I Grow Stronger by Dreaming – Prologue

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There was always that one guy at school.
They always lay on their desk as soon as they entered the classroom and wouldn’t get up until school ended for the day.
Kang San, a third-year at Daesung High School, did just that.
He slept so much that the teacher, who’s been teaching for 30 years, gave up on him instead of punishing him.
Some of the students even said this.
“I think there’s another world in Kang San’s dream. If that’s not the case, there’s no way he would get first place in the entire school when he’s sleeping all the time! I wouldn’t think it was unfair if he was just studying at home every day. It’s such an amazing skill that he even got the God Rank from the Glory Road! Life is so unfair.”
First place in the entire school.
First place in video game.
How is it possible for Kang San to achieve these when all he does is sleep all day?
That’s right.
In Kang San’s dream, there’s another world.
And in that world, something new happened.

“The Great Fighter, Kali, you have been summoned to the City of Karius. Your skills have been initialized and for every quest that you complete, your skills will be recovered. Good luck.”
It was the country that was filled with men.
Kang San opened his eyes in the middle of the battlefield.


<Prologue> End.

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