Immortal Ape King – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Martial Skill Pavilion

Between heaven and earth, there are three thousand dao. Building the foundation of heaven and earth, deriving hundred of million of traces, and these traces contains infinite mysteries.

There were rules everywhere, scattered in every part of the world. Even the emotion of all things is dao.

Yuan Hong had already reached the 2nd weight. With the help of his unique understanding, he can easily practice and understand different martial skill. But he still needs to carefully study the dao of heaven and earth.

Cultivator must possess these two major points, one was to have an innate constitution and second was the ability to understand the dao.

In this world, all things will be naturally different.

“I remember what my father told me back then, that some tribes possess powerful scriptures and bloodline, left behind by their mighty ancestors. Some of their children were born with a little blood of their ancestors, giving them tremendous strength and supernatural abilities.”

” Strong bloodline make them progress faster. Majority of them regarded as genius, possessing great power and comprehending the dao faster than the same peers as them”

Yuan Hong thinks that his talent was not lower than these geniuses, and maybe he exceeds some of them. With the disappearance of some scriptures, he may really have the power to contend with these so called geniuses.

” What bloodline?, so what if they have those legacies and inheritance? It will still depend on a life and death situation. I’m still confident that I can contend with them using my knowledge and experience.”

In the age of science and technology, it’s necessary to have wisdom and knowledge.

“First of all, it’s essential to change one physique, altering your frail body. If you have a weak body, it will probably cause some problems when practicing martial arts. Even though many scriptures were lost, there are still some residual for cultivators to use.”

In ancient times, boxing skill was regarded as one of the most powerful techniques. In the later generation, cultivators comprehends their own way to create more powerful fist technique. Every boxing skills produce different strength and power. Practicing boxing skill can also train one body, drawing a lot of qi and giving an endless strength. Cultivator practice this to draw the yuan qi and temper their body. These martial arts help them to lay a solid foundation, while nourishing their blood and qi.

Practicing boxing skill can uncover the potential of your body, simultaneously controlling the rhythm of your breathing. Allowing the yuan qi of heaven and earth to seep within the body. Making your body more robust at the same time boosting your combat power.

After eating his lunch, Yuan Hong hastily went to the Martial Skill Pavilion.
Yuan Hong was going to choose a martial skill suitable for him, with the help of his water qi to improve his physique.

Martial Skill Pavilion was usually open to the public, but the problem was they don’t have enough formidable martial skills.
Only larger tribe possess those powerful martial skills, unlike small tribe like Yuan tribe. But Martial Skill Pavilion still possess some powerful martial skills like other tribes. Although it was few, like Yuan Hong father who cultivates the martial skill <<Evergreen Qigong>>.

But the real strong never underestimate any weak martial skill; as the saying goes, learning a third-rate martial skill can still become invincible in this world. Those weak martial skills can still be improved by learning its essence and practicing it to its peak, a move without flaw. While those powerful martial skills originally came from weaker martial skill.

Martial Skill Pavilion collects a lot of books, some of them can be acquired through one meritorious deed, while some of them were for people like Yuan Hong who was looking for a suitable martial skill to use.

It will still depend on your nature and talent when choosing a martial skill, some were born to practice a certain martial skill bringing its power to highest. There were some people who practice a martial skill but failed to grasp the true meaning of dao.

In this world, cultivation level was divided into five stages and these five was respectively; Different Qi, Spiritual Root, Exuvia, Dao, and Longevous. Most cultivators stopped at their spiritual roots. Transforming the essence of their life, building and grasping the Dao, while gaining a long life that only few cultivators could attained.

After cultivating into Longevous, one can separate his/herself in this world. Breaking the shackles of heaven and earth. After stepping in this realm, one can freely travel the universe. In the eyes of Yuan Hong, this can only be done by those immortals in his past life.

Raising his head to look, all kinds of martial skill appear in front of his eyes.

” Paiyun Palm, Ice Palm, Unbounded Hand, Flying Sword-Play, Cool Breeze Sword-Play, Solitary Sword-Play, Unhindered Sword-Play, Vajra Fist, Vigorous Boxing, Splitting the Void Fist, Bloody Knife Skill,
Fierce wind knife skill, Twelve form of iron blood, and so on.”

There were twenty to thirty kind of sword skills. 30 types of knife skill, some palm arts, leg skill, finger skill, and also more or less twenty footwork skill. The problem was boxing and fist skills seems to be few, containing only 15 manuals.

Boxing also focus on different things, some focus on attacks, some focus on defense, and some focus on both attack and defense. Vajra Fist focus on fighting, making your fist to be like a diamond; invincible and fierce. Vigorous boxing focus on refining the body, boosting your strength and making your body as tough as a bull. Splitting the void fist focus on killing. Compared with the Vajra Fist, it more emphasize on attacking. More suitable on those with lonely and overbearing character.

” Although all of them were part of boxing skill. But still, each of this focus in different area. Also, each person had different taste and talent. Like in my previous world, there are people who select their own courses. Some people like to learn science, some people like to study liberal arts, some choose to learn the law; every person had different interest.”

Yuan Hong saw a lot of boxing skills, but he still understands that it’s necessary to choose a skill that will fit in him.

” One must look at their strength and weakness.”

As for those skills who specialized in knife, palm, and finger. Yuan Hong still did not consider to practice it now.
His own personality was more suitable for practicing boxing skills. Not only improving his body, it can also boost his combat strength.

Yuan Hong carefully inspects these fifteen boxing skills, seriously comparing each of them.

“Large Ox fist…”
“Blazing fist…”

” Hey, what boxing skill is this?”

Suddenly Yuan Hong found one particular skill << Demon Ape Great Fist>>. In the vast tracts of wasteland above the mountain, there exist an Demon Ape with an overbearing power.
Born with a tough flesh like a King Kong. This Demon Ape was one of those vicious beasts who was feared by many. Battling other vicious beasts using it’s tremendous fist, possessing a tough flesh and great strength. Its pair of big fist can split a mountain, tearing up a tiger and panther.

<<Demon Ape Great Fist>> was derived by an expert when observing how a Demon Ape fight. From generation to generation it was been improved and matured. Not only that, it can also refine your body, and give a sheer of power.

” I didn’t expect that practicing this boxing skill required high requirement”

Practicing this <<Demon Ape Great Fist>> for practitioner requires a high demand. Not only requiring deep understanding and perseverance. But also. for those who will practice this need to bear a great of pain.

Practicing this skill will continuously repair the body, dominating everyone with only one’s fist. At the same time causing damages to the body which will cost to injuries of bones even to the point of having fractures.

Generally, small tribes do not practice this kind of skill. Maybe those larger tribes can, using different drugs to reduce the pain. But even so, more people will still refuse to practice this skill.

” All the Qi of my body has been converted into water yuan qi, which contains a strong healing ability. Even my injuries was repaired by this light blue yuan qi. It will probably harder for others but for me, it’s just a piece of cake.”

Yuan Hong heartbeat quicken. With the help of this boxing skill, he must breakthrough his Qi to the 9th weight.
Making his flesh more powerful like a real Demon Ape with it’s dominating fist, standing in the same order with those powerful experts.

At the present Yuan Hong was only twelve years old. Before the age of fifteen, he must cultivate his qi to its peak. Reaching this realm can be regarded as a genius on those large tribes.

After pondering a bit, Yuan Hong took the manual to the registration, where you can find the Elder who was organizing this pavilion.

“Little monkey, to bite off more than you can chew. Although practicing this boxing skill will make you stronger, but you must be aware how dangerous this skill is. The threshold is too high, other children in the village tried and practice this before, but all of them were seriously injured. After that no one tried this boxing skill again.”(1)

There still other boxing skills you can choose; <<Vajra Fist>>, <<Vigorous Boxing>>, <<The Fist of the Ox>>, all of these we’re good boxing skills and it will further increase its might when reaching the peak.”

When the Pavilion Elder saw Yuan Hong chose the <<Demon Ape Great fist>>, he kept persuading Yuan Hong to abandon this skill.

Yuan Hong knew that the Elder had a good intention, so he replied in a respectful voice.

” Thank you Elder, I know that practicing this boxing skill was dangerous but I still have confidence in myself.”

The Pavilion Elder looked at Yuan Hong and laughed.
“Like father, like son, Ah that boy… He was really the same as you when he was young. Forget it forget it, just do what you want. You will also quit after you practice this skill.”

“Let’s see how much confidence you had. When the moment comes, you will surely choose another boxing skill again!”

Yuan Hong hastily left after finishing the registration, he was eager to find a quiet place to practice this
<<Demon Ape Great Fist>>.

Tl: means aiming too high.

In this novel, we will follow what the author term in ranking their cultivation,

They cultivate five things

Qi, spiritual roots, exuvia, dao, Longevous

长生/changsheng/long life but I will leave it as Longevous.

For the mean time I will term it as

Qi cultivator
Spiritual roots cultivator
And so on

Each of this was further divided into nine weight.

In this novel, it was specified as weight
I must cultivate my qi into 9th weight
Or a Qi cultivator in the 9th weight

I’m still reading the raws, trying to find some suitable ranking, racking my brain haha.
Magical beast was written in this novel as ominous beast but it can also translated at vicious beast.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to voice it

Exuvia means : the cast-off outer skin of an arthropod after a moult. (shedding the mortal body)


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