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House of Omen: The Indomitable Smithersmith


Chapter 9- I Can Help You Become A SpiritSmith

Lionel could tell Darius still didn’t quite believe him, so he reached into one of his pockets and took out his cell phone. He raised it up to Darius’ eyes and tapped the screen. A light on the phone immediately flashed green and Lionel smirked as he showed the screen to Darius, “There’s your proof.” he said as he handed Darius the phone.

Darius could barely believe what he saw, a set of eyes were displayed right above the word positive. “It scans your iris to tell if you’re noble or not. Apparently there’s some kind of difference between our eyes and the average person’s. Do you believe me now?

Darius’ head nodded slightly as his mouth fell open. All his life he had been a noble and had never even known it.

“Well now that that’s been settled, there’s something else I should tell you.” Lionel was no longer smiling and his face grew quite serious. “This test is extremely dangerous, and the higher the position you are taking it for the more dangerous it becomes. Considering that in this particular case you are taking the test for the position of emperor on my behalf this will be without a shadow of a doubt the most dangerous one. I don’t want to lie to you when I say that there is a good chance you are going to die. You should also know however, that I am aware you wanted to become a Spiritsmith, and i can help you that. It is why you came here to Sihad is it not?”

Darius felt like he’d just been hit with a brick wall, he could barley construct a full sentence when he said, rather meekly, “How did you know i came here to become a Spiritsmith?”

“That is irrelevant, but if you must know, the lady you asked directions from earlier told me where you were going, and I also happened to know that they were currently accepting new smiths at the guild thus I was able to put two and two together.”

Darius thought back for a few moments, quickly remembering that this was what had piqued his interest in prince Lionel in the first place, then followed up with another question, “How exactly can you help me become one?”

“Well it’s quite simple really. You see Darius, you want to become a SpiritSmith, now in order to do so you would have to request an interview and then prove yourself to them as being worthy. Assuming you were actually selected you would then be sent to the SpiritSmith guild academy. But the chances of you being chosen are about one in ten thousand. As it is I am in a position of power, If you were to do this for me and succeed, I would then be elevated to a position of even more power, which I would then use to ensure that you be sent to the SpiritSmith academy, no interview needed. Not to mention that there are ranks amongst nobles and your success would both elevate your rank to nobility status instantly as well as grant you a few rewards. I personally am already one of the emperors sons thus my rank could never really increase and i have no need for any of the rewards. Now that you know everything, do you accept?”

The dumbstruck Darius needed a moment to process it all. One part of him wanted to take the offer because of all the potential benefits but the other part of him told him to walk away. Was this really worth his life?

Finally he spoke, “You never told me what exactly this test would be.”

“Even I don’t know what the test is Darius, all anyone knows about it is that it’s very dangerous and life threatening. Do you accept Darius?” the prince looked Darius right in the eyes as he spoke. His face was grave and dead serious.

Darius took his time now, desperately trying to make a decision. The conundrum he currently faced was more than he could handle. Lionel noticed this and said, “You don’t have to give me an answer right now, just take a day or two to think about it.”

The two stared at each other for a few seconds, “Tell me you’ll think about it Darius.”

As he said these words Darius breathed a sigh of relief. “Alright, I’ll think about it.”

Lionel’s expression became light and happy again. His usual happy grin promptly returning to him. “Are you going to the guild tomorrow?”

“Yes I am.” Darius replied.

“Good! Very good. I have a feeling you might come across something tomorrow that will nudge you in the right direction.”

Darius wasn’t exactly sure what Lionel meant by this, but he knew he wouldn’t get any more out of him.

“When you choose to accept my offer, all you need to do is come here and I’ll have them inform me of your arrival.

Lionel took his phone of the table where Darius had left it and put it in one of his front pockets. “Well, I really must be going, I look forward to seeing you again and enjoy the meal, it’s on me. Oh and, nice hammer by the way.” prince Lionel glanced at the hammer that was propped up against the booth.

He then briskly walked out as if he had some urgent matter to attend to but before Darius got a chance to reply Lionel had already left the booth. He was now left alone to his own thoughts with more food than he could ever possibly eat, although of course that didn’t mean he wouldn’t try.

He was soon gorging himself on all the various foods spread out on the table. He had never tasted anything this good. Ever. He tried a little bit of everything, each dish more delicious than the last.

Finally, when he couldn’t possibly eat any more, he took some time before leaving to think about what had just happened. He had to admit that the rewards he would get for completing this test, whatever it was were most definitely enticing. But were they really worth the risk? Were they really worth losing his life over? Darius valued his life more than anything else, and that would not change any time soon.

A part of him wanted to accept immediately, reasoning that Prince Lionel had already saved his life once, wouldn’t this be a fitting way to pay him back? By putting it back on the line for this. However the other side did not give in. If this went the wrong way, he would almost certainly die!

Roughly thirty minutes passed by and Darius had not come to a decision. He got up, and placing his hammer back into its strap he slid open the booth doors and left.

As he walked out one the hostess’ brought him his duffle bag. She was tall, beautiful, and in Darius’ mind she was a solid eight and a half out of ten. She then handed Darius a small button, and explained to him that Prince Lionel had arranged it for him. It was a taxi button that would hail the nearest empty taxi to his location. The entire time she talked about this, Darius had not once looked at her face, his gaze was completely focused on the woman’s cleavage, no matter how hard he tried he couldn’t stop.

When she realized this she was instantly angered with his disgusting behavior to the point of losing herself. The idea of a peasant gawking at her pushed her to her limits. She then abruptly shoved the button in his hands and walked away without looking back. She was new in the business, and her inexperience showed, for had she remembered who had brought Darius her behavior would be completely different, unfortunately old habits die hard.

Darius didn’t see it as his fault, he’d tried to stop but he just couldn’t. Nevertheless, as soon as he’d worked out all his problems and become a Smitersmith all his dreams and desires would come true and days of being looked down upon would be over. He would never forget her face. He never forgets.

As he walked out of the restaurant he couldn’t help but notice several patrons looking at him. This was the young man who had just come out of the Prince’s v.i.p booth, who was he? Why had someone of his class, been invited to the royal booth? It just made no sense to them.

All the attention made Darius somewhat uncomfortable as he walked quickly out of the restaurant. he made his way down the path, passing by the dragon statue which briefly looked at him for a moment, before seemingly turning its attention to other things.

Darius pressed the button, and almost at that same time, another sphere zoomed toward him. He entered and sat there for a moment. He had half expected the sphere to start moving on it’s own when he remembered that he had to tell it where to go, unfortunately for Darius he realized he had no destination in mind, so he simply said, “The Spiritsmith guild.” he decided he wanted to see it for himself.


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