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Immortal Ascension Tower

Book 1: Reborn

First Arc: The Child And The Dragon

Chapter 14 – Big Brother Shows the Way!

Xiao Wu gaped in astonishment: the golden-eyed youth had said this method was made up by the Evil Saint, but she was still shocked at just how he had been able to phrase the concept laying behind the new procedure in a manner that even a child like her could understand!

“Atta girl. Want a sip?” Cheng Hao laughed happily and jokingly offered the jug containing wine to the green-eyed girl.

The girl’s mouth twitched slightly as she edged backwards. “Sorry… I, don’t really like alcohol beverages so much. In fact, even the smell alone is enough to make me want to vomit.”

Actually, why is a kid like you drinking something alcoholic in the first place!

“Ahahah, sure, sure. Wait ‘til you get older and the hormones start acting up, you’ll understand what you missed then. Then again, it might be the best if a child like you does not drink too much, it might develop into some serious addictions later on.” He downed another mouthful: it looked like the jug was also special and could hold in a large amount of the liquid.

Exactly! So you do understand that it’s immoral! And yet, why do you keep drinking like a sponge?

Seeing that Xiao Wu was quick and smart enough to process this much information, Cheng Hao decided to kick it up a notch and enter the grand finale. He opened his mouth, and the lecture resumed, “Now for the Core, why is it so difficult to form the Core?”

Xiao Wu quickly answered, “Because the Qi is so dense that it is difficult to compress and it takes both a lot of mental energy and enlightenment to accomplish it.”

“Yup. And why is the Qi dense?”

Xiao Wu smiled as she knew the answer “Because it is really pure!” Hearing her own words, the girl stopped and frowned “Pure… wait, so does this mean that making a Core early on is actually easier than when doing it later in the Advanced stage? I remember you also mentioned a problem like that earlier in your story, something about the Core once being condensed into the Ageless Realm and then being pushed back because of the same reason!”

“Good girl! To think you’d listen to all that rambling from a drunk kid, I underestimated you!” Cheng Hao’s eyes glittered as he let out a few words of praise that came from his heart. Of course, he was not drunk and it was just a joke, as his will and mental power the result of two lifetimes plus an extra soul was enough for him to remain lucid even were he to drink whole barrels’ worth of wine. It was a small yet pleasant benefit of dying.

Xiao Wu beamed but noticed the boy had not yet confirmed her theory. She frowned, “So?”

“So? Of course, your hypothesis is absolutely, one hundred percent… Correct! What we shall do is exactly this: Qi sensing, following by Spiritual Energy Absorption, creation of a Qi Sea and, finally, the creation of our dear Pseudo-Core! Oh, I say Pseudo-Core because it wouldn’t be the real Core. No, it is a fake and fake it will remain for the whole length of its existence… which will actually be surprisingly long! For, in the nearby future, it will almost have as much of a big use as the real one, if not even more! Same for the Qi Sea, but Pseudo-Qi-Sea sounds like some kind of strange battle cry, so I will leave it as Qi Sea. When we finally do step into the Basic and Advanced stage, which will be not too far off in the future, we will still be able to create a real Qi Sea and also a real Core. Actually, this experience will make it even easier for us to build the real thing later on, for we will already know the process!”

Cheng Hao went to drink from the jug once again, only to find out to his dismay that the wine had already been drunk until its very last drop. He sighed and took out another, meanwhile he did not stop talking, “Since it isn’t as pure as the real deal and will be powered by Inferior Qi, it will be much more unstable and we will need to use more energy to charge it up, but the power will be about the same. With some help, Inferior stage will battle Advanced stage! Inferior stage will beat Advanced stage! Inferior stage will fly in the sky! Showing the might of the Advanced stage as an Inferior stage cultivator! Skipping whole stages, augmenting one’s experience, and more, are the miracles that the Pseudo-Core is capable of achieving!”

Xiao Wu had long since been unable to speak, staring wide eyed, her jaw nearly touching the ground, the sound of her blood pumping pounding in her ears. Forget about taking notes! Ever since a short while ago, she had branded every single word the young boy in front of her had said in her mind, not forgetting even a single word.

After a short span of a few breaths, the girl recovered. Pondering, she muttered trembling. “Brother… Could you actually… Be a genius?”

Cheng Hao grinned, “And not only that, I’m going to make you into one too! I will make you into the first greatest geniuses this world has ever seen! Of course, it’ll be because I’ll allow you to share first place, but you will be one looked up to wherever you go, be it enemies of allies! You will stand above them all, like an emperor of the skies!”

Xiao Wu gasped for air: of course she didn’t fully believe, but it was simply because she couldn’t. It was just too unrealistic of a claim, that she felt it would be way too unlikely for it to come true. There was, however, another being who had heard those words apart from the green-eyed girl. And his understanding of the situation was much deeper. Of course, Cheng Hao’s words weren’t just empty claims. After all, he had already accomplished that once in the past by aiding the young Xiao Lan, why should he not be able to do it again? Blindlight smiled: it had to be said the relationship between Xu Ling and the Xiao Clan was truly special.

Cheng Hao stood up and patted his robes, “Well, now, for the next grand reveal!” He raised one of his hands and, all of a sudden, enormous pressure crashed down upon all things present in the room, with only a shocked Xiao Wu and the smiling Cheng Hao being spared. Blindlight on the other hand rolled on the ground cursing as loud as he could, but in the end was unable to even stand up when faced with a pressure that was akin to that of a gargantuan waterfall crashing upon its small body.

Xiao Wu watched on with wide eyes as slowly, an object began to materialize into the world, accompanied by a small hurricane that battered her clothes and hair. Finally…

“Come, my dear creation! Let the world bask upon your greatness!” Woosh! Soon following Cheng Hao’s excited cry, a bright, golden light flashed and a golden tower suddenly appeared, hovering right above the young boy’s hand!

It had a total of fifteen levels, the first six levels having bronze gates, the middle five levels having silver gates and the last four levels having golden gates. Most of the gates were covered in chains and locks, as if they were keeping something sealed within…

It was but a few inches tall, an adult would probably be able to hold it between two hands. And yet, at the same time, it was also beautiful and domineering! As a matter of fact, the tower had been drastically reduced in size. Had it been its real size, the tower would have been thousands of feet tall!

The gigantic gates were each bigger and sturdier than the previous level’s, and when scaled up, they would actually also be so big that a man would easily be able to pass by the fissures below the door’s frame! However, no matter how one looked, it was not possible to see what was behind the closed gates, as if some strange magic was impeding it and concealing the interior. It really made one wonder what those big golden doors held, what terrifying beasts would be sealed within and what fearful power it took to seal them.

This, was what Cheng Hao had made out of the golden spark that he had found in the underworld: a tower as tall as the heavens, with countless secrets lying beyond each gate and its only purpose being speeding up his growth! It was what he’d use to protect his loved ones! It was a tower he would use to ascend to Immortality as soon as possible! And for that exact reason, the child had chosen to call it…

Immortal Ascension Tower!” Cheng Hao’s yell rang out. He eyed the golden object hovering above his palm with both pride and excitement. “I have been working on it for almost six months, and it is even now yet to be completed… However, even in its incompleteness, it will be of great aid to the both of us, both in and outside battle! Today, I will step into the Inferior stage thanks to this little baby and you, dear Sister, will as well!”


# # #


The major info-dump has yet to end! Fear info dumps!

By the way, the one about the river and the sea was actually something I stumbled upon a few months prior to writing this when I asked myself that same question (the question was wether a river or a lake would freeze first of course. This Qi Sea would actually have the same size as the Qi River would and it is called a Sea and not a Lake because it sounds cooler) and, remembering the answer, I decided to add it in! Neat! 

Anyways, these few chapters (From Xiao Lan up to now) were the chapters I am most proud of until now (Especially Xiao Lan’s story). I hope your blood got pumped up and your breathing became rugged just like Xiao Wu’s did when reading these chapters! Because the worse is yet to come and if I make some extra effort, I might just be able to make your heads explode! Mwahahah!

~ Cookie

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