Immortal Ape King- Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Lifting the Three-legged Caldron

One by one, a large number of iron arrows sparkled chilly rays in the sky, accurately hitting the distant target. Within a month, Yuan Hong attained the foundation stage in archery. Finally counting him as a master in this field.

With a delicate and charming face, it was really unexpected for such a person to shoot an arrow like this. An arrow resembling a poisonous dragon, that had been released to look for a human to devour. It was sheerly astonishing for a very small age to have this kind of physical strength.

Suddenly, Yuan Hong leapt in the air. Quickly stretching his hand in his back and took out three dark iron arrows. Manipulating his strength towards his arm, then to the center of the Black Iron Bow, while drawing in a full moon shape.

Xiu! Xiu Xiu!


Three light sounds resounded simultaneously around. In his hands, the three iron arrows were like a fierce tiger that descended in the mountain to forage a flood dragon. Having an unimaginable speed, transforming into small meteors in a blink of an eye, flying madly into the distant mountain.

Hong! Hong! Hong!

Followed by the three loudly sounds were the three iron arrows hitting the target in the distant mountain with a tremendous force. Every place it hit had a bucket-sized hole. These three arrows of a Qi cultivator were extremely terrifying to the point that would leave an ordinary expert into a story state and could decide a person life between a blink of an eye.

The law of this arrows was already at the phase of proficiency.

“Good! Good! Good! Absolutely good.”

For Yuan Meng to say the word good three times, it just clearly shows how happy he is. He only teach archery to Yuan Hong because of Yuan Hong father request. In addition to him watching how Yuan Hong grew from a small age, hence, he gladly agreed.

But who would think that this boy would progress this much? Reaching the foundation stage within a year was regarded as pretty good.

The Dao of archery was different from ordinary Dao. One required not just comprehension, but also an unshakable determination, a talent to overrun all fortifications, and last was a heart that could pierce everything.

The unexpected was Yuan Hong extremely terrifying talent. An abnormally powerful flesh and a sturdy body that could endure an intense drill. Most of all was a determination like an unshakable iron, possessing a sharp aura.

“He was a freak, even those geniuses from larger tribes would be inferior to him on some extent!”

Yuan Meng sighed more than once, at the same time he was very happy. With a youth like this in their clan, in the future, their clan could soar and expand. His Yuan clan branch could also have the opportunity to return to the main clan.

Therefore, Yuan Meng within this one month poured all of his energy to train Yuan Hong. Even observing Yuan Hong archery every day for improvement. Yuan Hong was becoming stronger each transformation, including his momentum became powerful. Making Yuan Meng to be mouth agape all of the time.

With this, another month has passed. Although there are no changes in Yuan Hong cultivation, nevertheless, the increase of his physical strength was also not few. The Demon Ape Great Fist second form was near in reaching the Dacheng realm. Together with the vicious beast’s blood combined with the blood refining art, his flesh had been formidably tempered and refined.

Inside and outside was wholly integrated as one. The blood and qi within his body were dense like a vast ocean. A galloping lifeblood akin to a surging river. Bones that could match a steel in its toughness, that if one look inside, one could see a shining and white like-jade. Unusually thick and bulky meridians, and a smooth and fine jade-like skin. Even his hair was flickering with blue glimmer.

A free and natural disposition nearing a celestial being, just like a juvenile immortal.

Yuan Hong physical strength had already reached an extent of 10000 jin. In other words, Yuan Hong single arm now could wield a tremendous strength of 5000 jin. This was already equivalent to the general physical strength of a vicious beast. This was simply terrible. In a very small age of less than fifteen, only few could have this kind of body. It was hard to see even in ancient times, and at present what is more to be known as a monster. The world maybe loves this freak.

Each of his strikes was accompanied by thunderous sounds, resembling the sound from a war drum. The drum beats cross the time and space, spreading the sound from the ancient battlefield. Piercing the world, and condensed by the time and space. Where the battling sound of warriors with golden spears and armoured horses, rose from all directions.* Causing their blood to boil in excitement and soared with war intent. Warp with an armour while holding a long bronze spear. Struggling to burn their last drop of blood.

(Tl: Very powerful army)

Seems as if Yuan Hong fist intent was transforming, that even his will was tainted with that kind of formidable atmosphere. Waging war to the heaven that who ever block would die.

Yuan Hong decided to hide this secret. These bones and muscles thunderous sounds were absolutely not that simple. Furthermore, his blood vessels seem to have a type of powerful force. Yuan Hong guess that perhaps it was an atavism, a kind of particular physique.

Or else, Yuan Hong wouldn’t believe that this Demon Ape Great Fist would be this great. Even if it’s powerful, it’s impossible for his flesh to transform like this. Also, a greater part of it came from him.

“Your archery was already at the foundation stage to the point of being mastered. What come’s next was for you to cultivate continuously. You must have a determination to overcome everything, slowly pouring your will to the arrow you where holding and the power to penetrate anything.” Yuan Meng said as he walk towards Yuan Hong.

“Yes,” Yuan Hong answered.

Within this one month, Yuan Hong caught what beardy intention and its motive for instructing him. Although Yuan Meng was a little bit strict , nevertheless, it granted him improvement without mentioning their relationship.

He was a type of person who would forever remember a favour given to him. A drip of kindness must be repaid by another gushing spring of kindness.

Yuan Hong had his own principles. A person who might not in the least think twice for his enemies. Yet cared deeply for his parents and people who were connected to him by blood. Indeed, Yuan Hong was soft deep inside.

This simple Yuan family in the little village was his own roots!

For an instance, a spiritual root cultivator. When a qi cultivator reached the great perfection. The essence, qi and spirit in their body would condense into one, together with the spiritual source of the heaven and earth. It would take root through a cycle within the sea of qi, and as the Dao increase, it would start on drawing the essence of heaven and earth to grew itself.

As his understanding goes higher, the spiritual root would bring qualitative changes. In it was opportunity depending to a person fortune.

Each and every living things were connected and originated from Dao Laws.

After bidding farewell to Yuan Meng, Yuan Hong turned around and headed to the direction of Uncle black. After all the black horn bow strength could not meet his demand anymore. Whereas both of his arms could bring a physical strength of 10000 jin, if not for Yuan Hong manipulating his physical strength, the Black Horn Bow would undoubtedly be broken long ago.

It’s very likely that the moment he grips the black horn bow, he wouldn’t have a chance to bring his greatest advantage. But when Yuan Hong gets his hand on a suitable bow for his strength, it would surely struck terror to his foe’s.

Coming near the weapon warehouse, Yuan Hong could hear a hammering sounds in the distant. He advanced forward to look for uncle black and told the latter his purpose on coming, who was totally shocked by what he said.

“What do you say? The black horn bow was already not fitted for you? Little monkey, you’re still young, so how were you able to have that tremendous strength? Yuan Meng was taken a back for a bit, yet still not really trusted Yuan Hong words.

“Uncle Black, if you didn’t believe me, then I’ll show it to you.” Yuan Hong laugh and said.

Following his words, Yuan Hong took out the black horn bow behind his back, and lightly pull the bowstring with his right hand. He stretches his right arm and a shady rays emerged from the black horn bow, while all of a sudden have been pull into a full moon shape.

“This… It’s indeed true!” This time, Uncle Black was truly frightened on Yuan Hong. For a very small age of twelve years old to have this kind of strength, it was simply a vicious beast bastard.

“Good! Finally, the God bless our Yuan family! When you trodden your path, we elders only ask for you to take our Yuan family under your wings.”

Uncle black seeing how great Yuan Hong talent felt his mind comfortable. A genius like this in their clan was a situation worthy of celebration.

If that Uncle black knew that Yuan Hong actual strength was far more than this, and was capable of drawing the Red Python Bow into a full circle. His expression would not be just limited to this.

At Yuan Hong request, uncle black took the red python bow, which is said the most suitable for Yuan Hong right now. Its entire body was covered with crimson colour and layer upon layer of scales, formed into decorative patterns. With its thick bowstring, spreading brilliant rays and sending a strand of ferocious breath.

The village martial arts training field was unusually lively today. For this day, Yuan Hong didn’t leave early to cultivate his boxing skill in the mountain valley, and return late just to compete fiercely with vicious beasts in the mountain, or either with Yuan Meng to train his archery.

Usually, he basically doesn’t have much time to spend in the village. Each and everyone youngster there were bare handed, revealing their finely upper body. Where shouting sounds rise from all directions while comparing their physical strength.

Located in the martial arts training field were rows of carved stones in different sizes. Having a weight from a few hundred jins to several thousand jins, and not just limited to that, but there also a large limestone with three legs of a tripod that contained a weight eighth to nine thousand jin.

There he saw Tiehou, Daniu, Shitou, Heihu, Mengzi, and Dazhuang. All of his best friends who lives and cultivates with him since childhood. The Yuan clan population in this village was not that many. They cared for each other, unlike those brothers in larger tribes who acted indifferent towards other people.

(Tl: Iron monkey, Big Ox ,Stone head, Black Tiger, Dazhuang, Mengzi ) these were their english names. Anyway, what do you think? Remained it like that or go with English names?)

“Yi, Yuan Hong came.”

A number of youngster’s noticed Yuan Hong then run happily towards him. In the past, Yuan Hong was seriously ill, they were worried and anxious for the former string of actions. Until Yuan Hong health get better that let their heart to put in relief.

This made Yuan Hong especially touched, and cherished these people who were tied in him by blood. Yes, this tribe was his own roots.

“Come come come, Yuan Hong, you boy still have the time to come here. We could only see you few times in the village! You boy was so busy these past few days!” Daniu stature was the tallest in his peers. Quickly, a two meters resembling a small giant with a heavy voice pulled Yuan Hong and said.

“We frequently compared our physical strength. Yuan Hong, my progress recently was not that small, even my father praised me. Now, my physical strength had reached a thousand jin or more. Awesome, right?. After you lose, don’t say that I bullied you.”

Tiehou figure was small and thin yet incomparably shrewd and true. A face like a clever monkey, coupled with its naughty manner.

Mengzi, Shitou, after one and another, began on enthusiastically surrounding him. Yuan Hong also came in the mood, feeling very happy.

“Fine, if you want to compare then let’s compare. Tiehou, be ready to lose and don’t be redden.” (In shame)

Yuan Hong directly walk before a two thousand jin carved stone. One of his hand held the carved stone then with both of his arms, abruptly lift it up. Looking relaxed and naturally, without even the slightest bead of sweat. Even somewhat look as if it’s expected.

With Yuan Hong flesh right now, a two thousand jin was just a convenient wave of his hand, not worthy of an effort.

Everyone was greatly shocked,
“Good gracious! Is this for real? Yuan Hong, you kid what were you eating these past months? Did you ate the mountain God medicine, or drink a true dragon blood?”

Tiehou saw Yuan Hong strength become this big, his startled mouth can’t even shut on its own!

“You’re a good person Yuan Hong, and your physical strength was also not that bad.* However, don’t be pleased with yourself until you watch me.” Daniu went to the front of a big carved stone that weight three thousand jin. Holding with both of his arms, tendons like earthworms appeared as it twists and bends. Giving a loud shout, all of a sudden the carved stone was lifted.

( Used to praise somebody moral integrity or courage.)

Among all, Daniu physical strength was the greatest. His talent was also not to be underestimated. At least in larger tribes, he could be regarded as a genius.

“This indeed had something, but don’t look down upon me. I would broaden your knowledge and let you see what is your so-called superhuman strength.” Yuan Hong turned around and face the big three-legged stone caldron, then began walking in that direction. Everyone was surprised on what he plans to do. Could it be that… but lifting that three-legged stone caldron was basically impossible!

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