Immortal Ape King – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Divine Power

After completing his boxing routine, Yuan Hong thought that if he would be given a chance, between fighting the demonic tailed tiger or his bitter suffering right now, he would certainly choose the former. Thankfully the body of the demonic tailed tiger contained a large quantity of life source, if not, ah, probably Yuan Hong feared that he was still lying on the ground at this moment.

“It seems I still underestimated the difficulty of the Demonic Ape Great Fist, this kind of bone and flesh scraping pain was not an ordinary people could bear. Forcefully cultivating to break your bones and muscles, only a mad man would enjoy this kind of torment.”

For this kind of unimaginable pain, Yuan Hong just treated it as an experience.

“I, Yuan Hong, believe in my self, not just like an ordinary person. Even without a talent or without the tribe resources; nevertheless, my heart was in the dao, a heart as big as the universe. I believe that the strongest in the world was not merely limited to those dao laws, not just immeasurable supernatural powers, rather one’s heart.”

Yuan Hong experienced a lot in the earth, looking upon things in a different angle, catching a sight of the frequent burst of blood, directly pointing at the source. People who already read and saw a lot of ancient books and records in the past, having their own comprehension with regard to dao; they we’re called philosopher’s, enthusiast and a lover of wisdom.

“Its time to absorb that lump of blood and qi essence.”

Resting a bit, Yuan Hong took out a cyan stone jar, preparing to refined that lump of essence of the demonic tailed tiger.

Lightly opening the lid of the jar, surging rosy clouds emitted crimson rays in all sides. Just sniffing its medicinal fragrance a bit could shake one’s mind, brimming with essence, qi, and spirit. Within the stone jar is a crimson blood, glittering and translucent like a blood diamond, emitting a burst of morning rays.

Wherein Yuan Hong felt a violent blood and qi, stirring all the cells in his body, making its stance to devour it completely.

“Its truly a big thing, ah. I hope you could aid me in breaking through the barrier; closer to the next stage.”

Taking a deep breath, Yuan Hong swallowed the whole blood, drilling directly towards the center of his stomach, distributing a large amount of blood and qi, insanely surging towards Yuan Hong cells.

As though that group of crimson blood essence contained a miraculous ability, exuding a big and powerful vigour. Each and every one of these were like a red blood snakes, digging and squeezing into his flesh and blood.

Integrating into every cells within his body, enhancing his potential after the absorption.

Its necessary to undergo the process of life evolution, wherein the energy substance of the blood essence was also an important aspect in one’s future breakthrough. Regardless of what race or particular life, all of them were cultivating in the same root.

After Yuan Hong absorbed that lump of essence, his own understanding soared. Hereafter, cultivating the flesh would become more fast and powerful, but this alone was not enough in order to achieve an evolution of life.

At this moment a rosy cloud formation cast upon a faint radiance, the blood, and qi within his body was set ablaze akin to an erupting volcano, containing an endless energy, wishing to burn the world, burn all the living beings.

Yuan Hong felt an unbearable heat in his whole body, his blood and qi were boiling, surging all over, seemingly want to burn all in ashes. That even his body absorption couldn’t handle the speed of his blood and qi distribution, added by the large amount of life source which he absorbed a while ago.

Opportunity, what Yuan Hong need was an opportunity to breakthrough, refining the essence completely, that even a tiny bit should not be wasted.


To one surprise, Yuan Hong body was coated by a layer of seemingly red flame. It was extremely shocking, glittering up and down. At this moment, Yuan Hong was like an ancient War God, his blood and qi were monstrous akin to a roaring and rushing river. Giving a loud shout, roaring at the stars, as though intending to burn the heaven.

As a matter of fact, this was not a real flame. The blood and qi in his body were excessively vigorous that resulted in this kind of transformation. In this vast wilderness, some cultivators possessed tyrannical flesh, possessing a heinous blood and qi. If one could observe their method, one could notice that there was a forming rainbow on top of their head, passing through straight to the heaven and earth, stretching inside the blue dome of heaven.

A rich and prosperous blood and qi represent a powerful life source. In the past, ancient cultivators have an endless supernatural power. Restraining the blood and qi in their body, to turn into one group. Once it displayed its transformation, one could stand alone with the heaven, contending to the splendour of the blazing sun, extremely tyrannical, arousing fear to everyone.

For Yuan Hong and this realm, the differences were far more than as different as heaven and earth. Even though the ancient road ahead of him was narrow; he must still advance forward. The emergence of this kind of situation was entirely within his expectation, Yuan Hong was already thoroughly prepared for it. These refined crimson blood essences have already undergone in the blood refining art for a long time. The appearance of the red flame outside his body was actually a normal phenomenon, emphatically not regard as a waste.

Right now, Yuan Hong body has already been tempered, magnifying the toughness of his flesh and greatly increasing his endurance. Although the qi and blood essence of the demonic tailed tiger were vigorous; nevertheless, it’s still within the scope of his tolerance. If not, Yuan Hong has been long bloated, degenerating it’s vitality.

Brandishing his pair of fist, Yuan Hong began on cultivating the second form of the Demon Ape Great Fist. He planned to borrow the support of the qi and blood essence to aid him in cultivating his fist law, grasping at least the minor achievement, breaking through to enhanced his body once again.

The Demon Ape Dash exhibit a strong tempering result, accompanied by a burst of pain and suffering. Yuan Hong bones move rhythmically along the thunderous sound. Under the fluttering of his fists, all of his muscles were quivering, steeling his bones like an iron, becoming tougher and more refined.

The exuberant qi and blood were running along with his boxing, consuming a large quantity of essence to solidify and strengthen his body. Every inch of muscles, each thread of lifeblood, and all of his cells have been placed in the mill by his fist law.

( Tl: to temper oneself,)

Yuan Hong felt that his strength was constantly growing, becoming more and more tyrannical. The meridians within his body were being pulled and twisted. After a seemingly endless torture, it immediately followed by the gush of qi, becoming firmer and spacious.

After a sequence of smashing and crushing it became intact again, as good as before. A dark and stinking substance emerged in the surface of Yuan Hong body, this was the impurities within his body, which have been rid once again.

All of his strength and energy were being distributed every time he punched, having the desire to excel himself.

A kind of raging red flame ignited while Yuan Hong performed the second form of the Demon Ape Great fist. Each of his fist strikes was accompanied by the thunderous sound of his bone and muscles. Yuan Hong war intent seethe with excitement; a heart brimming with unmatched intent. Using the qi and blood to cast an exceptional body. Waving and plucking down the stars, butchering the evil to free the world.

This is a great fortune, Yuan Hong didn’t expect the war intent to be this strong, which originated from the thunderous sound in his body.

Since ancient times, only a few people could produce the sound of thunder with their bones and muscles. Every time a person of this kind appeared, as long they could grow without any mishaps, they would be surely become a great figure; surmounting everything in this world, possessing a boundless power and strength. Through the ages, passing down their legacy, implanting a great reverence and veneration to the heart of everyone.

A sound of thunder as if made of heaven, condensing into an unconquerable treasure body. With a single thrust of fist could shatter the laws between heaven and earth, containing an endless divine power. A powerful martial path on cultivating the flesh, rivaling the martial dao. Unearthing the great secret of the human body, comprehending the endless power came from the chaos.

Once the potential developed, it would give birth to an extremely terrifying existence.

At this moment, the fist intent which he obtained before had already fused with the war intent, completely blended as milk and water. Manly, fierce, firm and tenacious, containing an invincible war intent, as though Yuan Hong transformed into a unique Demon Ape.

(Tl: complete harmony)

If there was an expert right now, he would be surely shocked; to be able to achieve this kind of intent in the Qi stage. Since ancient times, only a few people were capable of achieving this, having an indomitable and noble soul. Even though this war

intent was still weak at the moment; nevertheless, Yuan Hong had already cultivated it to an unmatched momentum.

A capable person must possess this kind of condition.

Henceforth, as long Yuan Hong cultivate seriously, this will would become more perfect and powerful. Following all of these steps to become a king among his generation.

(Different will like determination and so on )

Yuan Hong flesh was transforming nonstop, depleting his qi and blood continuously. With just a casual wave of his arm could release a strength of more or less 2500 jin. But this was not the end, it was still growing and increasing, along with the remaining qi and blood in his body which support his boxing.

2600 jin

2700 jin

… …

2950 jin

That chunk of qi and blood essence were constantly absorbed by Yuan Hong, turning it into a size of a bean. With the support of the exuberant qi and blood, Yuan Hong managed to gain a minor achievement in the second form of his Demon Ape Great Fist.

Out of refining, the impurities inside his body have been cleaned after the transformation. The blood in his body was flowing unrestrained in his blood vessels akin to a river unceasing torrent, emitting a crashing sound.

Yuan Hong felt that his sense and judgments became more keen than last time, a lot of ideas in his mind became clearer; it seems it changed after his transformation.


Yuan Hong exhaled a long breath. At last, the qi and blood essence have been thoroughly absorbed and refined to the last bit by him. The strength of his arm increased into 3000 jin, producing a sound of gunshot every time he thrust his fist in the air.

At this moment, he felt soreness and pain in his whole body. The Qi and blood within his body were truly vigorous, resembling the great waves in the sea. If before he was a big stove, then now Yuan Hong could be term as a small volcanic crater, containing a magical energy in his body. Once erupted it would be incomparably fierce and raging.

The growth of the life source was a kind of accumulation that one needed in breaking through the 9th weight of the Qi stage.

Yuan Hong felt uncomfortable by the layer of dark and stinking substance all over his body. Operating his true qi, the water in the lake was pulled over. It circled nonstop around Yuan Hong, washing the dark substance outside of his body.

In a blink of an eye, it became quiet as before, without a speck of dust, Yuan Hong began on operating the Yuan Qi formula after sitting cross-legged. The whirlpool dwelling in his body began to revolve, rapidly absorbing the Yuan qi around the mountain valley. His meridians have already been developed, it greatly changed, same as his true qi in his body which increased a lot.

A glittering light blue radiance. At this moment, the powerful healing abilities of the water attribute true qi have finally shown it’s might. With the help of his true qi, the scars and bruises in his body have been thoroughly repaired, resembling an ordinary current, squeezing into each of his wounds.

Under the dense and rich Yuan qi, Yuan Hong felt inimitable refresh and comfortable; thus relaxing himself to allow the true qi to roam within his body. The true within his body was plentiful, roaring and rushing endlessly.

The law of dao was natural, at this moment, he didn’t deliberately insist on.

A section of passages from the Confucian classics flows in his mind.

“The dao that can be named was not the real dao.”

“The highest excellence is water.
Water is benevolent, a merit to all being;
Always steady and non-competing;
It dwells in places abhorred by most people;
Thus, it is closest to Dao.”

The Scriptures from the Dao De Jing appeared on Yuan Hong mind, filled with endless mystery. Both are called wonderful, or wonderful than wonderful: the gate of all wonder. Like a condensed dark and yellow world, falling through the universe chaotic state.

(Dao de jing – the classic virtue of Tao by Lao Zi
The mystery of dao according to Lao zi)

The aura of the Great Dao spread all over, having a faint sound of chanting sutras, limitless worshipping gods. It’s like passing through the space and time, arriving at the beginning of the heaven and earth, containing countless mysteries.

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