Immortal Ape King – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: Enlightenment

Actually, the Dao De Jing played a great role in the history of the Chinese culture. Taoist scriptures were masterpiece, known as the king among the heart of many. In ancient times, it was stated that Taoist cultivators must read different things to attain the truth of the great dao.

Yuan Hong was a lover of philosophy, reading a lot of classic works that led him to be a great fan of the Dao De Jing, which contained countless mysteries; the gate of wonders. Crystallizing the supreme wisdom of the true words of the Great Dao.

Furthermore, Laozi was filled with mysterious colour. It was said that in the beginning of the heaven, the world gave birth to a congenital deity, born with the Great Dao, carrying immeasurable great powers; thus, started to impart it to everyone.

Tai Shang Lao Jun: The Grand Pure one, which is one of the Three Pure Ones. As well Lao Zi, who crossed the Hangu Pass towards the west, leaving an endless legend.

(Tai Shang Lao Jun/ Daode Tianzun was a Taoist deity, identified with Lao Zi. )

Yuan Hong had a deep knowledge with regards to these tales, coupled with Lao Zi crossing the Hangu Pass that bring forth to the Dao De Jing.

The chief guard posted at the border crossing was a man of unusually high education. He was named Yin Xi and was said to be somewhat scholar in astronomy while fond on reading ancient texts.
One night, while observing the starry sky in the tower over the city gate, he espied a faint bloom of purple mist; forming in the shape of a dragon, from the eastern hills, more than thousands miles away.

(Tl: purple vapour from the east it means propitious omen.)

His heart somewhat felt an unusual feeling: “Purple vapour from the east, A sage would pass here. A young cattle carrying an old man whose body was filled with vital energy.” Yin Xi have already heard the famous name Lao Dan. He didn’t expect that such man, Lao Zi would pass here. There upon, he thoroughly sweeps the road and burned an incense, by any means, to welcome the Sage.

(Tl: Lao Dan, another name of Lao Zi. It was clearly written as Lao Dan. I’m just following the author. )

In the afternoon of the seventh month of the lunar year, day twelve, when the sunset was inclined in the west, the light rays pierced the East China. While observing the passing pedestrians, Yin Xi saw an unusual old man riding a young cattle.

The old man had a white hair like a snow, having a droop eyebrows, an earlobe stretched up to his shoulders, and a long beard reaching his knees, wearing a simple and clean robe. Yin Xi, look at the heaven and exclaim in admiration: “I am lucky to be born and catch a sight of the Sage!” Taking three steps before walking another two steps, he hurriedly steps forward, and kneeled in the front of the young cattle: “Yin Xi greets the Sage.”

Lao Zi look at the face of the kowtowing person in front of him. A thick lips and eyebrows, pointed nose, dignified yet not callous, compassionate without fawning manner, and a foresight different from an ordinary person. He willfully probed: Your Excellency, was there a decree of kowtowing to a poor and cheap old man? How rude of me! This old man didn’t dare to take on and unaware of this, but could you please teach me?”

Yin Xi: “Sire, was a Sage! Please pause for a while, and have some rest first, Sire.”

Lao Zi: “This old man must head to the sacred place, how could I accept your kindness like that? Don’t you feel ashamed on blocking this old man? ”

Yin Xi: “This Mountain Pass Yin was worthless and just happen to know some knowledge regarding astronomy. I happen to saw a purple vapour from the east and have been informed that a Sage would progress toward the west. Looking at the vast and mighty purple vapour, surging like a dragon, more than thousand miles away. I know that the greatest and most revered Sage would come, and not just an ordinary Sage. A Sage with white hair in the form of an old man, riding in a young cattle, led by the purple vapour.”

Yin Xi engaged into another negotiation with Lao Dan, requesting to impart the teaching of the supreme scripture of the Great Way. As a result, Lao Zi realized that he must conduct himself with pious and devout. For him to pass, he endowed a piece of Scriptures. Separated by the high and lower part; the upper was a piece of the Dao Scripture, containing the foundation of the universe, the arcane truth of the heaven and earth, possessing the fluctuation of the mysterious Yin and Yang. While the lower piece was the Scripture of morals and virtue, instructing the truth on how humans deal with matters, having the way of growing old with unfailing eyes and ears.

(Guannei: Within the pass-the area to the west of Shanhai Pass.)

In this instant, Yuan Hong was immersed in an abstruse state. The Scripture of the great dao flow into his mind, each word and symbols were brimming with glittering chaos aura, and not merely traditional Chinese characters of the earth. Twisting, bending, and distorted akin to a Dragon dancing in the air. Repeatedly, like a Celestial Phoenix spreading its wings. A Qilin soaring in the sky, or an ancient turtle devouring the mysterious energy of the sun and moon. An inborn deity that gave birth to the Great Dao. A stroke containing an endless mysteries.

This was indeed a great fortune, such profound Great Dao Scripture can’t compare with. In ancient times, if those experts could see this, they would probably envious to death. To smash the world it’s essential to snatch and get a hold what you want. This is the origin of the Dao supreme Scripture, that could comprehend the life and death, the variation of Yin and Yang, that was brought up by the dao.

Yuan Hong was born along with the water attribute of the great dao. Cultivating the water attribute could yield twice the result with half the effort. The water element was the mother of all things. Nurturing all beings between heaven and earth, containing the mysteries of life and fortune.

(Tl: the right approach saves effort and leads to better results.)

The Dao De Jing Scripture flow into Yuan Hong mind and heart, manifesting the water attribute Great Dao. Unchaining rumbling dao sounds, smashing and breaking the boundaries of heaven and earth through space and time. Followed by the profound truth, circulating into all kinds of laws, clearly changing into a variety of unusual dao images.

A number of strange images unfold before Yuan Hong eyes, producing limitless myths; a roaring emperor of the sea, controlling the infinite sea. A miraculous dragon, holding back the rivers and overturning the seas.

This Great Dao was absolutely a good fortune of the mysterious principles.

Yuan Hong was deeply infatuated in this state, unknowingly to the rising hazy moonlight. Sensing those unquestionable powers entering in his ears. The praises and worship of the people from ancient times to those mystic gods.

Yuan Hong spare no effort in contemplating the great dao laws; as far as possible imprinting it into his mind.

The Yuan qi formula within his body was revolving insanely. Stirring his sea of qi, whenever the Great Dao of Dao De Jing Scripture cross. Suffuse with the aura of Great Dao, broadening his sea of qi, as though creating a new world.


As if a smog of chaos was fluttering in his sea of qi, gradually turning into a void. The water attribute of the great dao formed into a portion of the vast ocean. But all seems illusory when one look carefully, with the exception of the light blue in the center.

Indeed, the water attribute true qi within Yuan Hong body was like a drop of water in the sea. With a small whirlpool, crazily absorbing the Yuan qi between heaven and earth, transforming it into a seawater. While the rest illusory existence demanded Yuan Hong to fill it up slowly.

The rolling steam waves soar furiously in the sky with a likeable power and momentum that could destroy the heaven, and submerge the earth. As though soaring into the highest heaven, intending to annihilate the stars above, to strangle the God and devil and show how supreme its martial prowess, that even a real immortal can’t do anything but to revere.

This clearly signifies the development in an immediate evolution of the heaven and earth Great Dao. Using the profound truth of the water element Great Dao, it would be hard to imagine what would he achieve after this attainment. At the meantime, Yuan Hong knowledge regarding this field was a bit insufficient; luckily he was in the state of epiphany, being aware on what was occurring in his body.

The Yuan qi inside the small mountain valley began on gathering madly towards Yuan Hong direction. Even the Yuan qi outside the mountain valley was being drawn. One after another assembling in one part of the mountain valley.

A dense spiritual influence, and an abnormally thick yuan qi, rapidly turning into a substantial fog. The rhythm between Yuan Hong breathing and swallowing, arouse his vitality; possessing a section of mysterious, unusual, and profound tempo.

At every moment, a large amount of yuan qi was being devoured by Yuan Hong. Guiding it into the center of his stomach, wherein being refined rapidly by the whirlpool in his sea of qi. Right now, the former light blue true qi within Yuan Hong body had turned completely into a genuine blue true qi, glittering with blue rays.
This was the quality of his true qi right now, condensed into a new realm. Hereafter, greatly enhanced its healing ability. For Yuan Hong to acquire the Great Dao Supreme Scripture, this clearly shows how lucky he was today. Although he was unable to comprehend it for the mean time, nevertheless, Yuan Hong have already harvested a lot.

For an ordinary person innocently treasuring a jade ring was undoubtedly a crime, Yuan Hong had already known this. He already experienced a lot in his past life; hence, this kind of experience was necessary to get a hold in this world.

(Tl:fg- fig. A person’s talent will arouse the envy of others)

The surging yuan qi was constantly gathering towards Yuan Hong direction. Quickly forming into a huge blue cocoon, layer upon layer wrapping Yuan Hong as if bringing forth to a terrifying existence.

At the moment, Yuan Hong spirit felt an unparalleled refreshment with the Great Dao of the Dao De Jing words slowly stamping into his mind. His spiritual strength was swiftly increasing couple with his comprehension about the Dao. After all, Yuan Hong talent as it goes without saying was certainly high. Again, with such great fortune, it’s not unexpected for him to reach this level.

The true qi within Yuan Hong body became more and more thicker, increasing his cultivation as the time passes. At this moment, his cultivation in the 3rd weight qi stage had instantly reached the peak of 4th weight. The true qi inside his body was vast like an ocean, roaring and rushing, seemingly inexhaustible; fully surmounting those qi stage cultivators. However, only a portion have been filled up in that seething ocean-like true qi , with a large part were illusory. Look like, it would only perfected if his own strength reached the 9th weight Qi stage.

Currently, Yuan Hong potential was endless, deep and unmeasurable.

Compared to an ordinary cultivator who spends a lot of time in their cultivation, Yuan Hong subsequent breakthrough was indeed heavenly defying. An equivalent exchange was needed in return, this is the law of the heaven.

“Hu… …”

This sort of phenomenon didn’t last long. About a quarter of an hour, Yuan Hong slowly opened his eyes, exhaling a long breath.

During his enlightenment, it seems years have passed. From the chaos and the beginning of all things, his soul transformed and reborn; condensing into a stronger will.

As time goes by, himself transformed; passing into eternity. Things that can’t be described by just words, having a chance to see the origin of the Great Dao and the truth of the universe.

With a thought, Yuan Hong noticed that he could clearly observe his own body, every trace of flesh and blood. His flesh was more tougher and powerful than before. Followed by his vigorous qi and blood, akin to a crater, concealing it’s monstrous ability.

With an extraordinary strength; at the last minute, Yuan Hong vast true qi, at last, breakthrough to the 5th weight. Contrary by large extent on his flesh cultivation speed. After breaking through the power of his flesh have also increased, thanks to cultivating the Demon Ape Great Fist, which played a great role.

Right now, Yuan Hong arm could wield a strength of 3500 jin with a body that could easily released a monstrous strength of 7000 jin. For Yuan Hong to achieved this in such young age, this show how bastard he is, like those strange race’s in ancient times.

(Tl: believe me or not, it was clearly written as bastard haha, and it sounds cool for me )

Yuan Hong had a strong feeling that once he get a sufficient treasured blood, his flesh cultivation would surely step to a new level; increasing his strength by at least one fold.

When that moment comes, relying on just the strength of his flesh, Yuan Hong was sure that he could finally contend to those races from ancient times. A valiant and incomparable flesh; to say that he could rip a beast with just using his hands, and intimidate them by the pressure of his flesh was not the least exaggerated.

This breakthrough was completely contrary to Yuan Hong expectations. Originally, his plan was to train in archery to gave him a better control in his strength, followed by honing himself in the mountain with the people on the tribe, at the same time collecting treasured blood to stabilize his cultivation; aiding him in his next breakthrough.

He didn’t expect that because of this fortuitous occurrence, his cultivation would breakthrough to the 5th weight of the Qi stage. Added by the strength of his flesh, reaching the level of 7000 jin. Also the seemingly boundless true qi within his body, transforming into a vast sea.

Although Yuan Hong still did not meet those geniuses outside the tribe; nevertheless, he firmly believed that within the same step, he is invincible. While only few person could be his opponent.

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