Immortal Ape King – Chapter 1

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Immortal Ape King, Chapter 1: Morning Exercise


Yuan Tribe is located on the edge of Luo River, surrounded by vast mountains and forests. You can say that the Yuan tribe is actually a little far-fetched, the whole tribe only contains a hundred household with several families in it, looking very thin.

Luo River is a large river in the eastern part of the vast river, as for it’s width, no one knows the answer. Legend said that this vast river had been formed and separated by the four elements: earth, water, fire, and wind. This river was only a branch of the vast river in the east, filled with numerous creatures living on pieces of land.

On the Luo riverside, there are also other tribes situated in this area. It’s just that they are too far away from each other.
Early in the morning, while the glory of the dawn is mirroring on the lake’s surface, the sunlight sprinkle above the Luo River. A group of children ranging from four to five years old with some teenagers are in the training field of a little village.
All of them have a serious expression on their face, drawing the power of heaven and earth into their body.

“Concentrate your spirit and mind, like a new born calf in the rising sun. Feel the origin of all things, feel the Yuan qi of heaven and earth. If you can feel it, draw into your body, by doing this you can become stronger, tempering your bones and blood, increasing the vitality of your body, for all of you this is a great advantage, it will be worth if you practice this every day.” (1)

Standing in front was a bronze-coloured middle-aged man, with huge muscles, looking strong and vigorous like a tiger or a panther. He was standing in front of a large blue stone, wearing an ordinary plain cloth with a firm expression on his face.

“Do you all understand?”

“Yes, sir!” Each and every one of the children’s voice was loud and clear. Obviously, all of them are physically fit; their reply is full of energy.

“Yes, sir!” Yuan Hong followed the crowd and shouted.

Yuan Hong has been in this world for two months. For how he came here is a big mystery, thinking of his past life filled with memories and emotion. He was just an orphan when he was young his parents died because of an accident, and he only received a meager compensation. Living in the province, after working very hard, he finally got admitted into his ideal university. Because of his cruel life, he had no choice but to sell all of his belongings, even his own house, through all of his efforts, he became successful and graduated to comfort the spirits of his parents. But the heaven was cruel to him, because of an accident he lost everything.

In the last moment of his life, he felt a strong unwilling and injustice. His last consciousness traveled in endless darkness. When he opened his eyes, he was deeply shocked to what appeared in front of him.

Reincarnation? Everything was so clear, even his memory. This new world is a strange world, were all impossible things can become possible. The only thing he can assume is that he resurrected in this strange world. Where God can bring back everything he lost in his past life, here in this world, he had a family, friends, elders, and tribal brothers. This makes Yuan Hong more comfortable in this world.

“Concentrate your mind and spirit, use your heart to feel the origin of heaven and earth, feel the beginning of all things, feel that slightest yuan qi.” The bronze-coloured man piercing every child with his bright eyes is revealing a satisfied smile on his face.

Yuan Hong took a deep breath, trying to control the rhythm of his breathing, according to his father, the rhythm of inhaling was a major factor in absorbing the power of heaven and earth into his body.

“This is the yuan qi of heaven and earth? This world is truly different.”

Two months ago, after waking up in this body, he felt abnormally weak. His mother said that he had a serious illness. His father always hunts vicious beast in the vast mountains, refining its blood into medicine for his daily uses, doing all of this to cure him.

His father was called Yuan Changqing, one of the few expert in their tribe. Yuan Changing was also a peak Spiritual Root practitioner that can already be regarded a master in this area.

After the happiness of having this new life, Yuan Hong quickly accepted this mysterious world. A different world from his past and the world that is totally new for him.

There are so many tall trees and strange rocks that can only be seen in a tropical rainforest from his past life. A pure and fresh world where he can find vast forests and lofty mountain ranges.

After two months of staying in this world, Yuan Hong always practices breathing exercise to learn the law and how to absorb the yuan qi of heaven and earth. Perhaps because of his difficulties due to coming from another world, his talent is much greater than other children. Absorbing the vitality of heaven and earth is just like eating for him.

Listening to his father guidance, focusing his mind on sensing the yuan qi of heaven and earth, drawing it into his body to nourish his blood and bones.

Yuan Hong body right now is abnormally strong. This is simply too much compared with the people of the same age as him in his former world.

A Great Desolate world were vicious beasts are going rampant, endlessly vast mountains and an endless great river, with an exceptionally rich vitality of heaven and earth, giving birth to countless living things.

Here you can find different races, an ancient giant family whose strength can lift up a mountain. A clan whose power was comparable to ancient gods, a race who love nature, there are also powerful barbarians, as well a beautiful wizard, it also gives birth to countless evil spirit.

In contrast to ordinary humans, this is simply too much. They don’t have these tyrannical physiques and supernatural powers. So they were persistent to cultivate hard to behead those vicious beasts and demons to guard their tribe.

Silently operating the formula in his mind, more and more Yuan Qi was being drawn into his body, nourishing his bones and blood.

Gathering the Yuan Qi of heaven and earth is the most common way of cultivation in this world, ancient people said that this is the most suitable for humans to build a solid foundation.

Everything is different in this world, practicing the same formula doesn’t mean you’re the same as others, every person has a different nature that is related to their soul and constitution.

Some people practice the same yuan qi formula but produce the power of Yang, controlling the fire of heaven and earth, with one thought they can burn everything. Some people practice the formula but produce the power of water, with raging waves destroying everything in its path. There are also people who produce the power of thunder, which stretch its power to the highest heaven with it’s fierce and violent nature.

Some people born with innate talent, practicing unfathomable power. These people are often referred to as geniuses. They are usually born in larger tribes.

The heaven and earth Yuan Qi revolves around Yuan Hong. This gives him an unusual feeling. It seems the world was helping and supporting him. Slowly Yuan Hong lets go of his mind and use his heart and soul to pursue that indescribable experience again.

“Wh-wha-what is this feeling ?”
Yuan Hong had an enlightenment.

Sometimes fast, gentle, selfless, at times violent, turbulent and overbearing. Yuan Hong felt he came to the world of water, feeling the moisture of all things, feeling great and selfless.

The Yuan Qi revolves faster and faster, the way Yuan Hong absorbs the power of heaven and earth also becomes faster, more and more Yuan Qi is being drawn into his body, refining every part of his body while the other part goes to his dantian and blood vessels.

Yuan Hong can feel his body becoming stronger every moment, according to this, one day he can be comparable to those vicious beasts in the mountains.

Yuan Hong was obsessed in this mysterious feeling. It’s like he can see his self. The power of heaven and earth operates and changes slowly, continuously changing the colour of his body.

Changing from one colour to another, it slowly becomes colourless with a trace of light blue.

One thread
Two threads
Three threads

The light blue colour is becoming more clearer in Yuan Hong’s body, to the last that it seems his whole body is turning into a light blue colour. Light blue threads constantly flow into his body. This light blue qi is so gorgeous. It is continuously drilling into Yuan Hong’s blood and body.

Yuan Hong was being nourished by this light blue qi, slowly healing his past injuries. This light blue qi is spreading out in all directions.

This is not the only benefit the light blue qi gives, it also intensifies his blood and makes his body a little stronger. It’s like a whole transformation is occurring.

“Ha!” The aura around Yuan Hong is slowly dispersing, he opens his eyes and takes a deep breath.

”I was born to practice the dao of water. It even makes my heart gain enlightenment, and it seems that my talent is not shallow.”

Feeling the changes in his body makes Yuan Hong abnormally excited.

Water is the mother of all things, nurturing life to become mighty and selfless.
On the good side, water does not dispute by others. Also, there are only a few people who practice the dao of water into the evil path.

Earth Taoist scripture emerge from his mind, Yuan Hong suddenly felt an endless mystery. Directed at the origin of the road and the law of fundamentals.

Yuan Hong felt that the earth is not as simple as he previously thought. Lao Tzu, Yuanshi Tianzun, Babel, Buddha, NuWa, Fuxi and so on. These gods and figures in from stories may really exist, what happened to the history of Huaxia? Why did he come to this world after he died? Are there any traces of holy places in this world?(2)

“I will uncover everything, becoming a great existence in this world to protect my tribe” Yuan Hong thought to himself.


1.Heaven and earth mean world or universe.
Yuan Qi could also mean vitality
2. Huaxia is historical concept representing the Chinese nation and civilization
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