Immortal Ape King – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Yuan Qi Formula

Water was the mother of all things, the existence of water is so important for all living things. In Yuan Hong past life, scientists of earth determined that water was the origin of life.

With the knowledge of earth, Yuan Hong is very clear about the characteristics of water.

Water has some great features; gentle, loving, soft, unyielding, nurtured, treated, modest, humble, and so on. Everything in this world was worth of learning.

A sage must be like this, with ethics and capability to learn by his own self. A wise man viewing this world as his teacher and learning all of the things with a noble character.

Water has three forms, it can turn to ice that is harder than steel.

Water can also be soft, continuously flowing being pervasive like an endless river.

At the same time, water can also turn into a fog; invisible without appearance. Changing its form while shrouding the heaven and earth, sheltering the sun, moon and stars; scattered everywhere turning all intangible.

Water is like a sage, possessing a great character!

Like what Lao tzu said in daodejing: “Water is the mother of all things, which benefit in all things, and does not compete with others.”

Water is the closest existence on dao. The dao is heaven, we’re water had the characteristics closest to heaven. Directing at the origin of the dao we’re the law is fundamental.

The properties of water had a very good healing effect. Practicing the law of water give many benefits; strengthening your body, repairing unusual injuries, reducing the pain of your body, and making yourself and others more comfortable.

Bathing with the light blue yuan qi, all of Yuan Hong serious and hidden injuries were completely repaired.

Yuan Hong knew that the vast majority of a human body was composed of water. In his past life, scientist proves that more than 60% of human body is made of water. So the properties of water was a great advantage for a practitioner, being stronger than other attributes while containing a healing ability.

Yuan Hong physique has also greatly improved, his blood and qi was being nourish a lot; it’s like he had endless strength.

“The body is the foundation of all things, even deity will tremble with its might!
I should temper my body, practicing the Vajra Fist maybe not a bad thing.”

In his past life, Yuan Hong was an enthusiast. He always hid in his home to read all kind of fantasy novels. Pursuing and imagining amazing things like the fairy world, demon, ghost and all legendary creatures. Even his home we’re full of weapons bought from the internet.

Every man had a martial arts dream. Yuan Hong had more favorable impression in all kinds of legendary things and myth. Like a powerful immortal whose with only strength can destroy everything, or a great deity who’s basically invincible with the same realm as him.

Yuan Hong had no idea that in this world there is no expert who specialized in cultivating the body. In ancient times it seems it have, right now it’s only a part of a legend, but the world was boundless to the point that no one knows its boundary.

In the history there are countless mysteries, it says that there are many kinds of heritage left by ancient people.
There are countless tribes scattered everywhere, some are small and some are large living in a desolate place.

Some place became a barren hill occupied by those vicious beasts, some of them inherited a thin bloodline of their ancestors.

Even so, there’s still other tribes whose being attacked by vicious beasts time to time; even to the extent of some whole tribe being swallowed.

This whole world was full of wild atmosphere, even those trees and rock were unusual.
Coming to this world could be a gift of God to Yuan Hong. All of his dreams in previous life was here.

“My roots will be here, this is my home!”

” I must become powerful to guard my tribe and to spread my dao.”

Yuan Hong determination was hard as steel.

According to legend, Yuan Qi formula who focus on strength was the best method to use by those specialized in cultivating the body. Under the operation of this yuan qi formula, your physique will slowly change. Bit by bit, improving your strength.

There are advantage and disadvantage when practicing this formula. Refining your body will make you invincible than others in the same realm as you. Others said that when practicing this formula to the highest level will give you a tremendous amount of yuan qi. The progress in practicing this method was very slow, making you spend a lot more efforts than others.

Although practicing this method will give you more benefits and a lot of disadvantage, but it will still depend on what yuan qi formula you would chose.

Maybe there are some people who train in this area, but those people probably situated in larger tribes. Like ancient tribes who nurtured the children of their tribe by bathing on different spiritual medicine made by the blood of a vicious beast. Not only refining body but it can also speed up your progress, and lay a very solid foundation. Washing all the impurities of your body.

Making all of this would make your body tougher, not just external but also internal Strengthening your body inside, boosting your power a lot.

There are so many opportunities in this world, maybe while hunting those vicious beasts and suddenly found a trace of their blood line to awaken that thin blood of their ancestors; it will probably give them a tremendous leap making their whole body like supreme treasure. They could also found one of those legendary spiritual medicines or tame an ancient beast.

Those large tribes only focus on cultivating the genius of their tribe, giving those children a great future.

But Yuan tribe was only a small tribe with basically no cultivation background. They only have some yuan qi formula, compared to those larger tribes it’s basically nothing.

Yuan Hong reason to chose a strength martial skill was to strengthen his body, because of his past illness his physique was not good. Although the progress is very slow, Yuan Hong was still young.

Yuan Hong father cultivates the <<Evergreen Qigong>> that make his spiritual root to its peak. It was passed down by our ancestors, giving the power equally matched to some powerful vicious beast.

In past, Yuan Changqing with his green qi always went to the vast mountains to hunt those vicious beasts. Collecting some of those beasts blood to improve Yuan Hong physique. But did not expect that because of a serious illness, Yuan Hong life was already taken. After waking up, of course the one who was residing in Yuan Hong body was the Yuan Hong from earth.

“Fortunately this makes my body stronger, the speed of my cultivation was also a lot faster. My understanding in the dao of water became smoother because of my knowledge.”

The light blue yuan qi was being drawn faster into his body. It became faster every second, looks like he was born to embrace the properties of water.

His cultivation speed was several times faster than other people. With his continuous improvement, Yuan Hong found that his understanding become very high. In the road of cultivation, there will always be some hindrance or some place you don’t understand. Although he was being guided by his father, there will still some minor problem that can’t be perfected.

The only explanation of his soul crossing in this world and disappearance of the soul of past Yuan Hong, was probably his soul emerge in the soul of past Yuan Hong. This makes him really puzzled. This was surely the reason why he cultivate faster than other people.

Like what Yuan Hong think, some people are born with a noble soul. While some people can be rich in just one night. A normal soul can be numbered up to thousand times, but for a real soul of an aristocracy; it will probably hard in a hundred year to emerge.

This is the difference of soul, because of this occurrence Yuan Hong soul become a noble one, and a noble soul was favored by heaven and earth.

So the reason for his cultivation speed was because of his soul. Coupled with his knowledge in the properties of water, making him really fit in this element.

For other people, it will probably harder but for Yuan Hong, it’s like a piece of cake. If one day he could practice with spiritual medicine and blood treasure of a vicious beasts, his speed will probably improve again. Scaring a large number of people.

Yuan Hong felt that his qualification changed with the passage of time. With his talent, one day he will show his might in this world.

Tl: cultivator or expert in this world
Was written in this novel as monks.

修士/monks/xiushi/ member of religious order

Just tell me guys if you prefer monks or just leave it as cultivator
Cause monks sound dull or weird haha.

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