Immortal Ape King – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: The Demon Ape Great Fist

Yuan tribe was only dozens of miles away from Luo River. It was surrounded by endless mountains, you can see towering tall trees everywhere. Hearing some howl of beasts from time to time.

These mountains not only give birth to ominous animals and birds, but also produced a few beautiful scenery.

Some mountains contained good fortune, filled with countless mystery and treasure but this place usually occupied by those powerful beasts.

It was said that in the depth of the mountains, a number of powerful vicious beasts can transform into human form, possessing supernatural abilities. Some of them just love to live in peace but a few of them were ferocious and brutal!

According to the ancient legend in the depth of the mountains, you can find a number of ancient races.

In short, the depth of the mountain range was filled with countless mystery and danger. There are endless opportunities and fortune. Every year there are countless cultivators who train in the mountains, beheading those vicious beasts while collecting their precious blood and bones.

All parts of a vicious beast were regarded as a treasure. Using its fur can manufacture a suit of armor, while you can forge a good weapon using its hard bone. But the most valuable part of the vicious beast body was its blood that can help a cultivator to breakthrough to the next stage. Bathing their self in, to refine their body.

Geniuses of those Big tribes usually hunt powerful vicious beasts to build their foundation.

After getting the manual, Yuan Hong went straight away into a small valley, ten miles away from the tribe. In his memory, the past Yuan Hong often goes here to practice. There was a small lake in this valley, and also a ten-meter high waterfall. Silently standing on the valley, one can hear the sound of flowing water. A beautiful and clear spring can be found. This place is suitable for him to practice, quiet and safe.

” Demon Ape Great Fist” had a total of six form. These six are: Demon Ape Drill, Demon Ape Dash, Gallop into the void; tremble in fear , Demon Ape Roar, Demon Ape Ram, and Split the mountain. Each form had different variation and changes.

Yuan Hong sitting in a large blue stone, carefully trying to figure out the manual. Especially the intention, putting every detail to his mind.

With his extraordinary understanding and knowledge, he can comprehend martial arts easier. But he still can’t ignore the fact that efforts and hard work can surpass those people who possess talent. Like what they said, Heaven rewards the diligent.(1)

“Demon Ape Great Fist first form; Demon Ape Drill.”

Yuan Hong did not operate his qi because this form was a training of purely physical strength.

With both legs standing on top of the boulder, shaking his four limbs and gesturing a fist. Doing all of this according to the instruction in the manual. Pleased with his self that he was doing the right thing.

There are thirty kinds of variation in this first form.

Stance: Firm, flexible, light, continuous, agile, soft, clever, quick, mysterious. Bind: grab, toss, pluck, anxious, sly, hold, buckle, and apex. Leg: tangle, press down, leap, and flip.

The basic requirements were to figure the essence, lightness, the secret law, and life.

Although he only started, but he was already swift as the wind. Every move of him will produce the sound of the gale.

After the first set of training, Yuan Hong gradually stop down. Carefully thinking all of his mistakes when practicing. There still some places he can’t grasp, pondering on how to control the right amount of strength needed.

“This is wrong, the force in my left hand is a bit loose and sometimes it becomes unstable. I put too much power, I need to somehow control my strength.”

After a moment of silence, Yuan Hong calmed down. Seriously pondering all the flaw and perceiving all of his mistakes.


Yuan Hong started practicing again and sure enough, he does a lot better than the last time.

After the initial experience of practicing, his body became sore, polishing all of his bones.

With Yuan Hong constant reflection, his understanding in the first form become increasingly high.

” I believe that sooner or later, I’m gonna perfect and understand the intent of this boxing skill.”

Do not underestimate Yuan Hong, if someone found out that he achieve this state in Demon Ape Drill in his first try, they will surely be stunned and speechless for a long time.

Yuan Hong once again started practicing the first form, this time he progressed much smoother. The yuan qi of heaven and earth was being drawn into every inch of Yuan Hong muscles.

Yuan Hong felt an unbearable pain every time he start practicing. It’s like his whole muscle was being ripped and shred.

Cold sweat kept rolling from his brow, silently gritting his teeth to bear the pain. Suddenly Yuan Hong fell from the boulder. His whole clothe was wet by his sweat, and his face look pale while breathing heavily.

“My God!, it’s too painful. I feel like, I’m at the death door.” Yuan Hong lament all popular curses in the earth.

Lying above the boulder, Yuan Hong did not have any more strength left, he can’t even move his finger.

The pain in his body became more and more intense. Thankfully this valley was safe from those vicious beasts, otherwise even his bone will not be spared if he was eaten.

“I truly didn’t expect to produced a result like this. The quality of my physique became much more better, even though I only practice this boxing skill twice. It seems my understanding in this boxing skill also improved.

“This feeling was really good; Pain, Tiredness? there’s no such thing in my vocabulary.”

In fact, all of this was just an illusion. Martial arts are not a thing you can only practice in one night. Perseverance and determination are needed if you want to succeed in your goal.

Feeling the results of his training, Yuan Hong was very satisfied. He didn’t know how others practice this skill but if he can felt this kind of sensation again for another month, it will definitely worth.

Yuan Hong unable to make head or tail on what he was experiencing right now.(2) Gradually Yuan Hong relaxed his mind, throwing away all other ideas. Silently lying on the boulder, he began to operate the formula. The valley he resides in was rich in water properties. Under his will, his body was being covered by light blue qi. This Qi was full of water properties which constantly healing all the injuries in his body.

His whole body was being tempered, repairing all of his scars and muscles. Toughening it and making it more flexible.

Yuan Hong felt the pain in his body slowly disappeared.

The Jade Hare rise while the Golden Crow fall down. Unconsciously, a bright moon hang in the hills reflected by the clear lake.(3)

If you look carefully, Yuan Hong was being surrounded by light blue qi. You can mistakenly think that he’s being covered by a group of light blue water, and not a group of qi. This mysterious color penetrates into every part of his body.


An unexpected noise resounded in the quiet valley. Yuan Hong from lying on the boulder suddenly stood up.

Reflected by the moonlight, one can see a firm expression on the handsome face of an early youth. This early youth was Yuan Hong with his slender body, long black hair, and natural temperament.

He was like a celestial being, unable to cover up his charm. Even though he was only wearing an ordinary cloth.

At this moment if Yuan Hong had been placed in the present earth, a lot of women will surely fall in love with him. Those handsome guys from Korea will be overshadowed by his presence.

A cultivator must possess this kind of temperament. Yuan Hong was absolutely fitted in the dao of water, with his knowledge and distinct charm.

This degree of acting can’t imitate by just anyone.

“Ha Ha Ha Ha, sure enough, it completely repaired my body. Even those bruises within my body were gone. This true qi really helps me a lot. With this kind of speed, I might really perfect the first form with the help of my true qi.”

Yuan Hong waved his fist, producing a whistling sound every time he punched. The pain from practicing the first form completely disappeared.

” If I practice my boxing skill with the help of medicine, and bath myself in a barrel of drugs. It will surely uncover my potential at the same time making my cultivation speed faster.”

Thinking of those children from large-scale tribes, born with so many resources. Yuan Hong can only utter a helpless sigh.

A burst of growling sound can be heard in the dark valley. Yuan Hong stroke his belly, he became hungry after practicing the first form of the Demon Ape Great Fist. This was the first time he felt this kind of hunger. Practicing this boxing skill surely required a lot of energy. It was necessary for the body to absorb nutrients and energy. Yuan Hong felt that his stomach was really empty. As the time goes by, his hunger became unbearable.

After composing his self, Yuan Hong hastily ran straight to the nearby mountains .

The mountains were the habitat of some strong vicious beasts, but there are also weaker beasts living in the mountains.

Only common beasts or wild beasts can be seen in the outer part of the mountains. But you can’t still underestimate this beast, one mistake and you will be surely dead.

In the periphery of the mountain range, a number of wild beasts and some weaker vicious beasts can be seen. Most foods of the tribe came here from hunting these weaker beasts.

Yuan Hong arrived in a small hill, looking for some wild beasts to replenish his qi and blood. There are no vicious beasts living in this small hill, only wild beasts were situated in this place.

Suddenly a group of Thorned Boar can be seen, sizing up to more or less three meters long and one meter tall. With two long fangs that can only be seen from those powerful Tigers in the earth.

Yuan Hong found an alone Thorned boar in the distance, this muscular beast was covered by dark fur. Attentively looking from left to right, to determine whether there are danger lurking around.

“This will be the best chance to test the might of the Demon Ape Great Fist.”

Holding his breath, Yuan Hong slowly approached the thorned boar.


1. It is an ancient Chinese proverb teaching the virtue of being diligent. Those who are diligent will receive their reward

from heaven. Their work will not go unnoticed.

2. It means unable to understand something

3. Jade hare – moon

Golden crow- sun

Its like morning to night

Tl notes:

Wild beast and common beast usually the same these beast are weaker than vicious beast.

Demon ape drill was clearly translated as out of the hole/ produce a hole. I translated it to drill(produce a hole).
For demon ape dash it could also mean as hasten leap but dash sounds better


凶兽/ xiong shou/ vicious beast.

Do you want to leave it as vicious beasts or untranslated?

Yuan qi= vitality of heaven and earth, the qi from the world.

True qi = used by cultivator , their own qi.

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