, Yuan Hong boxing become more proficient, improving its might and power. Improving the foundation of his footwork and boxing, jumping up and down, shifting from left to right. Doing all of this while gritting his teeth to withstand the pain, improving his physical strength and flesh. Every time Yuan Hong punch, his bone seems to be shaking, issuing a series of minor roar which is the sound of his bones being sharpened.

His bones were always being beaten, becoming harder every time. His body muscles also become abnormally strong results of constantly practicing this boxing skill and being infiltrated by yuan qi, moisturizing his blood and body.

With his constant training, Yuan Hong became much more taller. Every time he punched he will always produce a like-gunshot sound. To his own sense of consciousness, Yuan Hong found himself becoming much more stronger every day. He was dripping with sweat every time he practiced, his body always felt pain with his constant effort.

Yuan Hong with his willpower, clenched his teeth and began to operate the formula. Rich light blue yuan qi constantly seeped into every part of his body, repairing all the scars in his skin.

In the first few days, Yuan Hong can only drill up to two to three times. Every day he will always persist to practice more, rejecting to fall down, because of this his physique improved again resulting in extending his practice time.

TL: Dacheng – Great Accomplishment / Achievement

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