Immortal Ape King – Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: A Juvenile Might

Dozens of youngsters indeed have doubts and questions to Yuan Hong on why he turned towards the direction of the three-legged stone caldron. Daniu (big ox) strength among his peers was the greatest inside the clan. Even the village elders praised him endlessly that in the future would be their tribe expert. Promising to set sail on the great wilderness from afar its achievements would definitely not few.

Yuan Hong strength was indeed not small, still, everyone believed that it won’t exceed Daniu.

Each and every one of them shown excitement all over their face. Wanting to see how would Yuan Hong surpass Daniu. This kid strength for what reason grew in such speed, to the length of being confident on overtaking Daniu.

The Big cyan three-legged stone caldron was two meters in height, which is left by their ancestors. Its upper surface lines and texture was clear yet mysterious. Below were images of beautiful landscape of mountains and rivers, extending forever into the distant mountain range and sea. Above was the galaxy where the two heavenly bodies, the sun, and moon that enshrouded the sky and simultaneously illuminates.

Painting of flowers, birds, fishes, plants, trees, crystallized rocks, and various kinds of mythological beast vivid into reality. A true dragon swaying its tail, a celestial being wings that covered the sky, a Suan ni swallowing the thunder and unleashing light, a Taotie inhaling the stars and constellations, and ancient people offering sacrifices; lingering a kind of primitive atmosphere, as if the power of time was circulating around.

(Tl: a suan ni is one of the nine legendary dragon-lion hybrid beast.)

Yuan Hong move beneath the three-legged stone caldron, walking around in its body in a circle. The three-legged stone caldron weight was roughly nine thousand jin, with his extraordinary strength of ten thousand jin, lifting it was still in his grasp if he spared no efforts.

This was answered by the crowd slow-witted reaction, realizing what Yuan Hong intended to do. All of them were deeply shocked and stunned in their mind. Wishing to lift that three-legged stone caldron? Is he crazy? That big three-legged stone caldron possessed a weight of nine thousand jin, even Daniu strength cannot frighten other people like this!

“Haha, Yuan Hong, you want to lift that three-legged stone caldron because you’ve lost that made you peeved and piqued, don’t you? I, being defeated by this blockhead Daniu won’t lose me a face!” Tiehou (iron monkey) just lost to Yuan Hong a moment ago, hence now, one could see a thief smile on his face.

“Yes yes, ah, Yuan Hong, it’s still better for us to choose these speck of carved stones for competition, also do not select that three-legged stone caldron left by our ancestors.” Shitou(stone head) face look simple and honest while persuading Yuan Hong.

“Well, well, Yuan Hong, as long as you could lift that three thousand jin carved stone it would be count as your win, how about it?” Daniu (big ox) guessed that Yuan Hong felt wronged with himself, therefore, he hurriedly smile and advised Yuan Hong.

Yuan Hong heard everyone persuasions and advises on him. He was not depressed at all, on the contrary, he was extremely happy. He was aware that they were only concerned about him, after all, they grew together with their naked ass since small, playing and cultivating together. Having sincere feelings without the least bit of blemishes.

“You’re a big cow, stop looking down on me. I, Yuan Hong was the heaven, the wise and brilliant God, born with an unmatchable bearing. Today, I would let you see what’s a real genius.” Looking upon them, Yuan Hong smiled.

(Tl: big ox/cattle – daniu)

Instantly, a burst of laughing sounds exploded in the training martial arts field. This brother of them was too confident on himself, and surely know how to brag. Looking at his lively face getting thicker and thicker without a tinge of tiredness, they didn’t feel annoyed at all instead they were happy and pleased with themselves.

(Tl: self and content.
Face thick – bragging about oneself)

Everyone laughed heartily as they watched Yuan Hong, such big tone, no doubt this was their monkey brother. This three-legged stone caldron possessed a weight of nine thousand jin, all of them watched him on how would he get off this hook.

Yuan Hong expression turned solemn. Operating all of his strength, suddenly, rolling thunderous sounds disseminated all over his body. His galloping qi and blood were extremely exuberant, that even from a far, one could sense a kind of terrifying aura. It was like a mouthful volcano brewing a measureless energy, that once erupted it would annihilate everything and bury the world.

With his black hair hanging down loosely, he seemed to be an embodiment of the Evil God son. An immeasurable supernatural power, and eyes like bright stars. His blood produced a crashing sound as it flows in a high speed, arousing the sound of the wind and thunder everywhere.

A strand of ferocious breath suffuse around, yet, sheerly domineering and unyielding. Throughout this days, Yuan Hong would often venture the mountains to engaged a life and death battle on those vicious beasts. This left him unaware on how much blood was stained on his hands. The feeling his body gives compared to those savage and brutal vicious beasts was even more ferocious.

Long ago, various race’s would always cultivate their aura from young that assist them in confronting cultivators. If Yuan Hong could merge it with his own fist intent, it would undoubtedly struck terror to everyone. This clearly belonged to spiritual suppression. When life sublime and transform, the soul would become even nobler. The willpower would become as hard as a metal and smooth as a fine jade. Pure and bright, noble and unsullied, without being dyed by this world dusts. Intimate with the Dao while bearing light in the darkest times.

Yuan Hong didn’t deliberately control his own aura, but he also didn’t played fully that kind of roaring war intent and tyrannical fist intent, otherwise, these tiny youths wouldn’t standing right now, and have long ago stoop on the ground while trembling endlessly.

In the Martial arts training field, the group of youngster’s were frightened that they staggered backward. Their hair actually erected, unable to stand that kind of scorching qi and blood. Their face showed a shocked expression at the same time their heart felt cold. Is this still the Yuan Hong they know?  If not for them growing together since childhood they would think that this was not Yuan Hong but a strange species that run out in the mountains!

This kind of scorching vitality and tyrannical aura, made them feel like they were directly facing an ancient vicious beast and not a person. An inauspicious might that desired to swallow the world and absorb boundless blood eclipse. When blood flows ten thousand miles away, all living creatures cried in sorrow, while the sun and moon became dim and lustreless. Yuan Hong brandished both of his arms that have been refined like a steel and build with a strength as strong as an ox. Grabbing the three-legged stone caldron below, Yuan Hong exerted all of his strength as he stomped his right foot on the ground. A loud sound of explosion resounded as the earth surface he was standing trembled and immediately shattered into pieces while rubbles and specks of dust flew away.


“Rise!” With a loud shout, his two arms burst forth in power then all of the sudden lifted the two meters three-legged stone caldron. Within his body, the extraordinary strength from his flesh and blood operated continuously, whereas his blood and qi were extremely terrifying.

The crowd of youngsters in the martial arts training field without exception were all stupefied to the point that their heart was shaking at utmost degree. Gasping their breath and tightly fixing their eyes on the youth in their front, that scene was exceedingly stunning.

A youth owning a delicate and pretty face that still haven’t yet shed its greenishness, and even barely reach fourteen years old. However, to lift that two meters high and nine thousand jin three-legged stone caldron, this was absolutely beyond the scope of they could tolerate. Even the village elders mention that even geniuses from large tribes would have it hard to lift this.

(Tl: young and inexperienced)

Perhaps if those almighty could see this they would be exceedingly happy and would take him in as a disciple, and nurture him properly. After all, such talent was rarely seen since ancient times.

Yuan Hong steps forward while still holding above the three-legged stone caldron, looking without the slightest fatigue. Facing those bosom friends of him, it was rare for him to show this kind of disposition. He was very pleased with himself as he turned towards the direction of Daniu, Tiehou, and Mengzi.

“See? As I said, I was born as a reincarnation of an immortal. A man who’s unconquerable under the heaven, with monstrous might together with the sun and moon, looking scornfully at the nine heaven and the ten earth. Humans!, you’ve had no choice but to believed!

Everybody were greatly embarrassed. This monkey face was even more thicker than his strength. It’s just that image of him on engulfing the world with an impressive might and a tyrannical youth, instantly vanish from the face of the earth.

Later, astonishment reflected on their face as they quickly surrounded Yuan Hong, especially Daniu. Although the latter age was not suited for his stature yet extremely tall and sturdy. Added by his rough voice like a reckless ox, and a skin that was built like a brass, he was literally akin to an iron tower that was feared by everyone.

Daniu adamantly stared at Yuan Hong, he didn’t believe such thin and small frame could muster that kind of superhuman strength. This kid from a serious illness became a bit different, and rarely see him in the village. It was only a few months yet it became this big?

Don’t tell me… falling ill could thoroughly remould one self? Or could it be… this kid was a true reincarnation of an immortal in the ancient times?
Or unexpectedly become enlighten and acquire a miraculous power? Previously he once listened to one if his elders discussing this topic and it seems this was possible.

(Tl: to shed one’s mortal body and exchange one’s bones (idiom); born again Daoist)

Yuan Hong both arms was still holding that three-legged stone caldron with his unending extraordinary strength. All of them felt nervous and panic in their heart as Yuan Hong look at them. Particularly Daniu, it was simply like staring and stripping naked a little girl, bearing a chill in their heart while all the hair on their body stood up.

Yuan Hong looks very relaxed as he leisurely lay down the three-legged stone caldron on its original place. He waved his worn out sleeve along with a strand of a faint breeze, without the smoke and fire of this world.


“Daniu, what’s that look? Still not convinced? If you can’t accept it, why not give it a try?” Yuan Hong looked at Daniu with a smug on his face.

“Convinced, convinced. I have yet that kind of strength. But Yuan Hong, how your strength become that big? Was it’s true that you’re an immortal from ancient times? Or in the end, you’ve drink a treasured blood of a dragon?” Daniu asked.

“Right right, ah! Yuan Hong, could you also tell us?” Dazhuang also asked.


All of them were full of curiosity, asking and throwing questions at Yuan Hong nonstop.

Naturally, they were not aware of the events occurred these past days, and the current Yuan Hong was not the same Yuan Hong in the past. At present, the new Yuan Hong had already merged with all the memories and emotions of the past Yuan Hong and had been long change into another person.

An out of this world talent and a firm determination, possessing a water attribute that corresponded with the Great Dao. A human flesh that had been tempered and refined like a steel and iron that was not inferior to a vicious beast. Furthermore, unexpectedly learning the truth through the Dao De Jing. A Great Dao Scripture which was plastered into his mind, where the Dao carried the highest fortune.

These changes even rendered Yuan Hong, that made him feel like a thick and big cocoon, fermenting a real transformation. Waiting for the flowers to bloom over with the deity rosy clouds and the time when it shone beautifully, it would then unfolded before one’s eyes it’s immortal splendour.

The present Yuan Hong was still in the constant transformation phase. His disposition and strength would still continue to improve, while the Demon Ape Great Fist second form approaching the Dacheng realm. His body’s physical strength that already has a strength of ten thousand jin, even him didn’t dare to imagine what he could achieve once he succeeded on cultivating all its six form. At the time his fist law reach a satisfactory level, on what realm would his strength reached?

Above the sea of qi was the whirlpool that would become more and more marvelous. As if drawing the abstruse meaning of the Great Dao of the Dao De Jing that would bring into unexpected changes and unusual inherent images. In the future would definitely develop into great abilities.

Especially, the incomplete spirit sea in his dantian in particular, that let the true qi within Yuan Hong body to appear like a vast ocean. Brimming with a strand of dense life breath, which also embodied into Yuan Hong life source.

Each of these fortunes were countless cultivators yearn for. Having a big fate, plus a future that couldn’t be forecast.

“Whats the cause or reason? This was because I, myself was a reincarnation of an immortal. One day I remembered my previous life that led me on gaining an enlightenment. I’ve seen three thousand worlds, and millions upon millions time and place. Where laws of Great Dao roared at my Godlike appearance.” Yuan Hong spouted one after another fabricated wild tales. Talking big sentence to sentence that almost blowing the heaven. His bragging ability could simply annihilate the luster of the stars.

Naturally, they would unlikely believe it. This monkey could boast page for page, that even ghosts would not believe him. They continued to tease and interrogate Yuan Hong endlessly. Still, all of them were still happy for Yuan Hong. Ah, indeed, one is bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster.

(Tl: After surviving a great disaster, one is bound to have good fortune in later years.)

“Alright, to tell the truth. When I’m still seriously ill, my father would always gather spiritual medicines. In addition, he would also hunt and kill vicious beasts in the remote mountain’s to collect their treasured blood to nurture my body. When my health turned good, later, I started on cultivating the Demon Ape Great Fist, and the efficiency of medicine burst out. My strength heightened rapidly, then there you have it my strength become like this.”

Yuan Hong naturally would not divulge his own secret to them. He right away pondered for an explanation and came with this to avoid any suspicions.

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