Immortal Ape King – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Clan Hunting

This tyrannical flesh just proved the fact that Yuan Hong really cultivated the Demon Ape Great Fist. His body’s strength that had been developed through his flesh and blood and surging ceaselessly was even more frightening than a vicious beast.

His qi and blood appeared like a vast ocean, as though the sun that could burn the mankind. Galloping forward as it sent out its endless might which was extremely dreadful. Even more, Yuan Hong was only less than thirteen years old this year! For a youth to have this rich and powerful life source at this vast wilderness, this could only be described as sheerly horrifying!

No matter what you think, no one could imagine that such talent would emerge in this tiny tribe. It was like the stars across the sky, that was bound to shed its rays in all directions.

If Yuan Hong constantly achieved a breakthrough through the Demon Ape Great Fist and cultivated it into a satisfactory level, no one can’t say for sure if he could shatter the shackles of the heaven and earth. Drawing the heaven and earth strength to befallen from the Houtian transformation up to Xiantian, and cleanse the mortal body that could even rival those Fiendgods.

Ever since the human race grasped the tempering and refining law of the mortal body, large numbers of fierce constitution have been born that was on par with Fiendgods. Even surmounting the latter monstrous physique, bringing an indestructible body.

Since then, the human race occupied a role to play between the heaven and earth.¹
Whereas influential clans produced countless heaven defying experts. Freeing their selves in cracks to survive and reproduce in this vast wilderness.

(Tl: a proper place (or standing); a niche)

When the time that the world just began and all living things just started, the world contained limitless great fortunes. There are three thousand Great Dao and beneath were hundreds of millions of laws. Along with the power of the heaven and earth that give birth to numerous Xiantian beings.

These beings were born from the heaven and earth, obtaining its lavish affection. They were born intimately with the laws, personally owning divine abilities and also having a tyrannical flesh that was worthy to be called a treasured body. All in all, it was totally heaven defying to the extent that they could bend any rules, and manipulate it as their own strength. A combat strength without equal that could arouse terror to anyone.

Capable of plucking the stars, seizing the moon, devouring the galaxy, flattening the mountains and reducing it into ashes with just a wave of one’s hand. Furthermore, a noble blood lineage with the fortune of the abstruse truth. Such beings we’re cultivators known as fiendgods, whose born from the heaven and earth.

The number of fiendgods isn’t that much. Especially the time that the heaven and earth just began, when bringing forth fiendgods was even more lacking. Each of these peerless existences possessed infinite martial prowess and magical power, even the fact that they were also rude and unreasonable beings.

The fortune of the heaven and earth was truly inexhaustible even it gave life to yet another group of Fiendgods. These Fiendgods were called Houtian Fiendgods, whose body was still tyrannical as before and much powerful than this world cultivators.

These information’s were things that Yuan Hong learn from the Martial Skill Pavilion. Employing his insight to look at the life evolution, he also learned that such body of a fiendgod could achieve through Houtian evolution.

The crowd of youngster’s hearing Yuan Hong explanation were greatly surprised. Sure enough, after surviving a great disaster, one is bound to have good fortune in later years, ah! However, this youth was really daring to cultivate the Demon Ape Great Fist, he sure has guts.

All of them knew how powerful that boxing technique is, and without a doughty body, it was simply impossible to cultivate that technique. Not just that, one also need the aid of spiritual medicines. If not, it would lead to your bones and muscles breaking into pieces. Yuan Hong was capable of cultivating this because of the efficacy of the medicines within his body, which seems possible to them.

“Yuan Hong, your luck was really big to become a genius after falling ill. All of a sudden leaving us behind, and even Daniu.” Mengzi happily said to Yuan Hong.

“Yes, yes, with your strength right now, you would be able to participate in the upcoming clan hunting half a month from now on. After all, it’s not long before the food in the village dwindled, then that’s the time to hunt some vicious beasts.” Raising crops in this vast wilderness was not that good. Hence, from time to time they would venture the mountains and hunt some vicious beasts. Storing food for the people in the clan to survive.

Everyone gave commentaries on Yuan Hong present strength and would soon participate in the hunt later. At that time, the older generation would gather the people that would go to the mountains to hunt vicious beasts, and replenish blood food.

This is the way of a man on how to survive in this vast wilderness. Slaughter accompanied by lifeblood, and to fight for their tribe to continue until its last drop of blood.

This was passed on from teachers to students, one generation to another. For generations, ancestors hand down their will before they leave in this world. Similar on creating a cultivation in this vast wilderness, which led to the emergence of powerful figures in large numbers.

It was difficult to survive in this vast wilderness. In all places, one could see ancient wood forests, endless towering mountains, surging great rivers, and vicious beasts that put the human race in constant danger.

Just food troubled many tribes. A few small tribes frequently experienced a shortage of foods, while hunting vicious beasts any time could take away their lives.

For vicious beasts, humans were the best blood food.

Every month, the Yuan tribe would require to leave and replenish the tribe blood food. Hunting vicious beasts, and collecting medicinal materials inside the mountain. Usually, it would always lead by an expert, and this expert was undoubtedly professional.

“I’ve also heard last time when my father and some elders were chatting about the lack of food in the storage. And base on it, it seems it won’t be long before they go into the mountains. I hope dad and the others could make it safe and sound, and bring back sufficient blood food.” Shitou worriedly said.

Yuan Hong brow creased while listening to what they were saying. In this sort of almost primitive community, food was being safeguarded by people in order to survive.

“The last time the village men entered the mountain they suffered severe injuries. It takes them more than a month before it slowly improved and finally pacified down. You must be careful Yuan Hong.” Everybody discuss it over to Yuan Hong.

“Last time they went into the depths of the mountains with Uncle Yuan Meng, and run into a leader spiritual root stage vicious beast. It was incomparably ferocious with a body that impervious to sword and spear, if not for Uncle Yuan Meng outstanding archery, perhaps father and them, would not have the chance to return.”

Daniu father was also there that time. When he returned, he was extremely frightened in his heart. Fortunately, there are no casualties, and Yuan Meng managed to injured that vicious beast, that caused it to fled into the depth of the mountain forest.

Only a few of his Uncles could battle this time until the others could fully back from lying in the bed. Fortunately, they could just go uphill to gather enough old medicines and mix it with vicious beast refined blood that has the ability to slowly heal their injuries.

Yuan Hong was already powerful with his actual strength right now, while ordinary vicious beasts were absolutely not his opponent. With his violent Demon Ape Great Fist combined with Yuan Hong flesh akin to a vicious beast, within the 8th weight qi level, he was perfectly confident.

It just happens that he needed to test his recent gains soon, like his archery that have already cross the threshold. For example not missing the target like a lightning, a force that could cause terror to anyone. Presently, entering the mountains to kill and hunt vicious beasts was a must, but also to become a part of the tribe strength.

Yuan Hong lifting the three-legged caldron was a matter that quickly spread in the village. Provoking a burst of no small movements. The village elders were so excited that they seemed to have been injected with a chicken blood. Each of them had broad smiles on their face as their beard fluttered upward.

“Yi, third grandpa, your beard was floating up!”.Tiehou younger brother XiaoHouzi, about two or three years old make eyes on the third elder who just spoke. An appearance of clever and shrewd monkey, that seems more naughtier than his brother Tiehou.

(Make eyes mean, you look at them in a way which shows that you find them attractive and which intended to get their attention.)

(Tiehou – iron monkey. Xiaohouzi – little monkey. Monkey or naughty in dialect.)

“A child play, you’re still small for a hair, kid.”

Not just him(third grandpa), even his uncles were greatly surprised without exception. They were extremely glad in their heart that their village finally produced a peerless genius. Later on, his achievement can’t be measured for sure. What they all felt for Yuan Hong was sincere happiness.

“Changqing, ah! Your son talent was so high! Why don’t you mentioned it before?”

Even the clan chief came, with its mouth blossoming quickly in happiness.

“Eldest Uncle, I’ve also just discovered this kid talent recently. We’ve watched this kid since small, and we’ve known that ever since he fell ill, he thoroughly change into a different person. Not only that, he also became very sensible, and even his talent surprisingly become high. It seems he awakened amidst the night, and a hole had been poked on his head. Then after this, he cultivated by himself. He also recently told me about his talent.”

Yuan Changqing respectfully answered the former. As the chief head spoke.

“It appeared that this child was a prodigious genius. In this vast wilderness, there was no lack of genius who awaken in one night. Anyway, this was still a blessing for my Yuan clan to have a terrific figure in the future.”

“With the upcoming clan hunt, let the boy join to see the world and enrich his experience, as well property temper himself.”

The chief head Yuan Chong kindly said. Both of his eyes were glimmering and shining while looking at Yuan Hong. Although this person body appeared withered, nevertheless, like Yuan Changqing, this person was a genuine spiritual root cultivator as well.

Their clan could finally produce a genius if he could be properly nurtured, ah! It’s a pity that Yuan clan was just a small tribe. If he stays here long, he was certain that this kid talent would be bound to be buried here, ah! The clan chief incessantly sighed with emotion.

Naturally, Yuan Changqing respectfully agreed.

The following days, the village residents get ready for entering the mountains. With regards to the Yuan clan villagers, repeatedly discussing about being cautious and prudent. Each of their hunting in the mountains was a matter that always pulled people heart, looking forward for them to return safe and sound.

The sky was faintly bright and the moisture was also quite heavy. There’s seems a brief calmness in the distant mountain forest, where the Yuan qi of heaven and earth was dense and rich, issuing a slight fog mist that drifting away. The village clan members got up early. Whether elderly or children, all of them were standing before the village martial arts training field.

A row of able-bodied male, numbering on somewhat twenty people without exception have iron arrows in their back and firmly holding a long bow in their hands. Each and everyone were hardcovered of exuberant qi and blood, filled with an aggressive atmosphere. Each of them possessed a cultivation that appeared to be not low, stating that they were all the village experts.

Prior to the hunt, they’ve first offered sacrifices for their deceased ancestors. Praying to their ancestors to bless and protect everybody, for them to garnered enough food and all could return safely. The big three-legged stone caldron last time stood above the incense burner table. On top of that were sacrificial offerings, under the clan chief leadership who’s kowtowing in the center.

(Long altar on which incense burner are placed)

This was their Yuan clan custom until now, thanking their ancestors for grace and benevolence. Letting the clan members understand that surviving was not easy and one must know to cherish their life in their heart.

Yuan Hong was also there with the red python bow on his back, looking stern and solemn. This time, the head of the group was still his Uncle Yuan Meng, while his father acts as the most powerful person to guard the village, defending the tribe on danger.

“Dad! you must be careful and come back safely. ”

“Shoucheng! return safely! I, with your children, would always be in the home to wait for you.”


The clan members were reluctant to part in their heart. Although this already happen not just once, yet they were still worried. All of them were anxious and put on their guard. Blood was thicker than water that had long severed their constant affection.

“Set out!” Big beard Yuan Meng loud shout resonated in all directions akin to the sound of thunder, brimming with momentum.

A group of people started moving swift and vigorous. Heading towards into the distant mountains with an imposing manner as if fierce tigers like a group of wolves. Between a blink of an eye, they’ve already disappeared. Next to the direction of the mountain range, onwards to the distant evil ridge.

There is not a single concerned in Yuan Hong heart. After all, these were their village experts and all of them are masters. Each of them had cultivation that was definitely not low, and whole body strength not at all small. The place that they would enter was the Evil Ridge, and besides, they wouldn’t dare to penetrate it, and only planned to venture the outskirts. Whereas a number of qi stage vicious beasts could be found, while spiritual root stage vicious beasts were quite rare to appeared there.

To hunt more than enough for food.

later on

血食 I tried to search for the meaning of this term in baidu, and what appeared was. It was used as a kind of offerings, like that. Killing animals and taking their blood to offer as sacrifice.
It seems used like food, or nutrients like that.

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