Immortal Ape King- Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Second Form

The scintillating flame turned upside-down like a beating heart, spreading a dense aroma in all directions. The meat of the demonic tiger turned into a golden yellow under the heat of the flame, while the dripping oil from the meat, produced a “zizi” sound. Yuan Hong gathered a number of spices and smeared it in the surface of the roasted meat; after a while, it slowly seeped inside.

A sweet aroma assailed his nose, stimulating his appetite. Yuan Hong felt that his cooking skill almost caught up those top chefs in his past world.

Gazing at the diminished heat and the almost extinguished fire, all of his internal organs trembled in excitement. His stomach produced a weird “gugu” sounds under the seducing aroma.

In a fast speed, Yuan Hong pulled out his dagger and sliced a piece of golden meat, then began to bite up and eat with great relish.
(Tl: Eat heartily)

A fresh and tender meat melted in his mouth, followed by a sweet aroma that flowed between his lips and teeth. Although he was a little bit successful and could eat a lot of delicious food on earth, but compared to this moment, it seems flat and dull.

Yuan Hong swallowed a chunk of demonic tiger meat. His stomach continuously wriggled, disintegrating the essence substance. Refining his water attribute true qi in a fast speed, while a section of this was directly absorbed by Yuan Hong body.

The essence substance didn’t lose its quality; even though it’s colour turned into a golden yellow meat and have been roasted under the flame, it remained unchanged and filled with vitality.

Every cell in Yuan Hong body quivered. Like a very hungry person, swallowing and gobbling the meat of the demonic tailed tiger. Replenishing the energy he consumed in a fast speed.

His tiredness caused by his archery training was recovering bit by bit. The refined life source was being absorbed by his body in a fast speed, that made his flesh more tough and stronger.
Yuan Hong was like a vicious beast. The golden demonic tiger meat was being devoured by Yuan Hong, entering directly at his stomach. It was like a bottomless pit, that was refined and disintegrated continuously. Gradually Yuan Hong felt that his life source was flowing all over the place, filled with an overwhelming energy.

“Hiccup,” Yuan Hong gave a small hiccup.

Looking at the pile of fragment bones, Yuan Hong stroke his belly and exposed a satisfied smile. The whole demonic tiger meat was completely eaten by him.

Even Yuan Hong himself didn’t think that he could eat the demonic tiger meat alone.

“Good gracious! It’s no wonder they said that the more you practice, the more energy you consumed. Afterward, your appetite will be larger, eating a whole cow would not be a problem. I didn’t expect that I would be like that today.”

Recalling that folklore from his past life, Yuan Hong could only sigh with emotion.

Although, he was only an ordinary person in his past life. But right now, Yuan Hong flesh was comparable or even stronger to those Chinese martial artists.

At this moment, the energy in Yuan Hong body resembled a roaring and rushing water. His blood and qi were surging over and over, like an excited flame in a big stove. The meat of the demonic tiger had already been disintegrated, it was like eating a wonderful medicine. Even his hiccups possessed a bit of life source when it dissipated.

“Well, I’ve already refined the essence of the demonic tiger by half. I didn’t expect that it still contained a dense vitality, that devouring a large part could result to an effect like this!”

Sensing the roaring and rushing vitality in his body, his strength recovered all of a sudden. Every time he punched, it would produce a “peng peng” sounds. As if his body can’t absorb anymore that even the life source was escaping in his pores.

Yuan Hong knew that his flesh and blood, including every cell in his body have already reached a saturation point. The energy in his body was exuberant and vigorous, unable to store anymore. The remaining life source we’re spilling out in his body.

“I cannot waste this natural resources. This is the best opportunity to practice the Demon Ape drill, striking while the iron is hot!”
(TL: When you have an opportunity to do something, do it before you lose your chance)

The first form had 36 kinds of variations with a violent and formidable power.

Brandishing his two fists, his physical strength surge along with a faint thunderous sound. Yuan Hong struck out, displaying the might of the Demon Ape Drill in the dacheng realm.

Yuan Hong had already perfected the first form of the Demon Ape Great Fist. The movement of his fist transformed into calm and smooth, blending well together.

He was like an overbearing and genuine Demonic Ape, waving a pair of an iron fist in the mountain range, leaping vertically and horizontally. Like a king in the competition of numerous vicious beasts. Possessing a brutal aura that startled the animals everywhere. As if the sky lost its colour in his strength and power.

The Demonic Ape was born with an extremely tough flesh, one of the kings of Houtian vicious beasts. Only few could compare with it once it’s matured and reached its pinnacle level.

If it was allowed to ascend to a higher level, breaking from all attachments to merge or unite with the dao, achieving an evolution and realizing its nature. In this way it can achieve its roots, breaking through and reaching the spiritual root stage. Linking with the heaven and earth to gain an extraordinary power, a demon might and unparalleled vast magic prowess.

After breaking through to the spiritual root stage, vicious beasts could slowly change their appearance into human form. Greatly increasing their cultivation speed and having a wisdom by no means inferior to the human race.

Like a dragon, roaming unrestrained in the boundless sea and sky. Thereupon, separating itself from an ordinary vicious beast, advancing into another rank.

A vast and mighty fist with an indomitable physical strength, acting like an overlord. The air around Yuan Hong become viscous, forming a turbulence everywhere. Every strike of his fist would produce a hole, bombarding the surface of the water in a distant place.

As the time goes by, Yuan Hong training became smoother. The essence substance within his body was being depleted and re-absorbed again, circulating continuously. His muscles, bones, and flesh were trembling, it kept being pulled and tempered, increasing its toughness bit by bit.

Gradually, the thunderous sounds become clear and distinct, like a thunderclap sound in the mountain valley. Tempering his flesh, Yuan Hong bones and muscles would produce a sound of thunder every time he would execute his boxing skill. It seems the drum of the God of Thunder was situated in his body. Producing a mysterious drumbeat like those sounds from the ancient battlefield. Rummaging the blood and qi within Yuan Hong body, while emitting an immeasurable heat. With a desire to battle, possessing a power that could smash the mountains, having an urge to pierce the heaven and earth.

Originally that faint fist intent was a type of thought, under the process of growing, it became much more intense. His fist intent became stronger as if having the same source and origin. A war intent was born with Yuan Hong thunderous sounds, gradually merging them together, it became mysterious and unpredictable.

Yuan Hong felt that he was a warrior on the ancient battlefield. Fierce, overbearing and brimming with war intent, along with the heaven struggle, contending with the Evil God.
Walking in the center with a chain mail in his body while holding a long bronze spear in his hands, swearing to fight and kill until the end.

War! War! War!

The blood within his body seethed in excitement, boiling over like galloping waves in the great river. Broadening his meridians and increasing its toughness as if rising to a higher level. The whirlpool within his sea of qi revolved faster. Whether the yuan qi of heaven and earth or the spilling life source, all of these were changing and absorbed by him, replenishing the energy he consumed on practicing the Demon Ape Great Fist.

Condensing his true qi, the colour of his true qi deepen a lot, causing the original light blue to transform into a blue colour. Yuan Hong felt that the moment his level elevated once again, his water attribute true qi would surely undergo a qualitative transformation.

When the time comes that his true qi condensed, even more, all of his foundation aspects would probably change.

Over and over, Yuan Hong cultivated the first form of his boxing skill continuously, accumulating his momentum in its apex. Together with fist intent, his bones and muscles would produce thunderous sounds and rumblings noises. The right time to cultivate the second form had finally arrived.

Suddenly, Yuan Hong movement became different, the second form of his boxing skill flow in his mind. It was very clear, like his former and ordinary drill.

A soul that corresponded with the dao was a kind of situation that rarely occurred. Having the knowledge and ability to easily comprehend some martial arts.

In ancient times there were heaven-defying demons, in fear of achieving a higher realm.
The Great Tao; the myriad law of heaven and earth have become words at hands, a single sentence could produce a myriad of laws. An omen by the sky that surrendered the golden lotus, followed by a sweet fragrant that assailed the nostrils of everyone. An auspicious light that burst through the heaven and earth were the stars have born that gave light to the dim moon and sun, containing immeasurable supernatural powers.
(TL: have words at hands / accessible, handy) (Stars/ geniuses)


If they were nourished and allowed to grow, they could become powerful that their name will be passed down to the later generations, their martial prowess would become peerless that many cultivators would spread their stories.

“Ah! … …”

Feeling the pain, Yuan Hong could not help but to give a few groans. Experiencing this kind of heart tearing pain, it was more intense compared to the pain he felt when cultivating the first form. Nevertheless, his bones and muscles were being tempered again under the second form of his boxing skill.

“Creak… …”

A burst of sounds could be heard in his body that was caused by the distortion of his boxing skill. Agitating the bloodline within his body, his bones and muscles would tremble continuously. Like a steel that being tempered in the stove, his bones would issue a strange beats.

This sound was clearly different from the thunderous sounds of his bones andt muscles. This was the real sounds of flesh and bones, even to the point that, the sounds could actually transmit outside of his body.

Compared to the first form of the Demon Ape Great Fist, this form was stubborn and heroic.
Of course, the pain was double-fold compared to the first form.
Ordinary cultivators would not dare to cultivate this martial skill. First of all their foundation was not enough and once must have a firm determination, enduring this kind of pain, it’s like your bones were being scraped and dismembered.

Because of this tyrannical boxing skill, it may greatly injure your body; thus, only a few people cultivated this. But it’s power should not be underestimated, training utmost to become a human demon ape, transforming the mortal body to have an endless superhuman strength, nearly invincible within the same realm.

It could rival to those laws from ancient times. But cultivating this, not only talent was needed, one must also have a limitless heart that could overrun all fortifications.
(TL: conquer every obstacle.)

Yuan Hong felt that his bones were being scraped by millions of millions knife, while his muscles were being burned.

Pulling, tugging, twisting, spinning, a pain like a surging tidewater that one would wish to die. Tightening his will, Yuan Hong soul was trembling.

Refining his flesh while tempering his will.

Facing the road he chose, Yuan Hong became more determined, more fearless.

Brandishing a pair of fists, the strength of his first stirred the wind around. As if Yuan Hong was dancing in the second form. The absorption of his life source calmed down little by little.

The yuan qi around the mountain valley was being aroused, squeezing into Yuan Hong just to be refined by the whirlpool within his body. The true qi whirlpool was like a magical ability, constantly revolving. It kept on swallowing the yuan qi and life source, as if it would swallow and swallow without rejection.

Even Yuan Hong didn’t know what was happening, the only thing he knew was this opportunity.

“Hu… …”

Training without even catching his breath, his body was drenched in sweat. Yuan Hong finally grasped the Demon Ape Dash, although his movement was not that smooth it was still passable.


* 精氣神 ( the three energies – essence, qi, spirit)

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