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Immortal Ascension Tower

Book 1: Reborn

First Arc: The Child And The Dragon


Chapter 8 – Klutz


A few hours prior to Lao Jianghu’s appearance in the round table conference in the warehouse, Cheng Hao was walking towards hut #5742 with his hands in his pockets and humming a happy tune. Suddenly, the golden snake shot out from his pocket from where he had been hiding, and landed on his shoulder, all the while looking incredibly excited. “Cheng Hao, you MUST become a Twin Star disciple! This castle isn’t as easy as it seems, it might even contain otherworldly treasures! If I get to eat them, my strength will skyrocket!”

Cheng Hao rolled his eyes.

I don’t need a snake to tell me that!

“Do I need to remind you of those absurd conditions? It does not depend on me, but on whether I can find another eight-year-old child in this god-forsaken land that can somewhat hold a candle to me.” The child with golden eyes clicked his tongue and pursued his thin lips. “I have no intentions of doing that. Unless he somehow shows himself in front of me, I won’t bother searching. I am weak, I need to grow stronger, I can’t just rely on a drop of blood to protect myself.”

Goldy fell silent, as if he wanted to retort, but ultimately decided not to. A few minutes later, the small dragon yawned and then scratched its belly as it asked, “Cheng Hao, what do you think about that elder?”

With a grin, Cheng Hao shrugged his shoulders, a motion that sent the golden snake flying. “He can be used. That guy’s cultivation is incredibly high, probably one of the highest in the whole Sect. He should at the very least be a Sect Protector, and a high ranked one at that. Seeing how I made quite the lasting impression on him, he should already have eyed me as a potential disciple…”

“Pff, what did you just say? That old fart has a high cultivation? He’s still a being in the Mortal Realm! How could you say that?” The snake climbed back on Cheng Hao and rested atop his head. With a knowing smile, Goldy shook his head. “You and I have both seen the might of those who truly had power! That ten million year old Mysterious Beast, the Blood Soaked Flood Dragon, was a beast at the Pseudo-Immortal stage! Let alone this Sect, it could probably be able to erase this continent, or even with literally nothing more than a thought if it truly wished to! And remember, a Primordial Beast like me would have little problem erasing this whole plane of existence, once it also reached the Pseudo-Immortal stage!”

“This plane of existence you say…” Cheng Hao pondered aloud. The Golden Snake nodded, and seeing that, Cheng Hao asked, “What about other ones? I’ve never seen you at your peak. Even the history books told of your might, but I’ve never actually had the chance to witness it…”

Goldy beamed at the unexpected chance and immediately revealed his skills at self-flattery, “Indeed… had it been the Blindlight you know, a lot more effort would have been required. However, with my former power during the Endless Slaughter, power bordering the peak of the Eternal stage, just a step away from the Immortal stage, I completely erased a plane of existence hundreds, thousands of times bigger and of higher spatial quality than this! I did have to sleep for a ten thousand years after that though, eheheh…” The snake smirked as he remembered the glory of his youth, when he was just a few million years old youth in his early ages, slaughtering his way through the never-ending conflict that had been the Endless Slaughter, the war between Primordial Beasts!

“So, I have never asked you this… But in your eyes what would have my strength have been before I died? At least, compared to the powerhouses you had the chance to fight during the Slaughter…” Cheng Hao was suddenly interested, “I mean, I DID slay thousands, millions of heavenly guards and generals, and even though I didn’t beat him in the end, I was able to battle evenly with Lord Tian, who inherited the power of the Jade Emperor! That should make me quite strong, even when put amongst Primordial Beast, right?”

The dragon frowned and began pondering. He looked back in his past and saw flashes of his memories of Cheng Hao’s battling figure… back then, the golden eyes had been a mesmerizing blue, and his looks that of a man in his early twenties despite his true age easily surpassing the hundred years.

In his right hand was a black flame, so hot even a thousand-year-old glacier would be turned into vapor in the fraction of a breath. In his left hand, burned a white flame that was so cold it turned everything it touched into white ashes. Taking the form of two flaming dragons, the twin flames wrecked havoc amongst the armies of the Heavenly Realm, devouring all those who were unlucky enough to be caught by the flaming fauces…

Deep in the blue-eyed man’s left pupil, the illusion of a battlefield appeared… an ancient battlefield where corpses piled up in mountains and blood formed oceans. A golden sun eerily shone down on the dead bodies and the crimson sea that expanded beyond the horizon… The young man waved his sleeve, and a gigantic wheel, the true form of the mighty golden sun, appeared behind Cheng Hao’s figure! The wheel began turning and an incoming thousand of black dragons hundreds of meters long couldn’t resist at all as they faded from existence, their essence absorbed by the metallic rays on the golden wheel’s surface!

The youth kept fighting like that until, for some reason, his usual calm look turned into rage and his eyes blazed from fury! His right eye turned from blue to black as if it had somehow been corrupted… within the darkened orb, a mouth with no body kept biting the space surrounding it, screaming and yelling at the human to let it free to slaughter!!! Although the yells were silent, the blue-eyed warrior seemed to have heard them as he smiled fiercely and mouthed a horrifying: go ahead! With a slap of his palm, the air trembled, and an excited black mouth appeared in the battlefield!

As soon as they recognized the identity of that fanged mouth, the section of the opposing army closest to the blue-eyed youth cried in fear! As they hurried away, not even caring that they were turning their back to a foe, the black and white flame dragons did not hesitate to feast upon their defenseless backs! However, the horror had yet to end! Because, at that moment, the black mouth opened its jaws as much as it could, until it grew to be 999 feet tall! With another push, it grew to a staggering height of 1000 feet tall! The darkness turned golden, and the mouth into a gigantic golden gate…

The gate opened all at once, holding within millions, billions of screaming monsters chained inside! The screams were horrifying to the extreme and hearing their shouts, a large portion of the entire army of millions of Heavenly Warriors trembled before exploding and turning into one, massive puddle of blood… Mountains of corpses and an ocean of blood formed as more than a hundred thousand opponents were slain just like that! The man’s left eye brightened and the image of the battlefield in his left eye overlapped with reality. The corpses and the blood disappeared in the real world to become even more corpses and even more blood in the illusion!

However, the youth had yet to finish: what he had just defeated had been but a small portion of the massive army! It was at that moment, that he pulled all stop! The blue eyes turned golden, as a golden hurricane exploded from his body, engulfing the entirety of the large army! The hurricane spanned countless miles across, and every single Heavenly Soldier had been included inside, more than a million total! At first, no one noticed anything different, but soon, cries of pain sounded out all over! At first it was one, then ten, then a hundred, then a thousand, ten thousands, hundred thousands, until more than a million beasts screamed in agony as their bodies, cultivation bases and even their very souls were absorbed by the golden hurricane!

In the end, only two people remained standing on the battlefield: one was the blue-eyed youth, whose pupils were now glowing golden, and the other was a giant as tall as a mountain! The young man raised his right hand, and all the energy he had gathered from the millions of beasts gathered in his palm, turning into a single glowing greatsword more than twelve feet long. The giant roared loudly and punched out with all his might! Swish! The golden greatsword had executed a single arc in the air. The giant’s overbearing attack came to a stop inches away from the youth’s face as its face twisted… and its head fell on the ground.

“You listening?” Cheng Hao interrupted the golden snake’s thoughts as he pondered out aloud, “At the peak of my strength, my cultivation had been of the Supreme Stage. However my true fighting potential was way beyond that…”

Goldy pondered for a bit but then nodded. “Indeed, that was indeed your previous cultivation, but your strength went way beyond that. While cultivation is dived into stages, there are still three realms: the Mortal Realm, the Ageless Realm, and the Immortal Realm. Each of these three Realms is divided into six, five and four stages respectively. Each stage is furthermore divided into a certain number of levels depending on the Realm. In short, these stages are used to distinguish cultivators’ power and skill level!”

“Why did you just tell me all that! I know it already, you have already told me this in this lifetime hundreds of times to show off your strength as a former Eternal Primordial Beast!” Cheng Hao was clearly pissed off and had a splitting headache.

What’s more, you only told me about Tian’s true power less than a month ago! If I had known Tian was a being at the peak stage of the Eternal stage a thousand years ago, I wouldn’t have attempted to fight him…

You knew of that… but the readers didn’t!” The snake replied and at that reply even its human companion couldn’t help but jump.

“Don’t break the fourth wall like that! Who do you think you are, frigging Deadpool?” Cheng Hao’s headache got even worse.

“Ahem, anyways!” The dragon resumed his explanation. “Your Supreme stage cultivation was indeed exceptional. You could even fight weaker Eternal beasts, although you ultimately fell at the might of Tian’s peak Eternal stage, which was only one step away from the Immortal stage and true Immortality. The Golden Blood Drop in your possession is probably a drop of a Supreme or maybe even an Eternal Being’s blood. And it’s not just any drop of blood, but a drop of Life Blood at that! It’s rare for even Heavenly Beasts to produce more than a dozen in their whole lifespan, so it’s truly a treasure worthy of being described as rare as phoenix feather and qilin horns!”

“As for that Spark, it is most likely the essence of a really powerful being… So powerful that even death could not completely dissipate its soul but only its consciousness!”

The snake shook his head.

“Even I do not know what rank that may be. It might be the essence of an extremely powerful Eternal beast as much as that of a legendary Immortal beast… It’s strange, because I have never heard of anyone reaching such a stage, but to be able to survive death and exit the circle of reincarnation… I can’t think of a better explanation!”

Suddenly, Cheng Hao slowed down as he perked up his ears. “Somebody is following us… And he seems to be a child? He’s pretty clumsy, seeing how he trips on the air every few steps… Up until now he mostly completed the distance separating us rolling instead of running.”

Both the young boy and the snake cringed as the child following them tripped again on his face.

“To be inside the walls of the Mysterious Light-Shadow Sect’s fortress at that age he must have passed he exam… How in the world did he frigging do it? Did he make his opponent laugh to death?” Cheng Hao had to turn away to avoid laughing himself.

Bam. Another fall, and another face-print on the paved road.

“Pff! Cheng Hao, should we go to him instead? I’m afraid he won’t survive the blood loss, it’s already a miracle how he hasn’t passed out yet!” Goldy cackled. The young boy also frowned and then shook his head

“We do not need weaklings for friends. If he makes it to me then I will at least hear him out! And maybe hand over some bandages. Falling head-first ought so many times ought to have hurt.”

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