Immortal Ape King – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Entering the Door of Archery

Ever since the ancient times, lots of people were striving hard and exhausting themselves in order to fulfill their conviction. In the center of millions upon millions of people, refers as fiber that often sticks through a sack of wheat*.

(Tl: talent revealing itself, talent being fully exposed)

A momentum that could devour the galaxy, looking scornfully beneath the heaven. Overlooking the famine of the eight universes while harboring an overbearing attitude.

Terrifying to the point that people could only raise their head and concede, whereas cultivators from the older generation could only sigh with emotion. A type of encouraging era for them, yet it also brought deep sorrows to everyone.

The law of heaven was indeed ruthless. How many hearts were hoping to live young for years, and not to be drift by the river of time, dying without having a chance to shine!

For Yuan Hong, true strength came from the heart. There are 3000 Great Dao and hundred and millions of laws, not only existed in the universe but also in one’s heart and mind. Possessing unfathomable and endless supernatural powers. To the Greatest Sage Scripture, indeed, it was necessary to master, but what makes it hard was the moment when you conquer the heart.

Because the universe exists in one’s heart, the heart had no boundaries, boundless like the universe, with a thought could bloom flowers.

Yuan Hong had a clear understanding concerning his own way. Couple with his deep and profound perception, unshakable determination, and a formidable soul that changed through realization.

The teaching of the Dao De Jing Scripture had already imprinted in his mind. Owning a type of temperament, different in this world. In addition to his originally handsome face, people can’t refrain from casting sidelong glances*.

(Expressing fear and indignation )

Yuan Hong stood above a bluestone, with a stroke of a faintly cool breeze, revealing his handsome face and long eye brows. Couple with his jade-like skin, gleaming with faint jade rays. A naturally loosely hanging down long hair, overflowing with splendour light.

Unearthly and refined, surrounded by pale steam around, filled with beautiful and flawless spiritual nature. This kind of temperament was absolutely rare, like the brightest moon, hanging in the night sky; sacred and not stained by the flames of war in this world.

Yuan Hong awe-inspiring image was like a deity in this world. As though, there’s a rising steam between the flick of his eyes. A flowing river, seemingly containing faint symbols and characters flashing in his mind.

“A great fortune, a really big fortune! It turned out that the Dao De Jing was a supreme Scripture of the Dao. Every verse and character imply how the heavenly laws operated. Possessing immeasurable profound theory, developing into the Great Dao of the heaven and earth. Turning into miraculous Great Dao characters.”

Sensing the changes in his own self, Yuan Hong heart could not help but to jump in excitement.

In his previous life in earth, the Dao De Jing was regarded as a supreme classic of Daoist schools. However, it could only grant inspiration to a person, deriving great wisdom and knowledge. Nevertheless, the Yuan qi of heaven and earth in his past life was incomparably minuscule compared to this world. Incapable of cultivating, thus resulted to the Dao De Jing unable to display its true colors.

This word was undoubtedly different. Having an extremely rich yuan qi of heaven and earth, letting cultivators suitable in the road of cultivation.

The Dao De Jing classic flow into Yuan Hong mind as the Great Dao operates, showing various dao images.
Yet, this level was still fairly low. Once Yuan Hong improved, studying Dao Scripture could develop into whopping remarkable abilities.

These circumstances completely surpassed Yuan Hong expectations, boosting his confidence. Nevertheless, this is a deep knowledge about the truth. Just in case, Yuan Hong decided to never divulge this information to anyone, even the people closest to him.

It’s not that Yuan Hong doesn’t trust his family, it’s just that human nature was honestly complicated. An ordinary man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime, this was what Yuan Hong experienced back in the earth.

For the sake of a family property, brotherly relationship was being thrown away. A story of father and son destroying each other was also not few.

Even if he imparted the Dao De Jing Scripture into the tribe, they would unlikely able to comprehend it. Furthermore, it might bring disaster and extermination to everyone.

One who fails to see far will find trouble at his doorstep! Being vigilant even in peace times could let you live a long life.

(Tl: *He who gives no thought to difficulties in the future is sure to be beset by worries much closer at hand.
*Live in peace but think about danger.)

Learning the Dao was not that easy. Yuan Hong, merely painted the Dao De Jing Scripture in his mind, among them contained marvelous things waiting to be excavated.
“It’s possible that my arrival in this world was not an accident, and myths and tales from ancient times in China was not necessarily unreal. Those forgotten existence who had been long buried by the river of time, like Lao Zi, Buddha, Yuanshi Tianzun, Tongtian Jiaozhu, Nuwa, and Fuxi… Looks like these mythical figures we’re not just baseless claim. Sooner or later, there would be a day that I would find out what’s real.”

*Yuanshi Tianzun is the celestial venerable of the primordial beginning or the primal lord of the heaven, also one of the highest deities of Taoism.
*Tongtian Jiaozhun – sometimes translated as Grand master of Heaven, third disciple of Hongjun Laozu and younger brother of Yuanshi Tianzun and Taishang Laojun.
*Nuwa – goddess of order who created mankind and saved the world from destruction.
*Fuxi – one of the three sovereigns of the chinese history.)

Composing himself, Yuan Hong quickly pondered a lot of questions and problems in his mind. Discovering that things were not that simple.

“Since I’m here, might as well stay and make the best of it. I, Yuan Hong, would not ever agree to be bind by the heaven. No matter what happened my body would be unrestrained and free. Now that I have this chance, it was inevitable to pursue the eternal being of the heart.”

(TL: If you can’t do anything to prevent it, you might as well sit back and enjoy it.)

At present, Yuan Hong knew to himself that he was still too weak and small, and some things might take time for him to understand.

After reckoning all of these, Yuan Hong completely threw these things at the back of his mind. What important right now was to cultivate, like what they said, every step leave its print.

(Tl: work steadily and make solid progress )

A Qi level cultivator in the 5th weight possessing a flesh that could easily unleash a strength of 7000 jin. Gaining minor achievement in the second form of the Demon Ape Great Fist, increasing his fighting capabilities by several times.
He was already strong and bold with his current level.

Yuan Hong surmised that if he spared no effort, perhaps beheading an 8th weight qi cultivator was approximately not a problem. As for a 9th weight qi expert, even if he was not its match, he would still have a spare energy to escape.

After attaining enlightenment, his comprehension towards the Dao deepened a lot. Hereafter, a realm without obstructions and hindrances. As long he refined the yuan qi of heaven and earth, replenish his sea of qi, and strengthen his own life source, his flesh would become even more stronger.

The next thing to do was to venture the depths of the mountain range. Increasing his experience through constant battle with vicious beasts. Yuan Hong felt that a few months from now on, his cultivation would surely increase in a higher speed. Although he steadily improved in cultivating, yet, Yuan Hong was still a bit worried.

When things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction, cultivating quickly was not necessarily good.

Cultivation contained nine weight, and each large level has a great difference. Every weight was heaven, representing their experience and understanding towards the Dao; changing alternately. Carefully inspecting every subtle level to laid the most solid foundation.

Yuan Hong didn’t want to miss these. Therefore, he must seriously feel the variation from the first weight to the fifth weight of qi, grasping that tiny subtle.

Step by step, climbing to the nine weight and breaking through a new level. The Dao laws, naturally when the water flows, a canal is formed.

(Tl: When conditions are ripe, success is naturally achieved.)

Although, cultivating the Yuan Qi formula would not advance for the mean time; nevertheless, there’s still a lot of space for improvement regarding his flesh, waiting it’s potential to be unearthed.

Yuan Hong planned to create a supreme treasured body, but it would only happen, if he could smash the vault of heaven. To battle the highest nine heaven, while carrying an imposing manner from north to south; to be just and honorable.

The vast mountain range contained innumerable vicious beasts. Even in ancient times, there were species who was born with matchless strength. But for Yuan Hong, the mountain range was the best place to develop himself. Here he could fetch enough precious medicinal sap to temper and refine his flesh, that even in ancient times could wage a war on various race’s. After obtaining could lead to an unthinkable transformation.

“In that case, training myself bitterly in the depths of the mountain is a must.” Yuan Hong had long made up his mind.

“Not just cultivating, I also need to train hard in archery. If I could perfectly control the strength of my body, my combat capability would at least increased by three times. Although, Archery was not the path I want to walk in; nevertheless, each and every Great Way somehow possess similarity. Mutually reflecting each other to bring a transformation.”

” I wonder what would they look like if father and the village elders know how strong I am right now.” Just thinking this, made Yuan Hong troubled. He was the type of a person who was not fond of being in a limelight and preferred on cultivating quietly.

A common saying in the earth, ‘the bird which takes the lead gets shot first’. The number one under the heaven was always the first to die, while the second rule the world.

(Tl: the person in the limelight bears the brunt of attack)

Even though the Yuan clan was just a small village and the people from there we’re particularly simple, but preserving this kind of habit is always a good thing. After all, sooner or later, he would depart in this place, and walk into the great wilderness. Even to the extent of going in that Divine Land in the central plains. A booming and prosperous place that was full of legends and tales.

After tidying himself, Yuan Hong returned to the village. Accompanying his mother for a while, who repeatedly warned him on not to cultivate desperately, and to pay attention to his health.

As the times goes by, followed by Yuan Hong daily routine. Honing his archery skills with Yuan Meng in a certain time. Drawing the bow nonstop and shooting continuously for two hours every day. Once the time is over, Yuan Meng would let him go back. Telling him that two hours was enough, that even if he practiced more, it would just be a waste of time.

Even so, Yuan Hong archery skills were getting better and better. Branches of iron arrows in his hands become an unstoppable force. He also managed to familiarize himself in the five basic postures. All were improving as he trained more.

After completing this drill, Yuan Hong whole body would always fill with tiredness and soreness. Followed by the water attribute true qi silently moistening his flesh, his control with his body’s strength became much perfect.

Yuan Hong could clearly sense that his strength was increasing slowly every day.

As expected, life is the most beautiful thing, Yuan Hong clearly felt this now.

Apart from this, every few days, Yuan Hong would also enter the mountains to hunt and kill some vicious beasts. Collecting it’s treasured blood to refined his body. Because of that, with Yuan Hong current strength, those vicious beasts before were unable to threaten him anymore. Most of the vicious beasts in the periphery of the mountain chain were mostly just 7th weight in the Qi level or below. While those vicious beasts above were located deep the mountains.

This is the difference, those vicious beasts above 7th weight were already belong to the higher level vicious beast with abnormally high combat strength. They were savage and cruel, but also conscious regarding their own territory.
As for those cultivators who intrude their territory, they were already dead the moment they entered.

Presently, Yuan Hong had not advance deeper but merely circled the periphery.

Because his physical strength increased a lot, the need of qi and blood also greatly increased. Ordinary 5th weight vicious beast is not enough for his own consumption. Therefore, Yuan Hong recently gathered treasure blood. Saving sufficient amount for cultivating the Demon Ape Great Fist and to temper his flesh, to increase his strength.

Flesh became more powerful, as well it’s strength and energy.

As the time passes, the day can’t help but to countdown. Not to mention that Yuan Hong was deeply intoxicated by cultivating like a madman. In a blink of an eye, a month had already passed.

At the foot of the mountain, a youth was practicing archery with a serious expression.

Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!

The black iron arrows created a terrifying force in Yuan Hong hands. Each arrow was incomparably accurate, flying one hundred meters in a blink of an eye. Hitting the well-made mark without any movement of the stones outside the mountain.

Standing form, squatting in a shooting form, leaping form, turning around form, running while shooting form, these were the five basic posture of archery. Transforming without obstruction, like flowing clouds and water, possessing a kind of special flavour. A hundred shots, a hundred bull’s eye; without missing the target. It’s evident that such archery had already crossed the threshold, reaching the first foundation stage.

(Tl: every shot hits the target; shoot with unfailing accuracy; be a crack shot)


T/N: idioms everywhere, haha.

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