Immortal Ape King – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Thousand Devil Ridge

The Yuan Family was located near the Luo River along the dense spiritual influence of verdant hills and limpid river. A good place fitted for the tribe geomancy that further increased its suitability. Naturally, this was decided by their ancestors that let them live for how many years within this chunk of land.

(Geomancy was a method of divination which interprets markings on the ground or how handfuls of dirt land when tossed.)

Next to those lofty mountains, located southeast from the village was a well-known mountain range. Wherein towering mountains as tall as the clouds on the sky and ancient forestry could see everywhere. A spectacle that formed a sinister piece of land, extending from east to west. This was naturally the Thousand Devil Ridge that seems lie from ancient times.

These endless mountains also gave birth to countless treasures. Owning great fortunes, big opportunities, and danger as well.

The place where Yuan Hong and the rest would venture this time was merely the periphery of this mountain range. Yet, even though there’s a powerful spiritual root cultivator guiding them, along with some of their tribe masters, their heart still felt a sense of fear. After all, vicious beasts were known on their cruel nature.

They could only console themselves on facing death. If by any chance they run into a group of vicious beasts, it would probably be a complete wipeout. To live within this vast wilderness was not that easy, as all of them could only rely on their own body.

In Yuan Hong view, these people were his family. The village that brought him up since small should not be belittled, for each person there were simple, honest, and kindhearted without any other thoughts. This time hunting must be successful without any of them missing when the time that they return.

With Yuan Hong strength right now, he was already counted as one of their tribe masters. Besides Big Beard Yuan Meng as well a few of his uncles in the 9th weight qi, there’s no one who could match him up within this group.

This time journey, they must properly help each other while guarding their own life.

Yuan Hong cannot forget those pair of ardent eyes before they left the village. Those eyes that full of prayers and anxiety.

Cultivators cultivate for the sake of what? To grasp the power of heaven and earth, and condensed the Great Dao laws? Think of it if the stars descended from the sky, were it could annihilate both time and space, waiting till the blue ocean dissolved into a mulberry field. How many time this world change? The same as mankind, how many time does humans have almost been replaced?

Desolate? loneliness? Or full of helplessness?

There was only one outcome in this world as everyone could only wait for their body to be placed in one tomb. All were seeking for their story to be pass from generation to generation. When they were still young, when they were still daring and vigorous, and also when they laughed at this world as all eyes were fixed on them.

The years of ruthlessness as the heaven’s knife severed and dry up this prosperous world. A flourishing era replaced by another era. A blossom flower that had been bury into oblivion, while the other flower comes into bloom. Taking the seat of the proud son of the heaven, and not to eventually become a dust of this world.

A hundred thousand of years passed and this mellifluous melody just became a sound of the past.

If they have no root, then where would they belong to?

Yuan Hong seems found his own significance on coming into this world, as if all of his thoughts before gathered into one. He felt he came back from the past, from the Ancient Nation of Huaxia, as the history of its civilization seeped into his mind, possessing an inseparable relationship.

(Huaxia – Ancient name of China)

Seemingly like a square peg in a round hole.


Yet presently, Yuan Hong was thoroughly integrated into this world. He was affected by that kind of feeling, as if he was a stranded fish that have been put back into the water, completely blended into it. Feeling an incomparable freshness into his soul and mind as if a layer of thin coating have been lost and separated from him.

( Glad to be back in one’s proper surroundings)

From now on, Yuan Hong was just a youth in the Yuan family tribe. A youth that had been born and brought up into this vast wilderness.

A penetrating soul. Yuan Hong soul was rolling and churning as he felt he undergone a big breakthrough. Although Yuan Hong cultivation did not increase, but his soul had. The major growth that happened to his soul today would surely be a great help to his path on the future.


Yuan Hong silently exhaled a mouthful of air, then immediately followed the team in front.

Just one more hour and they will reach their destination – the ‘Thousand Devil Ridge’. The place they were going to hunt was located in a piece of a high mountain with an ancient pool beside. A deep valley of wasteland where trees spread all over the mountain range.

“Kid, were about to arrive at the Thousand Devil Ridge. At that time, please remember to carefully follow us. Although we’re not going deep in it, nevertheless, the danger it had must still not look down upon. Just a slight carelessness could cause you to stay there forever.” Big beard Yuan Meng exhorted Yuan Hong.

“Why? You still don’t believe my strength? Just my archery alone could help me fend off everything, as long I am not that unlucky to encounter any spiritual root stage vicious beast. Or if ever had, perhaps I might even escape unscathed! ” Yuan Hong laughed as he speak the truth. He’s not being a braggart, rather he had his own reason to be this confident. Furthermore, there’s no vicious beast that was capable of hurting him within this place.


Everyone laughed at Yuan Hong words. This kid skin was truly thick, not even the least resemblance to his father. Possessing a superhuman strength in a very small age, this kid indeed have the ability to support his words.

“Yes, yes, Yuan Hong strength was even more terrifying than us right now. This was really a big help to us this time. If not for my family thin skin monkey competing with you, we wouldn’t even know how powerful you are. I really don’t know what thing this kid eat that suddenly make him this amazing.” Tiehou father face was full of envy. His son Houzi was not even near this kid progress!

There’s good and bad when comparing one’s talent. It’s not about the thickness of skin and not the effort one exert, rather, Yuan Hong progress was simply too fast. To be born intimately with the Great Dao, its just excessively heaven-defying and nothing more.

“Right, among the younger generation, Yuan Hong strength was considered second to none, continuously chasing us adults. Ai, we have already lived for dozens of years, yet this kid was merely cultivating for not even half a year, totally making us blush on shame ah!

Just what they said, Yuan Hong talent bring an extreme happiness on the whole tribe. Such talent was bound to become a terrific figure in the future. All of them could only endlessly sigh with emotion. The boundless Great Dao; some people were abounded in gifts of nature, a natural talent that was peerless like a blazing sun, bright as if morning stars, akin to a bright moon hanging in the sky to be admired by everyone.

This was their tribe hope. Perhaps, he would leave and walk to be an illustrious individual to make a name for himself at this vast wilderness.

“You group of geezers, stop praising him overly. We cultivate step by step and challenged every difficulty by depending on our unceasing determination to keep forward. Drawing the Yuan qi of heaven and earth to temper our mortal body, and thoroughly refined our sea of qi. Cultivating martial path was indeed important, yet what was even more important was a heart that could overrun all fortifications. Be careful or this kid conceitedness would climb up to his head that could cause him to see everybody beneath his feet!” Yuan Meng heard everyone praises about Yuan Hong talent, hence he deliberately call their attention to remind them.

Everybody suddenly woke up in reality. This kid was after all still young and unable to bear such flatteries. What big beard said was right. In the martial path of cultivation, determination was also significant like talent. By not letting this kid to be arrogant could help him cultivate his mentality and way of thinking.

Yuan Hong was naturally aware of his uncle intentions. Young one’s enjoyed being bath on glory and honour. However, in this vast wilderness, there’s no lack of genius dying on shortly, being submerged into the torrent of the long river and vanishing without the least bit track.

There were some who only got mediocre talent, yet managed to stand towering like a giant among the pinnacle of their era. Bursting with limitless glory, along with the resplendent akin to the rays emitted by the stars and constellations, relying on their supreme willpower that could hack through brambles and thorns. They had supreme knowledge on comprehending Great Dao’s and manipulating laws, having a might that could shake ten thousands of miles. This was pass from mouth to mouth by common people around the world and worshipped these geniuses as Gods and Deities

“Uncle Yuan Meng, I know what you wanted to say. In my eyes, the road of cultivation was not an ordinary path. An indescribable force with three thousand Great Daos and millions upon millions of laws. The Great Dao which bear to the heaven and earth and nurtured all things. My path was to pursue what my heart seeks, owning an unmatched belief and conviction. I would watch everything and act according to my principles.”

“I would not forgive those who act cruelly. Not tolerate those faithless and heartless who belittle others. Not in the least trust those who forget everything for the sake of profit. Selfish or those who bore ill intent won’t also have the chance to enter my path.
The heaven had its own judgements, so am I. Even if they were devils that could shock the heaven by their fists, but if they choose to obstruct my way, I would still beat them to death, and fight them up to the sky.”

Yuan Hong heart was clear and pure as he said these, a completely smooth and round determination. After saying all of these, it seems his understanding towards his path became even more profound than before. As it goes without saying, cultivating the Great Dao required ones to be bold, having an unmatched conviction. Firmly believing oneself to annihilate everything.

Everyone’s heart was on a complete mess. All of them were on shock, shaking like a leaf. Big beard Yuan Meng heart had also turned upside down. Are these the words that a kid could just normally say? Isn’t this kid not even 12 years old yet?

Unmatched on itself, know to distinguish what’s wrong and right, to kill up to that blue sky!

Even though he was still far from that, he can’t still help himself but to think this. There are no rules above this vast wilderness, as endless vicious beasts and vast domains scattered everywhere. After all, he might just found himself walking through the corner of the blue ocean in the end.

Who would be brave enough to firmly believe himself? Who would be daring to put out the judgment on what’s evil or good? Great wisdom, knowledge, boldness, and deep determination. All great figures would surely turn pale once this kind of person started walking on this narrow road.

The future was not unchangeable, even if the talent is only mediocre, it could still illuminate its brilliance in this world, as though the sun across the sky, along with sing of praises of all living creatures.

This is not just willpower alone. One required to have a deep understanding, at the same time an unshakable Dao. For a youth to actually have this cognition, this was simply frightening!

Could it be… this kid was a reincarnation of an ancient almighty who had awaken a part of his memory? Regardless of what this kid is, this kid was still a part of our Yuan family. The blood of our ancestors was also flowing on this kid body. Truly my clan fortune! The heaven bless our Yuan family!

“Good! Good! Good!” Yuan Meng simultaneously blurted the word good three times, with a shock and agitation expression on his face, as well brimming with color.

Everybody step backwards as they inhaled a mouthful of cold air. Just this determination, could inevitably make him famous throughout this world!

“Good boy, I, Yuan Meng, greatly admire you!”

At this moment, Yuan Meng had truly been convinced by Yuan Hong. With this kind of determination, there would be no way that external things could disturb him. A willpower akin to a sharp sword, bold without concealing its edge, indestructible and impregnable.

This person was born to stand like a giant in this world. It’s a pity that my Yuan family was only a small tribe, merely a branch and too trivial to mention. This child should be born to a big tribe instead!

Big beard Yuan Meng could only sigh with emotion. It seems I need to discuss this matter to those geezers once I returned!

Amidst their conversation, the group had finally arrived at their destination. Innumerable mountains appeared before their eyes, filled with savage and wild odour, as a strand of primeval breath assaulted their senses. This was indeed a place that could make one shiver.

The Thousand Devil Ridge mountain chains right at this moment appeared before them. It felt like there’s an ancient vicious beast sleeping inside; ominous, unparalleled, and powerful. A dreadful demon that could penetrate the heaven and earth and swallow all the life in this world, wishing for the blood to flow like river in this land. All living creatures cried in sorrow, with enmity on their soul as they denounced the heaven and earth.

A powerful force coming from one’s soul.

“The depths of this mountain range was filled with extremely frightening things, but also big fortunes! Merely this kind of opportunity was unusual by larger extent that not even Almighty’s would dip their hands in.”

Big beard Yuan Meng feel sorry in his heart, aware that not even those large tribes would not easily set their foot in here, or else these fortunes would already be long taken away, and not remained untouched. Certainly letting them feel whats the word frightening.

Yuan Hong gazed at the boundless mountain chain in front of him. A huge sun hung in the sky, and below were numbers of lofty ancient mountains that spread all over the thousand devil ridge, together with a big pond flowing ceaselessly, that give birth to incessant lives.

In it were inexhaustible treasures, old medicines, and dense spiritual influence that turn this place into a land of natural resources. As if it could hold a part of the heaven and earth. Laying down a grandiose array to open out a peaceful and tranquil land, that was capable of making a tribe to become formidable and powerful.

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