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Immortal Ascension Tower

Book 1: Reborn

First Arc: The Child And The Dragon

Chapter 15 – Thank You, Brother!

“Uh?” Xiao Wu was bewildered: not only had she been surprised at Cheng Hao’s claim that he would help her step into the inferior stage that same night, she was also completely and utterly shocked at the identity of the small golden tower only a few inches tall…

Cheng Hao had a Martial Way! This notion surpassed almost any other that she had learned that night: a Martial Way was something extremely, impossibly rare! Even comparing to Qilin horns and Phoenix feathers would be somewhat downgrading, because unlike the former two it was simply something that shouldn’t exist at all in the mortal world! The reason for that was simple: they were as rare as it was difficult to make them, and a Reverend stage cultivator had zero chances of creating one! A Mortal Realm cultivator creating a Martial Way was impossible by definition, as what a Martial Way was required one to have reached the very peak of the Supreme stage, the second stage of the Immortal Realm, just two stages away from complete and utter… Immortality! Although Immortal Realm cultivators weren’t too rare even within fallen Clans such as the present Xiao Clan, a Supreme stage cultivator was even rarer! An expert at the peak of that stage would only be found amongst Heavenly Beasts, and the Eternal stage that came after that was almost as much of a legend as the Immortal stage. That was just how rare of an existence were Immortal Realm cultivators as well as the powerhouses amongst said Realm, that were peak stage Supreme cultivators! And even then, it would require incredible effort and decades, centuries of meditation just to make one, years that could easily be spent in cultivation!

And yet, that child in front of her, a boy her same age, had just achieved what was impossible! At the age of eight, without a single ounce of Spiritual Energy or Qi in his body, he had condensed a Martial Way all by himself!

And it was such a mysterious and deep Martial Way, she had never seen anything like it before! Even the ancient Xiao Clan barely had a few dozen Martial Ways after thousands of years of legacies, and yet that Immortal Ascension Tower was the likes of which not a single one of those mediocre Martial Ways would be able to hold a candle to! Maybe… just maybe, there was one person in her entire clan who would be able to create such a marvel, but that person, her ancestor and world-renowned genius, was a monster that had been alive for centuries, and even fought alongside Xu Ling as an equal! Xiao Lan, the greatest weapon of the Xiao Clan, was the only one that would barely be able to accomplish such a feat! And yet, the child in front of her had accomplished what one of the True Earth’s strongest Masters would take years, in only a few months! And it was still incomplete? What kind of Martial Way was that! Wouldn’t it be more accurate to call it a Martial Cheat?

But if they so rare, why? Why would people still create Martial Ways? It was because it had so many uses one wouldn’t be able to recite them all at once, because at least one would always be discovered with time!

A Martial Way was essentially an item that could increase one’s cultivation speed exponentially! If one had even the lowest grade of Martial Way, it would make his or her cultivation skyrocket almost overnight! One must know that, unless one has a Martial Way to aid breakthrough, another one of its wondrous uses, such breakthrough could easily take weeks if not months, years, even decades! After all, if it were that easy, a Supreme stage martial artist wouldn’t be so rare at all, instead they would only barely rank at the middle-high tiers of the food chain!

But this new brother of hers had just said that tonight, they would actually break through… Together?

“Brother, you must be joking! Although it would probably be no problem for a genius like you, I have no chance to do that! Let alone a Martial Way, I haven’t even have begun to sense my Qi yet! How could I even dream of breaking through?” Xiao Wu laughed bitterly.

The boy slowly opened his mouth and slowly, syllable-by-syllable, he spelled out: “Triple ‘Little(Xiao)’ Qi Scripture.”

Boom! As soon as Xiao Wu heard those words she shuddered and her expression changed drastically. Her eyes grew cold and she had unconsciously released a storm of wild killing intent, smashing the table with her first. She put up her guard and entered a strange stance: as soon as she did, her surroundings grew cold. The golden-eyed did not move nor died he show any trace of surprise at the sudden turn of the events. After a few breaths, Xiao Wu dismissed the stance with a sigh and fell back on her seat. She trusted Cheng Hao. She had helped and taught her so much she had to, at the very least, trust him this much.

“How… do you know… those words?” Xiao Wu was barely able to speak while gritting her teeth and refusing her instincts that told her to kill the child in front of her immediately. She looked at the eyes of the child in front of her: occasional flashes of amusement would flash by, but they did not show a trace of fear at her thick killing intent.

The boy grinned. “Of course I know them. I was the one who wrote them, alongside your ancestor, Xiao Lan, the first Triple-Wielder of three Xiao Qi in the history of the Xiao Clan! But while we had indeed studied them together back then, I alone was the one to create the cultivation technique he would use in the future to amaze the world!”

Xiao Wu was shocked as the killing intent immediately subsided: was that joke? It had to be! Her brain couldn’t perceive it in any other way, so she started laughing, “Ahahah! You really shouldn’t joke on these things, brother Hao! Although it is indeed a mystery how you know that Scripture, or about secrets of our Clan such as the Triple Qi!”

But I really was the one who wrote…

The boy sighed but then also chuckled bitterly.

Oh well, never mind. I’ll convince her with the results.

Suddenly, his face turned serious.

“Sister Wu, I told you lies won’t bring you far in a relationship like ours. You have indeed sensed something, and not just any Qi. You sensed a Qi so rare and powerful it might almost rival the ‘Golden Gates of Old’, which was the Sensed Qi of the Evil Saint himself!” He raised his hand and moved his index and thumb close. “Almost” He winked.

Xiao Wu smiled. Indeed, she had Sensed something. The Qi of the members of the Xiao Clan all fell into three major categories, and most would sense one and join a Hall that corresponded to a certain Qi. Some however, were special, like her father, and sensed two Qi at once! There was once a theory that this was possible because the Xiao Clan had a powerful bloodline that descended from ancient times, and that the Qi had once been only one and then split into three afterwards. It was speculated that, were a Triple Wielder of the three different attributes of the ‘Xiao Qi’ appear, that person would wield might incomparable to any other! This notion was dispelled when, Xiao Lan, first appeared and, despite having sensed all the three Qi, was unable to cultivate even a single scripture from the Xiao Clan! Thus, his growth had been extremely slow… later on, the Evil Saint had thought about this problem and created a Scripture especially for him, modifying those the Xiao Clan had created in their thousands of years of history! First, he bound together two, and then repeated the process with the two that had been fused and the remaining one. After this, Xiao Lan’s cultivation speed skyrocketed, to the point he even stepped into the Immortal Realm at the age of fifty-nine, shattering the previous record held by Xu Ling himself! However, this scripture was regarded as the greatest trump card of their clan: as long as they could produce a Triple Wielder, the recovery of the Xiao Clan was assured! For that however, they’d have to wait for the esteemed Xiao Lan to awaken from his deep slumber of a thousand years…

Just as she had thought up to here, Cheng Hao’s words shook her awake, “Also, somebody has already aided you! I’m one hundred percent certain that it was that old fellow Lan, but it was probably done without you knowing. Calm down and breath as this might seem shocking”

Xiao Wu skeptically followed the instructions without asking for an explanation. Seeing that, Cheng Hao inwardly praised the trust she put in him. He smiled warmly and resumed. He said nine simple words. Those words shook Xiao Wu’s mind and, as she understood the meaning she unconsciously grabbed her head.

“You have a Martial Way concealed inside your consciousness.”

Those shocking words came out so smoothly that it seemed as if Cheng Hao was just telling her that his favorite color was scarlet (it actually really is).

“Brother Cheng… Is that true?” Xiao Wu’s emerald eyes glowed and she was extremely shocked as well as excited. As if to answer her, Cheng Hao approached and touched her forehead. Once again, the barrage slammed into him. Had somebody else thought of pressing on, that person would have most likely died. Unfortunately, Cheng Hao wasn’t just ‘somebody’ and he easily pulled through once again!

In the girl’s sea of consciousness, he once again gazed upon the scene that had bewildered him a while ago: a gorgeous white tree as tall as the heavens stood proud, in the meantime, a black dragon thousands of feet long entwined around the tree’s branches. Up in a nonexistent sky, a purple moon shone down eerily…

The whole scene looked like something straight out of a fairy tale and it was just as scary and shocking as it was enticing and stunning. The scene was encased into what looked like a crystal ball, and it was so powerful that had it been left free, it would have created enough pressure on what was located outside that Xiao Wu’s mind could have as well shattered! Fortunately though, the glass sphere blocked that pressure, allowing Cheng Hao’s consciousness to approach.

With the wave of the consciousness’ hands, the glass ball and thus the scene as well shrank and fit into the small palm… With a smile, Cheng Hao removed the finger from Xiao Wu’s forehead and, when he opened his palm, a glass ball was there.

“Shatter” He blew upon the crystalline surface and the glass ball indeed… Shattered! As soon as it did, the tree, the dragon and the moon appeared above his hand. The child let go and the whole thing began hovering in midair. Cheng Hao sat back on the chair and made a sign towards Xiao Wu to take the Martial Way in front of her. The boy’s face was pale, while the girl’s was so red from excitement that even an apple would be jealous.

She poked the tree with her finger and, sure enough, she felt a familiar pressure: the pressure of a Martial Way! It was extremely weak when compared to Cheng Hao’s golden tower, but it was there anyway! Without thinking, Xiao Wu flew at Cheng Hao and embraced him as tightly as he could. Tears poured out like water during a flood as the girl spoke, “Thank you brother, thank you!!! I will be your sister from now on, so don’t worry about anything! I’ll stop the arrows aimed against you with my body, sacrifice my life to save yours and step over seas of flames to get to you! Just… Thank you so much!”

Cheng Hao smiled weakly. “That was the wrong order, sis! When I said that it actually was-”

Xiao Wu embraced him even tighter “I don’t care! Brother, thank you!”

Cheng Hao laughed.


# # #


And with this, we have finally gotten past this huge info-dump part… for now! And ‘now’ is also time for our protagonists to truly become cultivators! Look forward to them breaking through the Inferior stage the next time on Dragonba- Ahem, I mean, hope you enjoyed the chaps despite all that info! Look forward to more! 

~ Cookie

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