Immortal Ape King – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Blood Eclipse

Yuan Hong had a long hair that already reached his waist. With a glittering pitch-black color, flickering with radiance. Possessing a delicate and handsome face. A pair of gleaming and profound eyes like a billow in the great river, and a rising steam. One glance and you could tell that it was extraordinary, seemingly deep and serene.

After a few months of cultivation, the first form of his boxing skill was already in the dacheng realm. His body had been tempered and refined like a steel, similar to a weapon.

The impurities in his body have already drained away. Having a fair and clear jade-like skin. Like a green jade, possessing brilliant rays. A quiet and clever temperament that was produced by this world. The steam around him was particularly agile and nimble. Continuously circling around Yuan Hong, as if it had its own consciousness. A portrait like a banished immortal, out of touch with mundane affairs.(1)
As if a sacred and extraordinary God arrived.

At this moment, it seems Yuan Hong integrated with the heaven and earth. Who would have thought that this handsome youth would kill the demonic tailed tiger by merely relying on brute force. This kind of temperament along with the sight of him fighting with the demonic tailed tiger; no one could link them together.

After operating his true qi to clean the water vapor; Yuan Hong began his preparations on refining the demonic tailed tiger.

The treasured blood of a demonic tiger in the Qi stage 4th weight level contained a strong medicinal properties. That could aid Yuan Hong foundation and could expand his meridians. It could also increase his potential.

“Once I refine the treasured blood of this demonic tiger, my body will surely advance one step further. Increasing my power one more time, helping me to have an assurance in tempering myself on the periphery of the mountain range.”

Yuan Hong was aware how valuable the blood of a vicious beast. It’s important to remove the origin of a vicious beast when refining. Extracting the medicinal property in its flesh could boost its effect.

In ancient times, A few great figure had the power to pluck the stars and seize the moon. Destroying the mountains and rivers with just a roar. Possessing unmeasurable supernatural powers, passing down their blood refining arts. It could also refine the treasured blood of different races and species, extracting and drawing their essence.

By nourishing your body with the help of all things in the world, it could enhance one’s bloodline. Changing your foundation to achieve an evolution. Sadly, this kind of supernatural powers and abilities were long lost and drifted away by the river of time. Since ancient times, no one succeeded on blood refinement to gain this kind of supernatural power. Only a few records were left for the later generations. Right now, he could only refine a normal vicious beast; extracting a part of its medicinal properties.

A lot of tribes have their own records. But it was only used practically and could not help you in reaching a higher level. That’s why only a few people cultivated this.

Yuan Hong had seen some records in the Martial Skill Pavilion. Thinking of those incomplete and quite mysterious laws. Yuan Hong noted all of this, it might become useful in the future. By means of refining the blood of the demonic tiger. What he needed the most was a secret law.


Producing a light sound, Yuan Hong pulled out a dagger in his belt. Its body emitted a silver white gleam, possessing a cold aura. This was a dagger that was given to him by his Uncle Black in the warehouse. Mixed with a few pure gold, possessing an unparalleled sharpness. Taking account on his cultivation in the mountains, it’s really more convenient to bring a dagger.

Holding a part of this demonic tiger body. With a light cut, it sliced open the belly of the demonic tailed tiger.

Its blood flowed out like a stream of water when Yuan Hong right hand pinched it. The ancient scriptures flowed on his heart. His finger gently stroked in a mysterious trajectory. The light blue true qi in his body suddenly transformed into a blue water
radiance. Shrouding the body of the demonic tiger. The blood within the body of the demonic tiger was being pulled up, gathering on its wound in a fast speed.

Blood was also a kind of water. Yuan Hong was fitted in the water properties that correspond to dao of the water, that easily stirred up the blood.

The light blue radiance suddenly radiated. The deep red blood turned into a crimson fog under his true qi refinement. Under Yuan Hong hand seal, along with the mysterious trajectory. It followed Yuan Hong hands, condensing into the center. A beautiful and glittering red cloud formed, along with the spell formation. Yuan Hong complied with this crimson colour fog into the center of the formation. One could smell a heavy and pure scent of blood. He felt refreshed by smelling the pale medicinal fragrant, fluttering in the air. The qi and blood in his body began to churn, turning upside down, possessing a section of urgent hunger. This was the blood essence substance.

Yuan Hong felt an endless excitement, while his heart was filled with expectation.

A vicious beast was born with a doughtier flesh. In addition of its wisdom, far more powerful than the human race. Yuan Hong required the life source of this 4th weight of the Qi stage demonic tiger. Were it not for Yuan Hong succeeding in cultivating the first form of his boxing skill, and breaking through to the 3rd weight of the Qi stage. Added by the true qi in his body that been condensed again. It will probably hard for him to kill this beast, even with the help of his true qi.

The qi and blood inside the body of the demonic tiger were truly exuberant.

A red rosy cloud formation.
With the help of his hand seal, the crimson fog began to coagulate a drop of glittering and translucent liquid. It’s like a diamond that was made of blood, flowing like a splendor treasure, filled with bewitching ability. Having a thick medicinal fragrant, containing a vigorous vitality. The blood within the body of the demonic tiger was being refined under the blood refining art; it became thinner as the time goes by. The medicinal properties of the blood in the center was slowly refined out.

Yuan Hong will was firm and staunch, accumulating his spirit. The true qi in his body was rolling continuously, like great waves in a large river. Transforming into a light blue radiance that tightly wrapped the demonic tiger body.

At this moment, Yuan Hong gave an expression of having a solid foundation. Qi stage in the 3rd weight, his true qi kept on roaring and rushing. His meridians become tough and spacious. The mysterious whirlpool within his sea of qi was constantly revolving; attracting and refining the yuan qi of the heaven and earth.

Yuan Hong thought about the appearance of this profound mystery. His level was still low to understand this.

He might have a powerful supernatural power in the future.

Working with his fingers along with his hand seals; a faint flash together with different symbols appeared, continuously emitting brilliant rays. More and more crimson fog were gathering in a fast speed. While the drop of that blood essence was continuously growing.

The medicinal fragrant around Yuan Hong was extremely rich.
Causing the fish in the lake to gather in the side, seemingly excited. One by one lifting their head, while breathing in and out.

Those small and docile animals around were frightened, upon seeing the demonic tailed tiger body.

A vicious beast was surely a vicious beast, born with a strong and intense prestige. They were like a monarch or an emperor, compared to these common wild beasts. It cannot be offended even if it’s dead.
This came from the dignity of the life hierarchy.


After a long time, Yuan Hong took a deep breath. This was his first time on using the blood refining art. Concentrating his spirit in a high degree, the true qi in his body was rolling continuously. Luckily he had a solid foundation; or else, he would not dare to use it, even with his true qi.

As expected, it was truly marvelous, even it was only an incomplete art. However, only a few people cultivated this way.

Perhaps, the true qi in their body was not solidified enough, causing them to give up easily. At this moment, more than one-half of true qi was already depleted in Yuan Hong body.

Perhaps if he battled a higher level vicious beast, his true qi consumption will be higher for sure.

The blood on the demonic tiger body had already ceased on seething. The crimson fog has already been disappeared as well.

“HaHaHaHa, this essence contained rich medicinal properties. With this, the difficulties of breaking through would not be a problem anymore. Breaking through the limits to achieve the evolution of life. Consolidating my body once again. At the same time increasing my strength to further enhanced my combat capability.”

Yuan Hong looked at the crimson colour liquid in his front. The whole body of this crimson blood was bright like a crystal. It was beautiful and smooth, similar to a transparent blood diamond. The liquid in the spell formation emitted a warm scent. A long time refining reduced the brutal trait of the demonic tiger.

“Sigh, the blood refining art is really mysterious. Unfortunately, it was only an incomplete art. If I had a complete one, with the fortune of heaven and earth, I might gain a supernatural power. Having the ability to split the sun and the moon, and vie by others. Ah, it’s a pity! What a pity!”

Thinking of those arts from the ancient times; a peerless and brilliant era. Yuan Hong could only sigh with emotion.

The crimson colour liquid was hanging in the air, with a size of a chicken egg. It was really unexpected for Yuan Hong to refined almost half of the demonic tiger treasured blood; even though, the one he was using was an incomplete blood refining art.

Despite condensing a bit blood essence, the value of this essence was higher compared to the robust body of the demonic tailed tiger.


In the end, it was only a fragment of blood refining art. From the ancient times up to now, only a few records were left. Along with those heaven-defying supernatural powers, it was only a light from the fireflies compared to brilliant rays of the moon.

Only one half was refined from the treasured blood of the demonic tiger. He can’t extract the remaining part; after all, it only an incomplete blood refining art.
It was really regrettable for Yuan Hong.

The colour of the remaining blood in the demonic tailed tiger body dimmed a lot.
First it was already dead, the vitality in its body was already gone, its life source began to dissipate; moreover, Yuan Hong already extracted it.

Nevertheless, the body of the demonic tailed tiger cannot look down upon. The valiant flesh of a demonic tiger contained rich medicinal properties. The elders within the tribe could refine this into a pill.

The bone of the demonic tailed tiger was extremely precious. He could bring it to refined as a medicine, that could cure a number of injuries. Vicious beasts were rampaging in the vast wilderness, medicines and pills were valuable when fighting and hunting. This could treat a wound and ceased the bleeding; hence, it was truly commendable.

Every year, his uncles and cousins would gather to hunt and kill those vicious beasts. Collecting different medicinal herbs to refined all kinds of medicinal pills. Not only it could treat a wound, it could also heal a few illness and disease.

Yuan Hong had a serious illness before, his father Yuan Changqing would always venture the depths of the mountains to collect medicinal herbs and gathered some blood essence. But because of the will of heaven, Yuan Hong pass through and arrived in this world.

Yuan Hong didn’t intend to leave the demonic tailed tiger corpse. Training of drawing the bow made his belly empty. The demonic tailed tiger body could fill his empty stomach.

Taking out a cyan stone jar; Yuan Hong sealed the refined blood essence, inside the cyan stone jar. By doing this could prevent its energy from being drained. He planned to devour it after filling his empty stomach.
Harmoniously combining it when he tempered his Demon Ape Great Fist, increasing it to another layer.


With the sharpness of the silvery colour dagger, Yuan Hong carefully peeled the skin of the demonic tiger. The tough and flexible black stripes interlocked each other. Bringing this to the clan could manufacture a few items like clothes and armor, that can’t cut by ordinary swords.

Pulling out all of its internal organs and cleaning it one at a time. Yuan Hong began to roast the demonic tailed tiger.

The meat of the demonic tiger was much more delicious, compared to the meat of the thorned boar, with its fine muscles from head to toe. Combined with Yuan Hong spices, the dripping oil produced a “zizi” sounds under the flame. His five internal organs we’re in turmoil right now, seemingly excited and agitated.

Given with his battle with the demonic tailed tiger, right before his eyes was its roasted meat. Yuan Hong can’t wait, sensing the hunger of his rumbling stomach.





1. placing oneself above/detached oneself/ above worldly material attractions.

*blood diamond was a term used for a diamond mined in a war.

*five internal organs – lungs, heart, liver, spleen, and kidney.

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