Immortal Ape King – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Entering the Mountains

Yuan Hong advance with big strides after bidding farewell to Yuan Meng. Drawing the bow continuously and controlling the strength of his body muscles for a whole two hours. At the same time, striving hard to harmonized his body posture.

Yuan Hong felt an unbearable hunger and emptiness on his stomach. He can’t wait to hunt and kill a few beasts to replenish his blood and energy. He was very hungry that he could completely eat a whole cattle right now.

Back then, after cultivating the Demon Ape Great fist for the fist time; he also felt this kind of sensation. Cultivation consumed a lot of energy. His water attribute true qi had a strong healing effect that aided him on recovering his energy after a certain breakthrough; transforming his energy to lessen the consumption.

At that time, Yuan Hong could complete a set of training without eating. Relying on the yuan qi of heaven and earth to survive.

This state was called Bigu in this world.(1)

Yuan Hong did not proceed to his house direction, but instead, headed straight into the distant mountains.

A small amount of vicious beast lingered around the outskirts of the mountains. Most of this vicious beasts were only lower rank. In ancient times, a lot of powerful vicious beasts and different species in the depths of the mountains occupied rich lands. Some of this land contain a good fortune. Sizing it as their own territory, while rarely going out.

Vicious beasts and cultivators were relatively the same. Vicious beasts had an inborn talent when grasping and inhaling the yuan qi of heaven and earth. They were gifted in the road of cultivation. The cultivation level of the vicious beasts was identical to the cultivation rank of the human cultivators. A Qi stage vicious beast wisdom was relatively low. They were born to be a hunter. Possessing a tough flesh and fierce nature.

After reaching the Spiritual root stage, they would undergo a transformation. Transforming their Houtian body into a Xiantian body. Improving their wisdom that was not lower than a human. They would also have an additional cunning and malicious nature. For them, human blood was the most delicious food. By improving their wisdom, most vicious beasts was fond of eating people.

In Ancient times, demonic beasts ruled the wilderness. With malicious and cruel nature, demons attack and assaulted some human tribes. Easily opening their mouth to absorbed ten thousand or even hundred thousand humans in the tribe. Swallowing everything in one bite.

This is the law of the jungle; the weak are prey to the strong, while the scent of blood was drifted in the air.

Although humans were born weak and small. Nevertheless, a lot of geniuses emerged in the time of crisis. A number of them were born with great power. Wandering in the wilderness to behead those demonic beasts. Pursuing the supreme dao by condensing their blood. Some of them inherited the nature of these demonic beasts. Transforming their foundation; using the blood to improve the human race constitution.

Afterward, Some were born with peculiar physique in the human race. A number of them possess supernatural powers, with a flesh like a vicious beast. It would no be inferior if compared to those different species.

What Yuan Hong intend to do, was to hunt some Qi stage vicious beasts. The benefits of the blood and body of a normal wild beast were far less compared to a vicious beast. Each of these vicious beasts makes his blood boil in excitement, brimming with energies. The benefits were large after refinement. Not only strengthening your physique, it could also accumulate potential ability.

Its blood and qi could be used as a medicine.

The heaven dao was still insufficient. Demonic Beasts engulfed the human race that made them stronger. Relatively the same in the human race; where they got tremendous benefits by refining those demonic beasts.

Yuan Hong body was already unusually strong. Throughout the journey, his speed was extremely fast. At the moment, the mountain range was getting more and more closer.

The periphery of the vast mountain range was a very complex environment. There are forest, swamp, barren hills, and a large river; filled with misty steam.

Yuan Hong gazed at the endless forest in front of him. In a blink of an eye, he vanished between the vast mountains.

The sunlight was heavy this afternoon, but the light in the forest was very dim. Verdant and lush tall trees covered the outskirts of the mountain range. One person was not enough to hug this kind of tree.

Yuan Hong was very cautious; focusing his attention on his surroundings, while constantly looking from left to right. Coming into the outskirts of the mountains alone, just to enter a vicious beasts den.
One must be cautious to avoid being killed.

After advancing forward; unfortunately, Yuan Hong didn’t encounter any vicious beast. Occasionally, he could see a number of fairly wild beasts. With Yuan Hong strength right now, he disdained killing these beasts. After calming himself, he quietly avoided them.

The true qi in his body was constantly operating. Yuan Hong was like a monkey in this mountain forest. His movement was agile; jumping and climbing from time to time.


Yuan Hong body flashed and suddenly halted. Climbing twenty meters high above the tree. A fierce breath assaulted his senses. Yuan Hong soul force was comparatively strong. Sensing a vicious beast in the distant.

A strong scent of blood lingered in the forest.

“Puchi!” In the distant place, a tiger that looks like a wolf was in the midst of hunting. Suddenly, a big wild beast was torn into half by this beast. Blood was dripping and spreading on the earth surface. A part of this wild beast body was devoured and swallowed in an instant.

This was a Qi stage in the 4th weight vicious beast. A tiger and wolf class vicious beasts; A demonic tailed tiger.

Yuan Hong felt braver and fierce. He had an abundant true qi in his body. The first form of the Demon Ape Great fist was already in the dacheng realm, that tempered his body like an iron. So this kind of demonic beast in the fourth weight of Qi stage could not scare him at all.

This vicious beast in the fourth weight of the Qi stage was not his match.

One of his feet treadled, Yuan Hong body was incomparably agile. Jumping from the tree in extreme speed. Wielding his fist to use the first form of the Demon Ape Great Fist towards the eating Demonic Tiger.

Yuan Hong didn’t operate his true qi, and sheerly relied on his fist to perform the first form of his boxing skill. Yuan Hong want to test the power of his flesh if he could compete with this beast.

A single arm possessing a strength of 2000 jin. Yuan Hong want to display his full strength without operating his true qi. His fist produced a whistling sound in the air, making the atmosphere around him thicker. A section of the ferocious fist intent seep into his body, increasing the power of his fist.

His fist break the wind flow, turning it upside down. A powerful demonic fist, that could smash a several thousand jin boulder.

The demonic beast hair stand on end, sensing a sudden threat by the help of its inborn instinct. Regardless of the food on its mouth, a two-meter long tail swept towards Yuan Hong direction. It’s demonic tail to one surprise was flexible, like a whipping bar steel. With a violent aura intending to hit Yuan Hong.(2)


Yuan Hong movement pace shifted; dodging the whizzing demonic tail. Imagined if a normal person was swept by this demonic tail. With a loud crash that could break you into two, that having only fracture could be a miracle. Like a knife that could cut everything in its front. Just by it’s tailed could be used as a sharp weapon.

The demonic tiger suddenly turned and leaped. Opening it’s bloody mouth wide open like a sacrificial bowl. Pouncing towards Yuan Hong with one of it’s claw. Its claws was dazzling, filled with coldness.(3)


A loud sound engulfed the quiet area. A rolling fist and the demonic tiger sharp claw clashed together. An intense wind swept in all direction, separating the two of them. The demonic tiger was blown away by Yuan Hong fist. A body that weight of thousands jin was thrown away, crashing into the distant trees. Yuan Hong also fell back. The demonic tiger was shocked that the pair of Yuan Hong fist doesn’t have any injuries. The two front claws of the demonic tiger were already distorted beyond recognition. All of its bones were completely broken, while blood overflow from its mouth. But the demonic tiger had an utterly powerful vitality, possessing a very tough flesh. It was still insufficient to endanger its life; even though, it sustained heavy injuries.

Yuan Hong roared loudly, increasing his brutal powerful aura. Yuan Hong didn’t stop his movement towards to the screaming demonic tiger. Confronting the whip tail of the demonic tiger. Like a sharp blade that intended to cut Yuan Hong into two.

Yuan Hong footwork suddenly shifted. Dodging the powerful tail of this tiger. Following the tiger tail direction, Yuan Hong grasped the tail of this demonic tiger. At the same time, brandishing his fist like a windmill. Mercilessly tamped the Demonic Tiger on the ground.

The demonic tiger had been smashed, uttering a miserable wail. The wild beasts around we’re frightened, fleeing in all directions.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! … …”

Yuan Hong body possessed an extraordinary strength. Brandishing the Demonic tiger tail from left to right. Smashing the trees around. Producing a number of pit on the ground.

A continues slamming sound and shriek could be heard in that area. Yuan Hong look like a real vicious beast right now.
The sound of the strong wind obliterated and deformed the trees around.
Bang! Bang! Yuan Hong wave the hand he used on grasping the tail of the demonic tiger. The huge body of the beast slam on the big tree in the distant place, and fell to the ground motionless; it was already dead beyond dead.

The strength of this beast was completely suppressed by Yuan Hong, viciously killed by the latter.


Yuan Hong took a deep breath. This is his first time fighting a vicious beast physically. Added by his consciousness and will. The 4th weight of the Qi stage Demonic tailed tiger was easily beaten to death, without using his true qi.

Unexpectedly he didn’t felt tension or fear at all. His heart was calmed from the start up to until now. Yuan Hong finally displayed his fearful martial arts talent.

Is it because of natural instinct? Or the transformation of coming into this world?

This was the road to the supreme; the survival of the fittest! He can only rely on his strength in this world. Yuan Hong was not an average person anymore. There is no law! No system! No order!

Like the living things adapting to circumstances. Yuan Hong didn’t care about it, the most important for him was to survive.

He must be strong to keep on living and to defend his tribe.

A human and one Tiger produced a violent atmosphere. Scaring the frighten wild beast around. The scent of blood spread on all sides. Yuan Hong carried the body of the demonic tiger away, afraid of attracting any strong vicious beasts.

Vicious beasts also killed each other. The blood of this demonic tiger could attract another vicious beast. Yuan Hong didn’t want to battle another vicious beast in this area right now.

Yuan Hong straight his way to the small valley where he practices his boxing skill.
Changing direction from time to time. He plans to refine the precious blood of demonic tiger there.

Inside of the small valley, Yuan Hong threw the demonic tiger body on one side. After taking off his clothes, Yuan Hong jumped into the lake. Yuan Hong wants to clean himself but also the corpse of the demonic tiger.

After an hour, Yuan Hong put his clothes on. Operating his true qi, a slightly flashing light blue qi appeared. A moist of water vapor slowly drifted from Yuan Hong body, forming a thick fog. Soon the water vapor evaporated, refreshing himself.



1. Bigu / refrain from eating grain ( to achieved immortality)
2. Absolutely terrified
3. Ferocious mouth of the beast of prey

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