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Immortal Ascension Tower

Book 1: Reborn

First Arc: The Child And The Dragon

Chapter 17 – ‘Luck’? There’s No Such Thing As Luck!

Roughly an hour earlier, just as Xiao Wu entered her meditative state, Cheng Hao had sat down as well. However, he did not immediately begin cultivating. Instead, he couldn’t help but cast a gaze at a certain golden snake resting on the table. At the time, he opened his mouth and spoken, “Goldy… Could you…”

The golden snake had perked up his ears, “What? Whether I will castrate you as you meditate? Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to take them out in a single blow. The pain will only last for a moment…”

Cheng Hao ignored the remark and asked, “Blindlight. Could you-“

“I thought we agreed Goldy is fine?” the dragon interrupted. He smiled, “I will take care of your sister just fine Stupid Hao. Just go. I do have an heart, unlike a certain cold-blooded bastard here that cannot help harassing his close companions.”

The golden-eyed youth beamed. “Shut up, you Bastard Snake. You’ll make me want to cuddle you.”

“Please, don’t.” Goldy shuddered.


After assuring that the snake would help the young girl, Cheng Hao finally relaxed and threw himself on the ground, submerging himself in the wondrous meditative state. He had always enjoyed that part about cultivation, because it allowed people to look at the world, at reality itself all the while increasing their strength. It was like staring at a vast, blurry truth, and as time went on and one grew more and more powerful, that truth would grow to be clearer and clearer… It had come to the point that he had begun substituting sleep with meditation. However, that day would be different. He had not entered meditation for the mere pleasure of it. Today, he had a massive task to accomplish!

As soon as he sat down, Cheng Hao had already closed his eyes, grabbed the Immortal Ascension Tower and projected his consciousness into it: he only put a small part of his power in the heavenly treasure, yet he felt a strong suction force that warped him, or more accurately his consciousness, somewhere else… As soon as the suction force appeared, the scenery surrounding him changed. The small hut suddenly vanished and he found himself suspended in a vacuum.

In front of him was a majestic tower, thousands of feet tall. It was made of bronze, silver and gold, with gold being the prevailing color out of the three.

There were a total of fifteen floors, and each of them was divided from the ones above or below by a total of fourteen golden rings. The rings wrapped themselves around the sections of the gargantuan tower that connected a floor to the next. What’s more, each ring was brighter and glowed a purer golden hue than those located below. Such a dazzling sight was enough to bewilder anyone who saw the golden tower for the first time in its entirety. Cheng Hao however, couldn’t be any more familiar with it: for six months, he had struggled to build and perfect the object in front of him. However, even after six months of hard and strenuous work, he had failed to accomplish so.

And yet, even an incomplete treasure as this could be considered a Martial Way!

As a matter of fact, Cheng Hao had called the immortal Ascension Tower he had created a Martial Way, but it was actually something completely different! At the same time however, it was such a magical existence it could still be considered a Martial Way, and one surpassing all other at that! It was basically like using a katana to cut the vegetables: such a sharp weapon could easily accomplish that job, despite its intended use being different. And in this case, the Immortal Ascension Tower was the sharpest katana, and Cheng Hao had crafted such a massive tower to help him accomplish one thing: reach immortality as fast as possible!

Suddenly, the first glowing ring cracked and it became a stream of light particles that merged with Cheng Hao’s body! Just like that, a foreign Spiritual Energy and odd Qi strands charged straight into his consciousness! Just like that, Cheng Hao passed directly from the Qi sensing phase to the absorption phase! As for his sensed Qi, even he did not understand it completely. In fact, he only knew it was related to that weird spark that had brought him back from the dead. It was seemingly bland, without any redeeming features to it. At the same time however, it was also the most overbearing, most astonishing, most powerful Sensed Qi Cheng Hao had ever come into contact with.

It was ancient, heavy, dense, yet easily moldable… With it, not only would he be able to utilize a vast number of abilities and methods that would have otherwise been impossible with the ‘Golden Gates of Old’ Qi he had previously used. Instead, with this new Qi would allow him to use his old abilities, and many, many more! It was as if its sole purpose was to match and surpass all other Qi, like some sort of Sovereign of all Qi!

Sovereign Qi! Not a bad name,

Cheng Hao smiled; however, he did not give the two words that had suddenly flashed across his mind much of a thought.

Anyways, in short, it was a Qi that vastly exceeded all other Qi present in the world! And such a Qi, it could only be found in one way: by breaking down those glowing rings wrapped around the tall tower! And since the Immortal Ascension Tower was his… he had complete monopoly of this powerful Qi! Well, not that there was much in the first place.

Back to the golden ring entering the golden-eyed youth’s consciousness, the light stream suddenly divided into fifteen and, upon Cheng Hao’s command, these streams started to slowly flow towards his consciousness. Skillfully, he weaved them first into the Qi Sea, and then into the Cheng Hao’s Pseudo-Core. Here, he did not have the golden dragon to block berserk streams, nor did he find the chance to use the Martial Way to ease the condensation process. And yet, even then, both the actions were completed effortlessly and smoothly: he was even way faster than Xiao Wu had been, and he easily finished condensing his own Pseudo-Core before the girl had even completed the absorption phase! Not that he was aware of it, being shut-off from the world and all.

Unlike the crystal-clear one the girl would concoct soon thereafter, the golden Pseudo-Core Cheng Hao had made wasn’t completely see-through and was instead a bit opaque. This was thanks to the vast amount of Qi he had absorbed from the ring of light. At the moment, although his Spiritual Energy was not up on par, his Qi was at the very limit of what an Inferior stage cultivator could bear. Of course, that had also been carefully calculated by him when he had first created the golden rings of light.

Anyways, the moment he had finished condensing the Core and both Qi and Spiritual Energy were present in a stable manner in his consciousness, he had officially, as per the current definition of those ‘Expert’ cunts, become an Inferior stage cultivator.

Fro then on, each time he’d break through to the next stage, he’d once again enter the strange space and absorb another ring, which would grant an amount of Qi that was exactly the limit of what was allowed at each stage without having one’s body explode all of a sudden. After doing that, it would only be a matter of absorbing Spiritual Energy, which was neutral (or more accurately it adapted to any sort of change) by nature, and thus could gather it anywhere. He’d then start accumulating as much as he could of it until he’d finally breakthrough again. Then, he’d just have to rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, until he reached the last, fifteenth stage: the Immortal stage! Once he’d finally reach that level… he could only wonder what would happen.

Cheng Hao’s blurry consciousness stared at the tall tower with both pride and determination: the tall tower was his treasure, but it was also a risk he had undertaken

He had used the golden spark in his consciousness to build it, using up so much energy that it could have helped him break into multiple stages and even Realms consecutively. Instead of going to such lengths, he could have just immediately leveled up instantly. However, he had ultimately chosen not to. The injuries he would suffer in the process would be grave at best, and it would take him as much as full centuries to fully recover. Were he to start from zero, those centuries might turn into decades, as he not only had the experience and knowledge from his past life, he also had the support of the Spark’s energy!

Thus, he had built this tower.

It was a tower that wasn’t meant to be climbed. Inside though, it housed countless treasures and mysteries that would help him in his cultivation, sealed within the same level he recognized they would be usable at. Some floors however, were left empty, or housed more things than just one. It was a bit of a mess, really, but it wasn’t entirely unintentional: he would be able to modify the tower in the future if the Spark were to suddenly regain a bit of its lost energy, otherwise he’d just use what little was left to finish up what he could. After all, it was already a cheat as it was!

He had once mentioned to Xiao Wu that, within a stage, no matter what, they should still be sure to come out victorious even if they were to clash with peak experts of the same stage. This was because, to Cheng Hao, it would be that way either way! Those rings of light would immediately propel him more than halfway though his current stage, as Qi was the hardest to gather compared to Spiritual Energy. He was destined to always rank on top!

Finding a drop of blood that allowed him to battle against the Ageless stage while without cultivation, having more than half of one’s cultivation taken care for by a magical tower, and having the massive amount of knowledge he had acquired in the Tower of Babel magically branded into his mind… Geniuses would only be able to curse at such injustice. Demons would only be able to cry at the shameless of the heavens, granting a single person so many gifts. Even gods could only grind their teeth in envy at the luck and favor this child had received from Fate, without being able to take action.

Cheng Hao’s opinion on the matter however, was different:


“There is no such thing as Luck!“

“There is only Xiao Lan!”


“Don’t agree? Fight me!”

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