Hisshou Dungeon Unei Houhou Trap 16

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Obon Sequel

Side: Labiris

So scary… Now I can’t go to the toilet.

But if I keep holding on a little longer, I’ll wet myself…

Aah, if I tell Yuki to accompany me to the bathroom, he will be disappointed.

However, he’ll be more disappointed if I wet myself.

After all after all, it would be such a shameful secret that you couldn’t tell anyone, right?

I’m sure he would be happy if I leaked myself in another sense, but now it’s different, I’m just afraid.

And now I’m just a normal girl scared to even go to the bathroom.

「Uuu, it’s because Yuki showed us such a thing…」

Looking a Yuki sleeping comfortably beside me, I remembered what happened today.

「Hey, that reminds me, are there no other movies?」

I told Yuki after carefreely returning from the cemetery.

「Hm? What is it?」

「If there are other I want to see them」

I jump towards Yuki saying so.

Yuki holds me in such a way that I don’t lose my balance without any disgust.

Yeah, so lovely.

「Oh, interesting. As Labiris said, isn’t there anything else?」

「Rightー I also want to see if there is!」

Lutz and Riel were listening and asked Yuki too.

「Nnー, there is but… But what can I show you…?」

「Really? There are so many?」

「As always, amazing」

Seraria and Milly also came.

Indeed, everyone seems interested in movies.

「Well, there aren’t only movies, but if we watch a drama would be impossible to watch in a day」

While saying things like that, I decided to play a movie carefully selected by Yuki.

By the way, Yuki installed a large TV at the banquet all so everyone could watch together.

Before we watched the movie in a, what was it called? Right, notebook. The screen was very small, but now there is no problem.

「What can I say, it was truly interesting, right?」

「As you said, such a powerful impression!! I wonder how they were able to stay safe while recording in such a battlefieldー」

「Well, it’s indeed a battlefield, but every one of them are actors…」

「Oh my, that’s amazing. I thought it was a real battlefield」

The movie we just saw had as a theme a war of Yuki’s world.

It’s a movie about how the protagonist forced his way to the enemy headquarters in a large-scale war with just his bow a shield and made them withdrawn, only for the sake of his country.

「But, I don’t like such end」

I said so and clung to Yuki.

「I didn’t like that ending either」

「You won’t do such a thing, right, nii-sama?」

Both Asurin and Filia say so and worryingly clung on to Yuki.

It can’t be helped.

The protagonist of the previous movie slashed his way into the enemy headquarters, defeated their general but was shot down by a rain of arrows and died.

In the end, his feat was praised and beautiful words were carved into his tombstone.

「No no, I won’t do such things, I’m telling you. I don’t want to have such an inevitable death like that, but if I had to do it, then…」

「I won’t let you! Absolutely」

「Like Deriyu said. We’ll stop you at any cost」

「Ahahahaha. We will stop you even if we have to put a collar on you」

Everyone said something like that and glared at Yuki.

Of course, I won’t allow you to die and leave your wives alone.

「Even I don’t want to die and leave my wives alone. Oops, it’s not time for such a conversation. So, have you enjoyed it?」

「Yes, it was very interesting. But you can’t imitate this?」

「Yes. You can’t do that」

「Like they said, you can’t」

「…No, I told you that I won’t do it」

After all, if I don’t force him to reply properly, Yuki will try too hard on his own.

While we were talking, we came up with the idea of making a movie-

「This is that video camera?」

「Yeah, if you push there you can record」

「This one?」


While talking about such things, Lutz as the representative, took the camera filmed some things around and showed on the TV.

「Ahーme too!!」

「Nii-sama, nii-sama!! I want to appear there!!」

「It’s really amazing」

Asurin and Filia are excited.

My astonishment is the same as theirs.

「Well, it’s easy to make a movie while filming like this」

「I understand somehow. H~mmm…」

「Well, now you know what a video is. Ah, that’s right. Why don’t we watch that, it’s Obon after all」


I wish I had stopped Yuki at that time.

Yes, what Yuki showed to us is…

『…Did you understand?』

「It hurts It hurts It hurts I want to met you met you met you…!?!?」

「Please calm down, Deriyu. It’s not that scary…」

「Eh, eeeh!? E-Ellis, are you not scared!? It’s a ghost that, you know!? You can see it there reflected!?」

A spirit unique to the summer.

After knowing the nature of the video, we were frightened by something the shouldn’t be possible to be caught on a video.

And that abnormality.

That expression that inspires fear from the bottom of the heart different from ghost and zombies.

「A, ha, hahahaha」

「If you are truly scared, then Kirue can accompany you to your room, okay Shera? 」

「P-Please stop that husband-sama!? After showing us such a horrible thing, do you want us to go, t-to our rooms alone!?」

The two are hugging each other while shaking.

Scary, truly scary!!

「…I went too far. What about you, Lutz?」

「Nnー, it was scary. But that’s it. It’s as onii-san said, there are too many fakes. But when you think that the real one could appear… I can’t help but feel afraid」

「…Indeed. Will my little brother also come out in the video camera if had recorded it?」

I understand what Lutz said.

Milly also lost his younger brother, so I understand that she wants to see him in this way.

But even so, it’s scary!!

What’s with that teleportation!! Infiltrating at an impossible speed!! And only the neck!! Even its hands!!


And now we return to the present.

「I-I’m at my… limit」

I’ll break down.

As a woman, I’ll be useless.

My body stops when I try to get up to go to the bathroom.


At first, I didn’t understand what happened.

Something like not being able to move my body, but gradually I began to understand why I couldn’t move.

My feet, something is grabbing my feet.


Neither Yuki, Asurin or Filia wakes up even if I raise my voice!?


My feet are gripped harder, and something comes out from inside the futon.

From that darkness… a neck…


As result, I wet myself.

The one who grabbed my feet what Deriyu, who sneaked to my room scared.

「…You won’t hate me?」

「Nn? It’s okay. Come on, let’s go」

The next day, I was afraid of touching Yuki’s body.

Maybe he was disappointed with me or thought of me as a child.

But in the end, Yuki didn’t change.

He wrapped me in his warm arms and smiled.

「…what happened yesterday is a secret?」

「I know」

The story about wetting myself was settled like Yuki spilled water.

The only who knows my foolish act is Yuki.

Deriyu continued sleeping like that.

I’ll have my revenge, later.

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  1. Lol. That was nice. It gave Labiris a bit more character. I now want to see them react to all the different genres. Or maybe cartoons and anime’s too. SCI FI would be crazy, their mind blown.

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